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OT cowboyforlife
OT cowboyforlife महीने पहले
Watched your stream earlier today love how you broke everything down keep up the great work.
Chris Mole
Chris Mole महीने पहले
RB inspired me to do more this 2019! THE ENCOURAGEMENT SPEECH NEVER QUIT!
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson 9 दिन पहले
Labron got 5 or 7 years left based off their talent
Felicia Horton
Felicia Horton 24 दिन पहले
Let’s go LA
Barry Dompor
Barry Dompor 26 दिन पहले
I hope they get Mychel Thompson
Superman23 28 दिन पहले
Ooooooh nooooooo the brow is gone 😂😂😂
MICHAEL RAMSEY 29 दिन पहले
lonzo ball is awful
Marcus Evans
Marcus Evans महीने पहले
Kris denied his option altho im as a Milwaukee fan i bet his ass sign to LA which would be a great fit for the team they building
Marcus Evans
Marcus Evans महीने पहले
RBTheBreakThrough महीने पहले
He's gearing up to resign with the Bucks
plasticmc महीने पहले
@RBthebreakthrough....you're the ONLY NBA channel I truly trust and even subscribed too.....Is this Kyrie to L.A. thing for real??
Jomil Aballa
Jomil Aballa महीने पहले
Still chasing some rings lebrongoy ..
Logan DeLarge
Logan DeLarge महीने पहले
Ohm yungmisuk is his name bro 😂😂😂 not music, mi-zuke
Almighty_Cloutgod12 महीने पहले
Lebron had that tweet handwritten in a envelope😂
Razor_blazer laksmon Boi
Razor_blazer laksmon Boi महीने पहले
Fear the uni brow
Cindy Allen
Cindy Allen महीने पहले
As soon as I heard about the trade I was waiting for LaVar to get started and he did not disappoint.😂😂
Gyneration X
Gyneration X महीने पहले
Keep Stevenson too LA.........
Charles Thompson
Charles Thompson महीने पहले
I still got the warriors comin back with a vengeance next year steph gonna play with a chip on his shoulder with people crushing him all off season for choking in game 6 I think he was mentally out of the game after klay went down he just looked mentally out of it and I believe klay will be back by the postseason will be a tough out in the playoffs I cant count them out they been in finals 5 straight years I believe they will shock the world and improve the bench
Samuelrafael Soledad
Samuelrafael Soledad महीने पहले
'Come to lakers' chant for irving :)
ASHH NEDALL महीने पहले
Hey @RbtTheberakthrough if u can pls cover Lavar balls comment on molly it would be great i think his comment to molly was not inappropriate i would like to know ur thoughts on that matter,
P. Dot
P. Dot महीने पहले
Cp3 wants out where u at RB
Pierre Martin
Pierre Martin महीने पहले
Next up Davis jersey
Pierre Martin
Pierre Martin महीने पहले
Laker TV is back just watch
Jay Savage
Jay Savage महीने पहले
Ask okc they tried it didn't work
Jho mabangis
Jho mabangis महीने पहले
LOL Lavar ball traded to NOLA as in NO L.A.
Anthony Nathaniel
Anthony Nathaniel महीने पहले
Why do people still talk to lavar? His sons are leaving him and his big baby brand.
Vincent Rosadiño
Vincent Rosadiño महीने पहले
hahaha lebron lebra
Le-Mal Compris
Le-Mal Compris महीने पहले
Ya Called It Bro..Ya Really Did..So I Gotta Ask..Who LA Get Next Or Who Ya Think LA Should Go After..Superstars/Role Players..
Jay Mack
Jay Mack महीने पहले
They have 23 million in cap space not enough for a max. Contact
OnlyOne20 Gaming
OnlyOne20 Gaming महीने पहले
Lakers next in line NBA Dynasty
Mr. Simon
Mr. Simon महीने पहले
Lavar is anally irritated right now.
Young World2k
Young World2k महीने पहले
When bron is excited about playing with star talent he is a whole different animal. He boutta get another chip RB
stealth323 महीने पहले
esss get itttt, keep the grind up.
Idiots Everywhere
Idiots Everywhere महीने पहले
Is Lebron James the one choosing the player?
Douglas Miles
Douglas Miles महीने पहले
they got 3 draft picks.... they already had pick 1 and now pick 4 and others in later years. so they didn't ask for Kyle because they would look greedy
SilveryyCobra महीने पहले
Dallas Mavericks??? 😂😂💀 nooo bro 4:07
Shallow Cash
Shallow Cash महीने पहले
You know kyrie Irving is on the way
livancv an Faze jay
livancv an Faze jay महीने पहले
I don’t agree
kalvis students
kalvis students महीने पहले
dallas ftw
Dre Moore
Dre Moore महीने पहले
He not lien LA was doing good and building before bron came💯
Will Williams
Will Williams महीने पहले
Your sounding really bad saying that we shoulda traded kuzma
RBTheBreakThrough महीने पहले
Your listening is bad - I said that the PELICANS should've made Kuzma MANDATORY.
still workin
still workin महीने पहले
lEbRoN cry baby ,, prima donna ,,, likes to smell his own self ...
Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]
Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES] महीने पहले
I hope Laver is right. remember 2004 lakers got Karl Malone and Gary Payton . I hope its a repeat of that .
RBTheBreakThrough महीने पहले
Malon and Payton were OLD! lol! They weren't prime. AD is PRIME! #NoComparison
maimaimaired महीने पहले
About time i cant wait. Ive been a laker fan my whole life through the ups and downs. Im super excited
King CarnaGe
King CarnaGe महीने पहले
Lakers vs mavs for western conference finals really...
jojo bean
jojo bean महीने पहले
Bron getin a other won
SuperCushcush महीने पहले
Funny how RB's advice at the end can specifically be applied to Lebron James.
SuperCushcush महीने पहले
Just heard that Lebron led teams since 2010 has been involved in 42 trades. No other NBA star has half as much transactions to assist their careers.
ChickenScratchComedy महीने पहले
LeBron always need help, and the SuperTeams are ALWAYS created because he needs one to win. Weird that he's considered the best, but y'all give him excuses. Someone proved it this year, play the hand your dealt.
Logan Bartlett
Logan Bartlett महीने पहले
Ok so Im not sure if either team really won from this trade. The Lakers have mortgaged off their future for a player on a one year deal. There is no doubt that the Lakers got better but I feel lime they could've held on to their assests, signed on or two max players amd still been in contention. Lebron is no longering the future and the Lakers gave away their future. As for the Pelicans they are going to have "talent" galore, but thats it. Talent. The talents they got in the trade are yet to prove they can win in this league. Why bring in young players that have yet to figure out what it takes to win in this league to put around the best prospect weve seen in a long time in Zion. Then the extra first rounders beyond this year are insignificant, because they are going to be very low picks if the Lakers win as expected.
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson महीने पहले
Is Kyle Kuzma really that good
Kevin Clark Landero
Kevin Clark Landero महीने पहले
for the whoLe time Lonzo came to NBA, i never thought Lavar wouLd make sense for once
Benn Darayta
Benn Darayta महीने पहले
Davis is a hell of a superstar
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