Mysterious Ancient Shiv Temple of INDIA[रहस्यमयी प्राचीन कालीन शिव मंदिर]

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The Shiv Mandir of Ambarnath is a historic 11th-century Hindu temple, still in use, at Ambarnath near Mumbai, in Maharashtra, India. It is also known as the Ambreshwar Shiva Temple, and known locally as Puratana Shivalaya. It is situated on the bank of Vadavan (Waldhuni) river, 2 km away from Ambarnath (East) railway station. The temple was built in 1060 in the Hemadpanti style, beautifully carved in stone. It was probably built by Shilahara king Chhittaraja, it may also have been rebuilt by his son Mummuni.
Unusually, the sanctuary or garbhagriha is below ground, reached by some 20 steps down from the mandapa, and is open to the sky as the shikhara tower above stops abruptly at a little above the height of the mandapa, and was apparently never completed. It is in bhumija form, and if completed would have been close in form to the Udayesvara Temple in Udaipur, Madhya Pradesh, begun in 1059, and the Gondeshwar Temple at Sinnar.It is clear from what was built that the shikhara would have followed these in having four corner bands of gavaksha-honeycomb sweeping uninterrupted up the full height of the tower, while in between each face has rows of five spirelets on individual podia, reducing in size up the tower.
महाराष्ट्रातील अतिप्राचीन हेमांडपंथी मंदिरांमध्ये उत्कृष्ठ नमुना असे ज्याचे वर्णन करावे, असे मंदिर आहे ते अंबरनाथचे शंकराचे ११ व्या शतकात शिलाहार राजघराण्याने बांधलेले हे मंदिर आज महाराष्ट्राच्या कलापूर्ण वारशाची साक्ष देत उभे आहे. लाईक करा सबस्क्राइब करा आणि शेअर करा.


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