Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine

Doctor Mike
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Many of you have messaged me on IG, Twitter, and FB asking me to respond to this new video between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine arguments. This is a hotly debated topic so lets please be respectful in the comments!
Jubilee Media has an excellent series called Middle Ground where they have folks with opposing beliefs on controversial topics sit beside one another to discuss their views. I have long been a fan of this type of moderated content and applaud Jubilee for setting this up.
Link to full video: in-vid.net/video/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-WQptarOLSBU.html
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D N 2 घंटे पहले
Merck’s MMR II vaccine (as well as the chickenpox, Pentacel ,and all Hep-A containing vaccines) is manufactured using human fetal cell lines and are heavily contaminated with human fetal DNA from the production process. Levels in our children can reach up to 5 ng/ml after vaccination, depending on the age, weight and blood volume of the child. That level is known to activate Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9), which can cause autoimmune attacks. www.modernghana.com/news/933144/warning-children-could-be-infected-with-heavily.html?fbclid=IwAR0p_97pLz4KYSt7NEKtkoswQ8MBBMS5uTQGiPhFYwwzJKTBlzU3IGTB844
RuthlessSaint91 3 घंटे पहले
I judge anti-vaxxers harder now after hearing these points.
Salim Gamer
Salim Gamer 3 घंटे पहले
mike : talk to the WHO me : who ?
jack daniel daiz
jack daniel daiz 4 घंटे पहले
Find the Karen hahaha
TheFinalChapters 6 घंटे पहले
My kid suffered a serious injury on a playground, so I don't let them go to playgrounds. My kid tripped on a sidewalk and broke a finger, so I don't let them go on sidewalks. My kid got struck by lightning, so I don't let them go outside. All these things are far more likely than serious complications from most vaccines.
Saman Lama
Saman Lama 7 घंटे पहले
i want to know where these anti-vax people are getting their information from? Is it from a reliable source, I don't think so, I've been reading up on vaccines through officially published research papers and I've yet to see any that recommends going anti-vax. Vaccines aren't fullproof, by not vaccinating yourself and your children not only are you risking yourselves from developing illnesses that are deadly and easily preventable, you are risking those who cannot be vaccinated, can't afford vaccination and even those who have been vaccinated. We need herd immunity. Please do not just go to any random website and believe them as they're designed to scare you.
LovelyTranquility 7 घंटे पहले
Allergic reactions happen... I don't even see how anti-vaxxers are really using this as an argument. People are allergic to peanuts, but we're not taking away peanuts. If you're allergic, then you're obviously not going to be forced to get it. Stop it.
Jay D Amante
Jay D Amante 8 घंटे पहले
Why is it that you keep saying that vaccines prevent DEADLY illnesses, by that you mean Chicken Pox, measles, etc ... Don’t be so free to use scary words to convince people, as a MD you shouldn’t have to unless you can’t convince people with facts alone
MegsMakeup 8 घंटे पहले
i had cancer and i could have died even if i was near a cat, a puppy or a freakin bird, now imagine how it would be if my friends parents didn’t vaccinate their kids...
nat mai
nat mai 10 घंटे पहले
2:40 why you giggling sis it’s not funny
BeautyByBailey 10 घंटे पहले
There are alway risks with any medical preventative whether that's surgery's, vaccines etc. The risk is almost entirely worth it. At least you know you tried and did the right thing.
Necro Gami
Necro Gami 13 घंटे पहले
You can't argue with dumb people. This video was stupid ( not dr mikes video)
mark tackett
mark tackett 15 घंटे पहले
Inn having a very hard time believing the short,red haired woman ,because she throws up personal incidents to further make her statements more impactful. She does it almost every time,even to using death threats on social media. She had arthritis, ended up with a kid that had an auto immune disorder.
Philippe Gaboury
Philippe Gaboury 15 घंटे पहले
Feels like there's a dichotomy sy play here: it's okay and inspiring for the pro-vaccines to tell stories instead of focusing on data, why is it the reverse for anti-vaccines?
Christian Dzwonkowski
Christian Dzwonkowski 12 घंटे पहले
Probably because providing facts, statistics and studies has no effect on an antivaxxer as they typically use personal stories to reinforce their world view - accordingly when speaking with someone if you want to communicate an idea it is best to use the language they understand.
Emma McMahon
Emma McMahon 17 घंटे पहले
I am a child and I am for vaccinations!!! I am 14 years old and all these antivaccers are wrong!!! Not vaccinating your child is not only hurting them but all those around them! Vaccines are good and those who don’t vaccinate may as well be murderers!! Don’t be stupid like these people it is only hurting and killing people! The good out ways the bad! Two seconds of pain is nothing compared to the damage not vaccinating can cause! Don’t be idiotic! Hear it from a child who is vaccinated and knows what can happen! Vaccines don’t hurt at all! But not vaccinating does! Once again DONT BE STUPID! Not vaccinating ruins children’s futures please hear it from me!
Maxxine DeOcampo
Maxxine DeOcampo 18 घंटे पहले
My aunt is anti vaxx, good thing she doesn't have any children
Monoo_215 20 घंटे पहले
Just wait until a cure for cancer becomes a thing and affordable ..... people gon come up wit some bullshit
pristinedaisy 23 घंटे पहले
The polio vaccine was made mandatory in India and we got rid of it. While Pakistan could not implement it, as there were rumors that vaccine for polio contains extract from pig, which is against the majority religion, and hence Pakistan could not get rid of polio even today, though there's vaccine available.
Jose Manuel Zamora
Jose Manuel Zamora दिन पहले
2.6k dislikes, 2.6k are pretty stupid
Jose Manuel Zamora
Jose Manuel Zamora दिन पहले
Always Vaccine, if you have problems don’t do it. But keep trying.
Virgo v
Virgo v दिन पहले
Bob Sears can kiss my ass.
MegaMech दिन पहले
7:30 "Don't allow you to opt-out" In Canada it's the parents choice.
Jacqueline Brannon
Jacqueline Brannon दिन पहले
8:59 he is right on point. My mom who was in family practice couldn’t be our doctor because she wasn’t qualified to. Why? Because she’s my mom, and she wouldn’t be able to do her job properly. Same with my therapist. He has a few kids and has studied family practice. Still sends them to their own doctors because he knows he’s biased. The more you know and grow affection for someone, the more you become biased in certain things. Not saying this happens to everyone, but it’s most likely to happen.
Afonso Mota
Afonso Mota दिन पहले
I know people should walk sidewalks but the number of accidents that happened there is really big so im not letting my kids walk ther, instead they walk in the street! Sure they might get hit by cars but its easy to recover from a car accident! Anti-vaxer's logic
Lord Hawkeye
Lord Hawkeye दिन पहले
Athritis in your hand vs getting back in the iron lung. Not a hard call there folks.
Kaleidoscope Fay
Kaleidoscope Fay दिन पहले
this was really well put! thanks doctor mike
vavavaiohwlet दिन पहले
An experience my family had with having a doctor as a close friend: my granddad suffered a stroke and went to his best friend who was their family doctor. He wasn't treated for the stroke. The doctor said it was just hyperacidity or something minor. He died the next day of cardiac arrest. His firend admitted he may have been in denial.
NWinnStudio दिन पहले
The anti-vaxers may be wrong but all of you calling for such extreme hate is also wrong.. Turning anyone that you disagree with into pariahs is not how we build a functional society. Didn't your parents teach you two wrongs don't make a right? smh
Christian Dzwonkowski
Christian Dzwonkowski 15 घंटे पहले
Perhaps from your perspective. By the same token how you approach someone that in your view not only did not care about your children, or the sick or elderly, or not even their own children - would you view that person as being calloused? There has been research into the morality of vaccination such as Ethics and Childhood Vaccination Policy in the United States www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4815604/ This was further explored in "The moral obligation to be vaccinated: utilitarianism, contractualism, and collective easy rescue" www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6267229/ Additional consideration as to the moral culpability of antivaxxers in "Victims, vectors and villains: are those who opt out of vaccination morally responsible for the deaths of others?" jme.bmj.com/content/42/12/762 The science is clear in respect of the benefits to health through the use of vaccines in order to prevent suffering and death in the population. Further, this information is widely distributed and readily available. Antivaxxers claim to understand the science. They knowingly reject the evidence, in favour of their personal opinion and self belief that they know better than most everybody else. Taking the above into account, would you be in support of antivaxxers being charged with either murder or manslaughter if a death resulted from their actions by choosing not to vaccinate?
Rupin Varma
Rupin Varma दिन पहले
Please do tell us ,about your earnings..both as a medical practitioner and as a youtuber.
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B दिन पहले
Just had an idea.... Why not offer anti-vaxers a field trip to the intensive care ward with their kids? They can see first hand the result of the infections they chose not to protect their children from, humanizing the diagnosis, and, with their kids right there, a simple "Jimmy's such a brave boy, would you like your son to meet Jimmy?" Would personalize that face... I think that's called shock therapy?
Tim Account
Tim Account 19 घंटे पहले
Daniel Claggett - That’s not true at all.
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B दिन पहले
@Daniel Claggett normally immunocompromized people are isolated behind windows. I didn't say send them in, only to suggest it as a reality check
Daniel Claggett
Daniel Claggett दिन पहले
Only problem with that is if anyone who is not vaccinated goes near someone who is immunocompromised, that person who isn't vaccinated is basically a walking disease.
Devan_17 दिन पहले
"I'm not gonna trust someone who sees my kid for 30 minutes twice a year. In the end parents know their children best". Okay? And the Doctor who spent 12 years of college knows medicine best??! Wtf
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B दिन पहले
This rebuttle from the anti-vaxers sounds a lot similar to the whole gluten-free fad... Dieter:"Some people can die if they eat gluten ergo gluten is evil." Doctor: "Yes, some people are born with a disability, but having to avoid gluten is just the start of what they have to live through because of it. Cileac Desiese can cause this grocery list of prpblems they actively have to fight against." Dieter: "Well I don't have to worry because I feel great! Doctor: "How are your stools?" Dieter: "That's besides the point."
Sionnach Meaney
Sionnach Meaney दिन पहले
I have no problem with antivax because of medical complications What I have a problem with is the monsters that are antivax because of autism There is a whole raging debate about the Wakefield study that should be moot Who cares whether vaccines cause autism? I personally would be fascinated if they did But to anyone who uses autism to fearmonger, how fucking dare you
D M दिन पहले
they always make the demand to be respectful but they make a harder demand to get insulted with such antivax opinions. this is the problem when you tell people they have rights and forget to tell them that with every right comes responsibility. With the right to have your own opinion comes your obligation to inform yourself and educate yourself, so if you don't want to do that then sorry, but your opinion worths less than your last dump in the toilet.
Legendary Highlights
Legendary Highlights दिन पहले
Her bangs are probably even worse then being an anti-vaxer
yo yo
yo yo दिन पहले
Notice how the anti vaxxers in the video just deny everything the pro vax people say, vaccinate your damn kids
DJ speedywolf
DJ speedywolf 2 दिन पहले
Lilina Sato
Lilina Sato 2 दिन पहले
I’m just frustrated because of course vaccines can have adverse effects! Every person is different. You can’t account for literally EVERYONE when making medical treatments. I think it’s fine to not vaccinate a child if they have adverse effects to the vaccinations. However, fearing that something _may_ happen to them _if_ they get a vaccination shouldn’t keep you from it. The experience of those who have suffered of seen someone suffer from the negative effects are only one out of many with different outcomes. This is where Mike’s point comes in. The fear of what could happen shouldn’t stop you from trying because the benefits are so much greater. And hey, if something goes wrong then now you know.
Hailey Taylor
Hailey Taylor 2 दिन पहले
i can’t even take anti-vaxxers seriously
Brice Von
Brice Von 2 दिन पहले
Here in canada they pretty much make it impossible to be anti vax. vaccinations are all free and if you are 2 weeks late for a vaccination the school that the child goes to will have to mail the parents a letter saying they have another 2 weeks to get said vaccine then you will be suspended so you basically have to be homeschooled to be anti vax
Adrienne Murphy
Adrienne Murphy 2 दिन पहले
If they’re sooo against medical intervention even though it’s been proven to work time and time again. So. If this is their opinion and they’re scared of proven medical intervention, please don’t bother taking your children in to the doctors get antibiotics when they’re unwell. Because most vaccines contain the same components as the antibiotics to treat the condition - which may not work if it is too late.
Christian Dzwonkowski
Christian Dzwonkowski 2 दिन पहले
Adrienne Murphy - Agreed, medical science is founded on studies. Antivaxxers ignorantly chose not to believe in the same medical science with which treatment regimes are established as the ones that develop vaccines. When they get sick they use more medical resources in terms of time, effort and materials because they don't have the protections afforded by vaccinations hence they get much more heavily affected by diseases.
Tim Account
Tim Account 2 दिन पहले
Adrienne Murphy - They are not against all medical intervention. This conversation was about vaccines.
Helen Heinz
Helen Heinz 3 दिन पहले
There is a court for vaccine injuries. It is run by the feds. So yes it does happen enough that we have a special court setup. Doesn't mean you shouldn't get them. Many anti-vaccine people I have spoken with are mainly worried about the other ingredients in the vaccines and not the vaccine component itself. Like the Dr said informed consent is vital. There are pro-vaccine people who think they are 100% safe, which is equally untrue.
GamerGrl90 3 दिन पहले
I had an adverse reaction to the pertussis / whooping cough vaccine as a baby (I was put down for a nap and wouldn't wake up), but I'm still fully vaccinated. I even asked my Dr for guardasil when I was 15/16.
Felicia De La Pena
Felicia De La Pena 3 दिन पहले
Im just here to look at the doctor
Rainne Devlin
Rainne Devlin 3 दिन पहले
You've got Jenny McCarthy to thank for people being anti vaccines. In Canada, if your child doesn't get their vaccines, they can't attend school. People that are that stupid, need to be tazered every week until they get well informed. This is from FORREST GUMP, stupid is as stupid does?
Eric's Piano School
Eric's Piano School 3 दिन पहले
#triggered by this
Remco den Ouden
Remco den Ouden 3 दिन पहले
5:05 except we pretty much wiped out both those diseases BECAUSE of vaccines
Rebekah Race
Rebekah Race 3 दिन पहले
Vaccines may be affordable for children.. but what about adults. I was unvaccinated as a child and now as an adult it is over $200 for my first dose.. this is not right. Do I choose to pay my rent, to eat, or to vaccinate?
FR33DOMF1GTH3R 3 दिन पहले
Why don’t you redo this on a del bigtree video? You know someone who actually knows what they’re talking about instead of random morons from the internet? Hell talk to Jim Spears from the Drs he knows del and all about the manipulated MMR study done by Julie gerberdings CDC, Julie is conveniently the head of Merck’s vaccine division now... y’all wanna rail on the government and big pharma but they’re suddenly 1000% right when it comes to vaccines L O FUCKING L And while your at it doc Can you please list the ingredients of the MMR vaccine for us? Or would you rather not let your patients know theres potassium chloride, the same chemical used to stop hearts in executions, is in their vaccine. That’s just the worst one there’s plenty of other harmful chemicals in the vaccines as well. what ever happened to “my body my choice”
Not Amused really
Not Amused really 3 दिन पहले
FR33DOMF1GTH3R Del Bigtree is an American Director and Producer. Just because he produced a shoddily created documentary about vaccine injuries, doesn’t mean he actually knows what he’s talking about.
Sam A
Sam A 3 दिन पहले
Melissa looks scary as shit
Xanderqwerty123 3 दिन पहले
Plot twist, she has arthritis because she is a full time blogger with carpal tunnel.
Hayley Shen
Hayley Shen 3 दिन पहले
natural selection will play its role
Katherine 3 दिन पहले
Parents (in most cases) do know their child best, but they don't know the medicine best. That's why it's important to work with a doctor. The parent knows the child, the doctor knows about health. Working together is how you figure out what's best for the child.
Carlo Lechadores
Carlo Lechadores 3 दिन पहले
Why werent you on the video lmao
S Foster
S Foster 4 दिन पहले
Being an Anti-vaxxer is the same as being Anti-Coffee Tables because you might stub your pinky toe on one someday. bottom line is vaccines are good for the population as a whole. if you have an adverse reaction that sucks, i feel bad for you, but tough shit. You are one of very few and when weighed against the benefits that they give to everyone else, it doesnt matter you had an adverse reaction because 99% of others didnt.
Zëbäz Tiiän
Zëbäz Tiiän 4 दिन पहले
I don't understand WHY people normally speaking, in English, use the word "doctors" to describe medics. Most of the scientists who understand what a doctorate is (pHD) call doctors whenever they're talking to someone who's done a doctorate, a medic is a medic, not a doctor unless he's or she's done a doctorate, simple as that.
Christian Dzwonkowski
Christian Dzwonkowski 3 दिन पहले
Probably because that is the correct usage of the word -"noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈdɒk.tər/ US ​ /ˈdɑːk.tɚ/ doctor noun [ C ] (MEDICINE) ​ A1 (written abbreviation Dr) a person with a medical degree whose job is to treat people who are ill or hurt: The doctor prescribed some medication. You should see a doctor about that cough. dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/doctor
Irene Dagami
Irene Dagami 4 दिन पहले
I understand that they went through something and I hope it was addressed. However, I hope the anti-vaccine group would also consider that for a lot of people, vaccination has helped them live a longer life. Living longer is a privilege we have that those in the middle ages didn't have. Imagine living everyday thinking that your 5 year old son could die of measles. Now we could live to 76, then people could only hope to live through their school age years.
Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea 4 दिन पहले
Vaccinated newborns is a bit much. Who the he'll travels or takes a baby around people too much.i understand waiting for vaccines till they are older.
May04bwu 4 दिन पहले
1:20 How could she be too young to have arthritis in college? I've had arthritis in my knees since I was 15 years old.
TheAdekrijger 4 दिन पहले
"You are not contributing to the conversation" . In other words you are not blindly agreeing with me.
TheAdekrijger 4 दिन पहले
"The assumption they are a risk to everyone". That's not an assumption.
psiak ciapkowaty
psiak ciapkowaty 4 दिन पहले
I had a bad reaction to a vaccine and kept on vomiting and had to be hospitalised for a day. I still am for vaccines, and ill continue to get vaccines. like so what if I vomited for a week at least I won't get polio
chilixification 4 दिन पहले
You are pro-vaccine until your child develops autism an you loose your child while being alive.
Christian Dzwonkowski
Christian Dzwonkowski 4 दिन पहले
You remain antivax even if your child dies from a preventable disease because you blame others while failing to understand the science.
Costello romano
Costello romano 4 दिन पहले
I am pro vaccination as being a former nurse. But I want to clarify these generalizations on anti vacinators being "uneducated", or. "Stupid". The chair of the University I attend, has a PH. D does not believe in vaccines. This person is far from these stereotypes. This hostility is redundant.
Michelle Marin
Michelle Marin 4 दिन पहले
Dr Mike: * makes sense* Erin: ThAtS nOt VeGAn
Bravenwolf 9000
Bravenwolf 9000 5 दिन पहले
The real reason for some of these people is that they don’t want to spend a couple bucks on their own children for vaccines but for their own greedy purposes
Mk Rickard
Mk Rickard 5 दिन पहले
My brother had a bad reaction to one type of vaccine my mom and him still got him vacations for everything other than one type.
Simon Roy
Simon Roy 5 दिन पहले
I can't stand random people arguing a doctor on a health topic.
Simon Roy
Simon Roy 3 दिन पहले
@Tim Account ok but they're still way safer than not vaccinating. So it's a pointless debate. It's like saying i won't eat because it can kill me long term.
Tim Account
Tim Account 3 दिन पहले
Simon Roy - The argument is not what drugs are safe after 14 years and not after 70. If you are providing a safety study up to only 14 years, then that is the length of time you can claim is safe. Therefore, the question you are wanting to ask is what medication has been safe within 14 years and not afterwards. You are only allowed a 14 year window to claim safety. You still need to come up with another 50-70 years of safety data. There are so many examples of medications that have been pulled after initial safety testing was approved (i.e. 10-20 years of data). Vioxx*, Accutane, Cylert, Darvocet, Diethylstibestrol, Permax, Pondimin.........do you want more? Metrazol, Quaalude, and Trasylol just to name a few All were pulled after 15, 20, or even 50 years on the market before it was learned they were causing harm to people. Vioxx went through its initial safety testing, but was only on the market for 5 years after it was linked to over 27,000 heart attacks or cardiac deaths. Let’s stop pretending that pharmaceuticals are safe just because they go through a testing phase.
Simon Roy
Simon Roy 3 दिन पहले
@Tim Account 14 years isn't really the beginning. There's usually signs showing that something is happening at that point. For exemple , football players are taking opiods to counter pain in the nfl and they feel the side effects before 14 years. Especially that vaccine are not taken on a regular basis so it's even less likely. Is safety your only concern or you think they're also ineffective ?
Tim Account
Tim Account 3 दिन पहले
Simon Roy - Did you just say that if there are no signs of problems in the beginning that they won’t occur later? That is not how it works and many medications have been pulled because of side effects that occurred later.
Zipperhead3213 Smudge
Zipperhead3213 Smudge 5 दिन पहले
As someone who can't have the DTaP vaccine because of being allergic to the Diptheria part of it I still believe that people should vaccinate their children. I was unfortunate to have a child that was born with a very low immune system and even a cold could land him in the hospital so vaccines were his life allergist were his life and mine. So I don't understand why so many people even those who have adverse reactions to the vaccines don't vaccinate their children!
Tim Account
Tim Account 4 दिन पहले
@Zipperhead3213 Smudge - You said that vaccines are safer than not having them, but how do you know that if no long term safety studies have ever been done. Serious question. How do you know they are safe with no long term studies to prove it? Vaccines have known carcinogens and have been associated with autoimmune diseases and cancers. You are asking others to take a drug that can possibly cause serious harm without any long term safety testing. You can possibly see why others do not want to do that. If you want to take the risk, that is your business. It should not be imposed on others.
Zipperhead3213 Smudge
Zipperhead3213 Smudge 4 दिन पहले
@Tim Account you're totally missing the point of vaccines! They're much safer than not having them. Especially for those who are immunocompromised! As I stated in my comment just because I can't have the Tetanus vaccine doesn't mean I won't vaccinate my kids. I see the safe side of them that out ways the risks such as a fever or an occasional fever induced seizure. BTW seizures run in our family #epilepsy so we need not worry about every little seizure that pops up. There are side effects caused by every med you take are you gonna stop taking it because you are having blasting diarrhea? No you are going to continue to take it because you want to get better so you can get to work! Unless you can come up with a med that is legal for all 50 states that is side effect free and helps with everything then I best you stop on your antivax!
Tim Account
Tim Account 4 दिन पहले
Zipperhead3213 Smudge - It’s because vaccines have not been proven safe. No long term safety studies have ever been done.
Malec Fanatic
Malec Fanatic 5 दिन पहले
I watched that video a couple days ago and I just remembered, about a quarter of the time, the doctors were being interrupted by the moms and being partially invalidated 😅.
Ocean Man
Ocean Man 5 दिन पहले
9:11 So is it also bad if some kids are homeschooled? Since some parents are like oh my child is the best at everything so it cant be wrong etc.
Steve P
Steve P 5 दिन पहले
Anti vaccine folks are playing Russian roulette based on herd immunity. When enough people are brought over to their point of view epidemics will sweep our population. My parents had us standing in a line hundreds of people long in the summer heat to get the polio? vaccine as a drop of fluid on a sugar cube because they had seen the ravages of people in iron lungs or crippled. There are instances where a seatbelt causes injury and death but we still require the wearing them because many more people are saved than harmed.
Oge Nwafor
Oge Nwafor 5 दिन पहले
I get reactions to vaccines all the time. But it only last like two days. And I go about my daily life.
Steve Griswald
Steve Griswald 5 दिन पहले
Doctor Mike, I love you with all of my heart. I even showed my mom, a head RN at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, your channel. She loves you too. I am 100% Pro Vax. I have a son and he's received all of his vaccinations to date. Seeing people that are anti-vax truly get under my skin. Like they make me lividly angry with their nonsense arguments. Could you give me one possible word to make me not feel this way? I've lost friends due to them being anti and they're people i've known since childhood. In my mind there's no logical reason to not protect your child. I would rather my son suffer from a seizure than ever experiences the horrors of polio or measles. Basically what i'm asking is can you calm me down? Because the video you reacted to made me livid.
Mama L
Mama L 5 दिन पहले
Do “ Doctor reacts to Vaxxed : From Cover - Up to Catastrophe “
Judith  Gray
Judith Gray 5 दिन पहले
Hottest doctor I've ever seen! 😍
RealisticallyCandid 6 दिन पहले
How funny that all of these side affects, while maybe debilitating, are all treatable and/or curable, yet the diseases that were prevented are all deadly. I mean I'm just saying that I would purposefully choose arthritis in my child's hands instead of possible death, you know cause one of them is forever and what not.
RealisticallyCandid 5 दिन पहले
@Tim Account I actually agree with you on some points and disgree on others. You are clearly better informed than a lot of so called anti-vaxx people, but what I believe you are describing is being pro-choice, which I can understand to a degree. I will make the argument that if someone is pro-choice in terms of vaccines they should identify as such instead of identifying as anti-vaxx. I think that many real anti-vaxx people are highly uninformed and actually scared that vaccines will cause autism, that the gov. is trying to control us, that vaccines don't actually work, that essential oils are heal-all, etc. This does absolutely nothing, for the common good. There are unfortunately going to be many changes to immunity happening and many of them, I theorize, is going to be due to globalization instead of lack of vaccines in some people, but I suppose that's a different discussion.
Tim Account
Tim Account 5 दिन पहले
@RealisticallyCandid - The disappearance of diseases does not *prove* that vaccines are effective against disease transmission. However, that is not the argument most anti-vaxxers make. They do not say vaccines do not work, although the mumps vaccine works only 2/3 of the time and we are now seeing antibody resistant pneumococcal because of the use of vaccines. There are other reasons that contributed to disease disappearance such as better nutrition and availability of medical care. The fact that polio rates started decreasing BEFORE the vaccine was developed should indicate that much. But again, I am not saying vaccines do not work. It depends on the particular vaccine. The argument that anti-vaxxers are making is that vaccines have not been proven safe and they should be allowed to make the decision to vaccinate or not and not be forced to do it. Herd immunity is actually better with natural infection compared to vaccination. Immunity by vaccination is short term, which is why the last 2 major outbreaks of mumps occurred in previously vaccinated people. You have named the groups of people that are at risk of any disease, not just ones preventable by vaccines. Babies, elderly, etc. are at risk and they should take precautions generally. They are also at risk from vaccinated people because they can still transfer disease even if they do not show symptoms. That is shown by the vaccine strain of measles. As the doctor said in the video, there is no shield of protection over a vaccinated person and they can pass diseases to the at-risk groups too. If a person is at such a risk, then they need to take precautions, which most of them do. The point I was making about the one person that died from measles was not about vaccine safety. The point was to say that measles in the U.S. is not deadly. Practically nobody dies from it. A person should be allowed to decide to not vaccinate against things that are not deadly.
RealisticallyCandid 5 दिन पहले
Also ,I notice that you mentioned one person who was vaccinated died from the disease, but that is one example against the millions( if not billions) of vaccinated people who have been vaccinated and have not died from the disease. I don't think that point should be ignored.
RealisticallyCandid 5 दिन पहले
@Tim Account your point actually proves my point that vaccines are working. The fact that herd immunity is still a thing is good, but it won't last if we stop vaccinating enough people. You are right that they are not all super deadly to healthy adults that can probably fight off one of these diseases with treatment, but babies, elderly, and immunodefficient or compromised people won't be as able to and that's where the death toll will start. You know it takes onco patients in treatment more than two months to get over a cold? Yeah, imagine if they got measles. They would likely never make it. If I get vaccinated and get a complication such as one mentioned in the video, I would gladly rather have that than pass on a disease to my own kid or a bunch of other people more likely to die from the disease. This is one of thise cases where we have no idea how good we have it because we haven't seen how bad it can get. Its nice that medicine has advanced to the point were previously deadly diseases can be treated better, but it doesn't mean that they are gone.
Robus WhiteWolf
Robus WhiteWolf 6 दिन पहले
Anti-vaxer: Just because you went to an eight year college and have a doctorate in medicine and I only spent 10 minutes in a place that literally ANYONE can post whatever they want doesn't mean you're smarter than me. Me: Bitch, that degree is official, legal, and documented proof that they ARE smarter than you.
JayIsAnEmoNobody 6 दिन पहले
Using the argument that you shouldn’t get vaccines because you may get a bad reaction, and they don’t always work. Is the same as saying that you shouldn’t use a condom because it may have a hole in it, and you could have a latex allergy.
David Smith
David Smith 6 दिन पहले
So pro vaccine people should use personal stories, but anti vaccines people shouldn't base their beliefs on personal stories?
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