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Jay Herden
Jay Herden 6 महीने पहले
didnt like the dog on the chain,sidenote my dog ate vanilla ice cream for 19yrs
Maggie B
Maggie B 6 महीने पहले
Paddy 6 महीने पहले
Call out meanness and cruelty 0:25 WRONG... no pet shouldn't be tethered like that. 0:36 FUCKING CRUEL... the little dog is scared and those fucking owners are laughing about it! Owners need a boot up the arse. 1:33 WHAT A BITCH, she should have the dog shit rubbed all over her face!
Dawn Bahm
Dawn Bahm 7 महीने पहले
susan cantrell
susan cantrell 8 महीने पहले
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin 8 महीने पहले
Didn't know Basset Hounds could run!
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin 8 महीने पहले
That Frenchy sounds like that screaming goat.
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin 8 महीने पहले
I laughed hard when the lady said to her dogs if you stop fighting I'll give you a treat. Before my neighbor moved they had two cats. A black one and a silver tabby. Black Cat(my name for him)was always slapping Lint around. I called the other cat Lint because his fur had that texture of lint. So one day I told them conversationally to stop fighting and they both looked at me like those two dogs and stopped fighting. Animals understand every word!
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin 8 महीने पहले
Stop teasing you assholes!
Wilson 9 महीने पहले
goddamn clickbait
Charlotte Reynolds
Charlotte Reynolds 9 महीने पहले
at 7:06 the pug tougs is so long
Amyah Clay
Amyah Clay 11 महीने पहले
The second one killed me😭😂
반려생명 약초의학교실
반려생명 약초의학교실 साल पहले
It's a really funny video...!
Omega Fortnite
Omega Fortnite साल पहले
Who ever disliked are probaly cat lovers
Elizabeth grainger
Elizabeth grainger साल पहले
3clip is Breck your legs from whip in nae nae
วนิดา พงษ์สาลี
animals bird
animals bird साल पहले
Dogs Animal animal dogs
Evelen Lecona
Evelen Lecona साल पहले
I was laughing through the whole thing !?😅😅😅😅😅😅😄😆😆
yoselin sosa
yoselin sosa साल पहले
I am like your funny videos
Yoryo Abador
Yoryo Abador साल पहले
So funny
Howabouthetruth साल पहले
How to break your dog from getting in the kitchen garbage. This WORKS: Go buy a plastic ball bat. Simply wait till your dog commits the offense again. If the plastic garbage bag is too torn up, place a new one IN the can with a couple garbage items ( or use the original bag if it's not shredded. ALSO: If you have a fairly large dog, use TWO extra large bags double bagged for this lesson. ) Go grab the dog & shove him/her HEAD FIRST all the way into the bag/s IN THE TRASH CAN & QUICKLY REMOVE THE BAG FROM THE CAN WITH THE DOG STILL INSIDE and stand on the bag opening so he/she can't escape & immediately start beating the crap out of the dog with the plastic bat for quite a while, to REALLY send the dog the message. ( Go easy on small dogs & puppies. The bigger the dog, the harder you can hit him/her. ) The plastic bat does NOT hurt your dog at all.........but the SOUND & "the sting" of the plastic bat while he's stuck inside the bag makes him think "you're killing me!"........And that's it........Your dog will NEVER get into the kitchen garbage again.........trust me. On medium to small dogs, an empty 2 liter plastic soda bottle works just as well as a plastic bat. I learned this trick decades ago & used it on any dog I ever had that got into the garbage........AND IT WORKED EVERY TIME. They associate "THE GARBAGE & GARBAGE BAG" AS "A VERY BAD THING". Your dog will NOT be "afraid of you"......he'll ONLY be afraid of EVER getting into that garbage again..........bet the farm on it.
Katie साल पहले
This is like torcher poor dogs aspecilly when the dog fell off the scatborad
joadjod sm
joadjod sm साल पहले
6:26 caralh* caralh* caralh*
Tony Greco
Tony Greco साल पहले
This music should be illegal
Wilson Patterson
Wilson Patterson साल पहले
0:39 poor thing he was probably scared :c
James Smith
James Smith साल पहले
I am james kid so funny i am a girl
Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker साल पहले
Poor little dog at 7:24 that wiped out on the skateboard on the asphalt, not funny, AT ALL!!! Why do people put their dogs on skateboards in the first place?! Just to humiliate them for their own pleasure! And most of the time, they get hurt. Don't you people know that dogs feel pain just like humans do? Sometimes I feel like these people don't deserve to have dogs.
Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker साल पहले
At 3:00, the dog fussing at the scale, reminds me of me!!! LOL
Cockatiel Lover7316
Cockatiel Lover7316 साल पहले
LPS Drama Club :D
LPS Drama Club :D साल पहले
Warning flashing at 5:35 lol
Paul Charles
Paul Charles साल पहले
LMAO at the dog that wolfed down the ice cream and the two dogs with the Pavlovian response to "treat"!
Fox GamerYT
Fox GamerYT साल पहले
poor dog tied to a pole thats stupid no one should Tie a dog on aa pole its crazy ok
Maria Heby
Maria Heby साल पहले
I came for a funny dog video left at 2:25 because of stupid music
Jason Kroman
Jason Kroman साल पहले
6:14 dog gun
jd cash
jd cash साल पहले
4:50. When a husband realizs that his wife is trapped
THICC MUSIC साल पहले
Beautiful Baldie
Beautiful Baldie साल पहले
great video but i had to change it bc the music in the background was SOOO annoying
Lucy Kelly
Lucy Kelly साल पहले
Poor pug at 7 minutes in cant even lick its own nose clean! Stupid breeders!
Wendy Nelson
Wendy Nelson साल पहले
Whoever has that dog tied to a pole like that... needs to be tied to a pole!! People are UNBELIEVABLE!! TIGER FUNNYWORKS.... You know an animal that's not being treated humanely... why would you post videos of animals that are treated that way? I'll never subscribe to you as long as you continue to post these videos under the LIE of humor!!
Life Of Alisa
Life Of Alisa साल पहले
Who Else whatched a Saddest Dog videos that will make you cry And then started Bawling then found this and knew it will make you laugh😂😂😂
Margalus साल पहले
That horrible crappy obnoxious horrible crappy background sound crap from about 1:30 - 3:00 ruined the whole video. I can't say horrible crappy enough!
chaos gaming YT
chaos gaming YT साल पहले
wtf the thumbnail that just made me die laughing
PotatoHippo साल पहले
I had a relative that had a pair of dogs that used to eat ice cream together. Same situation, just with a Yorkshire Terrier and a black lab. So funny.
Homo Sapien
Homo Sapien साल पहले
Oh my good that song was so fricken annoying
FaceInTheWindow साल पहले
That dog at 6:35 that was screaming and freaking out, what flew out of him? Was that a little bit of pee or...? 🤔
omar f arevalo
omar f arevalo साल पहले
Este es mas chistoso en mi vida!
Steven Bell
Steven Bell साल पहले
4:12 Please, PLEASE be careful what you allow your pets to chew on. An aerosol can is not an acceptable chew-toy. You're sitting right there with doggie, and you're allowing him to chew a can? This woman is not a responsible owner. 'Nuff said.
Nalu Fan
Nalu Fan साल पहले
0:36 that dog looks like my friend
HollowGamer साल पहले
Did anyone else find it annoying when the dog was licking the camera lens
Nell F
Nell F साल पहले
love yo channel
Wade T
Wade T साल पहले
7:50 Yep totally a dog right there
Kathleen Martens
Kathleen Martens 2 साल पहले
dat is echt cool
Mary Loves Makeup77
Mary Loves Makeup77 2 साल पहले
3:00 I feel ya buddy!
Buddhi Champika
Buddhi Champika 2 साल पहले
that taylor swifiting dog though
yes 2 साल पहले
7:38 OMG DRILLO!😂😂❤️
djw80158 2 साल पहले
8:40 the hella breath
Dog training with Georgie & Badger Bleza
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover 2 साल पहले
8:05 Every time a siren goes by, every dog on the fucking block howls for several minutes. Sometimes I don't hear the siren but I know there was one because of all the howling 😂
Kyra Smith
Kyra Smith 2 साल पहले
Ha ha ha
Linsey Hancock
Linsey Hancock 2 साल पहले
Sooo cute! like if agree
Paolo Castillo
Paolo Castillo 2 साल पहले
I love it
ClassySandwich 2 साल पहले
2:54 Dog: I refuse to believe that I'm still 74 Pounds!!
Suzuki boy 17
Suzuki boy 17 2 साल पहले
1:58 dead laughing
ExplodingCakes 2 साल पहले
The vid at 6:09 was on an AFV episode
TudioGamingTeam 2 साल पहले
everyone plz sub to me
Service Dog Journey
Service Dog Journey साल पहले
eWe Mad
eWe Mad 2 साल पहले
5:42 wow that cat is so smart !! 00
Broekje 2 साल पहले
So did you go out of your way to make the music as annoying as possible?
NothinMuch2u On Youtube
NothinMuch2u On Youtube 2 साल पहले
Nathan Roach
Nathan Roach 2 साल पहले
What did we do to deserve dogs
TronSoulReaper 2 साल पहले
I think that dog barking at the scale was angry that he was over weight XD
Cash Schanzenbach
Cash Schanzenbach 2 साल पहले
fuck yas
Sescilly Goulart
Sescilly Goulart 2 साल पहले
i lovr that south park music lol
bl4st3r 2 साल पहले
That music. Just stop.
Steven Lizotte
Steven Lizotte 2 साल पहले
Did Helen Keller make these videos?
Lidia Vilca
Lidia Vilca 2 साल पहले
De amos neuroticos animales nuroticos, que pena por las mascotas.
my funny and cute pets
my funny and cute pets 2 साल पहले
I don't really like dogs but I lmao watching this XD
MostlyRandom 2 साल पहले
5:55 when a dog drags its ass along the ground it usually means something is wrong with them and it is iritating/itching. infection, worms, anal sac problems are a few things that can cause it. if you see your dog doing this don't laugh, get it down to the vet for a check up. (because we all know how annoying an itchy asshole is :)
Service Dog Journey
Service Dog Journey साल पहले
chemicalBR0 I laugh when my dogs does cause most the time they do it to wipe there butts it can be funny
Krispy 2 साल पहले
2:47-3:03 When you refuse to believe that the scale says you're the same weight from two weeks ago after you've started dieting.
Боря М
Боря М 2 साल पहले
где собака которая на превьюб трясет яблом
Yikes 2 साल पहले
8:08 that's a demon cry wtf lol
AJMAL .REHMAT 2 साल पहले
Amazingly cute!💕😘😘❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻😂😂😂😇😇😝😝
RoseAnne Durham
RoseAnne Durham 2 साल पहले
So funny
Miyako Isami
Miyako Isami 2 साल पहले
Chaining a poor dog up is neglect and naming your dog Damnit is just as stupid as when my moms great grandmother named her dog n****r. Humans.....all the facewalling Ive been doing over them will eventually kill me...thank fucking god -_-
casey rose
casey rose 2 साल पहले
at 8:08 sounds like the dog is getting possessed 😂😂
Being Unknown Nǚ hái
Being Unknown Nǚ hái 2 साल पहले
That cute one who licks the camera. :*
Wolf Whitlock
Wolf Whitlock 2 साल पहले
anyone else recognize the music from a South park episode? lol
rubab ahmed
rubab ahmed 2 साल पहले
dog is bathing in the pool dog is very cool
rubab ahmed
rubab ahmed 2 साल पहले
Sofia Ortiz
Sofia Ortiz साल पहले
your bad
looking for the big guy Rick last name
my channel is a little dog on it that can sleep in a teacup and I found her walking on the street at three weeks old
stickx14 2 साल पहले
Ahem Excuse me but cats are the funniest and you said that yourself and now you changer your mind?
Jão Pedro O gordinho ostentação
Jão Pedro O gordinho ostentação 2 साल पहले
1:58 Que mane dividir e tudo meu :D
Will Loadman
Will Loadman 2 साल पहले
5:31-5:38. YUMMY CAMERA!
marie-helene Lacasse
marie-helene Lacasse 2 साल पहले
My dog shines his smile to me. So funny.
looking for the big guy Rick last name
i have a little dog on my channel. she sleeps in a tea cup. she is 4 oz
DalifeofSarah Bryan
DalifeofSarah Bryan 2 साल पहले
Dogs are just to cute
iloveyoutube itsdabest
iloveyoutube itsdabest 2 साल पहले
0:39 is what my dog does
Carlie Ali
Carlie Ali 2 साल पहले
and on 7:23 the actually looked painful
Carlie Ali
Carlie Ali 2 साल पहले
if humans don't have to be tied to a pole them dogs don't have to be tied to a pole and if humans dont have to go to a cage then dogs don't that's what rooms r for - my 3 dogs have a big shed that my dad made for them with a bed a heater and a cooler and it has dog food on the top and the shed is for the dogs at night or in the winter but sometimes we let them in but we never tie them to anything 😑
Carlie Ali
Carlie Ali 2 साल पहले
the song ruined it
chrisquisha 2 साल पहले
ugh dude ditch the stupid music so I can actually watch your videos
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