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domthebomb. 2006
domthebomb. 2006 दिन पहले
What markers do you use
Alana Black
Alana Black दिन पहले
it would be sooooo cool to have an iphone 11 pro max
Sarah M
Sarah M दिन पहले
they look so nice
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones दिन पहले
Crazy GamersTonY
Crazy GamersTonY दिन पहले
Love u
Jay Candelario
Jay Candelario दिन पहले
I dont have instagram tho😞😞
harleny marte
harleny marte दिन पहले
done i did all of them and now i lowkey want my iphone😭
Cactuz दिन पहले
Surprise customize iphone 11 for pewdiepie👊
Khalid Albasri
Khalid Albasri दिन पहले
I did all steps for the giveaway plz choose me 😊❤️
Faith Morton
Faith Morton दिन पहले
Hi I love you and your art and I would love if you can do one for me please please I would so so so so happy if you can please please
higtkiller दिन पहले
I want get iphone becase i havent mony for thet
Chelsea’s Corner
Chelsea’s Corner दिन पहले
I would love to win a iPhone
Naomi T
Naomi T दिन पहले
rahul yadav
rahul yadav दिन पहले
Plece give me iphone
Jack Lamar
Jack Lamar दिन पहले
Can I have 2 Iphone 11s
Mindra Wallberg
Mindra Wallberg दिन पहले
plsssss can i pls haw one i dont haw a phon and my mom is goving to give me a ipon 7+ and it is 2 and a half yers old
Jay Candelario
Jay Candelario दिन पहले
And i dont have iphone my classmates they have a iphonee
Reversed Action
Reversed Action दिन पहले
Hậu Trương Thu
Hậu Trương Thu दिन पहले
I want the IPHONE 11
Ahmxd Shxmil
Ahmxd Shxmil दिन पहले
can i get one of that iphone please! i really really need a phone hm
name_y दिन पहले
I love these😩😍 I want one!
Płėæśė Hēłp Mė
Płėæśė Hēłp Mė दिन पहले
I just realised I should've bought coppic or copic markers instead of colour pencils cuz I just started drawing
zaid the gamer
zaid the gamer दिन पहले
ZHC aka the Apple store
Anouk Simon
Anouk Simon दिन पहले
Theo are 1% that Will Gers the iPhone 11 from this video and 99% can’t get it so........ van I be the 1%?
Pillow & Carrot Studios
Pillow & Carrot Studios दिन पहले
subscribed, liked, post-notifications turned on and two follows❤️❤️❤️ your art is so dope i wish i could draw like that😱😱 also i really need a new phone i still have an iPhone 4s (yes i know it's almost ancient) so i hope i win🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙈 thank you!
Jay Candelario
Jay Candelario दिन पहले
Can i get it
Daphne Guengant
Daphne Guengant दिन पहले
put sum more
Osira Harris
Osira Harris दिन पहले
I liked commented and iv been subscribed for so long pls can I have a iPhone
Jose Miranda
Jose Miranda दिन पहले
I’m new I just subscribed and liked and turned notification on I want to win the giveaway because I have a iPhone 7 and some kid broke it at my school
Tewhaea Laing
Tewhaea Laing दिन पहले
Done all of them
Minnie Kardas
Minnie Kardas दिन पहले
Can I please get one of the iPhone 11s you customized i've had an android my whole life and i think i need an upgrade😭 Im following u on tiktok btw
cj amatorio
cj amatorio दिन पहले
Mee plsssss 🇵🇭
Moh_Qlf दिन पहले
I just want a new phone
Jay Candelario
Jay Candelario दिन पहले
Can i have it because my phone are cracked
Cheryl Taylor
Cheryl Taylor दिन पहले
I need it
Winnie Ochieng
Winnie Ochieng दिन पहले
zyna Macado
zyna Macado दिन पहले
Hi I'm zyna I've always wanting IPHONE 11 but I'm in Philippines and every video you make I SUBCRIBE them and like them
Epic Tunnah
Epic Tunnah दिन पहले
brody maeda
brody maeda दिन पहले
“charlie damelios sister”
Wolf Cr7
Wolf Cr7 दिन पहले
I never wan anything from the
Kxtten दिन पहले
Next vid: customizing foods and giving them to homeless people
Jayde Hunter
Jayde Hunter दिन पहले
Eric Cantu
Eric Cantu दिन पहले
Yo I have chameleon
Janna Germano
Janna Germano दिन पहले
the box opening of the phones were the most satisfying shiz ever
Arsalan Gesapi
Arsalan Gesapi दिन पहले
Lupita Rodriguez
Lupita Rodriguez दिन पहले
I wish can win one because my sisters birthday is I 1 week and she's turning 14 and has been wanting the iPhone 11 and I can't afford one because I have to pay rent and I don't have a birthday gift for her and she has good grades and my parents can't afford one either and I would appreciate it if I win one she is girly
cham nyi choong
cham nyi choong दिन पहले
Wow 3:57 is infinite
Izzy Law
Izzy Law दिन पहले
I did all of them....
Lizzie Paquin
Lizzie Paquin दिन पहले
i don't have insta :( i can't win now :( i will now wollow in my shame :(
Ayca Flores
Ayca Flores दिन पहले
Them: iphone 11 Me: iPhone 5c and still using it today 😭
Poopooy Hellene
Poopooy Hellene दिन पहले
Your designs are so cool
katrice ibarra
katrice ibarra दिन पहले
I dont have an instagram😭
maria jesus
maria jesus दिन पहले
Stephanie Folwell
Stephanie Folwell दिन पहले
I’ve done all the steps
Atung zumeyrul
Atung zumeyrul दिन पहले
Michelle so hot sexy
Kawai Sketches
Kawai Sketches दिन पहले
nooooooooooo Charlie is wrong it’s Charli with no e dirndjgksfskdbdjdbdjskcnsm
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry दिन पहले
Me: tries to save up for iPhone 11 Him: opens ton of iPhones Me: broke
diana palcikov
diana palcikov दिन पहले
I did everything please i have an iPhone 6🥺
Elizabeth González
Elizabeth González दिन पहले
Can I plz win my mom really wants one for her bday but we don’t have enough money plz zach
Its Yeizha
Its Yeizha दिन पहले
Could you do your own phone like cuztomise an iPhone 11 for yourself?
Jakob Schmeel
Jakob Schmeel दिन पहले
can i have the first one you made please?