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The Google Pixel 3 XL has two big flaws: The gigantic notch on the front, and mediocre battery life. That being said, this is the best Android experience you can find in a smartphone today.
Here is our full review of the Google Pixel 3 XL.
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Brandon Hoover
Brandon Hoover 5 दिन पहले
Fingerprints can be wiped off, so who really cares. Stop mentioning that stuff.
Marco Pereira
Marco Pereira 7 दिन पहले
Correction you can absolutely reply back to txt messages via the Google type C headphones.
Tim K
Tim K 11 दिन पहले
Which smartwatch does he wear ?
Freyas slain
Freyas slain 12 दिन पहले
note 9 is the beast
selwyn gonzales
selwyn gonzales 12 दिन पहले
Impressive review
Chris Spielman
Chris Spielman 14 दिन पहले
I wanted the Pixel 2XL last year but it was just too hard to find the white model. I still want the 3XL and mostly bc I want the galaxy watch. I just can't get over the looks of the apple watch. I currently have the iPhone X (first gen) and have always loved pure stock Android.
Tropic101x 14 दिन पहले
What's the name of the background wallpaper on the Pixel 3 XL?
Ovando Graham
Ovando Graham 14 दिन पहले
I like the notch!!!
MrTechnology83 15 दिन पहले
@DigitalTrends where did you get that beautiful wallpaper???? Or came preloaded on the Pixel 3 XL??? Thank you
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis 15 दिन पहले
Wow, what a great, highly detailed, in-depth breakdown. Thank you very much.
Stephen Wouw
Stephen Wouw 18 दिन पहले
I think the Pixel 3 is the biggest scam in the smartphone market! Last year(s) the pixel and pixel 2 sold 3.9 million and this year with the OnePlus 6T at an much cheaper price point and he iPhone XR wedged somewhere in between. Pixel 3 will be bought by Google fanboys claiming they need "stock android" and people that needs a good camera and have 0 photography skills. That is the very 1 thing the pixel 3 does well. It's all mediocre; design... forehead and chin in 2nd quarter of 2018 and that massive notch, that is a scam especially at that pricepoint. Now seeing the Oneplus 6T and with well specs to keep it user friendly. Then the specs, with 4gb you would hope "stock android" would work well enhancing the available memory. But practically the performance has been poor. Google has been great with the software but with mediocre hardware you will lose in this competitive market. Samsung rules the market, and upcoming brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi are stealing sales from google. Now Apple released the iPhone XR and will stir up the pot again in that cheaper segment. They bought HTC for 1.1 billion, do something with that.. and don't rely too much on your software.
Darren Michael
Darren Michael 18 दिन पहले
The Pixel 3 xl is the best phone out...I'm tired of everyone talking about the notch..jesus christ...enough already...big effing deal...
Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis 22 दिन पहले
A fair and full review. Thank you. Notches? Off-putting
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker 23 दिन पहले
I'd like to know how you got your icons so close to the bottom of the screen. By default there is so much space between my dock icons and my bottom search bar and I hate it
Robin Helene Hebert
Robin Helene Hebert 24 दिन पहले
great review. I have the Pixel 3 XL and love it.
Serj Star
Serj Star 26 दिन पहले
What's the p.k oint of the chin
Billy Henshaw
Billy Henshaw 26 दिन पहले
As someone who uses an OG Pixel with Microsoft's slew of apps, including Cortana, can the buds, Pixel Stand, and the squeeze functionality be used with Cortana and not Assistant?
Tommy 27 दिन पहले
This review was in-depth as hell, which is exactly what I like. Thank you. Memory management and photo saving issues aside, I'll be getting this phone in two months, provided Google fixes above issues by then. Also, that robocall test was hilarious!
Gregory Dennis
Gregory Dennis 29 दिन पहले
Now playing is creepy yet so useful.
Moo B
Moo B महीने पहले
Went from the 2XL to a Pixel 3 because of the notch on the XL. Good decision. Never realized how much i like the smaller phone better. Can do everything with one hand again .
bycc28777 महीने पहले
I wish all carriers were selling the google pixel 3 and 3 XL instead of only Verizon.
Ant Rod
Ant Rod 8 दिन पहले
TMobile sells it not Verizon.
roger hamm
roger hamm 25 दिन पहले
You can out right buy it.
Will Brent
Will Brent महीने पहले
I just bought it on the Google Store Unlocked and they allow financing, similar to the major carriers. I am turning in my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy 9 + for it and they are giving me $310 for it, which is exactly what i owe on the phone! I am super excited to get the Pixel 3XL tomorrow!
Domm Dynamite
Domm Dynamite महीने पहले
I'm tired of hearing about the notch. Get over it!
Michael Detwiler
Michael Detwiler महीने पहले
The average consumer doesn't care about the notch NOR do they sit on IN-vid and watch geek videos.
Russell Taylor
Russell Taylor महीने पहले
That's no notch it's a trench. I'll pass on this one.
Dev Melepura
Dev Melepura महीने पहले
What smartwatch is he wearing?
Adam21 महीने पहले
Would you recommend the pixel 3 or the s9/s9+?
Mikawelll महीने पहले
Dat wallpaper.... Want the link. Now.
RonnyLamar KylesJr.
RonnyLamar KylesJr. महीने पहले
I like the notch its cool and different and you can turn it off for the battery life 30 minutes 50 percent
r0ssr0ss महीने पहले
What's that wallpaper?
Alpha Llama
Alpha Llama महीने पहले
The new pixel 3 XL is truly awful. The 4gb of ram , the relatively small battery size and the lacklustre huge notch and big chin design are all short of todays market mobile standard. I will say at least your review is fair and tries to tackle all of these things sensibly instead of doing what other youtubers have done and kissed googles rear end when talking about this new phone.
CnF C.W P महीने पहले
I dont care about front facing cameras, I dont use headphones neither, so many gimmics in these phones nowadays. I need a phone with a fast processor,proper crisp display, great machine learning software and a good eco system, spare me the gimmics
bill19282 3 दिन पहले
You don't, but what about the people that do? It's an 1000€ phone after all. It should't miss usefull features like the audio jack or the front facing camera!
Scott Sparling
Scott Sparling महीने पहले
Wireless charging is, hands down, the dumbest thing ever. All the phone reviews this year that lamented no wireless charging just seemed to be the dumbest thing to complain about. 1) wireless doesn't charge as fast as wired, 2) with wireless, it's still stuck to something, the main difference being that while on a wire YOU CAN STILL USE IT, , while docked, it's really difficult to use. Just seems like the dumbest thing to be concerned with
Elvisisalive 24 दिन पहले
Unless your vehicle has wireless charging... but thats just common sense.
HopperDragon महीने पहले
I have an s8+ capable of fast wireless charging, and a couple charging pads lying around, one at my desk setup and the other by my bed. I'm not concerned with being able to use it while it's charging because the battery actually lasts me all day. This might not seem like anything significant to you, but it is so nice to just toss the phone on a surface instead of fumbling for wires on the ground. I'm also someone who puts some amount of effort into creating tech setups that have no visible wires, so Qi chargers are definitely a great step aesthetically. It may seem like only a few seconds saved, but it adds up, and ads to the seemlessness of the experience. Remember when we had to type in a password every time we unlocked the phone? Can you imagine going back to that? Also fast wireless charging is definitely pretty quick.
Kulbeer Singh
Kulbeer Singh महीने पहले
That white wallpaper link please.?
Bryan E.
Bryan E. 27 दिन पहले
If your using a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, it’ll be in the Living Universe section of wallpapers.
youtubeuser महीने पहले
Why do reviewers bother mentioning fingerprint marks? Why waste a good minute on something so silly.
Aniq Farooqi
Aniq Farooqi महीने पहले
Hi Julian! When are you going to review the Smartwatch, Skagen Falster 2, which you are wearing :)
royel महीने पहले
what the hell was that audio test
Vignesh S
Vignesh S महीने पहले
Fantastic review. I wish all were this comprehensive.
Nona Romio
Nona Romio महीने पहले
Very bad review on low resolution phone
Tf ticklefeet
Tf ticklefeet महीने पहले
The woman in your pics, So she's your gf ??
Fancy a Bev Mate?
Fancy a Bev Mate? महीने पहले
Ordered the pixel 3 normal size, they should realist the XL as a botched not notched design. Shame like other YT channels you didn't just review the smaller version then you wouldn't have to keep mentioning the worst feature :) cheers
DriveCFL महीने पहले
Google doesn't need to have the most impressive hardware because they have the best software.
Alpha Llama
Alpha Llama महीने पहले
Yeah just stop trying now google....oh they already did...
Derek Andrews
Derek Andrews महीने पहले
Oh my god stop with the Donald Trump hand movements.
Ant Rod
Ant Rod महीने पहले
19:24" I have a big package that contains the body of someone close to you". How creepy is that. Couldn't think of anything else to say?
tom black
tom black महीने पहले
That because your a dirty fucker
Trailman महीने पहले
That phone looks like shit with the display bezel. My Key one still outperforms this thing.
Rainer Wever
Rainer Wever महीने पहले
A robo call answerd by another robo machine.
Ivan Mariceski
Ivan Mariceski महीने पहले
at the camera sector maybe its better to put full screen pictures to see but shown on the phone display
Alex H
Alex H महीने पहले
Finally I have been waiting for someone to show the nacho notch feature, looks pretty good to me, thanks
Gil pc
Gil pc महीने पहले
This is in ugly design
Gil pc
Gil pc महीने पहले
They all talk about the camera what about the ugly pixel phone
Jake LockWood
Jake LockWood महीने पहले
Nice video , is this wallpaper included in the pixel 3 ? or where di you take it
John Deere
John Deere महीने पहले
What the fuck is it with the phone makers putting white headphones in with black phones? Stupidest thing I've ever seen and they all do it.
Nicholas Candaffio
Nicholas Candaffio महीने पहले
The stand is such a blatant rip off. Google could and should enable those capabilities whenever you're using wireless charging. Instead, they lock it up to get you to spend $80 on a $20 Qi charger.
Moo B
Moo B महीने पहले
Got mine free with my Pixel 3
boban61 महीने पहले
Very informative video. Can you list all the new Pixel 3 AI features that will also be available for older models like Pixel 1 and 2? Camera and other upgrades I mean. Thx
Justin Carpenter
Justin Carpenter महीने पहले
I like the notch. Get used to it now. It's the future of phones. You have to put the hardware somewhere
Abdulai Bah
Abdulai Bah 24 दिन पहले
I will never use a phone with a notch and no I don't think it is "the future of phones". In fact I predict that many of these Apple followers will soon make a U-Turn like many did with the SD card.
Alpha Llama
Alpha Llama महीने पहले
what about that god awful chin ? I dont see one that big on other phones with a oversized notch. Examples being apple the essential phone , the new and older Huawei phones. Why does this phone need 4gb of ram a awful chin and a crappy sized battery ? And dont tell me that battery is as good as other phones. I have watched enough tests on youtube to prove it isnt.
Charuka Kaluarachchi
Charuka Kaluarachchi महीने पहले
17:46 , please tell me where to get that wallpaper?😃😄
Charuka Kaluarachchi
Charuka Kaluarachchi 27 दिन पहले
+Bryan E. Thanks for the Name of the wallpaper 😊, I managed to download it .
Bryan E.
Bryan E. 27 दिन पहले
Go to settings, then display and there you can change the wallpaper. This wallpaper is in the Living Universe section of the wallpapers section
The RaRa85
The RaRa85 महीने पहले
Great review but please always use full screen pictures for the camera section and not showing us pictures on the phone. Please.
Paulo Lima
Paulo Lima महीने पहले
So frustrating seeing our friend here pinch zooming. Why not simply double tap, at least to zoom out...
Steve महीने पहले
It's not a "notch"....it's a "bucket"
Martín Balzarini
Martín Balzarini महीने पहले
A PIANO song to demo the speaker? RLY??? OMG.
Jeong-hun Sin
Jeong-hun Sin महीने पहले
Not pink means pink? What a country!
Moskoe83 महीने पहले
I can't watch a video this long with a dude rocking that kind of haircut 🤨
Christian Öhrn
Christian Öhrn महीने पहले
good to see such an in depth review! and great to see you talk about the battery, not one single person has done this... and it is such a crucial thing!
quintilian महीने पहले
The notch is just to big. Might as well get the smaller phone. Because of that notch they basically have the same size screen.
Super Chris
Super Chris महीने पहले
Then your choice is 5.5" screen or 6" scree
Michael Yun
Michael Yun महीने पहले
19:14 "This is not a normal person. This is a roma call". Man the roma can't catch a break.
huss1205 महीने पहले
They increased the screen size in the XL version by putting this notch, you hide it, you are simply left with a screen that got probably the same size as that of Pixel 2 XL, so just buy the regular pixel 3 and you save yourself the trouble of hiding a notch and the trouble of paying more for something you hide.....
Harsh Gehlot
Harsh Gehlot महीने पहले
You’re terrible in comparing those speakers.
Tariq Ahmed
Tariq Ahmed महीने पहले
As a consumer I don't see any improvement from last year's pixel 2. If anything it's gotten worse. The notch actually cuts into the screen why would anyone wanna buy that? The display doesn't even reach the bottom end of the phone so it has a big chin compared with its competitors iPhone and Samsung. Video quality is inferior to the iPhones. Until Google learns how to create better phones with a Teardrop notch (if they really had to have a notch) then I won't be buying it. I was so looking forward to the pixel but it looks like it'll be either the 1+6t or even the razer phone
Kay Urban
Kay Urban महीने पहले
What smartwatch is that? Looks amazing!
Kay Urban
Kay Urban महीने पहले
That one only has one button. I think it's a Skagen.
Mikawelll महीने पहले
I think it's a moto 360 gen 2
roblex63 महीने पहले
It's way too expensive, when Honor are producing look a like phones for a third of the price..
hulkpayne महीने पहले
I dont understand google's design choice. Like, the iphone went for the notch because it was going for the relatively bezel-free look with pretty much all screen display. Google, on the other hand, has a huge chin and thick bezels elsewhere! Like whats the point of a notch on top when u have a huge chin below?!...
Jason Kosko
Jason Kosko महीने पहले
Its the price you pay for front facing speakers. Iphone x has no chin because the bottom speaker is facing down.
hulkpayne महीने पहले
AI+Software+shitty hardware
Cheyenne Wyatt
Cheyenne Wyatt महीने पहले
Would you say the camera is better than the iphone XS? Really wanting to switch to android but can't give up on iOS high quality in photos
Mo Lunat
Mo Lunat महीने पहले
All the reviews seem to say the camera is better on the pixels, but it does come down to personal preference
Mathew Liam Sousa
Mathew Liam Sousa महीने पहले
One of the most dullest YT reviewers ever. 😪😴
Jonathan Trottier
Jonathan Trottier महीने पहले
They should have brought back panda
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker 23 दिन पहले
Jonathan Trottier for sure
jvrdlc महीने पहले
i dont follow this hater, but i wonder if he complain the same way about the Notch on the Iphone X, Xs and Max..
Alpha Llama
Alpha Llama महीने पहले
this phone has a huge notch and a huge chin. No need for both. I dont mind the notch. But the 4gb of ram and the crap battery and dire chin design just doesnt do it for me
tits mcghee
tits mcghee महीने पहले
they all hate the notch... the notch is fine... I have the iPhone X and I want this phone
Davion Huell
Davion Huell महीने पहले
Stupid choice of audio to test the sound.
ladyvee7110 महीने पहले
iPhoneX remix
PRESCOTT 360 महीने पहले
Whether you like the phone or not, this was a great video!
quintilian महीने पहले
PRESCOTT 360 what?
Matris महीने पहले
Best review that I have watched , thank you
JCA Gómez
JCA Gómez महीने पहले
You didn't show any photo taked by this pixel 3. Bad review
JCA Gómez
JCA Gómez महीने पहले
+Shell Casing thanks for tge correction iam still learning
Shell Casing
Shell Casing महीने पहले
taken with
anthony kaighn
anthony kaighn महीने पहले
i thought both phones had the same specs and the only diference was the screen size?if this is the case why is every reviewer pushing the xl model and keep claiming that the notch is hideous
Bryan E.
Bryan E. 27 दिन पहले
Super Chris, actually, the normal pixel has more screen time.
Super Chris
Super Chris महीने पहले
+Navysealsnake hehehe
Navysealsnake महीने पहले
+Super Chris definitely, I agree haha, I'm using headphone most of the time anyways so it's not even a huge selling point for me in the first place and the difference in volume probably isnt significant either
Super Chris
Super Chris महीने पहले
+Navysealsnake Testing in store yes by a bit. But I don't think it's by enough to be a "decision" maker imo
Navysealsnake महीने पहले
+Super Chris aren't the speakers a tad bit louder on the XL as well?
jonnie allen
jonnie allen महीने पहले
the pixel 3 designer may have just recently graduated from working with lego blocks. I am not sure where they figure the value at $1000 for a phone limited to 128Gig of storage
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath महीने पहले
Hitler would be proud of that notch
Brett M.
Brett M. महीने पहले
Bruh he just opened google maps and showed his location, showed his gmail address, and his phone number at 19:41
Potenti4lz महीने पहले
Might be disposable Sim? Lol
Rob Zombee
Rob Zombee महीने पहले
I'm curious, when one zooms in on a IN-vid video, will it still keep the notch hidden whether hiding the notch under the developer setting or using Nacho Notch app? Great review!
Jack Burton
Jack Burton महीने पहले
Google ditched the notification LED according the XDA's review. Just one more reason I'm sticking with my 2XL.
tits mcghee
tits mcghee महीने पहले
why? always on is a better solution... and the leds always look cheaper...
Nicholas Cash
Nicholas Cash महीने पहले
Screen call is awesome.
J B महीने पहले
Wow very detailed review! Great job thank you. New subscriber
silver33 महीने पहले
When watching a video it's not symmetrical.
Victor Pham
Victor Pham महीने पहले
Thanks Julian. This video is very helpful.
Jamaican Bloke
Jamaican Bloke महीने पहले
Best review out for sure. Great job
MightiestArm महीने पहले
3:20 Probably the biggest reason why I'm buying this phone, a good way to get rid of that god awful notch
Danilo Prado
Danilo Prado महीने पहले
Nacho Notch is the best solution for the notch. Also to the issue on the lock screen, just add a black bar at the top of the wallpaper and you have a full notch free experience :)
ErikTheRed महीने पहले
This makes it a usable device. This was the most useful advice I've seen on the pixel 3 xl.
bobthefish38 महीने पहले
If only that was a.) baked into Android so you don't have the stupid notification all the time and b.) worked on all screens.
Parker's Brick Box
Parker's Brick Box महीने पहले
roblex63 people don’t just buy phone for the logos. It’s for the hardware and OS combination.
roblex63 महीने पहले
That is a BIG notch .... If you are not a brand snob..Just buy 3 honor plays, or 4 Honor 8X's, these companies like apple and google must really laugh behind the backs of sheep who just buy phones because they have a logo on them....
Ryan Deery
Ryan Deery महीने पहले
Fantastic review, nice work 👍🏼
christopher graziano
christopher graziano महीने पहले
its annoying because everyone is going crazy with notches even Google themselves, however the software still has no idea what to do with it and its just Ugly. I despise apple with a passion ut when they went all in on the notch at least the software knows how to handle it and its not as hideous as andoroids
Michael McAllister
Michael McAllister महीने पहले
Essential brought the notch. But come on, there's isn't that bad. Haha
Bill Latronica
Bill Latronica महीने पहले
Best review I've watched yet. Thanks for the in depth details.
Faisal Ali
Faisal Ali महीने पहले
Excellent review Julian. Very helpful indeed. One feedback though. Your hand movement in front of the phone screen and camera does get a bit annoying after a while. Please try to move hand away from camera lens going forward.
Proverbs Testament
Proverbs Testament महीने पहले
Excellent feedback!
Jameel Rahhal
Jameel Rahhal महीने पहले
6 hours of screen on time and battery is mediocre ? Oh la la !!!! Where do you guys live? Haha
rogerthat महीने पहले
+Eligabledog 47 depends on your use and pocket size. I prefer the more compact size for one-handed use.
liteoner महीने पहले
I've never managed to drain the Pixel 2 XL in a day, and this has basically the same specs
Super Chris
Super Chris महीने पहले
+Aalok Galappatti man is that some good battery life.
Aalok Galappatti
Aalok Galappatti महीने पहले
+Julian Chokkattu that's disappointing. Even 6 would be disappointing if you're using it for 6 hrs straight. I'd get 5 to 7 over the course of the day on heavy use. Usually I finish the day on 30%.
Julian Chokkattu
Julian Chokkattu महीने पहले
Clarification: I meant to say this, but 6 hour SoT was on the very first day of getting the phone. I have yet to come close to that since. I've been seeing 3.5 to 4 hours of SoT, which isn't as high as other phones in this price range (that I've seen with similar use).
Adrian MH
Adrian MH महीने पहले
79$ for a freakin charging matt. They are making Apple products look like a steal.
mawash0309 महीने पहले
I did not know Apple sells a wireless charger . How much? :/
tits mcghee
tits mcghee महीने पहले
I mean.. Samsung sells theirs for 80$ but apple will sell theirs for 250...
Proverbs Testament
Proverbs Testament महीने पहले
+Shell Casing Your sarcasm is epic. Love it. 😂😂
PRESCOTT 360 महीने पहले
Go buy one from Apple then. OHHHHHH, TOO SOON!?!
Shell Casing
Shell Casing महीने पहले
Let's see: with Apple, you pay > $1000 for the phone and a slow charger; that's it. Nothing else in the box. Quite a steal, indeed. Meanwhile, with the Pixels: you get a Phone+fast charger+USB type-C headphones+3.5mm adapter+USB OTG adapter all for < $1000. Google is definitely ripping us off!!!
Super Chris
Super Chris महीने पहले
I think its funny last year everyone said the Pixel 2 XL had awesome battery life. And now everyone is saying the Pixel 3 XL is mediocre... WHEN ITS ONLY 90mAh LESS and using Android Pie adaptive battery? Not specific to Digital Trends its been a common thing I'm seeing /shrugs
JPX 23 दिन पहले
OLED panels and higher resolution drains more battery life compared to the 2 XL, battery size isnt the only effect on battery life
Super Chris
Super Chris महीने पहले
+Abdul Khadir Oh yeah. I won't complain if the Pixel had more! Now I'm curious how much I'd get out of note 9...
Abdul Khadir
Abdul Khadir महीने पहले
Super Chris I'm a Note 8 user and its 3300 MaH which is pretty poor. Hence the upgrade to 4000 MaH this year is hefty. As for the Pixel again I do think they could've increased if but hey if it works for you it works.
Super Chris
Super Chris महीने पहले
So the past two days with my Pixel 3 XL I've gotten 7 hours of screen on time with my usage. For me. That makes me very happy and I'm personally not looking for a charger until I go to bed tho it gets down to 10 percent when I do
Super Chris
Super Chris महीने पहले
+Abdul Khadir You make a very good point. I think last year the Galaxy Note 8 only had a 3600 mAh. So that's a big jump
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