BEST 100 Dunks & Posterizes of the 2019 NBA Regular Season

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Check out the best dunks & posterizes from the 2018-19 NBA Regular Season!
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House of Highlights
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Chandler Johnson
Chandler Johnson 18 दिन पहले
@Silly Goose m
Sport TV
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kathy hampton
kathy hampton दिन पहले
Alkatraz दिन पहले
No John wall?
fier_Dayday-yt M
fier_Dayday-yt M दिन पहले
Mage sucks
Alladeen Madafaker
Alladeen Madafaker 2 दिन पहले
Giannis is a great player,but his flexing and face expression is so cringey
jonahly 2 दिन पहले
Dwade gave all of these a 9
ItsRizqah 2 दिन पहले
RTV Snowbeam
RTV Snowbeam 7 दिन पहले
no one: kings announcer: if you don’t like that you don’t like nba basketball!!
Jaycion Brothers
Jaycion Brothers 13 दिन पहले
Fuxiao Bai
Fuxiao Bai 13 दिन पहले
27:11 When the ham eats the sandwich.
shy pb
shy pb 14 दिन पहले
The commentator said : does anyone try to be dumb!
AN G EL O 14 दिन पहले
Lebron savage
113 14 दिन पहले
Just keeping this here as a bookmark 25:07
周小路 15 दिन पहले
The last one is chop
Margauxx 1000
Margauxx 1000 20 दिन पहले
Danil Marov
Danil Marov 21 दिन पहले
Music 5:05-5:20¿?
Dustin Walawender
Dustin Walawender 23 दिन पहले
Lebron stared him down like he did to Isaiah Thomas. LOL
Cole Pennoyer
Cole Pennoyer 23 दिन पहले
the guy dove right into a poor old man with an air cast on 😂
TheGamingGeckoYT महीने पहले
25:10 how did he catch that
Lucas Choi
Lucas Choi महीने पहले
Sport TV
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Martin A
Martin A महीने पहले
Not a basketball fan but I can watch this videos all day long.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell महीने पहले
A dunk show without Blake
Batflip 09
Batflip 09 4 दिन पहले
Michael Mitchell Blake can’t jumped
FH महीने पहले
javale is 7ft not 7'2 giannis said the he believes the lopez brother have to be bigger then 7ft
Marco Rei
Marco Rei महीने पहले
Giannis Antetokounmpo James Johnson Derrick Jones jr Miles Bridges Zach Lavine Karl Anthony Towns
J_m_d tv
J_m_d tv महीने पहले
Jazz stole lakers jerseys colors wth 18:57
Sim Won
Sim Won महीने पहले
good choice for the last one....holy balls
Kurnia Dwi Putra
Kurnia Dwi Putra महीने पहले
First two wasn't even a "best" dunk. It's just an ordinary open dunk
Ladainian Hillis
Ladainian Hillis महीने पहले
3:10, Giannis ain't nothing but a bully
secret me Parrilla
secret me Parrilla महीने पहले
Nobody will ever dunk it like vince carter and i am a lakers fan
DuragVonn महीने पहले
Chen Hou SGHWYLEJ महीने पहले
oh lets goooo!
James Martin
James Martin महीने पहले
Where’s Vince Carter’s 720 dunk
lowdy6 महीने पहले
Who's the better pg dunker: Westbrook like Fox comment
Theshark578 महीने पहले
You forgot when giannis jumped over the knicks player and dunked it at the same time
shao ling ché bow
shao ling ché bow 2 महीने पहले
Anyone gunna talk about DeAaron Foxs travel??
Bluemoon 432
Bluemoon 432 2 महीने पहले
But, where is Curry? LeBron is the best!!
Isaac Myers
Isaac Myers 2 महीने पहले
AD with Pelicans, Lonzo with Lakers, and Kemba with Hornets this is 2018-2019 not only 2019
wuhn 2 महीने पहले
16:53 he didn’t come for the massage, he came for the facial! Oh no bruh 😂😂
Yashica Martin
Yashica Martin 2 महीने पहले
6:00 he said hohoho
Colt Kirkpatrick
Colt Kirkpatrick 2 महीने पहले
Zee S
Zee S 2 महीने पहले
4:35 uhh travel?
Ryan Weston
Ryan Weston 2 महीने पहले
I’m gonna assume giannis will have the most but we’ll see
Caiden Coy
Caiden Coy 2 महीने पहले
Bearer of Bad News
Bearer of Bad News 2 महीने पहले
8:46 Merry Christmas
TWC TheWrestlingChamp
TWC TheWrestlingChamp 2 महीने पहले
Anthony Davis plays for la lakers
JayKetchum 2 महीने पहले
Ayden Wyma
Ayden Wyma 2 महीने पहले
love this make more
Gamer Mode PH
Gamer Mode PH 2 महीने पहले
Nice Video i like it, you should watch this video in-vid.net/video/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-dWrhc9w-Fpk.html best Slam Dunk so far. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel. Thanks!
world of sir ron
world of sir ron 2 महीने पहले
I take it back bridges from charlotte is weapon of mass destruction and westbrook is still a violent hoop murderer
world of sir ron
world of sir ron 2 महीने पहले
Derrik Jones? Caruso And D, Fox, My goodness!
Cash Davis
Cash Davis 2 महीने पहले
Can someone tell LeBron to please stop doing the same dunk. I would rather see him do a lay up than that dunk..thanks!
Jani Pečenko
Jani Pečenko 2 महीने पहले
Carruso is the man! :)))
miguel garza
miguel garza 2 महीने पहले
espn highlights espn 2
Glockboyjay Official
Glockboyjay Official 2 महीने पहले
LeBully was bullying Portland
Isaiah Duran
Isaiah Duran 3 महीने पहले
How many times did JaVale get dunked on
juan antonio lopez mazara
juan antonio lopez mazara 3 महीने पहले
These dunks in the 90's were normal, now they are extraodinary, I can not relieve it.
ItsJoltic 3 महीने पहले
1:13 best play in the nba
Shkelzen Nokaj
Shkelzen Nokaj 3 महीने पहले
Fun fact: white people can only dunk on white people. i don't know if this fact is fun though.
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