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Estranged father-son-duo have to get it together when luckless Dylan has to move back in with his father Joe, a rancher in the mountains of Colorado.
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Joe chose a life of isolation, to live in the remote wilderness of Colorado. He is good with his ranch work and seeks no sympathy. One fine evening, Joe gets an unexpected call from his son Dylan, who is out on parole. Dylan does not seem like a man of bad spirit but the ill fate keeps following him. Dylan and Joe are estranged but now that he needs shelter, Joe agrees to take him in. The father son duo is working their way out when Dylan’s bad luck comes knocking.
Director: Troy McGatlin
Cast: Ealra Stewart, Jan Van Sickle, Ryan J. Parker, Wesley Walker
Date: 2008
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Jeff Norm
Jeff Norm 4 साल पहले
David Forbes
David Forbes 4 साल पहले
Okay, I was liking this movie until it got closer to the end. Totally baffled me at the storyline twists. Sad.
Lalala Lalala
Lalala Lalala 4 साल पहले
i cried like a baby at the end of the movie..... is it just me or did anyone else see the movie the way i understood it ??? the ending to me...when his dad had to make a decision. ... I saw it as a sacrifice .... of love.......
Alex Klatt
Alex Klatt 4 साल पहले
"The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one" according to the New Testament. (1 John 5:19) That is the bad news. The good news is that the Kingdom is coming as per the Lord's Prayer: "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth". (Matthew 6:10) Until then, "all creation under heaven groans and is in pain together". (Romans 8:22)
pegasus 4 साल पहले
Thats what life is like
stephen holder
stephen holder 4 साल पहले
this is not a christian movie. God help those who thinik it it
jhin park
jhin park 4 साल पहले
Dylan is having a very bad day...
Linda Humphrey
Linda Humphrey 4 साल पहले
Two wrongs never made a right. The father shouldn't have given the son a rifle, not even to shoot a coyote/cougar. Ex felons can't have guns, it broke his parole already by doing so. Secondly, why take the son to a bar..there will always be people in those places looking to cause a fight/make trouble. His son found himself in a situation of wrong place, wrong person, wrong time because of it. Why not just enjoy a game of checkers at the homestead or something else/why a bar..that was putting temptation/stumbling blocks to have problems created by being there. It was all a matter of people being in wrong places at wrong times, wrong circumstances. Putting graphics on the barn got the prankster shot/(he was trespassing and vandalizing..had no business being there in the first place), with the same gun given to the son by the father. He could have punched him, if he hadn't had a gun in his possession. The woman storekeeper, didn't have any business out at that ranch..nor trying to wrestle a gun away. That is what the law enforcement people are for. which she lied to in the first place after opening her mouth about the bar incident. Either tell the whole truth, or keep the mouth closed. The father didn't have the right to shoot/kill his own son. They all played a part in not following what was right. They all paid a price too. Classic case of exercising poor judgement, making wrong decisions and not considering the consequences of action. JMO But, isn't that what the Bible keeps trying to pound into our human brains to avoid?
Linda Humphrey
Linda Humphrey 4 साल पहले
Who says it's not Christian? Is not the ability to 'forgive' one of the greatest attributes a person can give to one another? Does 'charity' not begin at home, or the way of 'give'? Watch the movie again.....ya missed the whole point of the film. A film does not have to be labeled as a strictly a 'christian' film per say, just to teach lessons of what's right and what's wrong~any more than going to a church building makes one a real christian. If one believes in God, His Word, follow it, living the principles daily by their word and deeds.....that person is already on their way to living a Christian life and the Kingdom of God is their reward. JMO.
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith 4 साल पहले
NOTHING about this movie is Christian
Viewster 4 साल पहले
+Crystal Smith We never said it was...
Andrea Dallas
Andrea Dallas 4 साल पहले
Who listed this as a "Christian" movie?...I am not getting it. :-\
Brad Smith
Brad Smith 4 साल पहले
boy that was f'ed up
Farshad Mozaffari
Farshad Mozaffari 4 साल पहले
The story is taken from " Of Mice and Men" by Steinbeck; although a little bit tweaked!
martin novak
martin novak 4 साल पहले
well thats what get when ppl are afraid of the state
Billy McDowell
Billy McDowell 4 साल पहले
John Robinson
John Robinson 4 साल पहले
This movie should not be classified as a christian movie. All of the fowl language and then you think well there has to be a redeeming factor in it in the end where someone finds salvation. This movie to me was more like a horror flick.I see know way this could be a Pure Flix movie.
Yvonne Williams
Yvonne Williams 4 साल पहले
+Viewster I appreciate the lesson of this movie...well, actually there were a few grief, missed opportunity to communicate, prison-life giving this poor son a short fuse and then the poor boy trying to win his father back, ..."at any cost"...per dad" A tragedy but well done.
Viewster 4 साल पहले
+John Robinson We did not classify this movie as "christian" ...
Rosa Colon
Rosa Colon 4 साल पहले
this movie piss me off it wasn't the kids fault
bbjoshua 4 साल पहले
Was this movie directed by a city dude, just so unbelievable, sorry, but just not done well at all.
Kathleen Fuller
Kathleen Fuller 4 साल पहले
So sad, if only he understood how his son was feeling when he was young. This is a good lesson to all of us about how important it is to talk and know how one another is feeling. His son's life and his could have been so different.
Touching Hearts Ministry Blog
Touching Hearts Ministry Blog 4 साल पहले
watched this movie and was extremely disappointed! cannot understand what the storyline was about in this movie. All I saw was a man's son coming out of prison and killing the guy he ends up in a bar fight with. Fearing that he may end up going back to prison, he ends up burying the guy. The guy's mother files a missing's report and the local sheriff starts an investigation that leads him right to the man's son out of prison. the guy ends up killing the sheriff. then accidentally the man's girlfriend ends up dead. At the very end, the boy pleaded to his dad not to let him go back to prison so the dad ends up shooting him. End of story!! Every movie I watch, I get something out of it. Didn't get anything out of this and still questioning why this is considered a "christian" movie. Frankly, this should be removed as a "christian" movie. I have difficulty understanding how this can be on the list of movies under Pure Flix.
G. Miller
G. Miller 4 साल पहले
Did you ever see a guy just out of prison for six years -- with a belly that gets there 2 seconds before he does and a set of floppies that otta live in a bra? Just sayin...
Viewster 4 साल पहले
So, there are a lot of comments saying this is or is not a "christian" movie. But where is it listed as so?
Shayne Te Riini
Shayne Te Riini 4 साल पहले
it's on a 'Pure flix' playlist
Pam Cardin
Pam Cardin 4 साल पहले
This is listed under Christian movies but with the foul language I would not consider it as Christian. It might have a good plot, but don't bill is as Christian. It's misleading.
Ozye Ozye
Ozye Ozye 4 साल पहले
can anyone see that he, the son has Mental issues and the father didn't help either
Ozye Ozye
Ozye Ozye 4 साल पहले
I saw the movie it was very sad
fastfreddy3000 4 साल पहले
That where the probs stem from
msjanegrey 4 साल पहले
+Ozye Ozye nobody did :(
mahmod abdulsalam
mahmod abdulsalam 4 साल पहले
good movie
TOM Southern Colorado Farrier service
TOM Southern Colorado Farrier service 4 साल पहले
great movie
Jill Church
Jill Church 4 साल पहले
worst movie i ever watched a father killing his own son thats fuked
D Storm
D Storm 4 साल पहले
Thought everybody now in Colorado was a pot-puffing leftist or an illegal immigrant?
Michelle Wicks
Michelle Wicks 4 साल पहले
The son was convicted for robbery not murder when he was sent to prison. When the son investigated who was out around the barn at night when his father was out for dinner with his new girlfriend he accidently shot Kirk because the torch ran out of battery life and accidently shot him out of fear buried Kirk then the other incidences followed. The son Dylan should of had therapy because it seemed that Dylan had a disability, Dylan was always at the wrong places at the wrong given times.
Hong Cong Phan
Hong Cong Phan 4 साल पहले
"If want to shoot,shoot,not talk" (the Ugly).
Troy McGatlin
Troy McGatlin 4 साल पहले
Just to clarify, this movie was never meant to be a christian film and I have no idea who said it was. But having said that, I wanted to discuss this taking the lord's name in vain argument. To call upon God to damn something is neither sinful nor unbiblical. In fact, you can find people throughout Scripture, especially in the Psalms, who call upon God to bring judgment on their enemies. In other words, they are asking for God to damn those whom they feel are ripe for His judgment. In this sense, saying “God damn _____” is as biblical as saying “God bless _____.” Per Michael Patton Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminar, president of Credo House Ministries
mel bean
mel bean 4 साल पहले
jusr what the movie is about, good entrainment, nice story
James Bell
James Bell 4 साल पहले
this was a good movie & we were en joying it, but we stopped it before it was over due to the fact they kept using God's name in vain . We know alot of cowboys who have respect for the Lord & they don't talk like this...
zainab rahal
zainab rahal 4 साल पहले
bad movie and sad sad.
Traci Fior
Traci Fior 4 साल पहले
not that good. i thought it would have a good twist.. it was awful.
Karen Holland
Karen Holland 4 साल पहले
Sad, sad, movie! Broke my heart.
John Vincent
John Vincent 4 साल पहले
The most depressing movie. ever!
Lloyd Williamson
Lloyd Williamson 4 साल पहले
it was good.not bad.
Deborah Wood
Deborah Wood 4 साल पहले
Just my opinion - this was like watching grass grow until close to the end then it just got ape shit crazy insane.... really just not my cup of tea
WFD 4 साल पहले
I've seen a number of low budget indie films that were really good. This one is average, but not bad. In general the story was ok, but I have trouble with the multiple killings by the son in what appears to be a short time frame. It is not likely at all in my opinion. Also, I think from a realistic perspective that the son would have fled or killed himself after the first murder, knowing that the had been seen in a fight with the other guy. Some of the acting was good, some not so good. The photography and sound were quite good. I'd give this a 3 out of 5. Indies and SAG, keep up the good work.
Johann Goethe
Johann Goethe 4 साल पहले
Beautiful scenery that makes me want to move to Colorado. As you know Colorado legalized pot and that explains peoples behavior in this movie. There not as many guns in the country as their are in the cities so fewer people die. A REALLY GOOD MOVIE!
wilford white
wilford white 4 साल पहले
Bad movie, poor acting, bad plot, waste of time. Not at all believable...was the kid supposed to be a modern Lenny from Of Mice and Men? Setting might be credible for a non Coloradan, but the locations and topographies were a patchwork. No real "cowboys" wear fashion-magazine, crushed cowboy hats. The only similarity to Christian movies was the simplistic morality(?) message. A movie to be enjoyed by simpletons.
Scrabble Ray
Scrabble Ray 4 साल पहले
Talk about snake bit. Feel sorry for the kid. Very depressing.
sozki223 4 साल पहले
great flik
Donna Neal
Donna Neal 4 साल पहले
not a Christian movie....not a horrible movie..not a great movie but it doesn't have any Christian theme to it what so ever....
Donna Neal
Donna Neal 4 साल पहले
Life isn't perfect, but what does that have to do with my post or his comment?
Petra egal
Petra egal 4 साल पहले
+Harold Cale ....life isnt perfect Sir
Harold Cale
Harold Cale 4 साल पहले
+Donna Fulton I did the same and so sad to hear so called Christian movies to aloud cursing of any kind to make a point... cursing is not nessasary to make a point..
vernonlarsen 4 साल पहले
There is much truth in the analysis below, indeed we convicted oftfen face suspicion and stigmatization - perhaps at times with good reason - never the less, the young man in question is both jinxed and very ill. A good but sad watch, thank U 4 posting.
JUDY RANGER 4 साल पहले
This was not one bit a Christian movie
S.R. Hurst
S.R. Hurst 4 साल पहले
A good movie but shows the consequences of making poor choices. The worst of all was making a poor choice on an impulse. Worth watching though. A good movie to show teenagers to initiate a dialogue.
david huez
david huez 4 साल पहले
I liked the part at the beginning when the phone rang and he looked at the clock! I kinda do that When it's a little late...
Haley Walker
Haley Walker 4 साल पहले
PURE FLIX? He used God's name in vain the very first words of the movie!
MaryAnn Cvzs
MaryAnn Cvzs 4 साल पहले
this ending made me cry--awww
Boaz Samson
Boaz Samson 4 साल पहले
Depressing movie,
Aa 4 साल पहले
What a dumb ass movie! , hour and forty two minutes , plus the thirty seconds it took me to write this comment , of my life that I'll never get back. The only good actor in this movie was the lady. And the coup de gras was to link Linda Ronstadt to this masterful execution of idiocy.
David Klonowski
David Klonowski 4 साल पहले
drama folk's
Sylvine B
Sylvine B 4 साल पहले
good movie.
Jimm Pearson
Jimm Pearson 4 साल पहले
This low budget was filmed on a beautiful location it's acting wasn't bad and the story lines were good I'll give it 3 stars out of five.
Aa 4 साल पहले
+Jimm Pearson The sons acting was the worst , he played a slow slow person,
ChYna Taina
ChYna Taina 4 साल पहले
John Rogers
John Rogers 4 साल पहले
+ChYnA MiMi It amazes me that there still human beings, out there, with your intelligence level (below 0). Even more amazing is that this level of life form has access to and knows a little about compuiters. God, Lord, Jesus, are just people from the past = has nothing to do with anything.,By the way,it was a pretty good movie. Get a life>>>>
Proximity Symbol
Proximity Symbol 4 साल पहले
+ChYnA MiMi He was asking God to damn something. What's wrong with that? God has the right to damn anything he wants to.
iamnobodiesslave 4 साल पहले
+ChYnA MiMi OH good god, don't have a god dam cow about it. LMAO
Ruach Ministries
Ruach Ministries 4 साल पहले
This should not be listed as a Christian film.
carroll taylor
carroll taylor 4 साल पहले
you know i type in christian full movies and this poped up and less then five min in man already used gods name in vain not a christian movie
Cornelieus Fields
Cornelieus Fields 4 साल पहले
+carroll taylor Well you don't want to read the bible then. They murder,rape and curse people in it. They cursed God in the bible
Artist2478 4 साल पहले
+carroll taylor me too i typed christian full movies
K. Sharp
K. Sharp 4 साल पहले
If I could unwatch it I would. Too depressing.
Charity Barnhart
Charity Barnhart 4 साल पहले
ok now im depressed. Right good acting but unless you want to be depressed dont to it. if you do at least have something that will make you laugh to watch behind it.
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