Jalebi | Official Trailer | Rhea | Varun | Digangana | Pushpdeep Bhardwaj | 12th Oct

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Some love stories go beyond “...and they lived happily ever after.” #JalebiTrailer
Cast: Rhea Chakraborty, Varun Mitra & Digangana Suryavanshi
Directed By: Pushpdeep Bhardwaj
Produced By: Mukesh Bhatt
Co-Produced By: Sakshi Bhatt
Written By: Kausar Munir & Pushpdeep Bhardwaj
Head Of Production: Sumit Sabherwal
DOP: Manoj Soni
Editor: Devendra Murdeshwar
Music By: Tanishk Bagchi, Javed - Mohsin, Jeet Gannguli, Abhishek Mishra, Samuel & Akanksha
Lyrics By: Rashmi Virag, Prashant Ingole, Manoj Kumarnath, Arafat Mehmood, Kunal Verma
Music On: Sony Music
The movie will release in cinemas on 12th October, 2018

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Message Giver & Entertainer
Message Giver & Entertainer 4 घंटे पहले
Yeh mast movie thi dekha maine👌👌👍
Anu Ambati
Anu Ambati 5 घंटे पहले
Hero is so expressive
deepika sharma
deepika sharma दिन पहले
I watched this film its Fabulous ...great direction , no over acting , with a great mssg to all youngster who doesn't move on after breakup❤💕....I loved it.,.
Hafsa Aman
Hafsa Aman 2 दिन पहले
Kitna bekar acting by the girl. Time waste
veebha Nand Kishore
veebha Nand Kishore 3 दिन पहले
This movie very different from pratkan. In pratkan the guy was at fault. He used to taunt her that she sleeps with her boss. The guy in jalebi is very supportive n sweet.
veebha Nand Kishore
veebha Nand Kishore 3 दिन पहले
She got married impulsively . Immature . She was one who left him. I don’t think her mother in law or sister in law were bad people . In fact she was living independently even at her maternal home. Wearing what she wants , not contributing to household chores. Still guy loves her , supported her. Guy cannot leave her mother and sister because he was only male earning member supporting his family. She was getting suffocated everyday . Hence he parted ways.
heart inheaven
heart inheaven 5 दिन पहले
Very good movie. Should have been a hit at the box office. Not like the typical bollywood love stories. New age movie. The poster actually made it look like just another love story. So lots of people became disinterested. The trailer should have been better. It does not give a real look at the story.
sapana adhakari
sapana adhakari 9 दिन पहले
Unse mohabat kamal ki hoti hai jinse milna mukadar mai hi nahi hota 😍😍
suraj bhardwaj
suraj bhardwaj 16 दिन पहले
mujhe ye movie deakh ni hai plzzzzzzzz.z..zz.zz. yar deakhni plzzz
KOMAL MAAN 16 दिन पहले
Please movie ka link send kro
Sima Rai
Sima Rai 17 दिन पहले
Dont judge the movie based on the trailer people. Movie has much more to say.Seriously worth watching.One of the best love story movie after a decade, full of emotions.
Rehana Khan
Rehana Khan 19 दिन पहले
Indians will never change!
rahajeng dinda
rahajeng dinda 19 दिन पहले
Dev love aisha so much ugh
rahajeng dinda
rahajeng dinda 19 दिन पहले
This is so gewwwd that it hurtsss
Mutiur Rahman
Mutiur Rahman 22 दिन पहले
Stupid movie stupid acting stupid actors. Suggested title for the movie S3
ali hussain
ali hussain 22 दिन पहले
I love this movie
syed syed
syed syed 23 दिन पहले
Where can I see this movie
Shayan Khurram
Shayan Khurram 23 दिन पहले
Mjy bht rona aya movie dkhty huy..koi piar mi kaisy judai brdst krta..its painful ..
Shivani Thakur
Shivani Thakur 23 दिन पहले
Bhanu i love u yr i cnt live without u i can do all thing which you want but plsss toke to me yr
passang Dsouza
passang Dsouza 24 दिन पहले
This story is just like mine 😢
The Talented World
The Talented World 24 दिन पहले
Koi is movie ki story batady?
tanvira shaikh
tanvira shaikh 25 दिन पहले
Awesome movie
Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi 25 दिन पहले
Psychopath ladkyon ka yay he anjaam hota hay! so called liberal kanjars!
Shahzad Qamer
Shahzad Qamer 26 दिन पहले
Kon kon 2019 main phir dekh raha ha plz like the botton
Afra Rima
Afra Rima 26 दिन पहले
I cant stop crying after watched this movie..who's put bombay in front of me😥😢😢😥
Sumaira Hassan
Sumaira Hassan 27 दिन पहले
Mai nai aj dekhi yeh movie boht bara msg bhi ha aj kal ki girls ka liya plz girls thora compramise karna sikhu
Sumaira Hassan
Sumaira Hassan 27 दिन पहले
Aj kal ki larkiu ko bas compramise hi nahi karna ata bas sex karu aur bad mai saab bhar mai jai
Movie name
Laraib Qureshi
Laraib Qureshi महीने पहले
Yr plz full movie upload kr dn plz
Ashik Khan
Ashik Khan महीने पहले
Wow super
Nishan Raiden
Nishan Raiden महीने पहले
It's stupid when they showed whole movie in this trailer. what a waste. Anyway, great movie!! great story and good songs.
Laraib Qureshi
Laraib Qureshi महीने पहले
I agree this dailog unse mohbbbat kamal ki hoti h jinka milna muqadar me nhi hota I missing???????????????
Laraib Qureshi
Laraib Qureshi महीने पहले
Plz yr upload plz
Laraib Qureshi
Laraib Qureshi महीने पहले
Plz mijhy jalebi dekhni h
Laraib Qureshi
Laraib Qureshi महीने पहले
Yr plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz jalebi pori movie upload kren plz plz plz
Laraib Qureshi
Laraib Qureshi महीने पहले
Yr plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz jalebi pori movie upload kren plz plz plz
Neha Fatima
Neha Fatima महीने पहले
This story will suits me I lots my hubby like that
Asfiha Mim
Asfiha Mim महीने पहले
Ismail Basha
Ismail Basha महीने पहले
I watched tis movie today really heart melting do movie like tis climax superb hatsaff
Shiraj Dewan
Shiraj Dewan 14 दिन पहले
Plz give me movie link
Ubaid khan
Ubaid khan महीने पहले
Just watched the movie and I have to say " What an ending"
Nuts Rock
Nuts Rock महीने पहले
+Ubaid khan ohh I get that.
Ubaid khan
Ubaid khan महीने पहले
+Nuts Rock he left her because he realised that she is not born to live in the world that he is living
Nuts Rock
Nuts Rock महीने पहले
Why he left her ?? I can't understand the ending??
Monalisha Samal
Monalisha Samal महीने पहले
Ye bekar movie hai ye
Saurabh Kumar Saurabh Kumar
Saurabh Kumar Saurabh Kumar महीने पहले
Jalebi movei name
Owais jan
Owais jan महीने पहले
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar महीने पहले
katai 3rd class
Zamaraa Pretty
Zamaraa Pretty महीने पहले
Guy's what happened this movie Why is this treiler only i didn't see this full movie please
Dr. Afshan's Health and beauty Clinic
Dr. Afshan's Health and beauty Clinic महीने पहले
Im also searching
Luzu Vargas llerena
Luzu Vargas llerena महीने पहले
Por favor la pelicula subtitulada al español
Abhishiek Mahajan
Abhishiek Mahajan महीने पहले
Very nice movie❤️
Ritika Kholia
Ritika Kholia महीने पहले
🤧🤧🤧 what a movie 🖤🖤
eri Rivera
eri Rivera महीने पहले
Song ?
زین عمران خان
زین عمران خان महीने पहले
Full movie kha mele gi
farad alvi
farad alvi महीने पहले
I love you still
farad alvi
farad alvi महीने पहले
Bhai movies dekho kitna sukh mliga sahi ke rha hu my all Frnd asly pyar ka MATLAB pata Chalega agr jhut lage to bata Dena frnd
C. N
C. N महीने पहले
Am i the only one watching this movie over and over again? :( like this movie makes me doesnt want to stay away from my indian boyfriend
Priya Jadhav
Priya Jadhav महीने पहले
This line is just awesome "honge juda na hum tumse" loved it 💜💜
Saurav महीने पहले
Awesome Story ❤💛
Bha Ratha
Bha Ratha महीने पहले
Hindi movies these days from music to content is just a cheap knockoff of Hollywood romcoms and other leftist SJW bullshit targeted at the middle eastern audience. Cringey as Fuck 🤪
Gauri v
Gauri v महीने पहले
Hero's acting is superb. Rhea looks a bit like genelia d'souza and little bit like Iris mittenaere . ✌✌
Gearless Travel Diaries
Gearless Travel Diaries महीने पहले
Jio Jak bhalo laglo Dekhe bangla theke jhapche
Hello kitty
Hello kitty महीने पहले
Guys could you help me to find this movie in online?? Please 🙏
Amadou Diallo
Amadou Diallo 24 दिन पहले
Rukky ILYAS महीने पहले
Why make a movie if you show everything in trailer
Payal Chaudhary
Payal Chaudhary महीने पहले
Fantastic movie
Diksha Ghimire
Diksha Ghimire महीने पहले
Unse mobhabbat kamal ki hoti hai Jinka milna mukkaddar me nahi hota.....
Saba Shaikh
Saba Shaikh महीने पहले
Full movie daalo online plsss🙏
Mutiara Sukasat
Mutiara Sukasat महीने पहले
Jalebi season 2 pleasee 🙏🙏🙏🙏
bida qadari
bida qadari महीने पहले
Awesome movie 👌
Fajar Jehan
Fajar Jehan महीने पहले
Iski full movie show q nahi ki ja rahi
Suchitra Gurung
Suchitra Gurung महीने पहले
This movie is uploaded one time I also downloaded this movie in library But tomorrow onwards this movie get delete I think the you tubers delete it 😠😠😠
Urvashi Mathur
Urvashi Mathur महीने पहले
Yeh Jo dikhaya hai movie mein yeh galat hai. Uski dusri shaadi, Shaadi nahi compromise hai. Shaadi compromise nahi hoti. Uski biwi usse pyaar karti hai aur voh uske baare mein sochta bhi nahi. Uski bachi jab voh badi hogi aur usko pata chalega ki uske parents ek saath sirf uske liye the aur kuch nahi toh usko kitna bura lagega. This wasn't a good movie and it was so hurtful seeing the wife suffer. She made no mistakes, yet she has to compromise her entire life. She's the one who never got love. Not from her boyfriend, neither her husband.
Bulbul Khan
Bulbul Khan महीने पहले
Harmanpreet Singh Singh
Harmanpreet Singh Singh महीने पहले
It's a very nice movie❤ but someone can tell me why movie name is jalebi??? 🤔
Shwetha Kondla
Shwetha Kondla महीने पहले
She is look like a geneliya. Miss you geneliya come back to movies in Telugu plzzz
Sukanta Deb
Sukanta Deb महीने पहले
SM Shamim Forazi
SM Shamim Forazi महीने पहले
Awesome Movie
Debjit Kanrar
Debjit Kanrar महीने पहले
Bahut dhuk ki movie hai yr😢😢.me apni payr me bhi bahut jel chuki hu. Aisa movie nahi dakhunga. Kahi bo pal muje yad na par jai.
har har mahadev
har har mahadev महीने पहले
Une mohhabat kbhi nhi hoti jinki mukkadar m mohhabat nhi hoti😭😭but chlo being single happy
Himadro Nill
Himadro Nill महीने पहले
Link ta diba kow. Give me link this movie plz
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan महीने पहले
Is ladki ne ro to ke public Ko rula diya 😭😭😭😭😭
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan महीने पहले
Is ladki ne ro to ke public Ko rula diya 😭😭😭😭😭
shabab ahmed
shabab ahmed महीने पहले
Larkyko Ka jyada garmayi achhi Nahi Hain
Pankaj Sood
Pankaj Sood महीने पहले
Ghatiya casting
Tiku Padvi
Tiku Padvi महीने पहले
उनसे मोहब्बत कमाल की होती हैं जिनka मिलना Mukaddar मैं नहीं होता!!
Suhail Ansari
Suhail Ansari महीने पहले
Movie upload kro na
Akku Akbar12
Akku Akbar12 महीने पहले
super movie ...
Yaska Saska
Yaska Saska महीने पहले
I need that movie
Asma Zaman
Asma Zaman महीने पहले
plz plz plz upload full movie
Seney Tamang
Seney Tamang महीने पहले
Mugadaar means plz
Riska F
Riska F महीने पहले
What happened?
Aman Ahluwalia
Aman Ahluwalia 2 महीने पहले
Shouldn't have married in the first place lol
XXX NEW BANGLA 202 1 2 महीने पहले
আমাকে যদি কেউ খুশি করতে পারে আমার স্বামী বিদেশ থাকে আমাকে এড কর
Arshi Khan
Arshi Khan 2 महीने पहले
such h ye to unse mohabbt Kamal ki Hoti jinka milna namumkin hota h...
Khushi Singh
Khushi Singh 2 महीने पहले
I'm in love with this movie......... ❤ A different love story with a meaning of what is true love 💛💙 One of my favorite 💋
Omama Matloob
Omama Matloob 2 महीने पहले
Amazing moive
Myank Boss
Myank Boss 2 महीने पहले
Movi nhi mil rhi h kha h
shnaya sharma
shnaya sharma 2 महीने पहले
One of best movie ever seen ..
Kishalaya Basu
Kishalaya Basu 2 महीने पहले
Awsome flim
Mumta 2 महीने पहले
Just watched the movie now. It was amazing! ❤️👌
Zarlashta Yousafzai
Zarlashta Yousafzai 2 महीने पहले
Pure movie kb aya ge
Abhijeetsinh Gohil
Abhijeetsinh Gohil 2 महीने पहले
But why don't They go to jammu kashmir together?
Jitu Ningthoujam
Jitu Ningthoujam 2 महीने पहले
Shashwat Roy
Shashwat Roy 2 महीने पहले
Nhi deakhna yeh movie!!
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