Kardinal Offishall - That Chick Right There ft. Chaisson

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Music video by Kardinal Offishall performing That Chick Right There. (C) 2014 Black Stone Colleagues




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लिंक लोड हो रहा है.....

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Bruno Bernier
Bruno Bernier महीने पहले
Kaching kaching right there!
Tyler Simmons
Tyler Simmons महीने पहले
Heard this song a million time I didn’t know that was Just Chase
Marie-ÈveAccess Côté
Marie-ÈveAccess Côté 2 महीने पहले
We run tings, tings nuh run we. Bak Braad.
robert kasokeo
robert kasokeo 2 महीने पहले
Underrated song.
Marc Lalonde
Marc Lalonde 8 महीने पहले
name of the 3 chicks please!!!
pj pj
pj pj साल पहले
Anyone from Calgary lol..
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson साल पहले
Girl with blue sweat band looks a lot like Meghan Markle.
myla buffalo
myla buffalo साल पहले
Yo dude I know Kara and donovan the Rodgers I’m friends with them they cool nice to hear your dope song
Ferarri Brown
Ferarri Brown 2 साल पहले
yo mama so ugly she turned madusa into stone
1:15 your welcome 😄
Alissa violet
Alissa violet 2 साल पहले
1:15 your welcome 😄
Elissa Ramarz
Elissa Ramarz 2 साल पहले
Elissa Ramarz
Elissa Ramarz 2 साल पहले
stop doing inapropret songs you suckered
TheTupperwareSmuggler 2 साल पहले
What happened to the white guy
Ben Caldecott
Ben Caldecott 2 साल पहले
Got that right
Jawahir Saeed
Jawahir Saeed 3 साल पहले
anyone here from virgin radio, calgary?
alicia 2 साल पहले
from wpg virgin radio
Michael C.
Michael C. 3 साल पहले
3:31 - 3:33 needs to be a gif, lmao
Z Peter
Z Peter 3 साल पहले
Michael C. Agreed.
BackwardKicks Backwardkicks
BackwardKicks Backwardkicks 3 साल पहले
for the troops eh?
Sammy Enrique
Sammy Enrique 3 साल पहले
call Enrique next time that happens @enriquemodels_
Paul Abbott
Paul Abbott 4 साल पहले
Kardi Gras means phat Kardi
SuperWolf05 4 साल पहले
1:24 ,Dat Face Tho
Kimmie Kardie
Kimmie Kardie 4 साल पहले
I'm a kardie fan but I'm disappointed in this video. Kardie still continues to objectify women! Why Kardie??? What message does this video send to young girls. Stay tuned for my blog post!
Kimmie Kardie
Kimmie Kardie 4 साल पहले
@***** that is true but last I heard kardie was a parent too. He is a role model. He should rely on his talent and not submit to corporate America. He is too talented for that!
derrick vonneauman
derrick vonneauman 4 साल पहले
or san fran
TGA Super Plays
TGA Super Plays 4 साल पहले
1337 5p34k
1337 5p34k 4 साल पहले
kardinal is like a ghost, he just pops up and drops hits lol
Fresh Jive
Fresh Jive साल पहले
Hell yeah!
TheRealSebster 4 साल पहले
So where are the fine chicks? This vid sucks.
Roger Joseph
Roger Joseph 4 साल पहले
It's a Thong Yo !!! ha ha fooo king halarius.
Swagg Jones
Swagg Jones 4 साल पहले
Josheyo 4 साल पहले
Josheyo 4 साल पहले
I like is bid
JayJ 4 साल पहले
fuck you commecials
JayJ 4 साल पहले
short girl with the yellow headband has a fiiinnneee body...nice and thick
JayJ 4 साल पहले
Eric Prydz-Call on me girls got lost at a Kardinal Offishall shoot?!?!?
Jonathan Lockhart
Jonathan Lockhart 4 साल पहले
I like and I am from Ontario, Canada!
OlymPigs2010 4 साल पहले
Fatema Raheemi
Fatema Raheemi 4 साल पहले
I love this song so much!!!
Jessiki Botiki
Jessiki Botiki 4 साल पहले
Its refreshing to see a rap video these days without a bunch of illuminati references... there is still some hope in tge music industry yet
Jessiki Botiki
Jessiki Botiki 4 साल पहले
Andela K
Andela K 4 साल पहले
Kardinal looks funny dancing to me hahaha anyone else? He's probably tall eh.. idfk
Andela K
Andela K 4 साल पहले
Finally found this song! I was searchin up flo ride and akon lmaooo
TheRealMrsMVP 4 साल पहले
I LOVE Kardinal Offishall, but I have two issues with this song/video 1.) The opening to the video is extremely pretentious, and his "accent" is really annoying. 2.) The beat sounds like another song I know with Timbaland and Keri Hilson called The Way You Are, I think it is called that anyway.
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