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This is the India we want to live in?
Hey guys! This video was made as a part of the Web Writers Lab - Our joint initiative with India Film Project. Know more about them here - indiafilmproject.co/

Aditya Pisharody
Hitesh Pardeshi

Creative Producer
Nishaad Javeri
Ashwin Lakshmi Narayan

Ashwin Lakshmi Narayan

Assistant Director
Aakash Shewakaramani

Executive Producer
Jay Pikle

Narinder Singh

Gaurav Dashputra

Cast ( Alphabetical Order)
Hitesh Arora
Kartik Krishnan
Pranay Manchanda

Featured Cast(Frapp) | FilterCopy Army
Himanshu Sharma
Amulya Prabhu
Aditi Shah
Abhinav Konde
Riya Kapoor
Gunjan Punwani
Samson D'souza
Sejal Ranka
Bansri Shah
Jay Pikle
Salim Sheikh
Madhu Dinesh
Shweta Bisht
Saksham Khetan

Ashwin Lakshmi Narayan

Sound Design
Sudhanshu Gaur

Manoj Omre
Shreya Sethi
Antara Pathak

Camera Attendant
Abhay Singh & Team

Sound Attendant
Prabhakar Singh

Spot Boys
Salim Sheikh
Yogesh Bajrang

Special Thanks
Nipun Madan




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FilterCopy 6 महीने पहले
Hey guys! This is a new experiment that we've tried with India Film Project. What do you think about it? Comment below.
shakeel muhamad
shakeel muhamad 14 दिन पहले
Kutay ka map India ka hai🇮🇳
Kishanlal Sharma
Kishanlal Sharma 15 दिन पहले
Totally wrong message
Simon Holmes
Simon Holmes 16 दिन पहले
Why you hate Pakistan. You cow pee drinker.
Northern Area of pakistan
Northern Area of pakistan 29 दिन पहले
FilterCopy o saaaly chutiyooo pak ka map ko kuty se compare karty o fuck u all indiansss
Sidra Mudasar
Sidra Mudasar महीने पहले
Filter copy why did you said the map of Pakistan is of dog shape ?? Be in your limits !! Fuck you !!!
Asikur Ali
Asikur Ali 5 घंटे पहले
I love India. But I don't need nationalism certificate 😊👍
Ghulam Farid
Ghulam Farid 10 घंटे पहले
I am a Pakistani. Pls respect my country 🇵🇰
PRANAYA SETHY 12 घंटे पहले
Qasim Naeem
Qasim Naeem 20 घंटे पहले
Fuck you Indian
Subha Prasad
Subha Prasad दिन पहले
I didn't expect this
Subha Prasad
Subha Prasad दिन पहले
So much racism
Subha Prasad
Subha Prasad दिन पहले
2:52 racism against Pakistan
SYED MOIZ दिन पहले
Bahut faltu h ye ... madarchoad
anie naveed
anie naveed दिन पहले
So clearly people don't think logicaly and understand the hidden message in this video which is posting about your country on social media and bashing other countries is not patriotism its not necessary for you to like what belongs to your country and hate what other countries have. we should learn from the fact that why the other country is doing well and recognize talent. and this is not only for india but for all countries including pakistan we have to realize being a memeber of a nation does not mean saying words like "pakistan zindabad" or "jai hind" it means using your abilites in the interest of our country and recognize and respect other countries with that being said don't create dispute that is'nt there learn to take a joke and understand the deep messages before writing hate comments i am from pakistan and as a pakistani i realize this message and salute filtercopy for highlighting the issue ❤❤❤
Aloysius Jospeh Farnon
Aloysius Jospeh Farnon दिन पहले
Kay bakchodi ha Apna map tu Dekh nhi khabhi chutiya
crime news
crime news दिन पहले
I really like you guys but now i am highly disapointed because you compared the map of pakistan with a dog
Digpal Singh Panwar
Digpal Singh Panwar दिन पहले
Salle chutiye Jake Dekh bus driver ne kya bola tha ki Karni Sena walo ne bus ke liye jagah chodi thi,aur jab police ne investigation ki toh 5 Muslim logo ko bhi pakda tha
Ghazala Abbas
Ghazala Abbas 2 दिन पहले
Pakstan is good
tera baap
tera baap 2 दिन पहले
Tumhara maa ka Bhosda jo hindus ko defame karne mein lage ho!!
Romesa Ashfaq
Romesa Ashfaq 2 दिन पहले
Mind your language please Pakistan is the best
Harini Sri
Harini Sri 2 दिन पहले
To also mention that once an artist was told to draw Indian boundaries on different way he made that painting as if a women is running as if she had been harassed by some one so plzz before pointing finger towards another country first you see yourself
Masud Riva
Masud Riva 3 दिन पहले
Sameer Hussain Sami
Sameer Hussain Sami 4 दिन पहले
Funck you all pakistan ka map kuty gasahe gando ass holls
Son Kakarot
Son Kakarot 4 दिन पहले
There was a similar video in some channel i dont remember it was certificate of secularism...They completly copied it...just by making things opposite
Harshit Anand
Harshit Anand 4 दिन पहले
Bhai tum log kattar Hindu hone pr communal bolte ho aur agr Muslims kattar hai toh unhe unke dharm ke prati jagruk bolte ho. itna doglapan kha se laate ho Bhai aur ek baat toh shi hai ki Jo Hindu hai whi Sacha deshbhakt hai Aur page ko famous krne ke liye yesb chutiyap video Mt bna wrna hmare bheek se tumlog apna top class life enjoy kr rhe ho na wo nhi milega bass wo kuch tatto ke chusne ko milega
Hamid Gul
Hamid Gul 5 दिन पहले
U guys should not insult pakistan i am from pakistan and u guys just insult pakistan
Nazia Altaf
Nazia Altaf 5 दिन पहले
How Dare you to say that k" Pakistan ka map ko to shear karly ty Jo kutty ka shap Mai Hy"kisi ki izat Karo ga to izat Mily gi chahy wo Pakistan ho ya India shame on you guys seriously educated hoky bhi apni mentality sai nahi kar pai ager educated hoty na to difference kisi Mai na rakhty
Mansoor Ahmed
Mansoor Ahmed 5 दिन पहले
Don’t make fun of other countries it’s very rude
Parul Tyagi
Parul Tyagi 5 दिन पहले
The most anti national video
car lovers
car lovers 6 दिन पहले
Wtf why Pakistan map first see your half cut half f**k
Mohsin Fidai
Mohsin Fidai 7 दिन पहले
Tum indian aisa hi hou gunda
Shyam Faguna
Shyam Faguna 8 दिन पहले
Common filtercopy never expected such rubbish and sick content from your side... I dont understand why the current trend of potraiting hindus as goons and showing yourself secular has become so popular...you lost 3 subscribers today....regards...please do take a look before showing such an awesome contest
Hassan Mughal
Hassan Mughal 10 दिन पहले
hat from pakistan
zara ali
zara ali 10 दिन पहले
Oye kutta hoga tuu hum pakistaniyon ko kuch naa kahin
Gacha World The Ice Que3n
Gacha World The Ice Que3n 11 दिन पहले
Wtf I'm a Pakistani I'm really offended I love this channel I thought government hate government people love people not cool I'm highly offended dudes
Maryam Talib
Maryam Talib 11 दिन पहले
We are Pakistanisssssss i hate filter copy know but first i was liking it 🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡
Little Junejo
Little Junejo 11 दिन पहले
Amar kumar
Amar kumar 11 दिन पहले
Comment box me saare Pakistani pagal ho gye h, map dekh ke, wo galat h mai manta hu, lekin is video me uska mazak nhi bnaya hai, lagta hai unko samajh nhi aaya video.
Nida Shah
Nida Shah 11 दिन पहले
tuck Indian
Fati Minno
Fati Minno 11 दिन पहले
Stupids how dare u say pakistans map like a dog.....your map is like a dog ....phir app log khetay ho kay dosti dosti dosti ....,sahi batain karo toh phir ho gee dosti....idiots and pakistanis also watch your channel so please
pahari bande
pahari bande 12 दिन पहले
Best part when he say ravish Kumar Bo jo news facts k sath btata h 😂😂😂. Mja aagya m ravish Kumar's fan nd proud to be his fan
Hisham Khan
Hisham Khan 12 दिन पहले
Please dont discriminate any country As I am also Indian I would not tolerate if anyone says same to India
Hamza Chawla
Hamza Chawla 12 दिन पहले
I love filter copy but when I heard about the Pakistan flag is shaped like a dog I hated it even though I love jaana gana mana I always listen to it
Lightning Animations
Lightning Animations 12 दिन पहले
Mohammad Sohail
Mohammad Sohail 12 दिन पहले
Main tumhari bohat bari fan thi par ab ........ Hate you guy's
Mohammad Sohail
Mohammad Sohail 12 दिन पहले
PAKISTAN walo ne tumhara Kia bigara hai 😠😠 PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!!!!!
Aman Imran
Aman Imran 12 दिन पहले
Why the fuck they say bad to pakistan fuck there india
Alvi sajid
Alvi sajid 13 दिन पहले
true reality of current nation situation, Amazing message by an amazing script...keep it up!!!
Movies Cut
Movies Cut 13 दिन पहले
Bhai hinduphobic ho kya
shivam syal
shivam syal 13 दिन पहले
😂😂😂😂 hr kuch
michaeel 2010
michaeel 2010 14 दिन पहले
I hat you filter copy i am sure you peaple were read my commint hoe dare you tum logo ne istara kkarne socha be kese kese ki izat nahi khaay tum logo ko besharam fuckers bithes dogs you bustterd i hat you peaple and dont dare to say anything wrong about pakistan again ham ne khabi asa kaha tum logi mein ezat nahi
Ni Can
Ni Can 14 दिन पहले
Bas krdi bakchodi ? Kya koi mathe pe tika lga ae to vo Modi Bhakt h ? N yes there should b any criteria sala tu jaise left k log desh bech k kha gae ? Jo jnu me hua kya vo desh Bhakti thi ?
Juliet girl
Juliet girl 14 दिन पहले
Nationalism to country kay liye best krnay ki feeling hai yr. I am from Pakistan. Greatly liked the hidden message in this vedio. Lot of applause for #Filtercopy
shruti khanna
shruti khanna 14 दिन पहले
Best video ever !!
Kanchana lata Das
Kanchana lata Das 14 दिन पहले
Kya sirf Pakistan ki burai karnae sae hamari NATIONALISM saabit ho jaati hey? THODA SOOCHIYAE...,,
Listen to us everyone in Filter Copy Channel Plz respect our country pakistan 🇵🇰 respect its map don’t compare it with dog’s face Agar aj apka ya channel ka adha hissa IN-vid pa stand ha sirf hammari waja sa warna hoty iss k 1.6M ya 1.7M subscribers Give respect and take respect Thank you
Taha Ahmed
Taha Ahmed 15 दिन पहले
Why you said Pakistan map is in a shape of dog india's map is like a dog 🐶 💩
sara akmal
sara akmal 15 दिन पहले
dont say shits about pakistan map you bloody indians
amazing INDIANS
amazing INDIANS 15 दिन पहले
Sach to ye hai ki sachhai dikhaane ka dum nhi hai aapne, tabhi to bhagwa aatankwaad ka naam faila rahe ho
amazing INDIANS
amazing INDIANS 15 दिन पहले
तुम धर्मनिरपेक्ष नहीं हो, मेरे भाई! तुम धर्म-विरोधी हो, वह भी केवल सनातन धर्म के। कैसे? अब व्याख्या में समझो। ## कुरआन में एक प्रसंग है, जिब्राईल धरती पर आए हैं। खुदा के दूत बनकर, मुहम्मद साहब को लेने आए हैं वे। और उनके बिस्तर समेत उन्हें सात अर्श पार ले जाते हैं। कथा सुनकर तुम कहोगे : “आहा! क्या बात है। मज़ा आ गया!” रामायण में प्रसंग है, हनुमान लंका में आए हैं। श्रीराम के दूत बनकर, सुषेण वैद्य को लेने आए हैं, ताकि उनके छोटे भ्राता लक्ष्मण की चिकित्सा हो सके। और सुषेण को भवन सहित उठा कर ले आते हैं। कथा सुनकर तुम कहोगे : “ओह माई गॉड, कितना झूठ है। इसलिए तो मुझे ये सब कहानियाँ पसंद नहीं!” दोनों कथानकों में कोई अधिक भेद नहीं, किंतु एक से विरोध और एक से आनंद का कारण मिलता है तुम्हें। क्योंकि तुम धर्मनिरपेक्ष नहीं हो, मेरे भाई! ## बाइबिल में एक प्रसंग है, यीशु ज़मीन के छोर तक आ गये हैं। अब उनके आगे सिर्फ़ सागर है। जैसे ही यीशु किनारे पर पहुँचे, सागर का जल रेड वाइन में बदल गया। और उनके पीछे की ज़मीं जन्नत में बदल गयी। कथा सुनकर तुम कहोगे : “आहा! क्या बात है। यीशु, द ग्रेट!” रामायण में एक प्रसंग है, श्री राम धरती के छोर पर आ गये हैं। अब वे समुद्र से विनती कर रहे हैं कि उन्हें लंका तक पहुँचने का मार्ग मिले। तीन दिवस उपरांत श्रीराम ने धनुष उठाया और शर-संधान किया। और तब फिर समुद्र ने उनसे विनती की। इस कथा को सुनकर तुम कहोगे : “समुद्र कभी विनती करता है? माई गॉड, कितना गल्प है आपके धर्म ग्रंथों में।” जानते हो कि दोनों कथाओं को सुनकर भिन्न भिन्न प्रतिक्रियाएँ क्यों हुयीं? क्योंकि तुम धर्मनिरपेक्ष नहीं हो, मेरे भाई! ## सैकड़ों उदाहरण हैं मेरे भाई, मगर दो ही चावलों से वास्तविकता ज्ञात हो जाती है। जाओ, पहले अपने मस्तिष्क से सनातन धर्म के विरोध को समाप्त करो। तब बात करेंगे, धर्म के विषय में। सच्चे धर्मनिरपेक्ष बनकर आओ ना, अभी तो तुम धर्मनिरपेक्ष नहीं हो, मेरे भाई! अस्तु।
Talal Ahtsham
Talal Ahtsham 15 दिन पहले
Unsubscribed Due to Your Rubbish Talking 😡👍
abdul wadood
abdul wadood 15 दिन पहले
Why criticism against Pakistan? 😡😡
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 16 दिन पहले
how does my grandfather somehow qualify for this certificate?
Abdul azeem
Abdul azeem 16 दिन पहले
Rony Pal
Rony Pal 16 दिन पहले
I never comment a lot but you guyz got guts to say the truth and fromy side hats off brother from another mother..And those 8.9 k dislikes are those who want absolute anarchy and nothing else..hence they disliked the vid..but guyz keep up the work..love u all..❤❤❤
Bismah Saqib
Bismah Saqib 16 दिन पहले
whatever happens ,we have no right to comment on other countries.Pakistanis and Indians both donot have a right to comment each other but in this video even if you have said bad thing to Pakistan filtercopy you have declared yourself bad in others eye . You donot have a right to to say that pakistan's map shape is like of a dog . we have on rights to pass comments on other countries no matter how much we hate them or are the biggest enemies of them. filter copy i am very disappointed by this and i am very sure that other viewers also got disappointed because it is not appropriate even for the purpose of entertainment to say something to other countries. Hope it will not be repeated again.
Simon Holmes
Simon Holmes 16 दिन पहले
I'm not a hater. Pakistani's are much more brave than you are. They are much more friendly than Indian assholes.
King 110
King 110 16 दिन पहले
Shame on you guys .. phele hum filtter copy pasand kartai thai meana app ki all videos daikhi hai I subcribe your chanall but I am from Pakistan ya video daikhnea kea bad shame on you khuda ap ka channel band karwai ga inshallah ..........pakistan zindabad ..........Hindustan kuta gadha murda bad👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Prashant Yadav
Prashant Yadav 18 दिन पहले
Or tum video bnane walo ki bhi ma ka bhosda Halala or triple talaq pr video bnane kar diya agr gand me dum hai to bhadwe behanchod khi k
Moji Gujjar
Moji Gujjar 18 दिन पहले
Musaab Tanveer
Musaab Tanveer 18 दिन पहले
Sitting in pakistan and laughing
Abid Abraham
Abid Abraham 18 दिन पहले
Really a great to all the DESH BHAKTS around the country. If anyone ask me about my nationalism certificate I will tell him to Go F**k Yourself. Jai Hind.
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 19 दिन पहले
Amazing 👌👌👌👌
Ahsan Kashif
Ahsan Kashif 19 दिन पहले
Kutta to to hai charsi
Rubina Zahid
Rubina Zahid 19 दिन पहले
sala harami kuta ki lun maro
Rubina Zahid
Rubina Zahid 19 दिन पहले
chut ka chatoro
Rubina Zahid
Rubina Zahid 19 दिन पहले
mera pak ko kutta na kahi behan ka lano
NaMaloom Afraad
NaMaloom Afraad 19 दिन पहले
Fuck. You donkey indians
Aiza khan
Aiza khan 20 दिन पहले
plzz kisi ka mulk asy kuch.nhi kahtay dil thot jata hai apkay channel sa .
semaant verma
semaant verma 20 दिन पहले
Apko kise ke flag ki insult nahi karni chaheye
Avinash Rahul
Avinash Rahul 20 दिन पहले
Y bott acha video h... Going to share on my fb page
funnyistan 20 दिन पहले
Certificate ?....... I think video aur acchi ho skti thi agr imp topics covers krte to . Hindus ko as 'Gunda' show kiya and kashmir and other states ki prblm sharr ni ki jo is desh ka khaate h aur talwe pakistaniyo ke chaatte hai . And tumne bdi badtamizi ke saath' Bharat Mata Ki Jai ' jaise slogen ka mjaak bnaya jise bolkr n jaane kitne log faansi pr hste hste jhul gye tm jaiso ke liye . Jis jameen pr rhkr tm tmhri family and tmhri puri peediyaan paida hui aur yhi isi mitti me raakh ho gyi agr usko tumhe "Maa" khne me shrm aati hai to tmhe shrm aani chahiye apni soch pr apne paida hone pr . This is my motherland and this is my mother Bharat maa ki jai. Choose your topics wisely aise chutiye writers n jaane kha se uthaa laate ho .
vicky cheetri
vicky cheetri 19 दिन पहले
wo inqalab jindabad tha aur ha agr hm road me gandagi machate hue bharat mata ki jai bolenge to..mtlb wo insult h..aur mtlb jo thora question puch le wo Pakistani ho gya..to mtlb tm kya ho..bolo to
BURN IT DOWN 21 दिन पहले
Fuck you for that India is shaped as a bitch how do you like that
shubham maurya maurya
shubham maurya maurya 21 दिन पहले
who is violent on this earth you well know but you do not have dare to show it... (AND IT IS UNIVERSAL fact) ,,this fact will not tell you by ravish kumar.....
Sudhanshu Moharana
Sudhanshu Moharana 21 दिन पहले
True indian
True indian 22 दिन पहले
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed 22 दिन पहले
Bhosre ka Pakistan ko kuch bhi bolna sa phala socha karo varana gand phar ka ha ma da don ga chal bhosre ka kuta ka bacho bharwa
Kissing Videos
Kissing Videos 23 दिन पहले
Kutta tu hoga bharwy
sanan abassi
sanan abassi 23 दिन पहले
Tere gand maroon bc madarchod
PARIHAR FIRE 23 दिन पहले
In reality There is No "Certificate Of Nationalism" some political Faces raising this Topics Just to get attention And popularity . They r deviding the nation for their own lead, Be a sensible Citizen and Stop showing INDIA as a Country which gives Certificate of Natinolism. Plzzz Stop.
khadija memon
khadija memon 24 दिन पहले
what the hell everything Pakistan ke khilaf
vaibhav gupta
vaibhav gupta 24 दिन पहले
So as per your opinion har insan Jo teeka lagata hai woh gunda hai . I am not a supporter of bjp or rss but this is something which should not be shown in video of filter copy targeting one religious group just because it is easy to do is not something to be appreciated
Reetika chandra
Reetika chandra 24 दिन पहले
great work😊
Saima Khurram
Saima Khurram 25 दिन पहले
Hate hate hate hate this video. The most loved and faviroute job of the INDIANS is to spread hate for PAKISTAN. Shame on them a 10000 times. Never gonna watch FILTER COPY EVER AGAIN. I didn't expected this at all from them. I thought they made good videos and I to liked it before.
Yashal Tariq
Yashal Tariq 25 दिन पहले
Its not good because they are talking wrong about pakistan
Mohammad Farooq
Mohammad Farooq 26 दिन पहले
2:53 was not a good part so unlike
Caunhye Zabeen
Caunhye Zabeen 26 दिन पहले
Im really disappointed by this video....i have loving all your videos and they are amazing.But this video is so offending for pakistan....are you guys not ashamed of saying something like this...that pakistan give a shape of dog.....the time saw the scene i got shocked...bcoz i used to believe that filtercopy is the best.......and that part it says that he don't to fight with pakistan so he can't get the nationalism. .....thats the reason why pakistan and india can't be good neighbours..its the society who are the cause of this separation ......and for your kind im not an indian or pakistani...im a mauritian i got this offended thats why i commented.
Bilal khan
Bilal khan 26 दिन पहले
Big fan from pakistan butt really disapointing now going to unsub ur chanel
obaid rajput
obaid rajput 26 दिन पहले
Bc Mc gando Pakistan ka Bara MA khuxh na boli
Sameer rajput
Sameer rajput 27 दिन पहले
yar yeh kya btmizz ha k pakistan ki kotta wli hi pic post kar dni ha hum na kbhi ap k bara mai asi bat ni ap ko b thora lhaz rakhna chiya agr yahi hum khta na toh sb na asa react krna tha jasa in ki behan ko tng kar diya thora sa na izat mai raha kro tab hi hum log izat kara ga bgrta na ho toh
raheel khan
raheel khan 28 दिन पहले
Pakistani map ki insult krne pe he to bohht kuch tm logo ko bolne k lie..bt kia he na us se hm insano or tm kutto ka fark khtam hojae ga..or hm wo fark khtam nae krna chahte..ab kutto ko jwab de k hm un jese thori na bnna chahte he..so just carry on..agr s se tm logo ke andar ki lgi hui aag bhujti he to lge rho..q k hindus me himmat hi nae he k wo muslims ko face kr sake..ya un se larh sake..to pir yhi sb krenge na..hmara to kuch nae ja rha..gali me insano pe bhonkne wale kutto ko hi pattar parte he ulta..so keep it up..tm log apni mentality show kr rhe ho k kitne gire hue ho
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What the fucking hell is this, What kind of double standard is this,
Navneet 28 दिन पहले
यार, ये क्या बात हुई इस कैरेक्टर को हिंदु दिखाने से क्या मतलब है।
Hani Ijaz Khan
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I hat this video iadian is a dog
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