'SUI DHAGA' में VARUN DHAWAN की पत्नी बनने के लिए ANUSHKA SHARMA लेती थीं 20 मिनट

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nushka Sharma says, “I love Mamta’s look! It’s so simple and so different from how audiences have seen me in movies. I’m thankful to the audiences who have loved Mamta after seeing the trailer and full marks to Darshan and my make-up artist Clover Wootton for making Mamta raw, real and relatable. From the pallu over my head, to the dhaaga that I wear around my neck to the decision to go completely without make-up, all this has created this character. The best part was that it took flat 20 minutes to get into Mamta’s look. Mamta will always be a very, very special role in my filmography.”Checkout the video for more details...
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