Apple Gave Up!?

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Qualcomm stock goes up:
“big announcements” at E3
Nikola Two: in-vid.net/video/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-qiB5MHnL7eU.html
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scp-5000 toastedmems
scp-5000 toastedmems 10 दिन पहले
8k graphics Sony Sony Yes consumer Telling lies about games not made yet and somehow improving games from the last generation No consumer Open your marketing team Ha ha ha (reveals anti-consumerism)
Red Ghoul
Red Ghoul 10 दिन पहले
Apples rot into garbage faster than windoes
inC 13 दिन पहले
Evelene Maye
Evelene Maye 18 दिन पहले
if apple wants to spend less money on qualcom license they should charge reasonable prices for their phones since the fee is a percentage
Real 20 दिन पहले
Not a single company named after Edison... Except Edison Electric, literally one of the largest electricity companies. But that's a weird path to take naming your company when there is already a Tesla
rus pandi hemp keren
rus pandi hemp keren 21 दिन पहले
oldman playing game
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps 24 दिन पहले
Best news for me was the quickbit sponsor. Love me some Beyerdynamic!
Big Dubyuh
Big Dubyuh 24 दिन पहले
8k graphics impossible
Prashant Mehta
Prashant Mehta 25 दिन पहले
People might see the Samsung Fold and see the screen protecter and call it a screen saver in this case
David White
David White 29 दिन पहले
Huawei would fuvk Appple up
Lyn Charles
Lyn Charles 29 दिन पहले
So they stole more than just ai from Tesla
Next Gen Games
Next Gen Games महीने पहले
i love this news show..really u people naild it ;)...wish to see more of it...
Cole Towner
Cole Towner महीने पहले
If sony really is going with a custom-made SSD for the PS5, I can already see the long posts of angry individuals you have to pay Sony $500 to get their consoles repaired. This is obviously an attempt to give hackers a hard time. Even though you know trying to give a hacker a hard time just makes them wanna hack it more.
Xethrus महीने पहले
Finally 90hz on non-gaming phones!!1!1!!11! 🎉🎉
AntDeGamer :D
AntDeGamer :D महीने पहले
Consoles are devices suppose to be cheaper than PCs and a device to play on TV then why the flop do you have to add ssd stuff and other pc features for example 8k if consoles are cheaper variety than PCs well that then makes console make more expensive than pc. Wtf (this doesn't make any flipin sence)
Nobody Important
Nobody Important महीने पहले
Garp Cosplay
Garp Cosplay महीने पहले
I believe SoCal Edison in California is name after Thomas Edison
The Geek Site
The Geek Site महीने पहले
Nikola Tesla
Bohdan Kobel
Bohdan Kobel महीने पहले
Can't bare that amount of silly shouts and jokes
ricky v
ricky v महीने पहले
I wouldn't say Apple gave up. They probably came to an agreement that was better suited for them to continue onto the future. Companies, need each other and their technology. Who knows Samsung may be using AXX chips one day? Probably not.
walmartskills महीने पहले
Lol this is probably the only Apple dis you guys have made that's actually warranted and not conceptualized by Linus's unstable emotions towards Apple...good job!
MyOwen99 महीने पहले
Lies there is con Edison
jkeener1988 महीने पहले
Apple fucking sucks!!
Jake Verde
Jake Verde महीने पहले
A console that supports real time ray tracing? ALIENS!!!
Johntendo64 महीने पहले
This was generally a good news bit all around.
Munqy [X]
Munqy [X] महीने पहले
Bye Apple, having used ur phones ever since I was young, having spend over 10000 commulative money on all these phones, Im glad I stepped away from their products. They're fucking bullshit. I regret spending so much money when I was a little younger because I was such a die-hard fan. Now having switched to a Samsung, I cant tell you how relieved I really am, its like a world of opportunities opening up.
a mystery
a mystery महीने पहले
Apple with a reskin on the "iPhone 11" isn't that unusual!
Goldner Alexandru
Goldner Alexandru महीने पहले
Does backwards compatible mean that even digital games will br able to be transported to tha ps5?
Metal Steel
Metal Steel महीने पहले
I want backwards compatability with ps3 too, that's when they were still NOT SJW.
Archock Encanto
Archock Encanto महीने पहले
Is that Nikola Tesla shit real... w t f. This can't be coincidence.
Planet Dirth
Planet Dirth महीने पहले
bye apple
Goran Šimić
Goran Šimić महीने पहले
Riley for president!!!
Arson Rides
Arson Rides महीने पहले
Pretty sure the company that powers my house is called Edison, This hippie would know that if he didn't live in a Teepee
Joshua Howley
Joshua Howley महीने पहले
The really funny about none of the EV companies using Edison's name is he was the one pushing DC, what the cars run on, while Tesla was pushing AC. It should be the other way around. But of course Thomas Edison doesn't sound as cool as Nikola Tesla
Mario Gámez
Mario Gámez महीने पहले
I like Linus talking shit in the background. 😂
George Turmanidze
George Turmanidze महीने पहले
Why is video less-contrasted ?
Aera Mira
Aera Mira महीने पहले
video response: in-vid.net/video/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-M4KfHJMCRc0.html
Joshua Barendse
Joshua Barendse महीने पहले
There might be no company called after Edison but at least ¼ the light sources in almost everyone’s home around the planet are using the Edison lightbulb socket. I wish i was called Edison. 😥
Crona the
Crona the महीने पहले
Without Qualcomm apple would not have 5g Nintendo could make a phone that could fold better then anyone. Why dont they Apple- lets make are biggest iphone xs max repair be same as buying a new xr Apple- dam it Qualcomm your. Prices are to high no deal Qualcomm- we made a phone before you called qcp-1960 were in over 100s of phones affordable and reliable then your fragile thin expensive 2year old tech. You claim is new and better then anyone your battery aint very good and your camera cant take great night photos and without us you wont be able to have 5g till 2020 or even till 2021 Apple- be behind in the 5g or have 5g and try not to ruin the apple name more if we make deal with Qualcomm and be able to have 5g this year or next year. We will be able to get the iphone 6s 7 7plus 8 8plus off the streets killing them off with updates. Maybe update the 4s maybe. Mwahahah. Money money money Qualcomm- ...... Good luck without being sued again for that
Ashutosh Pandey
Ashutosh Pandey महीने पहले
Peels so good?
Abhishek Desai
Abhishek Desai महीने पहले
I already have a PS5 It's called PC
LÆVIS महीने पहले
Not a single company named after Edison... well duh, General Electric is Edison's company and it's still alive.
Praju vada
Praju vada महीने पहले
Apple in the title u get the clicks nice trick Linus he he
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan महीने पहले
Shouldn't qualcomm be allowed to charge whatever they want from their vendors
Patato Everything
Patato Everything महीने पहले
aliveforever100 महीने पहले
So what if there are no companies named after Edison? He founded General Electric and it still exists I think he is fine with that
Spiral modding
Spiral modding महीने पहले
i gave up on playstation. im sure i still have ps3 and ps2. i remember playing ratchet and clank and killzone 3
HYPAGAMING 101 महीने पहले
Maniac Bob
Maniac Bob महीने पहले
The company that slaps edison as their brand name will most likely be a phoney like the man, looking at you GE.
SaimonSSL महीने पहले
Microsoft with their Xbox is committing suicide again. I guess they did not learn from last DRM mess. PlayStation wins.
SaimonSSL महीने पहले
Microsoft is going diskless, goodbye GameStop I won't be missing you.
ladjkaoz महीने पहले
Why should there be... edison walk to the dark side, With the corp.
Throttle Kitty
Throttle Kitty महीने पहले
Man, screw Thomas Edison.
MinevaZabiAMV of Zeonic Productions
MinevaZabiAMV of Zeonic Productions महीने पहले
6:07 What about Southern California Edison? Commonwealth Edison? THOSE TWO ELECTRIC COMPANIES ARE NAMED AFTER THOMAS EDISON and just as bad as himself too!
Azhar Bhatti
Azhar Bhatti महीने पहले
5:17 "Making Humans Crispier" 10/10 writing.
FLYER PLAYERS महीने पहले
Nikola + Tesla = Nicola Tesla Coincidence?
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams महीने पहले
Xbox (scarlett) is more powerful than the ps5 suck on that😂 ps players
Kazoo महीने पहले
I have to pee
Sadman Chowdhury
Sadman Chowdhury महीने पहले
If Apple was a human he would be hipster Indian man. Not wanting to pay for shit but charging a shit ton.
Akagi महीने पहले
About the ps5 does it run games at 30 or 60 fps?
zinghiway महीने पहले
This video was just like a porn video behind the scenes or between the scenes. 😧 Oh yes fuck her good ! (the director said out loud).... 😕
Stranger x1
Stranger x1 महीने पहले
Hopefully the ps5 won't cost 10k
Cubinator73 महीने पहले
What is up with upping the resolution in each console generation? Who cares about way-too-high resolutions?! 1K-2K @ 60FPS-120FPS is enough for absolutely everything in gaming. Much more important features, in my opinion anyway, would be backwards compatibility (not just one gen backwards); improved XMB experience (this thing is slow as shit); native mouse and keyboard support for all games, not just the games that enable it; support for more media formats; better media editing tools (they are pretty primitive right now); and much much more. And above all else, require every single game to have an option allowing the user to choose between beautiful graphics or high frame rates and require every single game to include settings for custom button layouts.
destroyerimo महीने पहले
bro thats some fucking nice camera, great quality video overall
Rex Kenny
Rex Kenny महीने पहले
Folding glass phones? They do everything to make it break, do you remember the old good days when folk made drop test and torture test of phones.
Soulife महीने पहले
What has it been, 1 or 2 days since the "let's fix our click bate titles" video? Lol
Mayank Jariya
Mayank Jariya महीने पहले
Dumb "us" people should first treat Hiroshima & Nagasaki victims.......
Florestan Trément
Florestan Trément महीने पहले
hydrogen electric hybrid??? All hydrogen vehicles are full electric the same as battery electric vehicles. Hydrogen is just an energy storage solution. There is only one kind of motor inside them.
LadyDanielle Zana
LadyDanielle Zana महीने पहले
Drama in the tech world is complete idiocy
Nightcore Tuner
Nightcore Tuner महीने पहले
I'm a apple fan since Steve Jobs still the CEO of Apple when he died and Tim cock arrived I left apple and buy a Samsung but I still keep my iPad 2 and I'll buy the iPad 9.7 2018 version for replacement I'll not buy the iPad without home button and fingerprint. I'm just saying my history here. Apple stop this JOKE
AzyleeZ Studio
AzyleeZ Studio महीने पहले
Joseph Amukun
Joseph Amukun महीने पहले
0:08 : *Christopher Nolan has entered the chat*
Tu Maldita Madre
Tu Maldita Madre महीने पहले
6:05 I mean, there was ConED, AKA Con Edison...
Bima Wicaksono
Bima Wicaksono महीने पहले
gamescrufi महीने पहले
Microsoft I’m broke plz no
John.S महीने पहले
The "bendgate" thing was an Apple thing, for Samsung it wouldn't be "bendgate"
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki महीने पहले
Who's they? The ones that killed Kenny!
ExploringFate महीने पहले
6:04 In NY there is a Con Edison but I don't think it's named after him. LOL
simeon LPS
simeon LPS महीने पहले
Brenden Mancuso
Brenden Mancuso महीने पहले
No companies named after Edison huh? Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) would like to have a word.
Tim महीने पहले
@4:00 - Microsoft aims to keep the price around $50 cheaper than the standard Xbox One S, even with discounts.
billionthb महीने पहले
As a hostage user of Potomac Edison, I can confirm it is not a good time to be a fan of Thomas Edison
Dean Hallgarth
Dean Hallgarth महीने पहले
Think NAVI is pronounced Na 6
HoLDoN4Sec महीने पहले
Xbox One S with a 1TB HDD and Battlefield 5 bundle costs 200$ where i live, why would anyone spend 249$ and just get an xbox with no games or extra features (you couldn't even use it as a blu-ray player) for 49$ more and have to buy all his games through the expensive M$ digital store? its like, why spend 60$ on a game on the microsoft store where i can just buy the physical copy of that game for 25$ online and resell it when i finished it... Microsoft is dealing with issues that people don't even have, instead of making a "cheaper"(for microsoft) xbox one s, START MAKING YOUR FUCKING EXCLUSIVES ALREADY...
tush43 महीने पहले
*Who are u talking to ofscreen though?*
joseph dragojevich
joseph dragojevich महीने पहले
Nikola only named their company that with hopes of being purchased by Tesla, to form the giant "Nikola-Tesla" Motor Group lmao
Alexander Jasper-Jay
Alexander Jasper-Jay महीने पहले
Edison was a theaf and a twat so...
ѕυѕαиσσ’ महीने पहले
And so the failure unfolds.....
Grendel _
Grendel _ महीने पहले
Just switched from Nexus 6 to iPhone7 and I love the smaller size - since my media consumption habits changed, I don't need a giant screen anymore. I just need to learn how to use the bloody alarm clock! One would think that Apple should make things more intuitive than Google... Oh well... surprise...
Kees महीने पहले
Apple gave up a while ago. Now they are just testing how far they can take it
Akram Kahil
Akram Kahil महीने पहले
First time here... Subbed already 😂 Hilarious guys..
truthseeker महीने पहले
The best way to keep people from peeling the screen off is to actually provide a screen protector for people to peel off. People wouldn't peel twice, I think.
Ioan Koka
Ioan Koka महीने पहले
the peeling screen protector is a feature!
lonewolf031 महीने पहले
So it is a screen protector.
codycast महीने पहले
When apple releases their folding screen that works someone will be like “they copied Samsung and some (insert Chinese trash brand)!” Even though Apple will be the first to make one that actually works and is a quality design
Tankizard महीने पहले
2:16 minute mark... So.....Flip Phones don't fold?? I thought FLIP phones by nature FOLDED, because...ya know... they FOLD shut when not in use
Sam Reed
Sam Reed महीने पहले
Prediction: Microsoft will be the first company to name a car company after Edison. Also, it looks like they still havn't given up trying to keep people from sharing games with their X-Bone S, without an Optical drive... ...yeah... Hmmmmmm... X Bone with a drive that i can play the games on a disk i bought... or, one without a drive, that i may need to re-purchase my games on... and they cost the same... HMMMMMMMMM BIG DECISION THERE... Microsoft... just quit your side projects, and so something useful. like test updates! it would cost less, and your costumer base would love you... eh... Ok, that's going to be a stretch...
Jan Brož
Jan Brož महीने पहले
thumbs up for backwards compatibility with ps4
Philip J . Fry
Philip J . Fry महीने पहले
Eric Wood
Eric Wood महीने पहले
PS5 sounds like a possibly good buy. I skipped PS4 (and its ridiculously named competitor from Microsoft), but would be tempted by the 5 with its PS4 backward compatibility, provided that is real backward compatibility and not what Brand X has been offering.
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