He FAKED HIS AGE To Become An NBA Player.... Or Did He?

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He FAKED HIS AGE To Become An NBA Player.... Or Did He? In this video we talk about all of the controversy surroundin nba player thon maker and his age around the time of the 2016 NBA draft. It is believed that thon maker who was one of the best high school players in america was 4 years olfer than he said he was. It is believed that thon maker is one of the many nba players who are believed to have faked their ages to become #1 high school recruits and top 10 draft picks. In this video I am going to talk about thon makers rise from being the number 1 player in high school to now and the evidence which proves or disproved the theory that thon maker of the milwaukee bucks faked his age




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Skippy 4077
Skippy 4077 4 दिन पहले
He was in australia from 5 years old and he didnt resurface in australia
GerMart 3 महीने पहले
You say his age controversy has been debunked right after you point out the difficulty of verifying the age of African migrants. In other words, it wasn't debunked, it still remains a mystery. If his age were rolled back a few years when he arrived in Australia then nobody would know except his family.
Tick tock Central
Tick tock Central 6 महीने पहले
Fuck off Bitch
Money Movement
Money Movement 6 महीने पहले
He is getting paid
Tyree Jennings
Tyree Jennings 7 महीने पहले
He's from my school
menny saga
menny saga 7 महीने पहले
KD will leave GS , this guy should go there , Maker will be the missing link to warriors . . .
Richer p Sickert.
Richer p Sickert. 8 महीने पहले
He's terrible on the pistons but he's better than Stanley Johnson week ass.
Jacob Monaghan
Jacob Monaghan 9 महीने पहले
He could of went to a private christian school where they take school book photos every year, i am australian and in a christian boys school and have to take year book photos every year
Reece Thornton
Reece Thornton साल पहले
Very nice video
Young RunItUp
Young RunItUp साल पहले
Lmao @ he graduated with Stephen A
Allen M.
Allen M. साल पहले
Ben Simmons didnt come from high school he went to LSU for a year
Michael King
Michael King साल पहले
I'm in my 40s but I'd fake my age if it could get me into the NBA.
Eli Dik
Eli Dik 10 महीने पहले
Sean Oriordan
Sean Oriordan साल पहले
In Australia you can leave school at 16 if you have a job or other special circumstances that’s in year 10
B-Ball 101
B-Ball 101 साल पहले
He’s not 24 I met him he went to the closest high school to me
jrco1010 साल पहले
Rjay Oso
Rjay Oso साल पहले
He also has one of the slowest kicks in the game :)
J dubbs sports
J dubbs sports साल पहले
Bucks turned him into a bust
Rosh breazy
Rosh breazy साल पहले
So every African player that in NBA lies about their age ? 🤷🏽‍♂️
John Perkins
John Perkins 8 महीने पहले
Pretty much
Sizlack Jones
Sizlack Jones 8 महीने पहले
lol 90% of the nba are Africans or descendants of Africans buddy!
YvngGoat साल पहले
Thon barely plays
Jlon Graham
Jlon Graham साल पहले
One question... why does it matter ?
John Perkins
John Perkins 8 महीने पहले
Bro if a gm thinks he's signing someone he thinks is 26 but is actually like 30, ahh forget it..you're obviously too dumb to understand
Klay Moore
Klay Moore साल पहले
Stephen A. Is young! Hahaha
Bogbogin ulit yan
cousins4321 _
cousins4321 _ साल पहले
My cousin grew at 33
Emmanuel Gatu
Emmanuel Gatu साल पहले
I don't know why he block shots just grab the out the air and go dunk it.
Jupiter Lane
Jupiter Lane साल पहले
3:17 I'm 💀
Yung Fat Ruben
Yung Fat Ruben साल पहले
Thon maker
GoCrxzy Taco
GoCrxzy Taco साल पहले
He’s 26 he graduated at 2010 which you graduate at 18 and it’s 2018 so 18+8 is 26 he’s 26
Kevin Balmores
Kevin Balmores साल पहले
Late registration
Andrew Mcgpvern
Andrew Mcgpvern साल पहले
When I was 6 I was 4 foot 11 inches
This guy is a kangaroo
Herv Lamizana
Herv Lamizana साल पहले
look im from Africa and A passport doesnt mean Jack to US they can change passports and schools grades to whatever they want! being from sudan and doing that doenst shock me at All! dont go on passports facts cause his family could have change all that before going to australia! looooooool i could go on but let me stop
Soy Doomer Low IQ
Soy Doomer Low IQ साल पहले
I like Maker's style but the Bucks always have him play a role that doesn't use his talent. I wish he got to drive to the basket more.
Freddy Calipari
Freddy Calipari साल पहले
existentialCRISIS Kevin garnettt always claims thon has more to show
Uncle Brew
Uncle Brew साल पहले
03:11 Stephen A. Smith
censio abenes
censio abenes साल पहले
i will teach this guy how to do a flying kick
Mathew Mittl
Mathew Mittl साल पहले
graduating from high school in australia means you are 15-16 then we got 2 years of ‘college’ which is junior and senior years in the USA and then University
fredrico साल पहले
I'm just sick of these africans coming into america. Stay where u are
DNZ 1014
DNZ 1014 साल पहले
Its a different gen
Elvis Quach
Elvis Quach साल पहले
That video from 2011 is from the place that I play BBall at all the time, my current Bball trainer and coach was one of the first people to meet him when he was in the country he was really tall this was like years back he used to play against him in a rep team called Saint George and it’s not that rare of occurrence for tall Sudanese kids in Sydney playing ball their everywhere now and the guy who coaches Saint George was known for bringing in lots of tall Sudanese kids and taking care of them and letting them play basketball so Thon Makur is definetly legitimate
JudahsAwakening साल पहले
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Dre Bacon
Dre Bacon साल पहले
Why does it even matter?
rbd साल पहले
Are there any Africans who don't lie about their age?
Leo Scarpoli
Leo Scarpoli साल पहले
They always say this about black athletes.
Favour Anifowose
Favour Anifowose साल पहले
I graduated high school in 2013 and again in 2017. I went to high school twice
hank साल पहले
People believe everything they see on the internet, I could add Barack Obama to my Swedish fake school yearbook if I wanted to, you can learn to do this with photoshop in like 2 hours.
Ibro Fay
Ibro Fay साल पहले
Bro you are retarded this guy already make it and you don't
westsidep साल पहले
LMAO UR dumb af if u believe that he really grad in 2010 just cuz of reddit lmfaoo delete ur channel my guy
TheCao साल पहले
This nigga is like 48 yo
Petar Gulin
Petar Gulin साल पहले
Buddy Hield just admited he lied about his age, guy went to college and is from Bahamas so why we act that guys like Biyombo, Ibaka,Oden and Maker don't look fucking way too old to be age they say they are ? Fucking Bol was around 40 when he retired and all official documents said he was 32 when he retired. He even said himself that back in Africa he was inking something every 5 years, guy had like 8 same tattoos. Kevin Mackey said he gave him birthday and made up birth year because nobody knew when he was born, including Manute.
Kam .B
Kam .B साल पहले
this man graduated w. Stephen A
Anthony West
Anthony West साल पहले
joe pen
joe pen साल पहले
Milwaukee BOOKS
Allcoustic साल पहले
he faked it
Aaron White
Aaron White साल पहले
John M
John M साल पहले
You get a like just for the Stephen A. look-a-like.. Hilarious!
Leland Judsyn
Leland Judsyn साल पहले
Some say Serge Ibaka is actually in his 40's also.
Ben2bwild 5 महीने पहले
For someone allegedly in his 40s, Ibaka actually played very well last season especially in the finals.
Cookie Blunt
Cookie Blunt 7 महीने पहले
thon atteneded aranmore catholic college which is not far from where i live
Leland Judsyn
Leland Judsyn 11 महीने पहले
@Rick Nash Ya I love his game this season. Under Casey he was useless.
Rick Nash
Rick Nash 11 महीने पहले
If ibaka was in his 40’s he’s an absolute phenom because he’s still good
Yanno Love
Yanno Love साल पहले
Noooo liess lolol
Grxphic साल पहले
Australia gang
Cris10w _
Cris10w _ साल पहले
Man idk but he looks old af
Tee Bo
Tee Bo साल पहले
At least do you homework he didn’t go to America he was in Toronto Canada fool
Deklyn Simms
Deklyn Simms साल पहले
Thon Maker is actually 25. My highschool basketball coach played with him at Aranmore Catholic College. when my coach who is 26 went to school Thon graduated in the same highschool class as my coach.
Filip Cordas
Filip Cordas साल पहले
@King Torre I don't know he looks 25 but he plays like he is 40 years old so...
Aly  Julmiste
Aly Julmiste साल पहले
Might be a coincidence that someone looks like him. At the same time. It's not hard to get another birth certificate and change your date of birth. Some people from other countries change their kids age to a lower number so can go to school at a younger age to give them an advantage so they won't fall behind in school.