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Telangana Congress Third MLA List
Revanth Reddy
Telangana News
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Congress and TDP, partners in the "grand alliance" for the December 7 assembly elections in Telangana, on Wednesday released their respective second list of candidates even as the combine was yet to thrash out issues over seat-sharing among the partnersBesides the two parties, the alliance comprises Telangana Jana Samiti (TJS), which is insisting on contesting 12 seats as against the eight alloted, and CPI.The second list of Congress comprised 10 nominees. With this, the total number of candidates declared by the party so far has gone up to 75.TDP named two candidates in its second list, in addition to the nine announced earlier.The total number of assembly seats in the state is 119 and Congress had earlier said it would leave 25 seats to the partners - 14 to TDP, eight to TJS and three to CPI.Leaders of the TJS, however, Wednesday told reporters that the party would contest in 12 segments, CPI announced nominees for the three seats it would contest.The "grand alliance" parties are still engaged in talks to thrash out seat-sharing among themThe second list of candidates announced by Congress included its Chief Spokesperson Sravan Dasoju from Khairatabad and former MP Ramesh Rathod (Khanapur-ST).The announcement of first list by the Congress led to protests at some places by aspirants for tickets who failed to find a berth.Former PCC president Ponnala Lakshmaiah, whose name did not appear in both the lists, is camping in Delhi.Former Congress MLA from Serilingampalli in Hyderabad Bikshapati Yadav Tuesday expressed disappointment as the constituency has been alloted to TDP as part of the alliance.Another Congress aspirant alleged that some "selfish" party leaders are hurting the party's interests.A few others claimed that backward classes are not being given adequate representation in the announcement o f candidates.The two candidates declared by the TDP in the second list on Wednesday include Sama Ranga Reddy from Ibrahimpatnam and Ganesh Gupta (Rajendranagar).The three nominees of CPI are its state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy (Husnabad), Gunda Mallesh (Bellampalli-SC) and Banothu Vijayabai (Wyra-ST).With Chada Venkat Reddy contesting elections, Palla Venkat Reddy would be the party's state secretary, a CPI release said.Meanwhile, aspirants of tickets of major parties, including the Congress and TRS, reportedly entered the fray as rebels in several constituencies in the state.
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