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Filmy Vines & BootAnimations
Filmy Vines & BootAnimations 12 दिन पहले
This was hint🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻
Golden liberator
Golden liberator 12 दिन पहले
Where is surgeel now?
Samrat Biswas
Samrat Biswas महीने पहले
even ur older videos are good
Panchu Saha
Panchu Saha महीने पहले
Vai mea kay ap ka pas ea sak ta hu i am living in kolkata
shyam Vadher
shyam Vadher 2 महीने पहले
Achha vlog tha
swag k bazigar
swag k bazigar 4 महीने पहले
Bro 17lacs hone wale h
sanjay bhale
sanjay bhale 4 महीने पहले
Shave mat karo bahi
Manan Patel
Manan Patel 4 महीने पहले
Your dance was amazing It was like professional
Bhavesh Vaghela
Bhavesh Vaghela 4 महीने पहले
To to junagadh bica me ay hoga
Shantabai Bohra
Shantabai Bohra 5 महीने पहले
Mumbai is most devloped city and there is no metro shame on your place
Mijanur Rahaman
Mijanur Rahaman 5 महीने पहले
Mumbiker nikhil you are so fun when you at dark you on flashlight and 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Akul Jalan
Akul Jalan 5 महीने पहले
ok so he is 13 -14 year and traveled through bus or train he dosen't know his age and also how he traveleed
Prime Slater
Prime Slater 6 महीने पहले
What a fearless child hatsup too him
DAS ZONE 6 महीने पहले
sahdev singh
sahdev singh 6 महीने पहले
Always u make a smile on us face
Sharma Tech
Sharma Tech 8 महीने पहले
Smartuber AJ
Smartuber AJ 8 महीने पहले
sir, gold play button ka ka hua
Jishnu Paun
Jishnu Paun 9 महीने पहले
Please come to my house at Navsari
Omkar Rane
Omkar Rane 9 महीने पहले
One million 2018 mein
Ridzz Cuber
Ridzz Cuber 10 महीने पहले
8:03 March 2018 me *hogaye* 😘😘😘
satish shukla
satish shukla 10 महीने पहले
Bachi mili thi??
Yash Jashnani
Yash Jashnani 10 महीने पहले
Like if uh r here in 2018
Rahil Khan
Rahil Khan 10 महीने पहले
Here after 1million
viral tv viral videos
viral tv viral videos 10 महीने पहले
Who is come after 1 million
Manish Patil
Manish Patil 10 महीने पहले
Nikhil bhai apane 1M subscribers hone ke baad kuch karne ka promise kiya he iss video ke end me.... don't forget 😂
Nikhil kasbe
Nikhil kasbe 10 महीने पहले
8:05abhi ho jayenge bhai ..2din ke aaspass #Roadto1Million
Panda Info
Panda Info 10 महीने पहले
Backgrpumd music selection was awesome juhujuhujuhu hahahaha
S Reviewer
S Reviewer 10 महीने पहले
11:54 Sameer mark model in Nikhil's Vlog
Manoj Jina
Manoj Jina 10 महीने पहले
You should add link of your previous video as well on each video. Soon you will be getting 1M. Congrats
Dinesh Maske
Dinesh Maske 11 महीने पहले
bhau helmet 😁😁😁
Maharshi Pandya
Maharshi Pandya 11 महीने पहले
get the chalange of searching the legend in your bike
Cя Team [ Mannat]
Cя Team [ Mannat] साल पहले
Congratulations for 800k subscriber
Atish Jiva 2
Atish Jiva 2 साल पहले
I am form diu nikhil...
Mayank Tech
Mayank Tech साल पहले
#nikhil bai Mumbai aur Delhi ma to hi boht khatra hai
Abdul Rahim
Abdul Rahim साल पहले
Nice videos
Naitik Kirti
Naitik Kirti साल पहले
10:58 i like the video for these cutie😍😍
Mehul Pandya
Mehul Pandya साल पहले
Mumbai is safe 🤔😂😂😂
sports yard
sports yard साल पहले
Bhai tum shaktiman ke trh lgte ho mtlb gangadhar ke trh
chandu kavuri
chandu kavuri साल पहले
U looks good with breed bro
Mohd Nayeem
Mohd Nayeem साल पहले
Nice awesome
Watch this movie - salwar me talwar Bhojpuri movie Very good story 😂
Dude Perfecto
Dude Perfecto साल पहले
Daadhi mat kiya karo yaar
thammishetti sai srujan
thammishetti sai srujan साल पहले
You are hero
Sukanta Karmakar
Sukanta Karmakar साल पहले
Come to Gangtok soon
SubhamRit's Vlogs
SubhamRit's Vlogs साल पहले
you look like sonu sood...
Gyaani kubu
Gyaani kubu साल पहले
Nikhil when u r going to marry a girl
Pallabi Tutorials
Pallabi Tutorials साल पहले
i just love ur vlogs ❤🙈
UnWrap Impulse
UnWrap Impulse साल पहले
You were looking like Sonu Sood after shaving.
Pranav Wakhare
Pranav Wakhare साल पहले
11.54 Rofl😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rohan Gurav
Rohan Gurav साल पहले
don't do clean shave.... pls uh jst trim it..bro
Saikat Das
Saikat Das साल पहले
u look like sonu sood when ur full shaved ! love you brother
HASNAIN साल पहले
roohafza se hydration ka kuch nahi hota its only for taste. there is nothing except sugar and ascense (taste). drink sharbat-e-bazoori or sharbat e sandal for dehydrate plus taste
Vedanr Jadhav
Vedanr Jadhav साल पहले
why 234 is dislike
ARSHAD KHAN साल पहले
clean shave mt kia kro
kunal baru
kunal baru साल पहले
#MUMBIKERNIKHIL Please wear helmet on 2 wheeler even if you are a pillion rider. We care for you so be safe always. :)
Harsh jain
Harsh jain साल पहले
Delhilights have already went thru the metro building face
B- देसी Boy
B- देसी Boy साल पहले
bhai....some people's are sharing wrong kind of thinks about you... should we believe that??? if not... then you should reply them
Vipul Maheshwari
Vipul Maheshwari साल पहले
Please review Mahendra mojo...should I buy it
Durgesh Indukuri
Durgesh Indukuri साल पहले
keshav rathour
keshav rathour साल पहले
Ayush Maan ka bhai
Rocket Puppy
Rocket Puppy साल पहले
in starting that kid told that he is 13 to 14 . what does that mean????****
Kanav Pathak
Kanav Pathak साल पहले
from where you take the edm music..??
Ashok Sawant
Ashok Sawant साल पहले
lay bhari mumbaikar Nikhil in juhu beach at night with friends
abubekar k
abubekar k साल पहले
Bro please man Don't shave u look like CHAKKA.!!
UV Technical
UV Technical साल पहले
sir please share link of that towel
Pancham Priyajeet
Pancham Priyajeet साल पहले
why don't you travel to Bhubaneswar,Odisha?
Ganesh Band
Ganesh Band साल पहले
when can we get bike ride video now a days your busy with shanaaazzzz seems to be
Rishi Gaurav
Rishi Gaurav साल पहले
bro just go fuck yourself
Anmol Kajani
Anmol Kajani साल पहले
Rishi Gaurav kab chaat na bandh karoge
Arjun Warrier
Arjun Warrier साल पहले
i can tell your future, not on youtube
Yash Kant
Yash Kant साल पहले
Arjun Warrier haha
Arjun Warrier
Arjun Warrier साल पहले
sab mushaira karo broz
Arjun Warrier
Arjun Warrier साल पहले
fanfest pe jake dabaye vidya ke boobe bhagwan kare iska channel doobe
Yash Thakkar
Yash Thakkar साल पहले
Arjun Warrier je baat!!!!!
Yash Kant
Yash Kant साल पहले
Arjun Warrier hahahaah
Yash Kant
Yash Kant साल पहले
Arjun Warrier
Arjun Warrier साल पहले
purmina ke din dikhti he chaand, nikhil powai ki sasti raand
Yash Thakkar
Yash Thakkar साल पहले
yeh hui na baat bc
Yash Kant
Yash Kant साल पहले
Yash Kant
Yash Kant साल पहले
nikhil gand maaar
Shri Krishna
Shri Krishna साल पहले
I'm ur fan
Yash Kant
Yash Kant साल पहले
hahaha true af he is too hot
Arjun Warrier
Arjun Warrier साल पहले
id like to swing on you after watching this video
Shri Krishna
Shri Krishna साल पहले
Kavyaa Bhadauria
Kavyaa Bhadauria साल पहले
Savin Shetty
Savin Shetty साल पहले
Mumbai ki Carter ki bost me Jo bat hai who lokhandwala k TAP me kahan milegi bunta 😂
Paras Prajapat
Paras Prajapat साल पहले
Nikhil can please give review on abs ( on amazon there is a part which can make your bike abs) im waiting........ Just search abs for bike
shubham mathur
shubham mathur साल पहले
bhai ab clean shave mat krna doesn't look good on you
krunal solanki
krunal solanki साल पहले
come to diu, i will also come to meet u n stand in front of ur camera like the other cartoon subscribers...
krunal solanki
krunal solanki साल पहले
i m from diu
Reason to be Rider
Reason to be Rider साल पहले
soon bro 1M subscribe keep it up
sohail hashmi
sohail hashmi साल पहले
thumbnail pic is awesome
MT Fun&News
MT Fun&News साल पहले
definatly bro u will reach not only 1m but by god grase also u can cross 10m in an year....
divyang haresh
divyang haresh साल पहले
I'm From Diu😊 Tell When u Come It's A Beautiful Place And Beaches✌️
Muthu Vignesh
Muthu Vignesh साल पहले
why r u not going to justin bueber concert
Dhananjay Patil
Dhananjay Patil साल पहले
jastin barber ke show ke liye ja rahe ho kya
Ravi Sinha
Ravi Sinha साल पहले
lol....aahaat background sound
Aniket Jadhav
Aniket Jadhav साल पहले
when you riding new KTM AND DUKE
amrithVLOGS साल पहले
A put lot of effort into my vlogs.Could you please check them out and let me know ways to be improve them?
Ameya Bhiwapurkar
Ameya Bhiwapurkar साल पहले
what is the address of debu' restaurant?
Kaushik Bhattacharjee
Kaushik Bhattacharjee साल पहले
nikhil tum jab Bhutan jaoge tab please west bengal se jana... because i am from malda...and i I want to meet you...
Ganesh deodhar Gd
Ganesh deodhar Gd साल पहले
shorrom tak kese le jau
Ganesh deodhar Gd
Ganesh deodhar Gd साल पहले
bro mere Duke 200 cc ka stand tut gaya
mohit dixit
mohit dixit साल पहले
i have seen all your vlogs i really like your work keep sharing more and more videos , you rock.............. :D
INCREDIBLE Videos!! साल पहले
Bhai aapki KTM isliye dikkat derahi hai aapko kyuki aapne uski kasam khaai thi aur puri nai kr paaye😂😂😂😂😂
Shubham Chaturvedi
Shubham Chaturvedi साल पहले
You are definitely the best Vlogger of India ! Keep it up bro 👍🏻
Haaroon साल पहले
Ewwww.... You should'a have not shaved your moustache and beard.. Cuz it kinda doesn't look good on U... You look more better with them rather without them!!😑😐🙂
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