How Mobile Phone Works ? | Working of Mobile Phone Signals in HINDI | Mobile Tower & MSC Details

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Hey Guys,
In this video i'll explain you how Mobile Phones are connected to Mobile Towers & How Mobile Phones work to connect calls in AIR (wireless).
How Mobile Towers Transmit & Receive signals & connect phone calls to thousands 1000's of distance in few seconds.
How our voice convert from Audio wave into digital wave & then into electromagnetic wave to connect our 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G voice calls in INDIA.
How MSC (Mobile Switching Center) helps Base Station to connect calls from different city, different states in the country.
Why sometimes we get mobile not in network or switched off when we call from one phone to another, how different operators like: Airtel 4G, Jio 4G, BSNL, Vodafone, IDEA, MTNL connects voice calls in air without any physical wire.
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Queries Solved:
1) How Mobile Works (HINDI)
2) Working of mobile phone signals
3) What is Base Station & Mobile switching center
4) How signal travels in air to connect phone call
5) How our mobile phones are connected to cell towers
6) Working of Wireless Transmission
7) Reason of mobile not in network or switched off
8) Telephone vs Mobile Phone
9) Sid Talk by Siddhant Jain
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