Golden Buzzer: Tyler Butler-Figueroa Earns Simon Cowell's Support - America's Got Talent 2019

America's Got Talent
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The 11-year-old North Carolina native gets the ultimate stamp of approval with a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell himself!
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In season 14, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, and host Terry Crews in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges' panel along with Howie Mandel. Also joining the panel this year are two fresh faces - award-winning actress, author and producer Gabrielle Union and Emmy Award-winning choreographer, actress, singer and dancer Julianne Hough. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series "America's Got Talent: The Champions" earlier this year, joins as host for "America's Got Talent." With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.
Golden Buzzer: Tyler Butler-Figueroa Earns Simon Cowell's Support - America's Got Talent 2019
America's Got Talent




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लिंक लोड हो रहा है.....

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Bhoi Pradeep
Bhoi Pradeep 5 घंटे पहले
I love you bro I pray🙏 🙏 god bless you
vinay singh
vinay singh 5 घंटे पहले
It's makes me cry bro.. This boy is so strong..may god bless him.
Mason Townsend
Mason Townsend 7 घंटे पहले
he was so good playing the vilen and i am so proud of that kid
gohan gabe
gohan gabe 8 घंटे पहले
that was amazing he got talent
mp_ golf
mp_ golf 8 घंटे पहले
Seriously do not joke about cancer it’s a serious thing. It’s not funny. I had brain cancer and I did her bullied. But that didn’t stop me. I beat a rare case of cancer. Whoever thinks cancer is funny, honesty u try having cancer and see how hard it is. U ur whole life behind u and u come out a sergeries non stop and unfortunately may never return to ur normal life. Love this comment if u agree with what I said bc I can’t be the only one that thinks I’m telling the truth
Emma P
Emma P 9 घंटे पहले
He is so cute
Rosca Brumaire
Rosca Brumaire 9 घंटे पहले
My heart is melting😍😍😍it was a deep performance😇..does anyone know the song that was playing on the background please??
Rasiahwati Ahmad
Rasiahwati Ahmad 10 घंटे पहले
Crying seeing this kid , he has a strong spirit to live although he has cancer and being bullied. A lot of positive energy . Yes true he is extraordinary kid.
Khadija Ben
Khadija Ben 10 घंटे पहले
Show sympathy and encouraging to person to the person who is being bullied is sign of strength. Kind people don't bully others. It is really important to educate students in all levels the danger of bullying others.
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 10 घंटे पहले
What's the song played when he wins GB?
Romeo Must DIE
Romeo Must DIE 10 घंटे पहले
What is the difference between the "Golden Buzzer" and the normal "YES" of the judges?
Zainabb Sheikh
Zainabb Sheikh 12 घंटे पहले
Well, I'm crying out loud rn! I'm so proud and happy 💕
Captain Jadon
Captain Jadon 12 घंटे पहले
See Simon is not such a bad guy after all.
Maureen K. Luvanda
Maureen K. Luvanda 12 घंटे पहले
Just a baby. I hope blessings follow him everywhere...
Jack Esterdahl
Jack Esterdahl 13 घंटे पहले
Thats horrible
Lina Jeylan
Lina Jeylan 14 घंटे पहले
Whenever I see this i click it, I’ve watched this 20 times or above
JREYZS 14 घंटे पहले
Raquel Moran
Raquel Moran 14 घंटे पहले
What bothers me most is the way Julianne talks down to the kid with the tone of her voice
Atur R
Atur R 13 घंटे पहले
I don’t think so, she was so nice and supportive. She is very lovely. Maybe you just misreading her!
Shanzy Muhammad
Shanzy Muhammad 14 घंटे पहले
an inspiration to all
Said Ahmad
Said Ahmad 15 घंटे पहले
God bless you Bro.
carlos silva
carlos silva 15 घंटे पहले
wariye ibrahim shekeye
wariye ibrahim shekeye 15 घंटे पहले
I am very strong but when I watched I can’t stop my crying
jtuki 15 घंटे पहले
wtf, why would you bully someone because they have cancer? Kids are screwed up nowadays.
Адам Чижевский
Адам Чижевский 15 घंटे पहले
Саргылана Григорьева
Саргылана Григорьева 16 घंटे पहले
Шикарно))))) молодец мальчик.
Leonardo Cicerone
Leonardo Cicerone 16 घंटे पहले
Iced Ninja
Iced Ninja 16 घंटे पहले
He is amazing man ❤️great energy
sajin vincent
sajin vincent 16 घंटे पहले
DerpyDudeYT 17 घंटे पहले
kutten Classic
kutten Classic 18 घंटे पहले
Osam pherfomens
KING HAIR 19 घंटे पहले
I love you baybe❤️🤗
Manda Laloo
Manda Laloo 19 घंटे पहले
Music is like ours friend and it can change our life's especially when we are alone
Mary Cook
Mary Cook 11 घंटे पहले
Manda Laloo So true! I love that sentiment! Greetings from California. 👑🎶🦁💝
Tiến Tèo
Tiến Tèo 19 घंटे पहले
Anh em việt nam đâu Quá hay (Y)
Afeeda K.k
Afeeda K.k 19 घंटे पहले
Most watched golden buzzer ever😍 he is soo special ☄💕
Afeeda K.k
Afeeda K.k 19 घंटे पहले
The most talented ☄incredible💕 inspiring kid 💖that i have ever seen 👏 love from INDIA😘
Akshay Kp Leo
Akshay Kp Leo 20 घंटे पहले
Jaydeep Biswas
Jaydeep Biswas 20 घंटे पहले
OMG!! There are 13k heartless peoples in this world.
Jibin Kollannoor
Jibin Kollannoor 21 घंटे पहले
Malayalis ADI like 👍👍👍👍
Tân Lê
Tân Lê 21 घंटे पहले
Good boy, love you 💖
emoji 21 घंटे पहले
Love from pochinki❤️
Ma Man
Ma Man 22 घंटे पहले
He is an amazing talent
bizuneh aschalew
bizuneh aschalew 23 घंटे पहले
Simon Thank You Very much from the bottom of my heart. for Supporting the people in the world with in different obstacle
Kazi Apar
Kazi Apar 23 घंटे पहले
Name of the Song? Anyone?
Mary Cook
Mary Cook 11 घंटे पहले
Kazi Apar Violin song- Stronger by Kelly Clarkson🦁👑. Golden buzzer song is Don't Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer .
Agboola Ireoluwa
Agboola Ireoluwa 23 घंटे पहले
Who enjoyed how he played. Hit the like button
معرض اف كار
معرض اف كار दिन पहले
Although the crying around me in Iraq But this kid make me crying
prem kumar
prem kumar दिन पहले
Truly inspired me, love from great land india 😘🤩
berto wolf
berto wolf दिन पहले
No me a parecido gran cosa solo dice que tuvo cancer en sangre y asi parece que sea aun mas epico ....en fin...
jamban hanyut
jamban hanyut दिन पहले
belum denger kabar pohon bajakah ni orang orang sini
Steve Garcia
Steve Garcia दिन पहले
This kid is a hero. And a great soldier of life. This performance brought me to tears because of his story and his extraordinary tallent.
Princesa Cubanita
Princesa Cubanita दिन पहले
Jaime Perez
Jaime Perez दिन पहले
Had to shed a gangster tear for this one
Black Screen ASMR
Black Screen ASMR दिन पहले
Help me out I’m broke and you can earn money too refer.kashtree.com/register.php?referral=rgkap
Julie Cortés
Julie Cortés दिन पहले
So strong and talented!!! ❤️
Huot Charina
Huot Charina दिन पहले
Love him from Cambodia
Devi Khadka
Devi Khadka दिन पहले
Who do unlike should suffer from cancer
jocker solanoy
jocker solanoy दिन पहले
Reply Noob
Reply Noob दिन पहले
He look like Ronaldo Delima
Le Joliff Kevin
Le Joliff Kevin दिन पहले
J'ai trop kiffe respect au petit homme belle musique trop triste son histoire force à lui à Tyler
Andy S
Andy S दिन पहले
Jesus is you're shield and sword! . Give it all to GOD!.
M V 16 घंटे पहले
Andy S i wish i could like this comment more number of times!
Andy S
Andy S 17 घंटे पहले
@M V Ofc!. Don't let the darkness of the devil bring you down... We got to ALWAYS REMEMBER that, Jesus is the light and the darkness bow to His name.
M V 17 घंटे पहले
Andy S Yes! What a beautiful testimony this child is
mohamed amine adam
mohamed amine adam दिन पहले
يا ربي تشافيه
Eliusalmo1 दिन पहले
Love you Tyler! God bless you and go ahead!🇵🇷
Iahel Cathartes Aura
Iahel Cathartes Aura दिन पहले
Greetings from a fellow NC native in Asheville, Tyler & family. Yeah! Fill that body, mind & spirit with character & JOY, and it will keep you healthy, free & strong! Tyler's character & maturity pours out of his young countenance... he has the look of the deep & hard won wisdom of a fully grown man. Bless his awesome mom & dad, and all who are part of his story! Love you, 💖💖 Simon 💖💖
احبك حياتي
احبك حياتي दिन पहले
Yahia Almalki
Yahia Almalki दिन पहले
Love you Tyler, huge respect from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦👏🏻🧡
Ariitu Neymar
Ariitu Neymar दिन पहले
Arpana Kumari
Arpana Kumari दिन पहले
Which song did he play?
Angirson Lopez
Angirson Lopez दिन पहले
Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
Pat Ritchie
Pat Ritchie दिन पहले
You are amazing
yamine messif
yamine messif दिन पहले
Amazing golden buzzer
Arianas Tears
Arianas Tears दिन पहले
Wow I cried for like hours omg i love him
Malik faheem
Malik faheem दिन पहले
this make me cry .... love this kid
Joui Z
Joui Z दिन पहले
no hate but don't think he should've got the golden buzzer
Joui Z
Joui Z दिन पहले
song just was not difficult and the way he was dancing made me cringe no hate just being honest
Joui Z
Joui Z दिन पहले
no hate but it just was not a difficult song and also the way he was dancing made me cringe ,don't get mad just being honest.
Angirson Lopez
Angirson Lopez दिन पहले
Please explain
Cocoplayz दिन पहले
5:51 Simon:*Presses Gold Buzzer Good job tyler
KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park
KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park दिन पहले
No offense but I think the only reason he got the buzzer is because he had cancer and was bullied. Like I’m a TwoSet boi, I can relate so much to them. I’m a mediocre violist and I could probably do this in like a day of practice and get it perfectly done
KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park
KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park दिन पहले
Angirson Lopez no? Why?
Angirson Lopez
Angirson Lopez दिन पहले
@KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park Jealous much?
KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park
KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park दिन पहले
Angirson Lopez yeaaaa no I’m not gonna do that. I’m just saying my thinking
Angirson Lopez
Angirson Lopez दिन पहले
@KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park Upload a video
KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park
KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park दिन पहले
Angirson Lopez how am I supposed to prove that
Manda Laloo
Manda Laloo दिन पहले
Those who bullied him would never hurt because he is not alone anymore
Manda Laloo
Manda Laloo दिन पहले
No one can win if we do it in our heart
Manda Laloo
Manda Laloo 19 घंटे पहले
It is true
Manda Laloo
Manda Laloo दिन पहले
He would be a legend of violin
Ian Valadez
Ian Valadez दिन पहले
Not tryna kill the mood, but I don’t think he should of got the golden buzzer. Like compare him to marcin. These sad stories man.
Angirson Lopez
Angirson Lopez दिन पहले
Please explain
BIGBRO दिन पहले
Damn I cried in front of my 2 kids
AS7 Sohana
AS7 Sohana दिन पहले
RealEllieGaming दिन पहले
Dang he should do a duet with Karolina Protsenko ❤️
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