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For today's video we did some awesome Coke and Mentos experiments! Coca Cola water balloons and underwater launchers!
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Did you know you can attach Bunch o Balloons to the top of Coca Cola bottles? Once you mix the Coke and Mentos they become Coca-Cola water balloon launchers!!
Faze Rug COKE AND MENTOS VS 1,000 WATER BALLOONS Project! (Silly) - in-vid.net/video/वीडियो-O5xwMjjMKgg.html&t=21s
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Disclaimer: All of our videos (including pranks, skits, and vlogs and everything you see) are planned and staged for Entertainment Purposes. You should never attempt anything we do at home or assume that what you are seeing is real.




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Carl & Jinger Family how do you do that
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Carl & Jinger Family I💕💙💖💜❤️💞you
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Carl & Jinger Family .
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sucker looser
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cool vid
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Fill pool with diet coke and put mentos
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Fill the poll with soda
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uuuuuu cemen
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2:38 Instragram thank you view
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I like I like the mentos one
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Gunna R how do that
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you could go under water shake it and smack it on the base
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Jeffrey Myers
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There r people starving in Africa ya know
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love. you. ginger
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Rip Coca-Cola I just noticed the boy in the stripped shirt has a rlly girly voice
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You are hero
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I was sent to your channel by the zamfam I love your channel love you guy's
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Kid make great. Videos
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Do a balloon with orbeez
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You must contact Stephen share and tell him you know of the game master and I have watched his videos about the game master and the gamemaster May have a Chan’s too take over IN-vid and delete you’re chanel and all your families Chanel’s the game master is living in London.
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Who pee in pool
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You need to weigh down the bottle so it doesn’t float to the top of the pool
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I have a IN-vid Channel
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You should strap a coca cola bottle to a skate board and have it explode across your lawn
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You copied faze rug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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you are the best
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Mustafa 3b MS 9 Yusra 5
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hey carl can you facetime ghostface flim
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Unspeakable had that house
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Tern your pool in to slime
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I LOVE YOUR channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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you should fire a mentos coke bottle off the ramp
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My dog farts
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Have a Coke water bloon fight
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Ruthie Larbi I love❤️ mentos
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I love mentos nana Larbi Westerville Ohio 😉😉😉😉😉
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do a video of ramping a bike into the pool while throwing coke balloons at each other
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just shake it
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You guys are coolest. People and the best on IN-vid 🇱🇷
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You guys are the beast on youtube
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At least someone found a good use for Coke
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you are so cool eat starburst
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lol so cool!!!!!
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Jaida’s channel Unicorns ONLY
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K los acaba
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hot glue the mentos to the lid
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Iam new
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had to sub, cause their lit
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هو انت هو انتو ساكنين فين
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that was so cool
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Hi Gus 👋
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you make the best videos
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Why do you waste money???? You should buy things from supermarkets amd give it to poor People outside...
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you should do the same thing but on yourself
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I subscribe and gave you a thumbs up
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Can you please build a fnaf place from 6
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Love you Carl & jinger family
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Am new here just supported you
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Who knows the channel which is called sis versus bro
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dri ice
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I think you are Amazing your IN-vid channel is fantastic
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please give jesse his hat back
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