BANANA HAS A BABY! *SEASON 8* (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Omen finds one of the new vehicles in Fortnite, the grappler baller mobile aka the Baller! Omen likes the sound of this as he is a very baller individual himself. Nonetheless, this is more of a soft opener for what is really to come. Peely the banana and his untitled banana girlfriend love are hanging out in their banana tree fort when Mooshoo the dragon god drops off a baby banana. The two bananas now have a baby. The banana dad and his married banana girlfriend wife are...bananas. Banana girl waves goodbye to banana man and his baby banana son. They dab on the haters together and explore the new season 8 Fortnite Island. The two bananas find a baller and decide to take it for a spin. Omen is pretty mad that the two bananas stole his baller and decides to challenge them to a baller race. They have their baller race in a baller game of baller racing.


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Dangerous infa pig no use code: peely
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+marlene cardona h,shvdbegbdyfjchcvc🤗🍆🍐🚀🚧
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This is the best video on this platform
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Referee9th I think it should be a good day to day running of the ability to ability for a good day to you soon then the ability to ability for a good cause of the ability to me👍
cooljess55665 ROBLOX and Sonic channel
Leo Cav
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Omen is so annoying...
Kawaii Toast
Kawaii Toast 5 दिन पहले
He needs to tell us how he makes this epic banana
alifia khairunnisa
alifia khairunnisa 5 दिन पहले
RIP Peely Season 8 - 24 Years after Season 8 (Ingame time)
Shade The Gacha Maker
Shade The Gacha Maker 6 दिन पहले
idk why but im more comfortable watching fortnite then actually playing it XD
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Idk what for but use this code pls: newscapepro
frankD parrot
frankD parrot 7 दिन पहले
How u get purple peely
Kawaii Toast
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The special effects are amazing!. A PINK BANANA?. YOU GUYS ARE EPIC.
Kawaii Toast
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This was great.
JeffyHategreenbeensPooped 2000 Peely
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How did they get a purple peely
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That’s so cute. 🤗
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Awesome video
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How did u make the banana pink
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Uh.. How the Fu-
Haddley Righter
Haddley Righter 19 दिन पहले
You know what.. this is my life now... Off into the woods!! BALLER!!!! You Planteen!!!!!!!!!!! 0o0 - ooooO!!!!!! It’s gonna be a blood bath, or a potassium party I should have brought my pet monkey Jojo........
XxpandaboyxX xX
XxpandaboyxX xX 21 दिन पहले
What was the music around 6:30?
CryptBandit 17 दिन पहले
Sun Goes Down in-vid.net/video/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-M-2RNr2SYGM.html
suga_ poison
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0:22 " what are those"meme and then 0:32 you answered your own question
Raschid Hajji
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arda temel
arda temel 28 दिन पहले
cıkan reklamı gorenler
Licorne Rainbow YT
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How the banana is pink?
Eulalio Virrueta
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She did not have baby
Matt Donahoe
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Your the best yutetuber ever comment on ts yutetuber channel because I'm t ohhhhhhhh
Der chiller
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Nice man 10/10 Points
Charnae Da costa
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5:41 dab on it son. Son: wtf?
Alan Simmons
Alan Simmons महीने पहले
I been that long since I watched this
Jasmine Khan
Jasmine Khan महीने पहले
I wanted the villain to win :(
We3Bros महीने पहले
sarahbethmate महीने पहले
sarahbethmate महीने पहले
Julia Jankowska
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i loved the music
Fuzzle Puff
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Fuzzle Puff
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Mika Bloom
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but how did you make your peely purple actually ?
Audrey Soledad
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زومبي خ
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زومبي خ
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يوله السمنه
Martín De Jesús Gómez Amaya
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Dr G
Dr G महीने पहले
How did you make a peely pink
DENiS POP महीने पहले
Jules Warluzel
Jules Warluzel महीने पहले
TheHot112 महीने पहले
Does anyone know the song used
Nano Vela
Nano Vela महीने पहले
Just show me pink
Fadime Karademir
Fadime Karademir महीने पहले
Brian Warner
Brian Warner महीने पहले
Annoying and un-funny, and then the horrible just random pou ding on your instruments fake rock...no thanks.
Reign Drops
Reign Drops महीने पहले
Ah yes season 4 the season of memories
o jogador de fortnite kreimer
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Oi Gabriel
Vivian Vivian
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Oi alan
Use code Jay
Use code Jay महीने पहले
Pleey got his whatever in a girl :””(
Brittany Starnes
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Once opon a time...
GD GentleGuypro9314
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I love peely
gabrel 1234 kosmala kosmala
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Zoovie Zoovie
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fabiks nowiks
fabiks nowiks महीने पहले
Ruby Izfet
Ruby Izfet महीने पहले
5:39 is it to late to put him up for adoption?
Michael Smith
Michael Smith महीने पहले
#mind blowed
Dexter The Cool kid
Dexter The Cool kid महीने पहले
4:00 *yawn*
Dexter The Cool kid
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At first where’s banana 🍌
Alfie Playz
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How do you get pink peels???
Dang bang Ori
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Ho looks the banana. In a glaider
NobleIvy 3832221
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How did you get pink banana
Maria Alina Moldovan
Maria Alina Moldovan महीने पहले
How can i get the pink color of peely?!
ToastedPickles महीने पहले
how did you color that banana in pink
Kiana  Schaudin
Kiana Schaudin महीने पहले
Yay mooshoo is back 😂
bo kouwenhoven
bo kouwenhoven महीने पहले
#sad oman... stupid bananas
Cum Fat
Cum Fat महीने पहले
1:53 did I just see his legs pop out
ItzGamingKing 15
ItzGamingKing 15 महीने पहले
*How did you get that banana pink?*
Ninja brawl stars
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Gazmend 14
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dam i like it make some more
esstttraaboi boi
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Robbe Wathiong
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pudimzinh fortnite
pudimzinh fortnite महीने पहले
Gu psfour
xpump hootay
xpump hootay महीने पहले
11:00 u both suck at aim i now its on purpus btw
I know that baby looks up Mandy Mandy
Mr. Faladigus
Mr. Faladigus महीने पहले
5:28 song? (Small channel trying to grow)
Mary Mendez
Mary Mendez महीने पहले
fortnite is the best game
Arthur Marques Lima
Arthur Marques Lima महीने पहले
Um br ta incadindo essa p#^*&
jacquez McKenzie
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Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez महीने पहले
Love your vids
Slimybutt123 Glop
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dang what is that songs name 5:29
Maria De Cassia Teresinha De Lima Oliveira
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Arlen Solis
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Carmen Soto
Carmen Soto महीने पहले
This is weird
The God
The God महीने पहले
They met *2 weeks* ago...
Carlos Pizarro
Carlos Pizarro महीने पहले
Like si ssbes que dice los comentarios
Hansel Ferrer
Hansel Ferrer महीने पहले
They should make baby banana pets like what they did With the baby gingy
Yeimi Carmona
Yeimi Carmona महीने पहले
whats the song called at 5:27?
Youngdagger xxxrip
Youngdagger xxxrip महीने पहले
Bin dumm TV
Bin dumm TV महीने पहले
Tall Small X X \_/
Owen Doke
Owen Doke महीने पहले
Nice video I watch your vids every single day I like them so much keep up the amazing work!
Tommy T-Mac
Tommy T-Mac महीने पहले
This summarises the start: when defaults find out there’s other places on the map the tilted towers
X D महीने पहले
Their should be captions on the bottom when the banana tries to say something
sweat stain cop
sweat stain cop महीने पहले
Little lizard is better
Shooter boom
Shooter boom महीने पहले
I don't get it, what does this have to do with two bananas having a baby?
James the JAM
James the JAM महीने पहले
howd you make peely pink for the video?
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