✔ 11 Storage Build Hacks in Minecraft

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Some things you didn't know you could do with chests and barrels. Fun ideas and useful designs. Put em in your house... Enjoy! :D
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I tried to subtitle, but it didn't work...And im a Brazilian and I'm your fan <3
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@Burak Batın Çevik Only Russia
Андрей Афанасьев
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@Burak Batın Çevik No
Burak Batın Çevik
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Do you want Turkish
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I know russian :)
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You teach me new stuff about Minecraft everyday. I’m subbing
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esti roman da faci in engleza
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Никто: Абсолютно никто: Все: Никто: Абсолютно никто:
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You helped me In your videos 🎥 you are great I am from egypt
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That transfer system is so cool
John Kyle Jabrica
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I really like the build where the two stations are displayed. Full efficiency, simple but is also elegant. Nice work! 👍
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Good uh idint make that in minecraft😯😅
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Are you from serbia??? I know serbian language because i am from serbia
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Hi I love your vids they are so helpful and informative and entertaining
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Minecraft name king3833f
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Super Good
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Hi hik
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ja sam iz Srbije
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As a food, I've always needed a fridge. Thank you Magma! You know I'm just kidding :)
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im a member!
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Почему название видео написано на русском а канал английский ?
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All vids of Magma i see people say how much they miss Musen. Ik its sad but we gotta move on and embrace the new Magma :D
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Where’s my cake?
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I’ve been watching Magma for so long and I never ever want to stop watching his videos I remember subscribing at 48k
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Pourquoi est-ce que les titres sont en français mais la vidéo en anglais?
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You video is so good
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Can you from Taiwan
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How to became a member?
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I know spanish
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Me encanta. Tu videos
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1:44 good brain
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Eae magma tu e Br ? Fiquei confuso com o teu título em português
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Can you espeack?
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yay im a member
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Heres a working fridge for you food...
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Hi your channel and amazing I am from Brazil
Merry mihiri sulochana Jayalath de silva
amazing stetion you made !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Omg This Video is Great! For now, I Can know how to make fancy chest in survival Imm very happy :D
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Alexa Playzz :P
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Czemu to jest angielski film a tytuł i opis jest po polsku
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this is like 5 miniute crafts but for minecraft but better. this is the best video overal keep up the good work man
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Uhm how to be a member
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I Subscribed!! :D
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Nice sastifatory
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한국사람 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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#1 make a double chest Ok thank you for watching
reidan gardose
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What a wrong spell lol MagmaMus. In 0:48 at the top. Look the word you. Its your.
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I made the fridge before you showed me
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Well how can i become a member
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That Christmas song from the original Minecraft gave me so many memories