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Black Diamond CharWood
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Black Diamond CharWood organic lump charcoal will enhance both your food’s taste as well as your overall grilling experience. However, for those of you who are use to grilling with briquets, or even a lower quality, less carbonized lump charcoal, CharWood start up process will vary slightly.
To ensure you maximize the benefits of grilling with CharWood we have put together our 2 recommended methods for start up with 3 keys to start up:
• VOLUME: Ensure you have sufficient amount to cover grilling surface keeping in mind remaining CharWood can be preserved for future grillings
• OXYGEN: Keeping the grill top and vents open during start up maximizes airflow and ensures full activation. Reducing airflow to early could shut down activation
• MOUNDING: Keep slightly mounded during start up and grilling to provide a base from which you can control time & temperature by adjusting airflow
MOUND SYSTEM (preferred method). Pour CharWood directly onto your grill and begin to mound using sufficient amounts in proportion to grill size and planned meal. Evenly place quality starters in the middle of the pile before finishing the mounding process. Light the starters and wait until all your CharWood is uniformly activated, with white edges and glowing red centers. Mixing fully activated with semi activated CharWood, still maintaining a minimum of 2 layers of CharWood so as not to see the grate, helps assure uniformity of your grills surface temperature and maximize results.
CHIMNEY STARTER. When using the chimney starter method, place a quality starter underneath the chimney. Then place chimney on a flat, solid surface and light your starter. After about 10-15 minutes, depending on conditions, pour out noting that with larger grill sizes you may want to add more CharWood to ensure maximum grilling temperatures. Once all CharWood is fully activated spread out, keeping a slight mound, once again the equivalent to a minimum of 2 layers so as not to see the grate below, and you will soon be ready to cook.
• Quality all natural Black Diamond Starters recommended over lighter fluid that might detract from organic grilling flavor.
• For best results start your fire 10-15 minutes before cooking and open all grill vents.
• Fanning increases airflow and speeds up the activation process.



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What’s wrong with lighter fluid? I love to light up my grill with kingsford lighter fluid and Royal Oak lump charcoal. I use Kingsford, because it’s hard to find Royal Oak lighter fluid near where I live. I have tried many methods to start my fire, but lighter fluid gives it a little bit of a flavor kick to my meats.. tastes more smoky.
John Bourne
John Bourne 4 दिन पहले
Matthew Christian Pangelinan
Matthew Christian Pangelinan 4 महीने पहले
You are using lighter fluid to give your grilled food a kick? Tsk tsk. But hey, to each their own.
wwwfuckcom साल पहले
Can anyone tell me what kind of fish used in this video? It looks low maintenance and easy to cook , thanks
Viktoria Kamenetskaia
Viktoria Kamenetskaia साल पहले
it is Branzino
sabrina williams
sabrina williams साल पहले
*Works great,>>>**t.co/tSbcdV3wDF** looks great... got it really quick! Thank you*
Dick Steele
Dick Steele साल पहले
Best grill other than a smoker
Black Diamond CharWood
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You can find Black Diamond CharWood in store and online at Ace Hardware, True Value, Target. If you order it online they will deliver it to your home . You can also find it in store at United Hardware, Bachmans, Safeway, HEB Grocery and Supervalu.
wmrrock 3 साल पहले
This is a great product. I highly recommend it.
Black Diamond CharWood
Black Diamond CharWood 3 साल पहले
+wmrrock Thanks, master grillers/smokers like you are what makes us love our work even more ! Thanks for the feedback.
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