Christian Marriage by C.S. Lewis Doodle (BBC Talk 14a, Mere Christianity, Bk 3, Chapter 6)

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This is a fresh section on sexual morality that Lewis added to a reprint of his famous BBC addresses to bring in points which he had not time to deal with in the actual talks. Notes below.
This became Chapter 5 of Book 3, in the book called ‘Mere Christianity'.
You can find the book here: www.amazon.com/Mere-Christianity-C-S-Lewis/dp/0060652926
(0:32) Lewis would later marry in 1957 - incidentally he married a divorcee, who had legitimate reasons for a righteous divorce. He wrote 'The Four Loves' after his marriage, which is highly recommended reading also.
(8:10) Patriotism. Lewis: "Ordinary morality tells us, ceteris paribus [all other things being equal], to love our kindred and fellow citizens more than strangers."
A racialist ethic is achieved by isolating one part of this maxim to the exclusion of the other, so that no claims except those of blood are acknowledged (i.e. blood ties or loyalty to family are everything, and the rights of strangers is ignored).
A socialist ethic is achieved by selecting the other part of the maxim, so that duties to children and citizens are destroyed for 'the good of humanity'. Scriptures like 1 Timothy 5:8 are ignored. It was disillusionment with this error that was one of the steps that led Joy Lewis to convert to Christianity: "I began to notice what neglected, neurotic waifs the children of Communists were and to question the genuineness of the love of mankind that didn't begin at home.”
(10:56) The original booklet contained a shorter passage which was re-written and extended in the book, ‘Mere Christianity’, but it also contained some other ideas which are beneficial to consider as well - the idea that falling in love may not be a good enough reason for a Christian to get married in the first place.
Lewis: “People...often say, 'Surely love is the important thing in marriage.' In a sense, yes. Love is the important thing - perhaps the only important thing - in the whole universe. But it depends what you mean by “Love”. What most people mean by Love, when they are talking about marriage, is what is called “being in love". Now “being in love” may be a good reason for getting married, though, as far as I can see, it is not a perfect one, for you can fall in love with someone most unsuitable, and even with someone you don’t really (in a deeper sense) LIKE or trust. But being in love is not the deeper unity which makes man and wife one organism. I am told (indeed I can see by looking round me) that being in love doesn’t last. I don’t think it was ever intended to. I think it’s a sort of explosion that starts up the engine; it’s the pie-crust, not the pie. The real thing, I understand, is something far deeper - something you can live on. I think you can be madly in love with someone you would be sick of after ten weeks: and I’m pretty sure you can be bound heart and soul to someone about whom you don’t at the moment feel excited, any more than you feel excited about yourself.”
(18:25) In the Bible man only began to “rule” (Genesis 3.16) over his wife as a result and punishment of the fall. Before that, man was head of his wife, but not her master. In a similar way, Israel's Judges were shepherds or heads over Israel, but not her Kings. See Judges 8.23 where God’s Judge, Gideon, utterly rejects that position: “I shall not rule over you, and not shall my son rule over you; the LORD shall rule over you!”. The people’s rejection of God as Master, and their wicked demand for a human master in 1 Samuel 8.7 and 1 Samuel 12.17 is shown to be an inferior position from the original. Being head of a woman did not mean that she could not defy a wicked husband (see Abigail's famous defiance of her wicked husband Nabal’s wishes and it was righteous 1 Sam 25), nor did it mean that a husband would not have to obey his wife on righteous occasions when she knew the will of the Lord better than he ("Obey your wife in all that she says” - Genesis 21.12). Abigail, in fact, performed the role of a righteous wife and classic helpmate for David in saving him from the disaster of avenging himself. See Lewis here: "The sternest feminist need not grudge my sex the crown offered to it either in the Pagan or in the Christian mystery. For the one is of paper and the other of thorns" (C. S. Lewis, 'The Four Loves').
(2:18) If you would like to know where the traditional Christian marriage vows - to (a) love, (b) nourish, (c) cherish and (d) be faithful - come from and what they actually mean, I’ve put together a couple of simple presentations on the subject, photographed in miniature toys. See



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Stephen Hruby
Stephen Hruby 7 महीने पहले
This is an interesting conception of the christian dominance model, I've never seen it rendered in this way. The male role playing a mediator towards the rest of society as mama bear will have deeply rooted impulses to protect her cubs.
Gera Bizuneh
Gera Bizuneh 10 महीने पहले
Truth !
rayrapphael bisnar
rayrapphael bisnar 10 महीने पहले
this is great work!
GoodtimeHolzy g
GoodtimeHolzy g साल पहले
Oh wow. I just found this channel. This is amazing! thank you!
Mrs H
Mrs H साल पहले
These are absolutely a treasure, a blessing, wish I had them in my DVD library for my children as an enrichment tool. Watching as a Christian, I walk away convicted at times, encouraged in my faith and God's design for right living, and thoughts provoked as to the reasoning's behind the Lord's guidance and commands. Ya know, after years of walking with the Lord, I found that it is a lot less stressful for me to stop wrestling so much with God and just "Trust and obey". How much evidence do I need? When does trust and faith finally come into play for me? I know for a season I needed to know "WHY" do I have to do this, or "WHY" can't I do that? I am so thankful for this season of peace the Lord has mercifully and graciously bestowed to me. May I steward it wisely. CSLewisDoodle, may God bless your hands at work for His Kingdom, your willingness to be used as a vessel of understanding and creativity has such eternal implications and great treasures imperishable awaiting you. I shall pray for you today. May you endure the marathon of our faith receiving all the promises in abundance, abounding in peace, joy and self-control. Your sister in Jesus Christ, Amy.
michael quinn
michael quinn साल पहले
16:47 minutes in to The video the blue spectacles reminds me of the song by Eiffel 65 I’m blue
Davidian Bros Productions
Davidian Bros Productions साल पहले
Classic! Love it.
kattejuice साल पहले
Wow, this was awesome!! Absolutely fantastic illustrations and wise analogies.
Samuel Restrepo
Samuel Restrepo 2 साल पहले
This is so precious!
Ian Connel
Ian Connel 2 साल पहले
LOVE this!
erol12345678 2 साल पहले
I would like to join the other commenters and say "thank you very much" for these videos.
Man of the north
Man of the north 2 साल पहले
Absolutely fantastic!
ADAM W 2 साल पहले
Absolutely fantastic
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 2 साल पहले
4:15 bam. Truth right there
Stephen Albi
Stephen Albi 2 साल पहले
Thank you for bringing C.S. Lewis to the masses. Your artistry and notes are greatly appreciated. God bless you and your work!
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor 2 साल पहले
Yet another top quality video. Good Job!
Captain Crunched
Captain Crunched 2 साल पहले
Please keep making these, they are tremendous. C.S. Lewis had a phenomenal grasp of the English language; his pellucid and poetic way of conveying his thoughts always leaves me in awe. And the doodles are so satisfying to watch along with the reading.
soprano hooper
soprano hooper 9 महीने पहले
*googles* "pellucid": pel·lu·cid pəˈlo͞osəd/ adjective adjective: pellucid translucently clear. "mountains reflected in the pellucid waters" *looks up the etymology for good measure* www.etymonline.com/word/pellucid *looks up corresponding bible verses for further edification" biblehub.net/search.php?q=by+light
Brittany Madelynn
Brittany Madelynn 2 साल पहले
Thank you for making such excellent content! I have a hard time understanding CS Lewis's writing when I just read it. This perfectly accommodates a visual and audio learner like me.
db 2 साल पहले
Boy howdy is this good. Thanks for the upload as always!
Allan Lindsay
Allan Lindsay 2 साल पहले
CSLD. Phenomenal, as always. I look forward to these so much.
36PhoenixRising 2 साल पहले
Another great video, thank you!
David Dalton
David Dalton 2 साल पहले
You have always done a wonderful job on these videos and hope you continue these for some time; I love watching them and have been telling family & friends about them :D
Ben Holloway
Ben Holloway 2 साल पहले
Great work! I enjoyed this one tremendously.
CSLewisDoodle 2 साल पहले
If you would like to know where the four traditional Christian marriage vows - to (a) love, (b) nourish, (c) cherish and (d) be faithful - come from and what they each actually mean, I’ve put together a couple of simple presentations on the subject, photographed in miniature toys. Part 1: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=6537536022&set=a.6461266022.19186.533841022&type=3&theater Part 2: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=108769881022&set=a.6461996022.19190.533841022&type=3&theater
Logan Britz
Logan Britz 2 साल पहले
I love what you do!!!
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