Assembling the Auction Corvette's NEW Bald Eagle Engine! + Building a 10ft Snorkel For the Bogger!

Cleetus McFarland
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Ruby is coming for the 8's... and maybe the 7's...
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Kullyn Duda
Kullyn Duda 20 दिन पहले
Kullyn and
James Breda
James Breda 25 दिन पहले
COOPER! It’s libRary! Not liberry. Get it right.
tricky ricky
tricky ricky 25 दिन पहले
Half ass
Devin L
Devin L 26 दिन पहले
Lol cleetus can afford to have all this done by pros but the viewers want to see it so he must learn
masskilla469 26 दिन पहले
Now all you need to do is lose the body panels FOR THAT FULL SEND POTENTIAL!!
Spencer rounds
Spencer rounds 26 दिन पहले
Make boggin deep t shirts
Luke Bowen
Luke Bowen 27 दिन पहले
I'm glad you have some Mountain Dew!! Good Job Cooper!
Charlie Ats
Charlie Ats 28 दिन पहले
What happend to having fun? You guys are making ruby “safe”
Edward Garcia
Edward Garcia 29 दिन पहले
You gotta convert FWD to Twin turbo, and add twin Alternator to have 160 VOLTS to the wheels.
Brandon Sewell
Brandon Sewell 29 दिन पहले
Y’all should try royal purple assembly lube. It’s really thick and good for bearings when first start up
Mad Cow Mark
Mad Cow Mark 29 दिन पहले
You should be happy cleetus President Trump no collusion, Democrats want to stop planes flying, want electric cars or the planet will die in 12 years the criminal Democrats say, they also want to stop motorsport, oca said you can race electric cars. Trump 2020. To save motor sports.
TrippinVtec 29 दिन पहले
Looks like Ruby’s motor got a facial 😂
XskiXedgeX 29 दिन पहले
**New shirt** : adventures of the culvert boys Tundra bro to the rescue!
Benjamin Case
Benjamin Case 29 दिन पहले
James is now the one that really makes this channel happen. None of this could be possible without him.
Austin Boatwright
Austin Boatwright 29 दिन पहले
13:20 time on video look at that pile of bartleskeet ole son
You 29 दिन पहले
That som bitch said liberry 🤣
You 29 दिन पहले
Damn she has a BIG hole🤣👍🏻
Anthony Brooks
Anthony Brooks 29 दिन पहले
they have a 3 month of supply of mountain dew just in case the apocalypse happens lol
MrPleasantpheasant महीने पहले
It's like we're in a lieberry
Kuttin Kuddy
Kuttin Kuddy महीने पहले
Who's the 3 idoits stuck out frnt of chick filet...?
kbent88 महीने पहले
Never use a Strap-On drill for a Milwaukee job!
Brandon Foreshew
Brandon Foreshew महीने पहले
at 3:10 did he smash the crank on the ground and cut it out.....
TRP महीने पहले
Congrats on the marriage
JP'sSpeedGarage महीने पहले
Weld up the front and rear differentials of the tracker!! Its just gear oil, rtv and the time to weld it up!!
Jim Myers
Jim Myers महीने पहले
High on Freedom, Low on Mountain Dew! You guys must be on the 3rd set of bolts for Ruby? Them fasterners only gonna take so much.
BeDubbs महीने पहले
I work at Home Depot btw
BeDubbs महीने पहले
and it just so happens that I work in the plumbing department X'D
DankKronix महीने पहले
Lol Coop
UnconventionalMilling महीने पहले
"like your in a lieberry"
George Smith
George Smith महीने पहले
Lol oh hell yeah
Jacob Baldwin
Jacob Baldwin महीने पहले
YAWN how old are y'all collectively 🙄
Coleman Mancuso
Coleman Mancuso महीने पहले
Give her twins Cleeter!!!!!!?!!
Trent Robey
Trent Robey महीने पहले
Is it still a 4.8....I wasn't paying attention to the details
sparx bettinelli
sparx bettinelli 29 दिन पहले
Trent Robey it’s back to a 5.3
CaveMan महीने पहले
"To cool ourselves off" as I stand in front of my fire and pull on another layer of fleece.
CaveMan महीने पहले
I was out of range when this video dropped. You should send me a shirt for my 42nd birthday March 26th.
Austin Cannon
Austin Cannon महीने पहले
Ls swap the bigger 3000 geo
Diego Cervantes
Diego Cervantes महीने पहले
We’re the new vids?
Danny Arrieta
Danny Arrieta महीने पहले
Dale yeah brother
Mr.steal yourcars
Mr.steal yourcars महीने पहले
It sucks that I couldn't get the shirt that I made the quote for
Bugzcat Vlogs
Bugzcat Vlogs महीने पहले
Ruby is going to let her rip tater chip
J_Litter महीने पहले
Toyota saves the day! Time to switch Coop! You got the Supra/2J! Now you need a Tundra (real truck!) LOL
ParadigmUnkn0wn महीने पहले
When you try to do a junkyard build but sponsors throw enough parts at you to turn it into a proper racecar.
Godsknight Jesusfreak
Godsknight Jesusfreak महीने पहले
Still looks like junk
Godsknight Jesusfreak
Godsknight Jesusfreak महीने पहले
Hope she blows up on the first fire up
Xavier Borchelt
Xavier Borchelt महीने पहले
Did James say “Libary” lol
Dale Willis
Dale Willis महीने पहले
Holden ss build next?! No poniacs??
kieran radcliffe
kieran radcliffe महीने पहले
I love this channel 😂
depressed-shadow महीने पहले
10:59 LET HER RIP !
skrewy lewy
skrewy lewy महीने पहले
adding in the extra oil on assembly will counter act any low oil pressure lol
BryDuhBikeGuy महीने पहले
If you missed part of this build,don't worry,they'll be doing it again in 2 weeks...
VanishInThe MoonLight
VanishInThe MoonLight महीने पहले
You guys need to invest in oil spill pads. We use the stuff at my job, works great for the guys who get oil all over.
Tom P
Tom P महीने पहले
Mud fun when I don't have to do the clean up!
Brianna Gaidosh
Brianna Gaidosh महीने पहले
yo yo-ur gay asab and proobably suok cook
Butter Whale
Butter Whale महीने पहले
Just ordered sunglasses off y'all's site on the 19th and shipped on the 20th. Amazing service, taking less than 5 days to get here outstanding work boys. Keep it up 😁👏🙌
Lucis Abril
Lucis Abril महीने पहले
You jinxed it ! Good job ! 😂
yanglue611 महीने पहले
3:23 Cleetus:We gotta take "deez nutz" off.
Aj Goulding
Aj Goulding महीने पहले
Did anyone else notice the freedom squeeze without the pinkys out @7:16 !?
Coastalways महीने पहले
I'm surprise dropping off the ledge didn't hurt the Tahoe any.
Top Shelf Innovations
Top Shelf Innovations महीने पहले
Junkyard crank has a way different meaning round these parts!
Jacob Myers
Jacob Myers महीने पहले
Coop out here sendin it. Hell yeah lol
Mea महीने पहले
Just had my first day as intern at a place where people keep birds of prey first time i saw a real bald eagle 💪
Waldo Van Tonder
Waldo Van Tonder महीने पहले
0:26 + subtitles = Cleetus showing us how to oral the cam with the squirter 3000
William Pierce
William Pierce महीने पहले
get it coop!!!!!!!
Michael Heselgrave
Michael Heselgrave महीने पहले
Love the videos and stories. Have one suggestion as an old tech. Our machine shops were serious about never letting a crank lay flat on a shelf or the ground. Could be current Chevy cranks are forged and more forgiving. We always had hanging racks for cranks.
懂浪淘沙 महीने पहले
it's good
John Rodrigues
John Rodrigues महीने पहले
Lol this is the funniest car Chanel on IN-vid
Kendell Vangsness
Kendell Vangsness महीने पहले
Is that a flag pole lol
juancarlosruiz1985 महीने पहले
Is the tracker’s ecu up high?
Matthew Sauer
Matthew Sauer महीने पहले
Will the high on freedom low on oil pressure shirts be available again?
jack h
jack h महीने पहले
I think ya had alittle too much oil pressure when lubing the cam bearings. Ruby 3.0 gonna rip
Jono Noonan
Jono Noonan महीने पहले
Poor Cooper hahaha
Akbar Khan
Akbar Khan महीने पहले
You guys are mad lol
Tristan Savidge
Tristan Savidge महीने पहले
Cleetus sounds like Adam Sandler in the first clip
Johnny Florkiewicz
Johnny Florkiewicz महीने पहले
Cummins swap it please
Travis Coombes
Travis Coombes महीने पहले
Why didn't you look first? Cooper, you need to quit listening to Cleetus, lol.
Erman D'Alesandro
Erman D'Alesandro महीने पहले
Just terrible! LOL
Devon Ratcliff
Devon Ratcliff महीने पहले
Need a shirt that says dammit cooper ya did it again
atish chandra
atish chandra महीने पहले
Dummie prove ha ha What where they thinking 🤔 Just maybe of copper 😂 Let those bold eagle fly brother
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor महीने पहले
they corrupted Cooper. next time he won't be so quick to react. Hahaha lol it is funny.
T C महीने पहले
That wasn't even funny....it was stupid! Come on grow up!
5ammy महीने पहले
Your video is trending!
Haplo Teromaximus
Haplo Teromaximus महीने पहले
When you mention it's James' first engine rebuild of his married life, for just a moment, you see the light die out in his eyes. Buyers remorse, James?
iMacGuy1011 महीने पहले
00:52 Yall know what that sounds like. Bald Eagle Creation.
Rick Budrow
Rick Budrow महीने पहले
You kids seem young where did you learn this stuff ?
Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans महीने पहले
James's face when he said they can revise their issues and keep going 😂😂🤣. He knew he'd have a shit ton more work to do on the ole bogger in his future
Matthew Kilgore
Matthew Kilgore महीने पहले
Enough Mountain Dew to feed an Army
mickthatsme महीने पहले
10:37 thats what she said lol
Levi Behrends
Levi Behrends महीने पहले
This intro lol
Justin Fahnestock
Justin Fahnestock महीने पहले
Not sure what is less American anymore the tahoe or the Taco that never was American
Jb_ A
Jb_ A महीने पहले
James is the last person I want to see put a motor together! What motor number is this?
Knegrodamus महीने पहले
Never knew lubing a engine would be so sensual, nd Coop is the GOAT for sending it 😂
FuzzyLittleManPeach महीने पहले
Next build off road corvette
Redmond महीने पहले
Ruby is going to lift the front wheels, Watch.
Alex Gest
Alex Gest महीने पहले
They high or something?
ItsJustus महीने पहले
James’s reaction when you guys got stuck 😂😂😂 (🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️)
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider महीने पहले
James is the best!
Extesht महीने पहले
A little tip for Cooper. If James and Cleetus agree on something, don't do it.
Plant Bee
Plant Bee महीने पहले
LOL 5:09 "silence is key, it's like we're in a library"
ThisGuy Taylor
ThisGuy Taylor महीने पहले
That thing would have pulled out on it's own if ya kept it pinned!!!
Nicholas Bingham
Nicholas Bingham महीने पहले
Been so long since he shaved it took me off guard lmao
Corey Lewis
Corey Lewis महीने पहले
Those rods should have been weight matched to the pistons
Just a buncha stupid stuff
Just a buncha stupid stuff महीने पहले
Was that Adam sandler lubing those cam bearings ?
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