How to light Charcoal - Charcoal 101 #1 (using lighter fluid) -

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The Wolfe Pit shows you one of many methods of lighting your charcoal for your next cook out, family gathering or picnic! This will ensure perfectly cooked burgers, hot dogs, steaks and chicken! Subscribe for more upcoming videos on how to light your charcoal.

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ODeLeon 29 दिन पहले
First time I tried it took me forever to get the coals to catch. I kept pouring lighter fluid on it every time the coals were about to go out and I would just get huge flames. Then I bought a chimney starter at Walmart for like $16 bucks and it makes the biggest difference!!
John Snow
John Snow महीने पहले
Do you leave the lid open the whole time until the coals are nice and white or do you close it once the 🔥 has started ?
nespith महीने पहले
Everytime I've ever tried lighter fluid the fire just goes out after about a minute and the coals never gets very hot.
Robert Haibi
Robert Haibi महीने पहले
I have seen BBQ pitmaster show and they use lighter fluid........lots of it that's my way of doing it ..screw the chimney
Nelson Avery
Nelson Avery महीने पहले
I've heard of wine snobs, but charcoal chimney snobs is new to me! They're all over these comments lol
II_OneShot_II 3 महीने पहले
Who do you think you are or I don't know your name is
K C 4 महीने पहले
I’m home alone no man around. I want some bbq ! Don’t think I put enough fluid on the charcoals.
D E 4 महीने पहले
I have been bbqing for 33 years. I use nothing but kingsford lighter fluid or Royal Oak, but mainly Kingsford. I see a lot of videos on IN-vid that detest putting lighter fluid on their briquettes or on fire wood. Lighter fluid has become a phobia in recent years.Some mention kingsford “match light” ok there are exceptions to the rules. “Match light” has been soaking in lighter fluid for months or even a year or longer..I have tried it out of curiosity and, yes the meat tastes like lighter fluid. Another mistake people make is they buy the cheap lighter fluid, that’s a no no.cheap lighter fluid doesn’t burn clean, that’s why the saying goes” you get what you pay for”. Don’t be cheap and get the good brands. I’m sure there are more good lighter fluid brands I haven’t heard about, but for now I’m sticking to kingsford or Royal Oak. Another mistake that people make is they add too much lighter fluid. One 32 oz bottle of kingsford last me no less then ten bbq’s.
Cody Stone
Cody Stone 4 महीने पहले
Oh I just rip off the cab and pour the entire thing
bobettt the minion
bobettt the minion 4 महीने पहले
This tip was spot on! Worked like a charm! Thanks!!❤
suprb6970 5 महीने पहले
What you didn't get the can of gas from the garage?
Cody Stone
Cody Stone 5 महीने पहले
I know it's costly but I just bore in an entire can and then drop one matching and it explodes into flames
kaykay1kc 5 महीने पहले
1 cup of lighter fluid. GOT IT! thanks
Kazwan 6 महीने पहले
شكرااااا على الفديو
Lance Uppercut
Lance Uppercut 7 महीने पहले
I've been lighting barbecues wrong all along XD Granted, I haven't been doing it too long but still good to learn how to do it properly, thanks
Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson साल पहले
About a cup of lighter fluid? Taste the meat, not the heat. Use a chimney. Trust me.
Chris Alvarez
Chris Alvarez साल पहले
First off throw that lighter fluid in the trash and buy a Chimney.
Lakario Davis
Lakario Davis साल पहले
Lmao damn mine have never lite that easy! I spend tens of minites trying to get these things to burn! Maybe im not letting the lighter fluid soak long enough? It keeps burning off b4 the coal lights!
Empress Zaire
Empress Zaire साल पहले
Can charcoal be too old?
Rechelle Kelley
Rechelle Kelley साल पहले
Thanks! 💯
Chris Frisk
Chris Frisk साल पहले
Wes Clark
Wes Clark साल पहले
Use a chimney starter lighter fluid taste like ass's
Theo T
Theo T साल पहले
After watching this, i realized, i should stop throwing gasoline in my bbq/charcoals, thinking its faster....i think its bad for u.
MzKaylaGurl साल पहले
that charcoal looked so satisfying when u poured the lighter fluid on it , idk why lol
HUNGalaxyGame साल पहले
*Best of best.>>>**t.co/Al2rAFl5tP** Versatile grill with lots of room.*
S Yangs
S Yangs साल पहले
Thanks! So helpful. Trying to bbq for the kids without the man today.
blackcat cleopatra
blackcat cleopatra साल पहले
Thank you
Renato Giovani Barroso
Renato Giovani Barroso साल पहले
You can also use a Hot gun, like this mine: in-vid.net/video/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-LIDTEIJHrSM.html
Pomponivs Archibald
Pomponivs Archibald 2 साल पहले
I need help. I've tried this method 89 times in a row to no avail. I even bought a charcoal chimney, charcoal starters, cotton balls and a dozen canisters of napalm. All I managed to do was losing my left arm. Is nothing easy?
DirdyJoker 4 महीने पहले
@ReZisT Lust had the same problem. Thank you it worked when I plugged it back in.
ReZisT Lust
ReZisT Lust 10 महीने पहले
Have you tried unplugging it then plugging it back in
Lucy B
Lucy B 2 साल पहले
That's genius af why I never thought about that I was adding newspaper to the fire lol.
Udita Rawat
Udita Rawat 2 साल पहले
Designer chars!
Dave S
Dave S 2 साल पहले
This is the only video that gets it right.3- 5 minute soak, light and wait untill the coals are white to cook.
Cristina Valadez
Cristina Valadez 2 साल पहले
thank you for this video gonna try this tomorrow
A G 2 साल पहले
thank you
Your Mother
Your Mother 2 साल पहले
Dope video, helped out a lot !
TheWolfePit 2 साल पहले
Thanks Jordan!
Chris 2 साल पहले
Who else is watching this because they have no dad
MAAREZ 19 दिन पहले
verbal retweet
John Snow
John Snow महीने पहले
That's said man. But thanks to all the IN-vid Daddy's out there teaching us lol
Google-is-a-stupid-piece-of-fucking-shit 2 महीने पहले
I have a dad, but he didn't teach me anything.
Gael F
Gael F 2 महीने पहले
My dads at work and he’s the only one that know how to do this
Ge Moua
Ge Moua 2 साल पहले
I feel dumb after watching this lol....my first time trying to light it up went very bad lol....after I pour the fluid I immediately fire it up
Daniel Lantos
Daniel Lantos 14 दिन पहले
@TheWolfePit So you let is soak in for 5 minute
210Jay 4 महीने पहले
I was doing same thing 😂
TheWolfePit 2 साल पहले
Don't feel dumb! That's why I make these videos, to try to help people! Hope it does help! Thanks for watching!
JMFSwldcat36 SA
JMFSwldcat36 SA 2 साल पहले
agh my eyes!! I cant watch @0:59
JMFSwldcat36 SA
JMFSwldcat36 SA 2 साल पहले
You know, thats actually a damn good question. What am I doing w/ my life?
mark weiler
mark weiler 2 साल पहले
Then WTF would you click on a video labeled 'How to Light Charcoal with Lighter Fluid'? DA
Soviet Onion 72
Soviet Onion 72 2 साल पहले
you don't need lighter fluid just 2 to 3 fire starters does it and lump charcoal is way better.
H S 4 महीने पहले
Lump charcoal burns out pretty quick its not good if u tryna cook for hours
First Last
First Last 2 साल पहले
no, it's really not. it might be "greener" but it's not better
Nah Man
Nah Man 2 साल पहले
is it ok to close the lid when the charcoals are burning?
Chad महीने पहले
I wouldn't. The lighter fluid is evaporating, you don't want it to stick to the lid.
Brian Malone
Brian Malone 2 साल पहले
I always make a pyramid light from the bottom
Kenney 3 साल पहले
One problem with lighter fluid is that it gets on the body of the grill itself. A solution to this is to light the charcoal in something else and then put it in the grill after it ashes over.
Patrick Munce
Patrick Munce 3 साल पहले
In general I pretty much agree with "Wolfe" . All I was ever saying was from what I have read, with lighter fluid, you really have to wait until the fluid is burned off and coals have burned down to a complete gray before you can cook after using it I do stand by my belief that all petroleum distillates are not only carcinogenic when ingested , they are also rather poisonous. I would recommend exercising caution with the stuff.
Kevin Williamson
Kevin Williamson 3 साल पहले
Thanks for the tips Wolfman!
TheWolfePit 3 साल पहले
You're welcome Kevin! Thanks for watching!
Nathan Boyer
Nathan Boyer 3 साल पहले
Thanks a lot man, these people around me are real dumbasses. This really helped lot. Definitely a thumbs up and sub.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee साल पहले
The real dumbass is you smh if you weren't you wouldn't be watching this video so dont act like you know it all
TheWolfePit 3 साल पहले
+Nathan Boyer Thanks Nathan!
Warndog 4 साल पहले
Should I close the lid once the flame dies off?
DashCam 24/7
DashCam 24/7 11 महीने पहले
This is perfect video for those of us who had our dads die before teaching us!
Todd Parker
Todd Parker साल पहले
Yes thanks for keeping it simple, I'm just a beginner and now I BBQing right.
Lioness साल पहले
Am giving this video a thumbs up because, u actually took the time to reply to people question and it also helped me.
Keshia Thomas
Keshia Thomas साल पहले
Warndog 4 साल पहले
Well I'm definitely glad we've made the switch! Much better food!
Billy Maya
Billy Maya 6 साल पहले
I save my used cooking oil and use that instead of lighter fluid. And it keeps me from putting oil down the drain...
Moni A.
Moni A. 2 महीने पहले
I've never thought of that! Thanks
Ranbir Dhillon
Ranbir Dhillon साल पहले
Rico Gomas you’re never supposed spill oil down your sink, it fucks up the pipes
joed596 6 साल पहले
Oh, it was a very OLD commercial (~35 yrs ago) *LOL* . . . a guy (Harry) was trying to light his coals this way and that . . . nothing would work (even explosions). His wife kept nagging and nagginh him to use "Kingsford" charcoal: . . . "NOW will you try the Kingsford, Harry?" was the catchphrase :-)
joed596 6 साल पहले
PS "NOW will you try the Kingsford, Harry?" :-) (Remember THAT commercial, Wolfe?) *lol*
joed596 6 साल पहले
Thanks, Wolfe! . . . what a great idea to show different ways of lighting the coals!. This is EXACTLY the way that I do it! . . . :-) Some purists object to using lighter fluid, but I agree with you . . . as long as you WAIT until the coals are all fully lit, there is absolutely NO danger of fumes, or taste, etc. from the lighter fluid, and there is minimal "pollution" of the environment. Looking forward to the rest of your series, and thumbs up, your fan, Jersey Joe :-)
michael landry
michael landry 6 साल पहले
That's not the inferno method I learnt as a child, lol. That is the proper way Larry.
Fritz Rochester
Fritz Rochester 6 साल पहले
Hey Larry !!! Thank You for the Fantastic Tips Brother !!! Throw me a 16 oz Ribeye on those Fine Lookin Coals !!! LOL ... Thank You Larry !!!
jeffxl12 6 साल पहले
no wonder why I was wasting the coals. I wouldn't wait after soaking it. Would still have black ones here and there. I will say this though. If you wanted a nice steak at 9pm. You are in luck, it is hot and can sear a steak in no time. That was breakfast lol
MrRRSP 6 साल पहले
Walter B
Walter B 6 साल पहले
Great lesson, thank you Larry.
Lumberman2011 6 साल पहले
Good stuff Larry!!
TeddyTheYetti 6 साल पहले
Good vid wolfepit man I cook for many people n I never tell um I use lighter fluid an NOBODY has ever asked if I use lighter fluid
TeddyTheYetti 6 साल पहले
Yeah n charcoal has coal dust amongst many other carcinogens unless u use ALL NATURAL CHARCOAL
Terry Lyle
Terry Lyle 6 साल पहले
An investment into a weber chimney starter is worth every penny and will last for years. Lighter fluid is consumed and you are constantly buying more. Don't go for the cheap flimsy chimneys. They are very unsafe and the handles can fall off at the most inconvenient time. Been there...done that.
Terry Lyle
Terry Lyle 6 साल पहले
I used to use lighter fluid. It always left a funny taste to the food. Once I discovered the chimney method there was no turning back. It is the best. I even use it to start a few coals when I do the snake method. Don't have a propane torch...but I might get one! No lighter fluid though.
VGent 2 महीने पहले
Lol sounds you like you're advertising the damn thing. Give it a break Jr
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