I've been thinking of retiring.

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SHIONWARE दिन पहले
Linus - sounds 12 Austin - looks 12 Ken - acts 12 Me - is 12 Time - 12
Raw Fear
Raw Fear दिन पहले
Alejandro Ferrer
Alejandro Ferrer दिन पहले
I have never seen someone punish him/herself for making a mistake over an opinion about a GPU regarding the RT 5600 issue. Linus, I've been watching you for years now, in my country, Venezuela. A medical student that's passionate about PCs and hardware. Thank you so much for every single tech tip, thank you every single video. Whatever you want to do, I'm pretty sure, 10 million of us will support you. We, each one of us, are part of the tech tips, at least for our family when the wifi is down. Lots of good things will be up you man. Hope you get to take a glance at this from your Amazon Basic Battlestation.
Charles Presto
Charles Presto दिन पहले
Hey man, forget all these comment you and your family are #1 good for having the strength to admit you need to back away and put what matters first , although it’s awesome the videos you post and changed all our lives you’ve done for us already now you gotta do for you and your family. Good luck with whatever you choose man. Keep your head up.
Eduardo Morales
Eduardo Morales दिन पहले
I’m just getting into PCs and I wished I watched more of this guy earlier
Zee दिन पहले
Don’t do it Linus!
land shark
land shark दिन पहले
much love
Mathieu Morin
Mathieu Morin दिन पहले
if you can afford to retire :D totally do it man !! liver life to the fullest
np kellogg
np kellogg दिन पहले
icysnipess: hilarious remark. yeah i noticed it early on in the video. i think he should take a break, but not retire.
Richard Crouch
Richard Crouch दिन पहले
First time seeing Linus not complain about expensive things we can't afford. 👍🏼You go Linus. Just don't leave us with Ivan for the narrations he says Penis when trying to say a computer word.
Pyramanix दिन पहले
We love you Linus.Its you're decision to make this choice.Even though we have seen you work on computers for many years,this will be a big part of my childhood because I always wanted to be a computer engineer.You have tought me and many other people so much about computers that I and many other people can build a pc,thanks to you.
Bedelaar 🎮
Bedelaar 🎮 दिन पहले
Linus tek tip is fav
Cell दिन पहले
Everyone gangsta until linus runs out of tech tips
Alexis Gonzalez
Alexis Gonzalez दिन पहले
god those people in the top chat thing are fucking idiots. "Y U CRYIN BRO??" like dude is having a real emotion. dead inside ass people
Ali Shaikh
Ali Shaikh दिन पहले
I hail naw u ain’t quitting that’s like saying no more quality videos
DawnQuicksOat दिन पहले
ssg boi77
ssg boi77 दिन पहले
Linus just know ur tech reviews have driven me to make the switch from console to keyboard and mouse its been a wild ride dont end it man keep going we all luv u thank u linus
Wolf Hammer
Wolf Hammer दिन पहले
What a baby! Millions of dollars a year to give tech tips. A babe Asian wife. Instead of a thank you, he complains. Imagine if he had to go to a real job. He would’ve committed suicide years ago.
Martin Andreas Skogheim aasen
Martin Andreas Skogheim aasen दिन पहले
Keep on going, love the content.
Coopdog दिन पहले
y would u want to you have s much to lose at least wait so i can build a computer xD that would be never for dis case
Mr. TNT दिन पहले
I love seeing this, at 10m views he just drops a down to earth live recording just opening up and being real!
Zołnierz rebeli chaosu #SAVEYOURINTERNET
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis दिन पहले
the next time a sick kid reaches out to you.. you better get on a plane right away and go meet them .. SHAME ON YOU!
Osvaldo Rojo
Osvaldo Rojo दिन पहले
"Here is a tech tip" "Shut the fuck up"
mio mia
mio mia दिन पहले
Frank Marchello
Frank Marchello दिन पहले
Honestly you’re so awesome and I love every single one of your videos. I hope you continue to do what you love because technology will always be changing and progressing. We all need someone reliable and knowledgeable to trust with this information and you’re cool as hell if I may add. I started building a pc because of you and more than just build it I actually understand the components all from watching your videos. I selfishly hope you choose to stay and continue to inspire others
The Anienated Freak
The Anienated Freak दिन पहले
..........and then he became a meme tamplet!
TheGodOfDeath 117
TheGodOfDeath 117 दिन पहले
mrswagboi दिन पहले
bruh i can't stop laughing at the thumbnail
Jonas Svedin
Jonas Svedin दिन पहले
Thanks for a very fun and informative channel! You showed a lot of courage doing the heart to heart I think. Thanks also for sharing your sound values on consuming.
Mahran Islam
Mahran Islam दिन पहले
in-vid.net/video/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-VSa2IqDwnQ8.html ‎
Mahran Islam
Mahran Islam दिन पहले
hhtps://imgflip.com/m/everyones_a_mod hhtps://imgflip.com/m/everyonesanowner
Internalharm दिन पहले
Dude retire if you want!!! You made the MOOOLLLAAA, enjoy it! Im about your age and i just hope to land that one jobs im waiting for. Wish i made the right turn instead. But anyways get a new hobby and retire. Be like CEO and visit every once in a while. Remember to keep in mind, enjoy life, don't get depress and do bad stuff. Dont dwindle in the past. Enjoy your fruits cause no one dictate your life! I knew a lot of people who wished they could have a choice to make but now they can't. Yes everyone you know will die. Truth hurts and is scary. Why waste time? Enjoy life with your family! Don't be sooo money hungry. When you die you cant take money with you. You have enough money to say "babe lets retire and spend times with the kids". Money can't buy you time. Isn't that the reason you made the channel, to have money to take care of your family and to be able to spend time with them. One day I will make it as far as you and I will say F@#@ this job, lets go live our life. Until then I will work hard for my wife and 3 kids.
Rafael Suprayogi
Rafael Suprayogi दिन पहले
Linus : **Is retiring** Everyone : **Thumbnail**
Ares14 दिन पहले
Been watching you for 9 years and 4 builds. You're the man, Linus.
AhMADNESS दिन पहले
hello i am waning friends
Spider Man
Spider Man दिन पहले
Hey man, you have a lot of fans that support you and wishes you the best. You have given so much of yourself and have created this incredible community. However, right now you need a very very good therapist. Do not worry about all of this noise of people demanding you to produce, just focus on yourself.
Jacob Alward
Jacob Alward दिन पहले
Please don't retire man. I just recently got into PC building, and each and every step it has taken me to learn everything i know, i learned from you. Ive scrolled and watched for hours upon hours to just learn each and every inch of a PC. Your content has truly helped me learn everything i need to know, and you also put a smile on my face with how cool and goofy you are. Its just nice that you can be yourself, and its nice to see that there is other people out there like myself, i dont really feel so alone anymore. Especially with the community you've created, i connect with so many other people who watch your videos and its just a great experience. Sorry for being kinda mushy, but you really have made an impact on my life. But, i mean, if you want to retire, obviously that is your choice, you already have everything you need, and if you retire, you can spend lots of time with your wife and kids, which would be awesome. I would just ask if you could appear in some videos every now and then at least? Because we really are gonna miss you dude. You are Linus Tech Tips. Thanks for such an amazing ride, and congrats on such a great success, much love man
CoronaExtra715 दिन पहले
iPhone is gay
Quix Nix
Quix Nix 2 दिन पहले
You were not the first in the line of people that inspired me to innovate, but you were the first one who made it seem possible. Even if you don't directly use your platform to discourage waste as you put it. You have inspired me to innovate, probably many many others too. It isn't all on you. We can deal with all this stuff together. No one needs any more of this news stress.
OGO Doublepump
OGO Doublepump 2 दिन पहले
Alexander Vincent
Alexander Vincent 2 दिन पहले
I was searching ”once again im asking for your financial support” but ok
Aseletel 2 दिन पहले
People: cries over Fast and Furious see you again scene Me an intelectual:
TOTAL1337MAYHEM 2 दिन पहले
Us weirdo are here are because of you Linus, don't forget that. Personally you have made some really shit days better. I wouldn't feel complete without your presence here. I'm not asking you to keep up the dog and pony show but maybe consider doing something you'd rather be doing, I'm down for whatever.
FBI 2 दिन पहले
No matter how many IN-vid accounts I always sub to him
Andre Mariani
Andre Mariani 2 दिन पहले
You are the best. Don't forget that. Stop been sad. And love your life and maybe spend more time with the family they need love too! Not just us!
Benjamin Case
Benjamin Case 2 दिन पहले
That's okay he's still on TechQuickie (At least I think so...)
AronbTV 2 दिन पहले
Hydrocylical 2 दिन पहले
All good things must come to end man and sometimes it has to end abruptly. :/
Hippity Hop
Hippity Hop 2 दिन पहले
Can we like set up linus tech tips fan tips. Like we can come up with ideas.
The_Rub 2 दिन पहले
There are 2 kind of youtube's content creators, guys like pewdiepie and Linus Style, please we cant live the pewdiepie style anymore!!
vasi Vasilchenko
vasi Vasilchenko 2 दिन पहले
this is so sad :(
Rejoice Resmond
Rejoice Resmond 2 दिन पहले
No IN-vid videos has made sad like this before, we love you man, just dont retire, please.... and yeah, you are really a great dad...
Nishant Aditya Roy
Nishant Aditya Roy 2 दिन पहले
Dude u r not gonna notice my comment but i only follow ur tech channel... Dude I never knew about things about the importance of tech.... D way after I met u....i love tech nd to be able to see things u show r awesome it's life fir me. I would rather not buy a bike or something car but a build a killer pc like u...I support u all the way man keep doing the good work. Love u....
Luka Nyan
Luka Nyan 2 दिन पहले
yes you should retire
M Ghafori
M Ghafori 2 दिन पहले
Lionel Messi's less known brother linus messi
M Dwi Kurnia Lubis
M Dwi Kurnia Lubis 2 दिन पहले
The man's confessions became a memes. What have we came to internet.
Daniel,s blu world
Daniel,s blu world 2 दिन पहले
Yo man dont give up if you feel like this again just know that we love you and you always have us to help you we really love you we cant live withaout you and especually me (sorry for spellen mistakes)just remember we love you.
K.M. Stills
K.M. Stills 2 दिन पहले
This is amazing how he became a meme😩👌🏼
TriBlox 2 दिन पहले
Don’t retire
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