Kardinal Offishall - Reaching Through the Darkness (Dave Chappelle: Equanimity)

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The song at the end credits of Dave Chappelles new Netflix Special.
Disclaimer: I own none of the work presented in this video.




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लिंक लोड हो रहा है.....

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劉先義 25 दिन पहले
Ah.....smart guys end up here. hehehehehehe..
Mike Jones
Mike Jones महीने पहले
Mike Jones
Mike Jones महीने पहले
Alex Sor
Alex Sor महीने पहले
Does anyone know if there is a release date for an official version of this song? Or did that already happen?
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 महीने पहले
thanks to whoever answered my question what song was this....shazam wasn't fast enough lol
Mike Jones
Mike Jones महीने पहले
@Rex T nah
Rex T
Rex T 2 महीने पहले
You didn't ask on reddit did you?
Barn Fucker
Barn Fucker 8 महीने पहले
Still waiting... Damnit man release it already!!
laiskapyykki साल पहले
You know t´was a good stand up special if you cry in the end.
Kyrojon Fallen
Kyrojon Fallen साल पहले
Where is the full song of this?
The Nesbitt Experience
The Nesbitt Experience साल पहले
i made tap dance improvs to this song... available on my channel if your curious.
Focus Your Audio
Focus Your Audio साल पहले
Still waiting....
Flo DotCom
Flo DotCom साल पहले
Adela Foemamasei
Adela Foemamasei साल पहले
What are the lyrics to this song.
flightjam साल पहले
Listen to them...
dilraj ghuman
dilraj ghuman साल पहले
Adela Foemamasei watch his show at end this song with subtitles
Iain Canzano
Iain Canzano साल पहले
Kardinal representing T.dot
Jesus ™
Jesus ™ साल पहले
That bass tho
C'mon in Bro
C'mon in Bro साल पहले
Niceone! Hard to find this track. Savage
Don Dino
Don Dino साल पहले
god damn good beats, sweetest samples and rhymes falling out of heaven
Richard Libutti
Richard Libutti साल पहले
Fresh Sample from The Supremes - May His Love Shine Forever
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton साल पहले
what is the sample?
Richard Libutti
Richard Libutti साल पहले
The Supremes - May His Love Shine Forever
bmill0711 साल पहले
Chappelle brought me
Matthew Wilkinson
Matthew Wilkinson साल पहले
Sounds like Nas-Halftime sample and drum pattern
MEGATRON 4 महीने पहले
Yes, with extra flavor adding agents sprinkled on top
Rubikx साल पहले
If you aint bobbing your head I dont fucks with you
Gauss24 साल पहले
kicked her in the pussy
tom kotas
tom kotas साल पहले
That still of Dave at the end is fuckin iconic. Dudes a fucking legend
itchin4scratches साल पहले
hmm idk man sliegh bells couldnt be too new, maybe. or maybe dave got an old demo tape we never got lol ;( he'll be back!
Chicken Ginger
Chicken Ginger साल पहले
Needs to be made available for purchase... Nottz & Kardinal together are unstoppable!
chrismarcellh साल पहले
Will White
Will White साल पहले
I think this song was the perfect choice hands down. Dave Chappelle need to have soundtracks for his specials.
Eduardo Garrido
Eduardo Garrido साल पहले
Agreed with you, man. Regards from Chile, southamerica.
Focus Your Audio
Focus Your Audio साल पहले
Need this.
Tracy Ullman
Tracy Ullman साल पहले
Thanks for making it a high quality recording. This song is amazing.
ebronson78 साल पहले
Tracy Ullman damn straight. Fucking great
Focus Your Audio
Focus Your Audio साल पहले
Tracy Ullman Tracy Ullman? Damn, where you been? Lol
Devin Mitchell
Devin Mitchell साल पहले
Is this on one of his albums or is it specifically for this special?
Sage1400 साल पहले
I believe it's specifically to this special. Maybe it'll be released eventually.
Eduard Barnoviciu
Eduard Barnoviciu साल पहले
huh, actually first. not that anyone gives a shit. Great show, anyway
SpreadLove NotHate
SpreadLove NotHate साल पहले
Sage1400 I looked too. Couldn't find anything!
Sara Meles
Sara Meles साल पहले
Sage1400 you're the real mvp
Josh Shakespeare
Josh Shakespeare साल पहले
I hate it when the intro or outro of stand up specials play good original songs because you can’t find it, but this song is fantastic
Sage1400 साल पहले
Yeah it's only been like an hour since it was uploaded lol saw the show today, loved it, couldn't find the song anywhere so I decided to take it into my own hands
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