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Reply to Emiway Mc Stan Raja Kumari & Their Hardcore Followers
Lyrics Breakdown - genius.com/Ankitharchekar-baity-chod-flow-lyrics
Returning from his long silence, Shareef Badtameez makes his comeback with a diss track. Taking shots at and Reply to Mc Stan Reply to Emiway Reply to Rajakumari & these upcoming kya bolta bantai wannabe, gully boy wannabe, Honey Singh inspired fellas who just plainly rhyme a few lines and perceive themselves as rappers, for the sake of hopping on the trend of being a rapper.
The scene is full of shallow morons who 'prefer to portray' themselves as rappers & use clichéd words and phrases like bantai bacchi bamai, gully boy, main aisa main waisa meri gully aisi teri wali waisi, mere puntar aise mai psycho, janta nahi bhai ko, aisa shot hai aisa kuch shot nahi hai, tere bed ki mkc meri khaut sahi hai, mazich laal marto mee maal ani mazach haa kaal. Talking lavda lasun gangsters jaisa natun thatun and chutiyapa unlimited.
These brainwashed fellas don't know a shit about Real Rap/HipHop. Blatantly copying the Rappers namely Divine Emiway Bantai Mc Stan Neazy 7Bantai'Z Mc Altaaf etc. they believe that these are the only Rappers & Hindi Rap Rappers they should be inspired and learn rapping from and there are no basics, nor areas of Rap/HipHop, not peripheries of the culture to be studied and explored. It is highly dangerous as it pollutes the essence of HipHip and it even demolishes individuality, corrupts minds and feeds mediocrity to the audience attracted towards the culture.
Reply to Emiway as he is the reason Mumbai rap scene is fucked up badly. A whole new breed of wannabes is sounding exactly like him. No hate against him it’s just a matter of content that should delivered when you have that much big influence on the audience who is eager to get into HipHop.
Reply to Mc Stan as he said Mumbai Rappers are limited to Buntai Bacchi Bamai, we are not, just proved it!
And yes Rajakumari has been dissed in the track as well. She is trying too hard to be Mumbai. In my opinion she need not do so. Represent India on Global level and of course LA. Let the Homeboys and Home girls of Mumbai represent the city, coz it's Divine to rep one's roots. No hate against anybody. Peace
I am sure you guys want to know what Real HipHop/Rap is
My definition of Real Rap/HipHop is based on following parameters
1) Lyricism/content (What a rapper is spitting) -
* Verse structure, verse length, well organized rhyme schemes, Bars relevant to the topic of the song, verse opener & finisher.
* Schemes - 2 bars scheme or 4 bars scheme 8 bars scheme 16 bars scheme.
*Using tools in verses - Metaphor simile scheme wordplay punch lines analogy imagery oxymoron personification irony slang alliteration asking questions, proverb, reference etc.
* Good Set up for punch lines,
*being true and genuine, speaking for oneself. Don’t fake.
2) Flow - the rhythms and rhymes an emcee/a rapper uses in the verse. Variations in flow. Syllables stressed, compound rhymes/multies
3) Delivery - Tone, voice.
4) Verse has some kind of message, emotion, inspiration, motivation. Out of the box concept, abstract theme/content, story form
This is my definition of Real HipHop & I don’t claim it to be perfect. It may be in accordance with yours or it may not and I respect that. But as a student of HIpHop I hold these standards and I’m abided by them. There is definitely a possibility that there are more things that can be considered in the definition I choose to go with, I wholeheartedly accept it and if they make sense to me I would like to add them and modify the definition.
Artist - Shareef Badtameez
Instrumental - Beware ( Big Pun )




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Line To Line Lyrical Breakdown - genius.com/Ankitharchekar-baity-chod-flow-lyrics
Dëëjay Bassbender
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You cant rap bro.. better do something else.
Gopinath kale
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Small but full lit bars are dope man 🤙👌💞👏💥🎤🎆
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Bars from Mars 🔥🔥🤘🤘
Agyat Manus
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Lyrics Good....Flow and Delivery weak....
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Its not weak startse vahi flow hai
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Bhava ♥🔥🙌 Raja Kumari chi tr maarlis😹👌❤🔥
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Rawverse, रावस!!
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Darjaaaa 💥💥💥💥
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Nice shitttt bruhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Heavy 🔥
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Foreign waali aunty। राजकुमारी
SanStar Music
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piyush gosavi
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Gand maar diya 😂😂😂😂
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+Rutuja Dicholkar mene kabhi socha hi nahi change karu
Rutuja Dicholkar
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How old is your dp wtf
Man OJ
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🔥 B A R S 🔥
Power bhawa**🔥🔥
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Khatam scene khatam ata
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