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Let's brighten your living space with these awesome clay, hot glue gun, nail polish and old CDs hacks!
These mini clay plant pots are the perfect accessory for your tiny succulents. Kids can get their hand stuck into making and decorating the pots. Bear in mind that the clay takes time to dry out, so the making and decorating of the pots will need to be done in two separate craft sessions.
When I started to learn 3D printing Classes, I had no 3D printer with me, I immediately thought of making imitate 3D printing with something else. I love making things from scratch (like probably everyone does).
In this Instructable, I am creating a key chain with hot glue gun similar to 3D printing.
Hot glue guns are basically a 3D printing pen .And it is low temperature enough that you can manually reshape it afterwards.
A Hot glue gun is like a handheld 3D printer. It is basically just a heating element surrounding a tube through which the glue stick is pushed through nozzle. But instead of being controlled with computer software and motors, you guide the printer head by hand.
What is hot glue?
Hot melt adhesive is a thermoplastic adhesive that can be melted in an electric hot glue gun. The gun uses a continuous heating element to melt the plastic glue that is they extruded through a tip or nozzle when user applies pressure to gun's trigger.

2:02 Brand new phone case
5:33 Cement and clay ideas
9:05 These boots aren't made for walking
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5-Minute Crafts
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Did you know that you can make a new backpack from an old shirt? Look at this at 23:00 😉 Will you try to do the same? Or are you more inspired by some other idea?
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Chagas abertas
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اعملي طريقه عمل السلايم
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5-Minute Crafts
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23:00 wouldn’t u get bullied
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00:57 this would me creepy
AlwaysWolf 4 दिन पहले
Derek Mellinger
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The face pillow though 😂lol
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wah!!! karya yang bagus sekali, lebih berkarya ya!!! ..........
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Kayak orang gila pertama kali mulai
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Sea!pjdontdkbjxjdikjj djxkmikdij X!x!!!!!!x!kkjixixmsijdn !d?d.kokd
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i love
Hello from the other SIDEEE
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22:42 What we loners need in our lives, an arm pillow. HAHaheh....heh *HeLo DaRkNeSs My OLd FrIeNd*
umi malik n yusuf
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Good idea Back
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Doing this for my self 15:51
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Its amazing I am nandini
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Where do you live
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Okay- Big yikes. You don't save cat hair. Under no circumstances do you SAVE cat hair. Just no. End of story. Yuck.
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The first song looks like ballonie
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So good
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0:53 scary pillow
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MD JADEN prince
MD JADEN prince 2 महीने पहले
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the girl who made the pillow has 2 different colored eyes
twinkle nagrath
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I loved this vedio and got lots of ideas
Shaikh Abdul Jabbar
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If you have the smallest tiniest rip in your boot, turn it into cement! 9:05
g r o o v y ツ
g r o o v y ツ 2 महीने पहले
The wet cement looks like frosting and i want to eat it
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Whyrfnhdbu why wait SVT science Shane egg bfs sbhsvt
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quien es español y no entiende ni mais y que nada mas ve el video por la imagen ? no quiero ser la unica 🙈
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Quanto pelo🤣
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Quem já percebeu que ela tem um olho azul e amarelo
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Minha gente sinceramente não entendi nada
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Bem legal esse vídeo
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Who were the musicians playing in your choice of music? I really liked it and would love to listen to more.
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Cuando te casas 👰 depues que te casas 👸
BELINDA RIKELME 2 महीने पहले
CUAL ESEL KE TIENE MAS MUCHO 😺😺😸😹😼😼😸😹😼😸👿👽👾👻💀👺👹😈🤖💩😽😿😾🙈🙊🙊👦👨👴👵👶👮👳💂👸🕵💓💙💚💚💟💌❣💝💜💛💛💟❣💚💚💙💖💕💔💓💓💓💙💚💟💝💛💛❣❣💌💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍
BELINDA RIKELME 2 महीने पहले
El aniyo tiene mas
coti aguirre nobell
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Leoncio Sancho
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Que e brasileiro sabe.... Que isso e tudo mentira
priscila Parraga
priscila Parraga 2 महीने पहले
So eu q falo português quem fala português deixa seu like
ガチャLupto 2 महीने पहले
Does anyone else notice that women's 1 blue and 1 green eye? xD
Mohammed Shamil
Mohammed Shamil 2 महीने पहले
Your channel is a good channel
BFFS silva
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E lente
오경수 2 महीने पहले
내가 하면 똥됨
Luz Joselainekklllk
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shashikant nagaich
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You are dufer
Shailesh Bamne
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Арина Лисичникова
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Мне только понравились картинаюы с камнями и все. А когда тразили стакан и зи него сделали подставку я офигела можно было поставить тарелку на стол а не на подставку и ещё взяли сапоги изпортили а купим новые ничего
bakhtiyer Makhmudov
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bakhtiyer Makhmudov
bakhtiyer Makhmudov 2 महीने पहले
I’m so confused of the let day
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