5-Yr-Old Pool Prodigy

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Meet Keith O'Dell, a bonafide pool playing prodigy. At just five years old, Keith pockets balls like a pro. The sport is in Keith's genes - his parents play pool, his grandparents play pool, the family even eats dinner on the pool table. His father says Keith was "born to play pool." The question is, how will his incredible talent effect the life ahead of him?
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julio bonaparte
julio bonaparte 5 साल पहले
PRIMA 6 साल पहले
I wanna verse this little boy lets see how good he is
Dro gon
Dro gon 6 साल पहले
So many people mentionining O'Sullivan but the boy is actually not playing snooker.
alejandra cota
alejandra cota 6 साल पहले
Cool kid
Dan Jones
Dan Jones 6 साल पहले
amazing :)
LethalAnswer 6 साल पहले
John Morphy, you got a new enemy ;D
Hakasauars 6 साल पहले
everyday hes hustling
Jillian Mc
Jillian Mc 6 साल पहले
dude get a life that's rude
TheCrazyLifer84 6 साल पहले
tamias7 6 साल पहले
Drake and Josh
Teafast 6 साल पहले
Ok. I write this as a pool table supplier for over 20 years. A full size uk pub table is 7ft by 4ft overall. Smaller tables also used and allowed in league play are 6ft by 3 ft 6 overall.
Szymon Ch
Szymon Ch 6 साल पहले
oh yeah? do it while recording
Tyler Moffatt
Tyler Moffatt 6 साल पहले
I like these parents
Jan Kotze
Jan Kotze 6 साल पहले
OMG you are stupid, pool uses practical application of physics and geometry and only beginning phases not advance.
Logan Williams
Logan Williams 6 साल पहले
so what your'e saying is your'e jellow
I am Sudan
I am Sudan 6 साल पहले
yeah but sometimes when they grow up they choose drugs. thats what smart children always become.
Dale Andrews
Dale Andrews 6 साल पहले
The great Willie Masconi started in a similar way. He was shooting pool before he could stand up and to reach table, having to stand on a stool or stack of boxes. For those of you who don't know, Masconi was the greatest pocket billiards pool player that ever lived. He held the World's championship for nearly a dozen years back in the 40's and 50's. He still holds that World's record for the number of racks(and balls) run without a miss. It was several hundred; don't have the exact numbers.
Jason Baillie
Jason Baillie 6 साल पहले
Why would your parents call you Amer Alajmi!? Poor boy
Willem Rahbari
Willem Rahbari 6 साल पहले
like most prodigys i guess
Anthony 6 साल पहले
o0RAGA0o 6 साल पहले
hahah na ronnies boy would plays on a proper size table with small pockets
Trottorion 6 साल पहले
I am that good at video games... What am I doing with my life :(
Romaine Calm
Romaine Calm 6 साल पहले
Anyone else see this kid as the world's greatest mathematician?
david j
david j 6 साल पहले
That's special, being able to beat a 5 year old. Are you proud?
Mistaah Snipahh
Mistaah Snipahh 6 साल पहले
Dude chill hes a 5 year old and if he was the same age as u he would prob kick ur ass lol
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin 6 साल पहले
"I saw that there was money to be made here"... "College these days is really expensive" And a fantastic recovery!
Mt Grn
Mt Grn 6 साल पहले
0:21 Hey Honey. Want to come in my bed tonight ?
kaptainzak 6 साल पहले
2:55 AMEN!! Good on ya dad. Keep it fun and interesting. Beside college you may just give this kid a professional career when he's done with college. That is awesome, he is soooo good
Alexis Klaff
Alexis Klaff 6 साल पहले
when he said he wanted to play they let him and if you didnt see when he got a trick hard and done he was super happy
Tony George
Tony George 6 साल पहले
life eater game....
Tore Møller
Tore Møller 6 साल पहले
what!! my guess where, that it was ronnie o' sullivan's boy! wtf!
ViewtifulShishigami 6 साल पहले
He is....A Family Man
Bastin Films
Bastin Films 6 साल पहले
What is wrong with you
Bastin Films
Bastin Films 6 साल पहले
Hate to break it to you, but no one likes people who brag.
Warren_021 6 साल पहले
I can't imagine a 5 year old beating me in pool
wulan dary
wulan dary 6 साल पहले
wowwwww amazing..
Kuddles 6 साल पहले
This kid is awsome!
Lilit Karapetyan
Lilit Karapetyan 6 साल पहले
simply do not have the words to say well done
austin hinrichs
austin hinrichs 6 साल पहले
jeeze your a dream breaker
Pontus ignell
Pontus ignell 6 साल पहले
Hey his just fuckin 5 years old wait till hes 16 , then u can play pool with him and see how well it goes , dont be so fuckin jealous, btw its kind a funny cause some of u get jealous on a 5 years old kid xD
xDufff 6 साल पहले
no one is as good as Ronnie, and no one could match his genius.
Nelson M
Nelson M 6 साल पहले
Hes a kid, every hater like, Adam Molina, said hes a beast a he could beat him no shit u can beat him hes 5 yrs old he has a talent u learned how to olay he watched his dad and played from watching so for every hater u can go be gay somewhere else or fuck yourself with a dildo
MiguelMenezzes 6 साल पहले
Yes, but he is only a kid.
nightbra 6 साल पहले
no, they aren't
Raj 6 साल पहले
Actually, there are three sizes: 7,8 and 9 feet.
ExorArgus 6 साल पहले
One those is a snooker table. Though i cant remember if its bigger or smaller.
Čoko Ladica
Čoko Ladica 6 साल पहले
This is new Ronnie O"Sullivan
Kevin Withell
Kevin Withell 6 साल पहले
Nope. America pool tables have bigger pockets that UK ones
Nathan Lilley
Nathan Lilley 6 साल पहले
what a great dad :)
TheParapala23 6 साल पहले
don't be so judgmental people... like what his father said... he will wait until his son will be 8 years old and let him to decide if he wants to compete in pool and as of now he wants the kid to enjoy the game... and that's what being kid is all about., play and enjoy.
TheParapala23 6 साल पहले
that's a five year old kid... remember dude 5??? still a lot of time like what his father said., I want him to slow down, concentrate and enjoy it... ENJOY... that's what being kid is all about
TheParapala23 6 साल पहले
what's the point here??? come on that's a kid,. 5 year old kid... small size or big size but at his age and already played like a pro in pool and can do some amazing tricks... is this some kind of insecure...
TheParapala23 6 साल पहले
your just jealous because maybe you are already 70 years old and dying but still unable to spot 1 ball... lol
Adam Molina
Adam Molina 6 साल पहले
wow im a beast in pool i can beat him
Casual Amer
Casual Amer 6 साल पहले
Why would you call your child keith!? Poor boy
Brandon Auchterlonie
Brandon Auchterlonie 6 साल पहले
ikr that pool tables to small and the holes are way bigger
Cory B
Cory B 6 साल पहले
were you dropped on your effing head Rewind?
Cody Good
Cody Good 6 साल पहले
Dude... are we related? Names Cody O'Dell!!!!
JohnyTwoGuns Hitler
JohnyTwoGuns Hitler 6 साल पहले
Great kid... Amazing family
Jak Bowen
Jak Bowen 6 साल पहले
Not true actually, pool tables in the UK have substantially narrower pockets. We do also have American tables which I've played on so this isn't just a suspicion
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