Apple was wrong to reveal AirPower.

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asheritis दिन पहले
what about liquid cooling, that could work to make it thin and cool.
HoLDoN4Sec महीने पहले
if you're THAT dumb to actually pay 200$ for AirPower, than i can sell you one of these Qi wireless charging plates that cost 90$ that basically operate exactly like how Apple said AirPower would. i'd make a 110$ profit off of a retarded Apple Sheep like you... ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO YOURSELF?!
American_bacon 10
American_bacon 10 महीने पहले
AirPower coming sometime in the future.... Maybe...
Operator 801
Operator 801 महीने पहले
What if you were to just... Not buy garbage products, to avoid supporting a garbage company?
Golden Ss
Golden Ss महीने पहले
its 250 us dolars 1000pln
NG DALI महीने पहले
It shows how stupid Apple fans are if they buy a 50w charger for 40 bucks. Just saying, but that charger cost Apple a whopping 2 dollar and 56 cents.
UltraKryptonian महीने पहले
When I bought my Nokia Lumia 920 from AT&T many, many years ago, they gave me a FREE Nokia wireless charger (which I still use for my iPhone XS Max). Plus, I still have the Nokia Lumia 920 and it still works!
Brian Todd
Brian Todd महीने पहले
Although I agree that Apple shouldn't have teased or announced a product that wasn't ready to come to market, this whole video is one big annoying rant about Apple...videos I don't usually watch. If Apple can make a better mousetrap, of course they are going to make it (that's what their whole premise is) and of course people are going to buy it. If they will buy $1,300 phones and $85 MacBook chargers, they will buy $250 AirPower chargers that allow you charge multiple devices simultaneously and anywhere on the pad. Soooo.....that was a waste of my time.
Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler
Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler महीने पहले
What’s so special about AirPower? Just a large wireless charger?
The Inebriati
The Inebriati महीने पहले
Does AirPower even stay within the maximum non-ionizing radiation limit? I aren't think so.
Ding Chavez
Ding Chavez महीने पहले
admits to being an apple sheep. continues to support apple products...interesting concept.
Cuda FX
Cuda FX महीने पहले
apple gon' get dead, cuz applefags are scared of cable
Adrian Burke
Adrian Burke महीने पहले
0:20 iPhone 8 and X launched together
danny smith
danny smith महीने पहले
Hahaha. Apple. Still dopes.
KodredCud महीने पहले
Just bought a blue version of your shirt! Thanks for the cheap, fun merch my dude
KodredCud महीने पहले
PC/Android masterrace though (well Linux, but I like games... so..)
KodredCud महीने पहले
Is that a USB-C shirt...???
Air Pex!
Air Pex! महीने पहले
Can't really be an apple fanboy and a tech person at the same time. Apple makes accessories, not tech.
Jacob महीने पहले
To say it’s magic ~~~~ would be an understatement xdxdxdxd
W1LQU महीने पहले
o kurka x-kom
The Real Macaw
The Real Macaw महीने पहले
Wow. I just found this channel. What a great, straightforward video. Subscribed for sure.
Nick Ruiz
Nick Ruiz महीने पहले
I bet you will buy it, haha and your excuse will be just for the sake of making a youtube video
Victor Zeitel
Victor Zeitel महीने पहले
Well... samsung did what apple wants to do. It is basically that 3rd party thing that apple sells, but better
Sebastian Szefer
Sebastian Szefer महीने पहले
But Why Polish website?
John Milks
John Milks महीने पहले
10 years late no biggie, people will still pay 1k$
John Milks
John Milks महीने पहले
Tech from 2008 good job Mac
Martin Terkatz
Martin Terkatz महीने पहले
Convinced me, to laugh a bit more about apple costumers and not to watch this channel again.
keith atkinson
keith atkinson महीने पहले
I was using wireless charging on my phone and other stuff back in 2012 its nothing new
MTI Photography
MTI Photography महीने पहले
Samsung Duo is pretty expensive and it's about the same price as that Belkin\
Android Atlantis
Android Atlantis महीने पहले
To be fair to apple users you could listen to music and charge on it.
mark lao
mark lao महीने पहले
Know if apple makes a deal with steam i bet they can make a thin and light gaming laptop that can play all triple a titles. But nope i guess they are not interested in that.
darkwear gt growtopia
darkwear gt growtopia महीने पहले
Air power didn't have a Air vent
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong महीने पहले
Ayyeee your jersey says usb-c
blazeyboi महीने पहले
there is a mouse pad and mouse combo that do just that, the pad charges the mouse as you use it. apple is so far behind nowadays
Pepe's bodega
Pepe's bodega महीने पहले
Apple would easily charger 200 USD for it, they would probably push 250-300. But that new tech would be much more universal for wireless charing then the current QI chargers, you could have them in really small devices and larger devices, I actually like the idea I don't think apple should be the ones doing it though. It has to be universal.
Pepe's bodega
Pepe's bodega महीने पहले
it could probably work but needs more engineering. Like having small charging coils, lots of them instead of one large one then have a preasure sensors which redirects power the the coils which the product is laying on. edit. lol didn't watch the whole video before commenting
BagelMaster5000 महीने पहले
This is cool and all but yo Justin when the new season of Rick and Morty droppin??
Josh Feldman
Josh Feldman महीने पहले
Just get one of those mouse pads that charge the mouse while you play, odes the same thing
pvp979gaming महीने पहले
Who wants that haha prob gonna be atleast 200dollar
A Ligon
A Ligon महीने पहले
This is why I will always despise Apple products.
nygeek64 महीने पहले
I think my fascination with Apple is starting to die out. I don’t look forward to their products as much as I used. The prices and shoddy quality put the nail in the coffin.
Chromoxide महीने पहले
If airpower had many fans in it, the name would fit perfectly
Justin महीने पहले
I think Apple should stop worrying about accessories and start focusing on their products for the company to grow.
Byron Tran
Byron Tran महीने पहले
Not much to be honest, they're hitting rock bottom very soon.
Corey Bedell
Corey Bedell महीने पहले
I think an 18watt power brick would be ample contrary to what you said at 4:45. iPhones can currently only accept 7.5 watts of power through a Qi charger, combined with the ideal use of an Apple Watch and AirPods (both charging at 5 watts) would come in at slightly under the 18 watt threshold. If apple does decide to advertise the AirPower as charging more than 1 iPhone at a time, I can see the issue, but currently the only use cases shown include a single iPhone.
E.M.G./ Epic Moments of Gaming
E.M.G./ Epic Moments of Gaming महीने पहले
One day I hope that Samsung, Apple and all the other plush phone brands release a technology that allows us to charge our phones without the phone interacting with any object besides our common day uses such as a table and such. It wold work like bluetooth but... without the bluetooth.
Kbartek महीने पहले
1:23 That website is in Polish and everything is misspelled XD Like you would say "chaegr"
Army Alpaca
Army Alpaca महीने पहले
There is wireless charger at Marshall's for 20 dollars that is reliable and works well
Braindoner101 महीने पहले
It’s gonna be funny if the iPhone 9 would be better than the iPhone Xes.
Murdoch493 महीने पहले
They'll come out with AirPower eventually, just so they can get rid of the charger port...
Turn महीने पहले
It'll be interesting to see how apple prevents 3rd party wireless chargers from working with the iphone 11 Probably an RFID chip that hooks up to a switch on the wire from the coil to the battery that can only be activated when on top of the airpower charger
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan महीने पहले
Why is the alarm on the Apple Watch at all useful when you can just use your phone. And by saying “hey Siri set my alarm to blank”: anything your phone can do just as easily if not more easily makes the Apple Watch and smart watches in general useless. It’s still just s novelty. Just pull out your phone like a normal person. Apple Watch is basically useless in every way other than super niche times like checking your phone when your shouldn’t be on your phone.
shane mascarenhas
shane mascarenhas महीने पहले
Apple trying to perfect airpower so they can drop the charging port
Niente Nessuno
Niente Nessuno महीने पहले
AirPower: Only 179$ AirPower Max: Just 1790$ (can charge up to 2 iPhones!) 😂
Niente Nessuno
Niente Nessuno महीने पहले
(I have an iPhone XS Max, it’s only irony 😂)
Shlask महीने पहले
Why did you say (back when the iphone 8 came out when u could say X)
AzureSpeed महीने पहले
I never even heard about AirPower. Then again, I ain't an Apple fan anyway.
Alan Huang
Alan Huang महीने पहले
* i mean don't you take off your strap when you charge the apple watch with the normal charger?*
301SO महीने पहले
Just waiting for Android A so they can call it Apple Pie
Nick Chan
Nick Chan महीने पहले
AirPower Just $999
Z. Ghaffar
Z. Ghaffar महीने पहले
what should Apple do, let me think oh yeah change Name from Apple to Pear lol
Jack Herman
Jack Herman महीने पहले
Apple definitely messed up, but you also purposely portray that Apple previously had the dedicated section on their website of the supposed Early 2018 release “back when the iPhone 8 was launched”. While true, the 8, 8 plus, and X were released at the same time and you solely notice the 8 on its own to misconstrue how long ago AirPower was announced to the average consumer. I get your point, but it seems misleading only for the purpose of causing drama.
waqas pathan
waqas pathan महीने पहले
apple is crayzee oh yeah yeah
AMBlesgraeft महीने पहले
Dude, you and your videos have changed so much, I love your vids now cause you're apple sheep BUT you call out Apple on their bull shit #subscribelikerightthefucknow
Themexican 2468
Themexican 2468 महीने पहले
There a 60$ version it connect to iPhone not wireless but has Apple Watch wireless charger
Kentucky fried memes
Kentucky fried memes महीने पहले
I just have a $20 wireless charger from target
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell महीने पहले
Apple should release it for like 250 bucks then get a bunch of Instagram influencers to use it and then all the air pod 7th graders will buy it
well here we go Iphone promesing stuff that the will never relese now thats pretty sad
Jayyy Zeee
Jayyy Zeee महीने पहले
I would pay $250 for a wireless charger if it was like a basket that I could drop devices into and a robotic hand picks up each device and figures our how to align it for charging. Somebody please make this then take my money!
Kabi Ebl
Kabi Ebl महीने पहले
I like the idea of wireless charging. My power cords have a tendency to wear out over time. I currently have this little stand I got cheaply off of amazon where you just insert your power cables, and the Apple Watch charger onto a stand... I have an iPhone 7 at the moment too so, while the Apple Watch is of course wireless, my phone isn't. so after a while the power cord gets loosened up in the little stand. I personally prefer the idea of just having some kind of connection that doesn't require constant friction between electrical stuff... causing them to wear out. Back in like, 2005 or 2006ish I remember the MacBook would have this special kind of power cord that just magnetically stuck to the MacBook to power it. was there any real good reason why they abandoned that idea? If I could just magnetically charge instead... that would be enough for me. This whole idea of just placing the items anywhere on a pad is cute, but... unnecessary. I don't care if I have to place it in a specific spot to charge it... its the idea that it won't wear out my cables thats what interests me. thats it. Alternatively I kind of thing it would be cool if they came out with a nightstand that had charging docks like that built in... seamlessly. that would be cool. Maybe it already exists...
Nawnp MCPE
Nawnp MCPE महीने पहले
Apple made a lot of bad announcements in 207 that failed, and I think this was mainly because it seemed to be the only device at the time they actually developed was the iPhone X, and air power was there push for the then new wireless charging and them proving to themselves that wireless charging doesn't suck.
Amanda Romaine
Amanda Romaine महीने पहले
Well lucky me the Samsung wireless charger made by Samsung was only $60 and that was the best one which stood up...good going apple making those $100+ chargers ha.
jackie chen wei
jackie chen wei महीने पहले
Apple , Affordable , these 2 words doesn't fit in the same sentence :)
Liam Connory
Liam Connory महीने पहले
Let me do you one better what’s AirPower
Gelukkige Gozer
Gelukkige Gozer महीने पहले
Maybe it could be possible to charge the apple watch through the band. Wireless charging also works with phone cases, even if they're rather thick. It would still need to lay flat, though.
Joshua French
Joshua French महीने पहले
THIS IS WHY YOU DON"T BUY APPLE! Hackintosh it or find a alternative, but apple taxes their customers at every turn for the privilege of running out of date hardware. If you want privacy, you get a pass, but otherwise don't complain if you decided to go apple and buy a product that is 2x-3x over priced only to have it break and have it cost a ton for any replacement service or accessories. It's just all part of the apple experience. They make okay products, just are INSANELY expensive and anti-consumer when it comes to anything that impacts their profit margins. If you have unlimited money, this doesn't apply to you.
Cons29 महीने पहले
I don't think they were wrong, maybe they were in the process and announced it, but then got into issues. It happens
philippe lemaire
philippe lemaire महीने पहले
University of south British columbia?
GoUp_Bryan महीने पहले
Where is air power
Mikayel Միքայել
Mikayel Միքայել महीने पहले
I love how samsung ads come on your vids
Nicholas महीने पहले
I think a lot of people are holding off buying a charging mat because of Apple’s AirPower announcement. The only mistake here is they couldn’t ship it soon enough.
VaultedViper महीने पहले
So people are willing to spend $200+ just to be able to put your phone on a mat instead of plugging a cord in
Jonah DeleseLeuc
Jonah DeleseLeuc महीने पहले
Even his logo looks like the head of a sheep lmao 🐑
Gamers Games
Gamers Games महीने पहले
Ive been waiting for air power because i have air pods and an Apple Watch +an iPhone XR
Aye okay Maybe
Aye okay Maybe महीने पहले
A revolutionary thing that could happen is Wireless charging but you can move around with your phone in hand Like you just enter a certain room with something wirelessly hooked up to your phone then your phone starts charging
regoTV महीने पहले
where can I get $10 airpod case for wireless charging?
Yannick Gleichauf
Yannick Gleichauf महीने पहले
well I don't know about you but most of the time I charge my telephone it is night time and I am in bed or in front of my computer or use power intensive apps. In any case I want access to my telephone and neither have it laying down nor have it in a fixed location. I'm terribly sorry but I just think wireless charging is alright for AirPods, cool for the apple watch but not in any way, shape or form useful for MOBILE devices aka tablets or especially so telephones. including it with the iPhone X was apple bowing to tech reviewers, hyping up an useless gadget, android telephones had, just because apple didn't. I've always thought it stupid and unnecessary but I may be inclined to judge without ever having used it on a daily basis; It is that mere logic and my daily habits and the way I use devices would neither allow nor see a purpose in features of the like.
Cooper महीने पहले
How hard is it to make a wireless charging pad with a thousands ppl R&D team.
DannewK महीने पहले
can someone tell me why the mac charger costs 79$ but 85€? that doesnt make any fucking sense since the euro is stronger than the dollar
El Canto del Saber
El Canto del Saber महीने पहले
Will you not buy it even to review it?
DannewK महीने पहले
when are the new airpods coming?
Kierin Chung
Kierin Chung महीने पहले
Air Power, Only 399.99!😂
Ben Shaffer
Ben Shaffer महीने पहले
AirPods are my cheapest headphones I own 😊
Elian Martinez
Elian Martinez महीने पहले
Thiccpower, like the idea
Danimation महीने पहले
😢 Wish AirPower actually came out was gonna by it for me.
Marcus Bass
Marcus Bass 2 महीने पहले
They need to just hurry up and release it I’d leave my devices on it and I can attend my text messages and emails from other devices if I must. Who cares if it doesn’t charge vertical. I’ll leave it in the kitchen, then grab all my things and go
KaibaCorp HQ
KaibaCorp HQ 2 महीने पहले
What I think they should do is go with USB-C like you were advertising on your shirt.
Games and Stuff
Games and Stuff 2 महीने पहले
I bet if Apple decides to release AirPower he’d suck Apple off so hard for making it despite this video.
Lick me like a Lollipop
Lick me like a Lollipop 2 महीने पहले
Games and Stuff I think it will be good for people who want to cut the amount of cables they have I plan on buying it since I have my iPad pro, my iPhone X, my apple watch 4, AirPods so if I can get rid of my mophie wireless charger, AirPods lighting cable, and apple watch charger for one that will do them all I see a benefit for myself
Games and Stuff
Games and Stuff 2 महीने पहले
Lick me like a Lollipop as a forced Apple user I have hope for it being good. However, as a forced Apple user I don’t think it will be good (in my opinion).
Lick me like a Lollipop
Lick me like a Lollipop 2 महीने पहले
Games and Stuff they are it started production like 2 days after this video came out
William Krska
William Krska 2 महीने पहले
6:35 lol it has ONE STAR
Mark Sheldon
Mark Sheldon 2 महीने पहले
I hope apple dose
Mark Sheldon
Mark Sheldon 2 महीने पहले
Must kill ya that apple is in a downward slide
Dangerous Pictures
Dangerous Pictures 2 महीने पहले
looks like they found no way to lock out everyone else
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