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Hey Girls, Since Colleges are about to start & here we came up with a "Back to College Look Book" to share with you some awesome outfit ideas for College. These looks are effortless, trendy & budget friendly too. Sure you'll love them all.
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Light Pants -From Sarojini Nagar at Rs. 350/-
Pink Spaghetti Top - Sarojini Nagar at Rs. 150/-
Blush Pink Bag -From Sarojini Nagar at Rs. 450/-
Hoops Ear rings - Sarojini Nagar Rs. 50/-
White flock Heels - From Lulu & Sky at Rs. 999/-
Jump Suit - From shein at Rs, 1200/-
White Lace T-shirt - Sarojini Nagar at Rs. 250/-
white Sneakers - H&M Rs. 600/-
Black Handbag - Shein Rs. 300/-
Accessories - Shein Rs. 250/-
Long Kurti with Plazo Set - Sarojini Nagar Rs. 750/-
Silver Ear rings - Sarojini Nagar Rs. 50/-
Flat Footwear - Shein at Rs. 600/-
Cotton Maxi Dress - From Myntra at Rs. 800/-
Pastel Yellow HandBag - Shein
Hoops Ear rings - shein Rs, 130/-
Yellow Cord Set - Sarojini Nagar Rs. 600/-
Tan Coloured Handbag - Sarojini Nagar RS. 400/-
Sandals - Sarojini Nagar Rs.300/-
Hoop Ear rings
Midi Skirt - From Sarojini Nagar Rs. 350/-
Crop Top - From H&M Rs. 400/-
Accessories - From Lulu & Sky Rs.100/-
HandBag - Lulu & Sky Rs. 400/-
Sandals - Sarojini Nagar Rs. 350/-
Creative Head: Shruti Anand
Directed By & DOP - Vishal Vaish
Edited By: Vishal Vaish
Presented By - Anishka Khantwaal, Jeetu Shree
~ Love
♥ Anaysa ♥
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Reena Mishra
Reena Mishra 30 मिनट पहले
Both r looking 😍
Phugga Namazi
Phugga Namazi 15 घंटे पहले
This video is amazing
Hassan Saeed
Hassan Saeed 19 घंटे पहले
Ha ha
Rekha Pradhan
Rekha Pradhan 20 घंटे पहले
I love Anushka and Anku
Aakib Ahmad
Aakib Ahmad दिन पहले
Ap plz egg for hair ke liye video bnaiye plzzz
Raj Bhadoriya
Raj Bhadoriya दिन पहले
Dii please make video on morning school hacks I am in 10 class
hamare clg ka toh uniform hai bhai.shirt and skirt.cant wear civil clothes in clg
afsana helal
afsana helal दिन पहले
This is very beautiful
Tinku Chandel
Tinku Chandel दिन पहले
please make video on diy keychains😍😍
Tinku Chandel
Tinku Chandel दिन पहले
Kriti Rani
Kriti Rani दिन पहले
Aap pink top mein bahut acchi lag rahi ansya
Kriti Rani
Kriti Rani दिन पहले
Hi Ansya
MD Maheen Zoha
MD Maheen Zoha दिन पहले
Most of the outfits I’ve this video are from Sarojini Nagar, but how about the people who don’t live in Delhi ?
Queen Soha
Queen Soha 2 दिन पहले
Collage ka rule hota ha uniform ma jana parta ha ma toh sirf dream he kar sakti hun asa clothes ka liya.
Aparna Srivastava
Aparna Srivastava 2 दिन पहले
Allah k nam pe de de baba bhikhariyon ek lakh like
Janvi Semwal
Janvi Semwal 2 दिन पहले
That yellow dress was so amazing Love that dress
Zara Khan
Zara Khan 2 दिन पहले
Hm kachi ma rahta haa waha ka koch btaya
Thind Komboj
Thind Komboj 2 दिन पहले
Anaysa u r so ossam
creativity site
creativity site 2 दिन पहले
I have habit of checking comments while watching video.... Anyone else????
usha chandrawanshi
usha chandrawanshi 2 दिन पहले
Par lekin sab ke pass to nhi ho tanaa
Mani Hussain
Mani Hussain 2 दिन पहले
Ye curly Baal kese key sikhado
ziba afreen
ziba afreen 3 दिन पहले
Hamari cllg mein toh half sleeves tak allowed nai hai
Renuka Sharma
Renuka Sharma 3 दिन पहले
Please anishka di aap aisi videos banaya karo
Mahesh Chand
Mahesh Chand 3 दिन पहले
Anaysa dii aapki dress jada aachi h 😘❤❤
Kaju Singh
Kaju Singh 3 दिन पहले
Outfit 3 me aap bahut beautiful lag rahe ho anishka
Md Halimuddin
Md Halimuddin 3 दिन पहले
5 also
Md Halimuddin
Md Halimuddin 3 दिन पहले
I love outfit 3 and 4 nice fancy sanskari
Md Halimuddin
Md Halimuddin 3 दिन पहले
Outfit 4 me bhi mummy jaane degi
Md Halimuddin
Md Halimuddin 3 दिन पहले
I love outfit 3
Md Halimuddin
Md Halimuddin 3 दिन पहले
Outfit 3 me mummy jaane degi
Sheetal Valiya
Sheetal Valiya 3 दिन पहले
Kidhar se liya??????
Seema Patel
Seema Patel 3 दिन पहले
Plese make video on school hairstyle
Juhi Bansod
Juhi Bansod 3 दिन पहले
Ye sling bags le kr jynge to books kaha rkhnge😂
All about Fashion
All about Fashion 3 दिन पहले
Who want to watch beauty videos check here
Ritvik Gupta
Ritvik Gupta 3 दिन पहले
New video kab dialogue
Suma sujji
Suma sujji 3 दिन पहले
Anku di😥😥
Neha Neha
Neha Neha 3 दिन पहले
Hy Anushka dii kya ap pen cake or pen sitik ki videos bana sakte ho
poonam KUMARI
poonam KUMARI 3 दिन पहले
You are very beautiful
Kajal Adiwal
Kajal Adiwal 3 दिन पहले
Di pigmentation cream batao na plz
om Gupta
om Gupta 3 दिन पहले
Nice looking
tweety treats
tweety treats 4 दिन पहले
Great check my chennal as well 😊
Archana Dashmukh
Archana Dashmukh 4 दिन पहले
Plz yar anishka ke sath anku hi acchi lagti hai anku kaha hai
shine Magnus
shine Magnus 4 दिन पहले
Can we buy it
Harsh Solanki
Harsh Solanki 4 दिन पहले
Eyebrow wex kese kare batvo na ghar par kese kare🤔
Archana Mali
Archana Mali 4 दिन पहले
Anaysa please post the video on spects hacks and fashion...🙋‍♀️🤓
Pinaki priya Dutta
Pinaki priya Dutta 4 दिन पहले
Anishka di, ektarap se garmi aur barish ka kichar....Kuch eisa ek fashion dikhao jo achese fit .... please.... please...... please
Find Shawon
Find Shawon 4 दिन पहले
you know, the school where I study that's school is very strict. And we need to wear school dress. So I don't need your video idea.
Rekha Rawat
Rekha Rawat 2 दिन पहले
show beautiful 🤗
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur 4 दिन पहले
you are my favorite girl
Be you
Be you 4 दिन पहले
3:22 p konsa song tha please btao naa
Komal Salman
Komal Salman 4 दिन पहले
Anushka is very cool
Komal Salman
Komal Salman 4 दिन पहले
Anaysa is my favourite
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