FF14: Heavensward, S Rank Kaiser Behemoth destroys Brynhilder

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Well, this was a thing XD





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BenteJa 4 महीने पहले
"LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR" "Jesus take the wheel" LMFAO I don't play this game but it sounds like a funny mmo community
priestskorge 11 महीने पहले
No loot? Does everyone get loot on this guy if not for like a 2 hour fight that kinda sucks everyone should at least get a mount or something or maybe title behemoth slayer or something cool
priestskorge 11 महीने पहले
One of the best mmo community i have been apart of. I was a very new player leveling my white mage. He was level 40 now i havent played in awhile cause i went back to wow but i am trying to come back now im done with wow forever and all the toxicity along with that game. But as i was saying this guy took me from level 12 to 45 showed me how to start my relic weapons showed me all about duty roulette and also invited me to his guild and also bought me some awesome leveling gear and this guy didnt know me at all. He said he could tell i was a new player and that i needed some help and that i did. The game was alot more complex and confusing then wow but we got my little white mage up and running and i mangine to heal some groups through some of the tough raids in the base game when i finally hit 50 great game cant wait to come back hope my buddy and guild are around
priestskorge 11 महीने पहले
Awesome video man really enjoyed the fight hope to be a apart of one this size one day
Occuria Q Asou
Occuria Q Asou साल पहले
I see corps, too many corps
xXMasterJ360Xx साल पहले
my god this is why I love small servers b/c the hunts last longer lol
Obey Lunacy
Obey Lunacy साल पहले
That Ecliptic Meteor is devastating in both MHW and FF14.
Occuria Q Asou
Occuria Q Asou साल पहले
Yes yes I agree (just a hunter who've been carted 86 times out of 93 behemoth hunts)
Pittsburgh91 साल पहले
And now us Monster Hunters have to deal with this asshole......fuckin great -_-
Andi SEA
Andi SEA साल पहले
What's the theme song name?
Syazwan Bahri
Syazwan Bahri साल पहले
Torn From The Heavens
Makio साल पहले
yukikoamagi and yurilowell, nice persona 4 and tales names
Davned साल पहले
Well, now that the level cap is 70... . . . ...I still hate this S rank with a passion. I remember first seeing Ecliptic meteor as a L70, seeing the damage, and literally screaming "Whaaaaaat?!" at my TV.
deeper purpose
deeper purpose 2 साल पहले
kudos to ppl that actually play this shit LOL
eXistenZ 2 साल पहले
Back in hw behemoth raped ppls anus hard .
Arowana 95
Arowana 95 साल पहले
subby pop Girl Now he does it in MHW. He is OP as hell.
Synjae 2 साल पहले
You suck
killer 2 साल पहले
Xiaobo Wang
Xiaobo Wang 2 साल पहले
David Patterson
David Patterson 2 साल पहले
I've never played but where is Bryhilder in this video, so I can see it get destroyed? so much going on I didn't know what to watch
Dimension Tripper
Dimension Tripper 2 साल पहले
David Patterson brynhilder is the server name. Most of a server shows up to S rank hunts because they spawn every like 4 days.
JustDray 2 साल पहले
how I miss this small server
Derrick Couch
Derrick Couch 2 साल पहले
if this came to xbox one i would lose it lol
JustDray 2 साल पहले
Derrick Couch sadly Microsoft doesn't want to play with the other systems
HistoryIsLove 3 साल पहले
Saw people for Rabbit Season and Onion that I remember from my time on the server. Miss them all, but I switched servers to be with IRL friends :( Ah well... I made my decision.
New Skin
New Skin 3 साल पहले
how does he have like 123456 skills when playing on ps4 or ps3( sry if this sounds stupid. im noob)
Crystal Rain
Crystal Rain 2 साल पहले
its how he set up his interface so it looks like he has alot but he the same as everyone else
Lorkanthal 3 साल पहले
the behemoth may have died but i'm pretty sure he won. Good thing they can't gain exp and level to heal back.
B-Spiral 3 साल पहले
i wish that thing dropped one ultra rare item and all players present had to figure out what to do with it
jesus hernandez
jesus hernandez 3 साल पहले
OS a destrozao jjjj menuda fulll
Mortally Challenged
Mortally Challenged 3 साल पहले
This is how boss fights should be, holy shit.
Paolo Ibayan
Paolo Ibayan 3 साल पहले
Man, Square needs some interface work. It's so cluttered as fuck. All I can see are Texts :D
Emanuel साल पहले
Paolo Ibayan it's not bad user interface if you can completely customize it. I am perfectly fine with the interface it comes with. If I'm not comfortable with it, I can completely change it to something that works for me. You can do the same. It is absolutely pointless to whine about something that's optional.
Crystal Rain
Crystal Rain 2 साल पहले
even on ps4 i can change my settings to show almost no if any txt at all idk this guy doesn't seem to know what he is talking about
Paolo Ibayan
Paolo Ibayan 3 साल पहले
@CANTSiR Agreed. Bad UI design is bad. I'm not the only one complaining for the game's UI lmao.A good UI design is simple and does not need to be convuluted. I am a UI designer and this game's interface is really an eye sore.
CANTSiR 3 साल पहले
no no no u are very very wrong. even when u go to customize it it is layered so horribly wrong that u could spend a month trying to fix it and not accomplish it. considering that every player is experiencing that it needs a rework. i highly doubt u have ever played it on pc. u r probably playing it on a different platform.
nextpkfr 3 साल पहले
The player has customised their UI in this video, almost nothing is in its default position. It's silly to complain anyway, the UI is completely customisable, you can turn anything on or off and move anything anywhere you like. This only looks so bad because the player doesn't have floating text turned off. That isn't the UI designer's fault, what are they supposed to do?
Nicoli Hernandez
Nicoli Hernandez 3 साल पहले
+CaliforniaBreh where is this fate and when does this spawn
Mortally Challenged
Mortally Challenged 3 साल पहले
More like SS rank
KillersTyphoon 3 साल पहले
This one isn't a FATE, it's an S rank Heavensward hunt in Coerthas Western Highlands. There is an actual Behemoth FATE in Coerthas Central Highlands though and that's more like the Odin FATE.
WingsxOfxThexRaven 3 साल पहले
How the hell do you even tank that shit? Like seriously? Just being near it looks like Insta death XD But I love the part where someone's like "STOP PISSING OFF POLAR BEARS!"
千雪鸣 3 साल पहले
George Washington
George Washington 3 साल पहले
nandateee 3 साल पहले
the bear of 7:02 LOL run bitch run!
Shadow Seeker
Shadow Seeker 3 साल पहले
VPE2YS2H rc code if u guys nn get bck in
lukoscreyden 3 साल पहले
This is the most intense wall of text I've ever seen....
w3cing 4 साल पहले
《精英野怪以一己之力怒艹上百玩家,小菲达克的暗黑堕落天马后继有人》 (つд⊂)
Never quit Sebstan
Never quit Sebstan 4 साल पहले
Stephan 4 साल पहले
Glad i'm not on that server, the amount of people cursing in shout is quite bad. Compared to Odin anyway.
Elistios 4 साल पहले
This battle is so nice :) if you you want to join back in FF14 and get free stuff here is my Recruitment Code: JKUQB466 Have fun :)
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 4 साल पहले
I like how everyone is trying to power up before attack him.
madmax2069 साल पहले
Oscar Medina and like 80% of them die with the first massive attack.
Renameri 4 साल पहले
this hunt is very hard O_O 2hours for kill him x) but it's funny
Li/ fe
Li/ fe 4 साल पहले
xD brynhildr reborn
Dawnbreaker Skychanger
Dawnbreaker Skychanger 4 साल पहले
just wow^^ never seen so many players die xD
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