குறைந்த விலை Air Cooler | Cheap and Mini Air Cooler in India

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விலை Air Cooler | Cheap and Mini Air Cooler in India
BUY Hindware Cooler : ckaro.in/a6pzbRBbo Rs-3,499

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Beat the blazing heat of summers with the Hindware Snowcrest Cube Personal air cooler. This home appliance comes with a high-speed USB port letting you charge your smartphone while enjoying consistent cool airflow. This sturdy air cooler can run on inverter during power cuts and is ideal for your home. Hindware Snowcrest's Cube Cooler is the No.1 solution for spot cooling designed for small office cabins, shops and compact places indoors. Cube is equipped with highly efficient motor ensuring powerful air delivery! So bring one now for a personalized spot cooling experience.No more running around to find a plug to charge your phone. This air cooler redefines convenience. Featuring a high-speed USB port, it lets you charge your phone while you are chilling.Equipped with a blower, a highly efficient motor, and a smartly designed louver mechanism, this air cooler ensures powerful air delivery (650 cubic meter per hour) for spot and personal cooling.
Warranty Summary
1 Year Warranty
Covered in Warranty
All Electrical and Mechanical Components
Not Covered in Warranty
Plastic Components, Wear and Tear, Damage of Product, Parts Due to Mishandling
Warranty Service Type
Onsite Service

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Bro ithula oru smell varuthu may be coil or wire burn smell mathiri varuthu ithu poiduma illa continue aguma three days aguthu vangi smell irritating
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Personal வேண்டாம் best and low cost home and windows air cooler unboxing review podunga bro
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bro top 10 topic or content for youtube beginners
Ebenezer महीने पहले
Don't buy this kind of mini coolers because we can't able to clean tank. There is no option clean tank we can get allergy infection cold asthma
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Review cheap game consoles bro.. . .
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can we can use normal water
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Dai fan sound generator mathiri iruku,,, Nala product a podu,,, Ippo 3500 ne tharuvaya.. Intha product yarum vangathinga
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How to open the cooler's back
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கூலர் யாருக்கு வேணுமோ என்னைத் தொடர்பு கொள்ளலாம். நாங்க நொய்டால கூலர் விற்பனை பண்ணிட்டு இருக்கோம்... தமிழ்நாட்டுல மதுரையில் விரைவில் தொடங்க இருக்கோம்...பிளிப்காட்ட பாத்து ஏமாந்துராதீங்க...வச்சு செஞ்சுவிட்டுறுவானுக... கூலரோட வாரண்டி காரண்டி பத்தி சொல்லாம சார் வீடியோவை முடிச்சுட்டாரு....
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