10 DIY Zombie Apocalypse Survival Hacks

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Zombies are deadly! However, we're sure that you know it perfectly well without us. And yet, even during zombie apocalypse, you can survive! How exactly? You'll find the answer in our new video!
• Syringe
• Activated charcoal pills
• Cotton pads
• Rubber glove
• Cotton wool
• Bottle
• Knife
• Hot gun
• Gloves
• Nails
• Belt
• Spring hooks
• Rope
• Plastic pots
• Scotch tape
• Belt tapes
• Needle with thread
• Cardboard
• Washcloths
• Rubber bands
• Foamiran
• Knitting needles
• Paints
• Slime
• Insulating tape
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Si lo notaron hay un zombie bien chistoso y está jorobado el el minuto 10:1
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Save the turtles now minis
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The odio
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Zombiler çok saf
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My sister's name is lily
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All of those weapons are useless or they will fall apart in 5 seconds or you will be killed by your own weapon..
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Lara Croft from tomb raider!?!? I’m sooo confused
Courtney Lautieri
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what if you'r dog is a puppy and 1 only likes to swim but the other one doesn't how do they survive.and what if your little brother doesn't know how to swim to will he die?i hope not because my little brother is my bff i wouldn't like any thing to happen to him at all.
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Zombies aren't real
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Is thisreal
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Craft before zombie apocalypse
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I have a thing where anything I watch I think is real so it was extra good
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I love your zombie videos
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Troom troom videos are great
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ya i sou the walking dead
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You guys are so funny nice and fun
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Is this real?
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Suihrw viki💏💏😅😅
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abdessamad bejja
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So horror zombies
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ho you
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Ratom ar debt axal videos
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Your so funny
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No I hate this someone that’s my friend will see this and die😓😓😓
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Zombies are not real
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Who would have all that at home. The hacks are so dumb
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Oh wow your phone is dead, did you use the powerbank you packed or did you forget about it
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Only Urdu videos
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😧😧😧😧😧 He
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Please make more zombie Apocalypse videos
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That is a nayes GRENE grase Go cheke my hcanall 👇🏼
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ZOMBIE: Lemme eat ya please please Troom Troom girls: *Runs away*
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Camoflage with kiss costumes
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Is there more give us more
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Ronin Dodot
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Pls make a video how to survive with our family but Safer!! (Like this if you want to be survive with family)
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With those heels i would kick the dude in the balls
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Where is your 7th video
Pink & purple love unicorn 🦄
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I’m sad that own of the girl turned into a zombie
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* one
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👩🏼 👚 👖
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That’s so good
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fake zombies (maybe)
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I thought zombies could see (inside of zombie hack)
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