Elephone U2 Pro and Elephone U2, 4-side borderless smartphones with elevating camera

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Buy Elephone U2 bit.ly/2XpQyvC
Elephone U2 Pro and Elephone U2, 4-side borderless smartphones with elevating camera.
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Bruno 2 दिन पहले
OnePlus 7 Pro 🤔🤔🤔🤭
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia 2 दिन पहले
In that case Oneplus copied Elephone... check the date of publishing of this video
Universal Colours
Universal Colours 7 दिन पहले
Since this device still isn't out yet, i'll go for the Redmi K20 Pro i'm done waiting...
Moiz Uddin
Moiz Uddin 17 दिन पहले
Where is the fucking rare camera..
Hanif Ali
Hanif Ali 17 दिन पहले
Love you madam
Md Imteyaz
Md Imteyaz 17 दिन पहले
Wow looking so cool
Hammad Zamin
Hammad Zamin 21 दिन पहले
Let me go to lunch in india
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 24 दिन पहले
Very beautiful smartphone in the whole world..... 👌👌👌👌
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 8 दिन पहले
@Ashakoor Rock I want this phone
Ashakoor Rock
Ashakoor Rock 22 दिन पहले
Amit Kumar have u used it?
Sameer Ahmed
Sameer Ahmed 25 दिन पहले
My country india. But I am weating for this mobile. When this mobile in will india. Mobile very very very is good.
Kaushik Das
Kaushik Das 25 दिन पहले
Where is the camera
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia 25 दिन पहले
Adam Kadmon
Adam Kadmon महीने पहले
Nice amazing thanx fore the information love China. ❤️🙏❤️
IGOR KORDAN महीने पहले
Камеры уже поцарапаны
Kanaal_Midaski महीने पहले
When release?
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia महीने पहले
last time I met them, in april, they were evaluating if launching U2 Pro on the market cause the price would be a bit higher than usual
Kanaal_Midaski महीने पहले
I mean u2 pro😅
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia महीने पहले
U2 is already released
Muhammad Amin
Muhammad Amin महीने पहले
Great design but terrible software...my elephone p8 max always crash
Nick Pyecroft
Nick Pyecroft महीने पहले
Had an Elephone few years ago they never update so a total waste of time. Sad really.
Júlio Oliveira
Júlio Oliveira 2 महीने पहले
Alguém sabe dizer se já está disponível pra venda??????
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia महीने पहले
yes Elephone U2 started shipping 2 weeks ago. We added a link to a shop in the video description
Charta Sangaji
Charta Sangaji 2 महीने पहले
Very good
elpaablo 2 महीने पहले
I'm still waiting for Oreo on the S8... And a working GPS, and a flawless bluetooth connection, and other things that YOU NEVER SOLVED! So... no, thanks, no more Elephone for me. Hopefully I'll get a decent smartphone which can reproduce a simple thing like a web video without sync issues...
rajan rajan
rajan rajan 2 महीने पहले
Akka neenga nalla irukanum
Krzesimir Pawlak
Krzesimir Pawlak 3 महीने पहले
Where a can buy ?
diego novais sk8
diego novais sk8 3 महीने पहले
Brazil te assiste....
Fabio Scianatico
Fabio Scianatico 4 महीने पहले
Non l’ho mai visto arrivare però
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia 4 महीने पहले
Ulefone U2 arriva, U2 Pro stanno valutando perché sarebbe una configurazione un po' costosa e non sanno come potrebbe essere l'accoglienza del mercato
Orchid Xie
Orchid Xie 4 महीने पहले
180 euros bought on the efox website, things have been received, and the photos look like the same, it feels good to use, very good phone ELEPHONE U PRO.
harry pagla
harry pagla 5 महीने पहले
John Edwards
John Edwards 5 महीने पहले
Do you homework on these phones. There's lots of comments after 6+ months about the digitizer failing with no solutions from the company.
javvaji suresh
javvaji suresh 5 महीने पहले
India lo lunch appudu
b888 5 महीने पहले
b888 5 महीने पहले
Lucas Lenior
Lucas Lenior 5 महीने पहले
Parece que a câmeras tava toda arranhada ,-,
Shahidul Alom
Shahidul Alom 6 महीने पहले
Up Cameng New Phone 2019 To Information Me
Dimie Reeds
Dimie Reeds 6 महीने पहले
For U2 Pro version, please make it with Snapdragon chipset 855 and provide atleast 8GB of RAM. variety of ROM 64/128/256GB. The screen is okay. Battery will b recommended 4000mAh above. Iam sure it can b a good hit.
Om Uyee
Om Uyee 6 महीने पहले
Mediatek kok mahal🤔 😁😁😁 SNAPDRAGON DONG
Banglar Balok
Banglar Balok 6 महीने पहले
its very bad mobile. u pro
Sanidr Rahman
Sanidr Rahman 7 महीने पहले
When is this phone lunch in India
Honey Mrinal
Honey Mrinal 7 महीने पहले
Anyone tell is it available in India?
Funny Videos
Funny Videos 7 महीने पहले
U2 pro price?
Ade Teguh Prasetyo
Ade Teguh Prasetyo 7 महीने पहले
If Xiaomi makes a product like this, i would definitely buy the phone..
Dennis F
Dennis F 7 महीने पहले
This phone amazing cheeseburger cheeseburger cheese burger
Sagar Jadhav
Sagar Jadhav 7 महीने पहले
Very much Mega pisles
Krishna Sharma
Krishna Sharma 7 महीने पहले
Martina Martins
Martina Martins 7 महीने पहले
Emui or MiUI? What OS. I hope Oxygen
virat bross R.L.D.T
virat bross R.L.D.T 7 महीने पहले
Indian boys ele phone free good luck
Kushal saini
Kushal saini 7 महीने पहले
vivo nex + oppo find x + Samsung galaxy note 9 = elephone u2 pro (fake Chinese)
Sansui Jaiswal
Sansui Jaiswal 7 महीने पहले
This phone price
happy , funny video
happy , funny video 7 महीने पहले
Tu peux faire un test sur l'elephone U2 et U2 pro
How much price?this mobile can be launch in india
MD Rony Munshi
MD Rony Munshi 7 महीने पहले
Very Nice Your Review
Khaja Sk
Khaja Sk 7 महीने पहले
galaxy s10 killer.
Mostafa Mosaad
Mostafa Mosaad 7 महीने पहले
لو سمحت سعر التليفون كام وهل كويس
denon powaz
denon powaz 7 महीने पहले
Design is cool but camera not good
Subroto Sarkar
Subroto Sarkar 7 महीने पहले
Good looking fone
UTHAYAKUMAR I'm king R 7 महीने पहले
wow supar my numpr 8220692507
kareem Bhai
kareem Bhai 7 महीने पहले
Woow superb really I loved it. I like to buy u2 pro Pls help me
Trần Thanh Hoài
Trần Thanh Hoài 7 महीने पहले
Đẹp quá
cười clip
cười clip 8 महीने पहले
How much is this phone worth?
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia 8 महीने पहले
the phone isn't released yet
Aleksandar Rotar
Aleksandar Rotar 8 महीने पहले
this are toys,not phones!
Marys Saputra
Marys Saputra 8 महीने पहले
What the price?
Jonathan Conn
Jonathan Conn 8 महीने पहले
Don't buy elephones! I bought an elephone p8000 2 years ago. Spent 350 bucks. It was glitchy and the camera was garbage. After a month the screen froze and stayed frozen, I contacted support, and was told to send it back. Shipping to china cost 50 dollars and was going to take 6 months. 2 years later I haven't received the repaired phone or a refund. There is nobody to hold this company accountable. They are thieves.
Valentin Pavlovsky
Valentin Pavlovsky 8 महीने पहले
U fucking cunts where is ulefone t2pro.. !?
Lucas Garcia
Lucas Garcia 8 महीने पहले
Copy of Oppo find x. If the price is around 500 usd, I'll take a chance on this phone
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia 8 महीने पहले
I guess it will be lower
AiBomb 8 महीने पहले
Камеры уже исцарапаны, эффектно, но не эффективно
best is best
best is best 8 महीने पहले
Love it so much
100 subs please
100 subs please 8 महीने पहले
Apple should make their notch pop up like this.
JuanCho 8 महीने पहले
Casually Uploading
Casually Uploading 8 महीने पहले
Chinese branded products make easy fast cash and ignore S8 update. Better just buy Samsung phones that'll have update to fix all the program problems. I can't use my torch and camera for this elephone s8. Still hoping for update. Will not buy another elephone brand unless they fix this one first.
mert erda
mert erda 8 महीने पहले
Sahtekar bir firmadir ürünleri cok iyidir ama hiç destek yok vrmezler ürüerine
Airkiba Hacks Despacio Imorimiyako
Airkiba Hacks Despacio Imorimiyako 8 महीने पहले
Not good one just look nice if you care for phone updates it's sony..
Colin Blaas
Colin Blaas 8 महीने पहले
looks amezing, but the popup glass looks pretty scratchy already.
Mad Lad
Mad Lad 8 महीने पहले
I have the elephone s8
Domer Bolo
Domer Bolo 8 महीने पहले
The pop up like a box camera is not nice to look, much better curve pop up compared to square w/c not proportion to its curveness
manmik 8 महीने पहले
I am using elephone s8.... *Pls Don't buy elephone.* You'll never ever be so desperate in life for good software . I'm changing my phone just after a year , before it would be more than 2. The software is just trash. Apps crash , fingerprint doesn't work , camera app and software is crap , no updates from 7.1.1 for a year . The Android os is not licensed. Shipping takes 3 months , with exorbitant import tax. The build quality is also trash. Camera glass broke after falling from 3 cm height. Buttons started jamming in the first month itself leading to continuous restart. I added a negative review on gearbest and they never published it. They only show the 4 and 5 star reviews. Also there are no service center you'll find nearby. *STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY*
Waltino Innocent
Waltino Innocent 8 महीने पहले
snapdragon yo!!!!
Manoj Naik
Manoj Naik 8 महीने पहले
Bruno Conte
Bruno Conte 9 महीने पहले
worst smartphone company, they do some "crazy" design but they don't support software, they use always mediatek
Marko M
Marko M 9 महीने पहले
They nead to invest more in software develepment,becouse u pro is it unsable.And with latest update is even vorst.
elpaablo 2 महीने पहले
They can't. They have to continue selling for more 20 years, in order to have money to support customers and make their devices work... :P
Vitaliy V
Vitaliy V 9 महीने पहले
Виво некс, оппо файнд х, хуавэй п20 про))) From Russia hello🖐️
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia 9 महीने पहले
Carlo de Guzman
Carlo de Guzman 9 महीने पहले
If only they would have lte band 13..
Marko Hrelja
Marko Hrelja 9 महीने पहले
camera on Elephone u pro is shit , only dizayn. Vivo nex s is good smartphone, oppo find x is wonderful ,I have this 3 smartphones.
Cruxair 9 महीने पहले
FHD+ only? Dealbreaker
Hamid Aslami
Hamid Aslami 9 महीने पहले
Wann kommt dieses Handy auf dem Markt?
Hamid Aslami
Hamid Aslami 9 महीने पहले
@Notebook Italia Danke schön .
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia 9 महीने पहले
die prognose ist märz 2019
Hamid Aslami
Hamid Aslami 9 महीने पहले
@Notebook Italia Welche Monat ??
Notebook Italia
Notebook Italia 9 महीने पहले
march 2019
Trung Hieu Ha
Trung Hieu Ha 9 महीने पहले
K biết bền k
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