How to Light Coals on a Natural Gas Stove

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If you dont have a coil burner but do have a natural gas stove, you can still light up your coals for your hookah. Watch the video and read our hookah coals guide: www.hookah.org/hookah-coals-guide/




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Rachel Essel
Rachel Essel 24 दिन पहले
Thanks Paul!
Wccds 9 महीने पहले
Wllh meh kheb zo’n vuur a sha is dees 2007 ofzo
Simo Koussi
Simo Koussi 11 महीने पहले
Ive been doin this for 5 years now
Elias Bastos
Elias Bastos साल पहले
It worked wonders for me. Thanks!
Hamlet telmaH
Hamlet telmaH साल पहले
Lighting it on a stove isn't the issue, the issue is the mess it makes regardless of how small or big the mess is and also if the range/stove is old or new.
Bar BetTash
Bar BetTash 2 साल पहले
Can I put them on a fry pan and than hitting the pan with gas stove?
Elias Bastos
Elias Bastos साल पहले
Not really, the pan will burn before being hot enough to light up the coal.
Sponsored by Gucci
Sponsored by Gucci साल पहले
I thought the same thing too
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 2 साल पहले
A Z 2 साल पहले
Does it smell?
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 2 साल पहले
it all depends on the coals you use. it won't be any different than using a single coal burner to light your coals.
XXXVEXIIXXX 3 साल पहले
My stove is not the same
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 3 साल पहले
what do you have a glass-top stove?
Daniel Sanmartín Alvarado
Daniel Sanmartín Alvarado 3 साल पहले
Too much waste of gass
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 3 साल पहले
It doesn't waste gas but it's definitely much faster than using a lighter.
yazdan khalilolahi
yazdan khalilolahi 3 साल पहले
the problem is the mess
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 3 साल पहले
yeah that does become a mess, but it's good to know when there's no other way to light them.
BigDaddyM 3 साल पहले
God there must be another way...
The Emperium of KEK
The Emperium of KEK 5 महीने पहले
@Hookah .org I use an alcohol burner
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 3 साल पहले
+CallmeMell LOL yes there are many ways to do it. I was just doing this video to show how it can be done.
Danny Castaldo
Danny Castaldo 4 साल पहले
Propane burns over 3000 degrees. Coil burners burn over 1000.
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 4 साल पहले
Learn how to Light Coals on a Natural Gas Stove
Mikayla Johnson
Mikayla Johnson 4 साल पहले
SOS!!!!! Has anyone ever dropped and lost a coal inside your gas stove??? I know this is super silly but while multitasking, one of our coco coals fell down and while trying to get it out, it slipped down and we don't know where it is now....lost in the abyss i guess. Is my stove going to catch fire if i use this burner??? please help! thank you!
Ladda Evolta
Ladda Evolta 3 साल पहले
+Mikayla Johnson Use a bbq wire grill over your stove! thats how i do it
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 4 साल पहले
Learn how to Light Coals on a Natural Gas Stove
evilslig 5 साल पहले
I'm a novice hookah smoker. My biggest concern is exposure to carbon monoxide. How should my charcoal look when it's ready for smoking?
evilslig 4 साल पहले
@WatchdogDisciple Cook till coals ashen grey & natural coals only. Too easy. Thanks Watchdog.
WatchdogDisciple 4 साल पहले
If your coals have carbon monoxide then you are using Insta-lights. Get some natural coconut coals or bamboo coals and you will be good to go. And your coals will be good to go when you see no black.
EdDy4RheelZ 5 साल पहले
Heating up your coals with coil burner has way better results than heating up your coals with natural gas stove. The answer is simple. When you use coil burner, you're heating up coals naturally, so it's baking your coals, hence staying hotter longer while not adding propane or gas into your coals. When you're using gas burner to heat it up, no doubt you'll get the coals heated up much faster but you'll also cool down your coals faster when you start using them. And as you add propane or gas into your coals, your coals get blacker easily. It's worth the wait using coil burner than using gas stove.
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 5 साल पहले
Learn how to Light Coals on a Natural Gas Stove buff.ly/WZC2YQ
Nico Mangiaracina
Nico Mangiaracina 5 साल पहले
The people that say you can't obviously don't want hookah that bad.
Imonni Kennedy
Imonni Kennedy 5 साल पहले
thank you so much
David Schwartz
David Schwartz 5 साल पहले
This is what I do. I've been using instant lights but I don't wanna stink up the house, so I use the grill outside.
emtmartinez1989 5 साल पहले
I put a metal screen over my gas stove. Works great for smaller coals!!
Sleepy cK All Day
Sleepy cK All Day 5 साल पहले
i did this and i wanted to see if someone else did it and yes i am not alone lol
Barry Emery
Barry Emery 5 महीने पहले
I had a pack of starbuzz natural coals and they said to never use petroleum products because it affected the flavor
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 5 साल पहले
I do that all the time
Kevin Stone
Kevin Stone 5 साल पहले
Tried that it took forever. BUY A COIL BURNER ONLY $10-20. It took 8 minutes
Jake Looker
Jake Looker 6 साल पहले
That is probably the best way
RNS8763 6 साल पहले
i know this is a stupid question but i wanted to buy a portable gas stove so i can put it in the car and light the shisha coals where ever i go is this recommended and is very any alternative ways to light coal when ur not at home?
Barry Emery
Barry Emery 5 महीने पहले
The only thing is you want ventilation or you could die
Michelle Dickson
Michelle Dickson 6 साल पहले
Ty sweety
MarkoKiLlEr101 6 साल पहले
no some coals (not for hookah) contain toxins and dangerous chemicals
Paul Morin
Paul Morin 6 साल पहले
It's not going to work properly. You need an open heat source like a coil burner or a gas range to light coals in any timely and efficient manner.
Paul Morin
Paul Morin 6 साल पहले
This is definitely a great suggestion.
Paul Morin
Paul Morin 6 साल पहले
There are a few compressed hardwood charcoals that aren't terrible. They usually create more CO though, which gives me headaches. If I couldn't use coconut charcoal I would use lump fruit wood charcoal like lemon or olive wood. Those were traditionally used in the Middle East.
Paul Morin
Paul Morin 6 साल पहले
Never use BBQ charcoal briquettes. They are terribly toxic. Natural charcoal is all I use and it's still not a healthy hobby, but it's not as directly deadly as if you used briquettes.
Paul Morin
Paul Morin 6 साल पहले
It's no more risky than lighting the burner by itself.
GetTheCheeseToSickbay 6 साल पहले
What alternatives are there to coconut charcoal? I can't use it due to allergies. I can make my own charcoal just not sure what's suitable wood wise... Thx
Barry Emery
Barry Emery 5 महीने पहले
He did a video on this
Hookah .org
Hookah .org 6 साल पहले
not long, maybe 5 to 10 min
theuglybiker 6 साल पहले
One thing I would suggest is to get a small cooking grate used for camp stoves. It allows you to place the coals over the flame better. I sue this on my single burner Coleman stove and my Exoticas are ready in 4 minutes.
trevorlacrosse 6 साल पहले
so how long does it normally take?
Waffle Goblin
Waffle Goblin 6 साल पहले
I tell people this all the time and no one listens.
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