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#KumkumBhagya is a show on #zeetv following the life of a Punjabi matriarch Sarla Arora who runs a marriage hall and lives with the hope of seeing her two daughters Pragya and Bulbul who're poles apart, happily married some day. Pragya, the elder daughter, who is practical, hardworking and committed to supporting her family though she's barely finished her own studies, she teaches at a college to ensure that her mother Sarla's meager earnings from the 'Kumkum Bhagya' marriage hall never fall short in making the two ends meet. In the midst of all this pressure on her, she's forgotten how to unwind or pursue any passions of her own. Bulbul, the younger daughter who has her head in the clouds. She's vivacious, smart, stylish and a complete dreamer. It barely occurs to her to snap out her own make-believe, rose-tinted world and be of any real use to her family. The show takes us through the lives of the 2 sisters, their hopes dreams and aspirations.Simultaneously runs the story of Abhi who is Rockstar with a cult following of his own and Suresh, the college professor who works closely with Pragya. Having led a tough life in the military and lost most of his close ones, he is an embittered soul with much angst and pent-up frustration about life....Kumkum Bhagya Every Mon- Fri 9 pm only on Zee TV.
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محمد منير
محمد منير महीने पहले
A.velmurugan gentle man
A.velmurugan gentle man महीने पहले
is anyone after kiara death in serial
Pappu Yadav
Pappu Yadav महीने पहले
very nice
Seema Bhardwaj Seema
Seema Bhardwaj Seema 2 महीने पहले
Wow amazing
Nasir Ansari
Nasir Ansari 2 महीने पहले
Please don't change the story
Nasir Ansari
Nasir Ansari 2 महीने पहले
Please remove it
ashu sunger
ashu sunger 6 महीने पहले
Baby is so cute
Shivani Khalkho
Shivani Khalkho 6 महीने पहले
My favorite serial is kumkum bhagya and I can't live without abhi and pragya
hooria butt
hooria butt 8 महीने पहले
Always my fav show only kkb😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘❣❣❣❤❤❤❤
videos of hayat ft. anushka sen
videos of hayat ft. anushka sen 9 महीने पहले
Pragya is so pretty
Bipasha Paul
Bipasha Paul 9 महीने पहले
bhagi arora
bhagi arora 9 महीने पहले
nice promo
Saifullahazmi Shaikh
Saifullahazmi Shaikh 10 महीने पहले
Aafat jodiii abhi pragya
Aathira Krishna
Aathira Krishna 11 महीने पहले
Did pragya cast changed
Shubham Nadure
Shubham Nadure साल पहले
zee TV
MNOJ 80944797929
MNOJ 80944797929 साल पहले
Pushpa Devi
Pushpa Devi साल पहले
Ekta kapoor ke sare serials bahut acche hote hain I love this show but Plz abhi and pragya ko jaldi se mila do otherwise it will be to boring
Guru Hari
Guru Hari साल पहले
I think this baby abhighya 's daughter
life jio
life jio साल पहले
Muzhe ek baat samgh mein Nhi aai k Kumkum Bhagya mein saat saal beet gaye Mağar kundali bhagya mein wahi story h kundali Bhagya ko pata bhi nhi h k abhi ki daadi nhi rahi phir agar kabhi dono shows ka mahasangam hoga toh kaise ek ki kahaani aage h or ek piche
Yae kab Ata hia 1092 episode
Aybike Aybike
Aybike Aybike साल पहले
Hindistan'da kaçıncı bölüm yayınlanıyor
Priya Abi
Priya Abi साल पहले
I am in Tamil but Abishek big fan I love abi
Nawfal Benali
Nawfal Benali साल पहले
Md Ali Akkas
Md Ali Akkas साल पहले
It's boring now because they made it like Kasam. I think this show going to be down like Kasam when they copied this show story (When Pragya became as owner of Abhi's house)
lilly therese
lilly therese साल पहले
who is dadis it's that abi's grandma
lilly therese
lilly therese साल पहले
who is dadis it's that abi's grandma
safoah dorcas
safoah dorcas साल पहले
In fact I am very happy for this upcoming twist
ashu nai
ashu nai साल पहले
Yeah kab aayega
lestari amelia
lestari amelia साल पहले
Gak kelar kelar nih drama
Hüseyin Ergün
Hüseyin Ergün साल पहले
Çok saçma olmus
srilatha suryam
srilatha suryam साल पहले
Abhi bad luck because Pragya jise ladiko ko miss karaa So sad
अ ला उद्ददन इ
अ ला उद्ददन इ साल पहले
Twinkle Raavi
Twinkle Raavi साल पहले
Finally pragya moved on happy.she wasted her four years of life in mehra house
Des R.m.j
Des R.m.j साल पहले
Omg pragya is really BEATIFULL ohhhhhh 😍😍😍😍👍🏻
aastha Kumar
aastha Kumar साल पहले
No this show is not boring and abhigya is my favorite actor and bo nobody have the right ti say anybody bad so pls i request stop saying these types of thing it really heart and this show is superhit for me
Papa.1455 Papa.1455
Papa.1455 Papa.1455 साल पहले
Actually I liked this promo but no more because that stupid abhi married that tanu worst serial
Shibu Mafa
Shibu Mafa साल पहले
Shibu Mafa
Shibu Mafa साल पहले
Shibu Mafa
Shibu Mafa साल पहले
Caroline lukwesa
Caroline lukwesa साल पहले
even if pragya was trying to save , am tired of her always sacrificing for her useless husband. He doesn't deserve her, i hope shes moved on for real. its high time he felt what its like to fight for the one you love, i can't wait to see him jealous..serves him right
Nivetha साल पहले
What is this what's append to both why they got separated
Abdul Razak
Abdul Razak साल पहले
Plzz yaaar dadi ko show me lekar aaw
Lakshmi 143
Lakshmi 143 साल पहले
Vere aity interest radu am not watch
Aysegul Muradova
Aysegul Muradova साल पहले
Son bolum 1083 te abhi baba anne den pragya'yı sorumlu tutuyor sanırım ve o yüzden pragya dan ayrılıyor ve bu kız abhi nin kızı ama kız babasını abhi öldüğünü bilmeyecek. Artık pragya nın da canına tak etti beli ki başka biri ile evleniyor yürü pragya senne yiz cnm sallak abhi şeytan tanu ile evlensin gününü görsün 😤😡
Manmohan Singh Kori
Manmohan Singh Kori साल पहले
Kyoki kumkum bhagya me to 7 saal ka leap gya to abb kundli bhagya me kyaa twist aayegaa?
Manmohan Singh Kori
Manmohan Singh Kori साल पहले
Kyaa abb kundli bhagya or kumkum bhagya ek sath kbhi nii milega dekhne ko....
Abigail Sunny
Abigail Sunny साल पहले
I hate this serial........ I hate you kumkum bhagya...... Shame on the writers
sonali soren
sonali soren साल पहले
I love this twist. Sriti jha looking very beautiful and i love this new character.
Duaa Shabbir
Duaa Shabbir साल पहले
Not fine
farhio abdihamiid
farhio abdihamiid साल पहले
when this show started i was not married now my daughter is getting married at the age of 27 god and still pragya and abhi didn't end up together. Ekta Kapoor for u guys
rahul singh
rahul singh साल पहले
I hate you Ekta mam I see this episode and I totally hate it I only want to see abhigya together
shashi Sharma
shashi Sharma साल पहले
Sunita kaushal
Sunita kaushal साल पहले
I am so unhappy because dadi is dead
Rashmi K.S
Rashmi K.S साल पहले
I think dadi was killed by simonika Abhi think that pragya is responsible for this and he leave her
Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam साल पहले
Abhi aur pragya ko please alag mat karo aur yadi alag kar rahe ho to fir saath kar dena warna serial me kuchh bhi jaan nahi rahega abhi and pragya ki jodi ke wajah se hi serial chal rahi hai aisa kya ho gaya ki dono alag ho gaye itni musibat aayi tab alag nahi huwe aur abhi ek dam alag sochne wali baat hai yaar use fir se saath karo koi aisa story bana ke warna ye serial jyada din tak nahi chalegi
madu deepak
madu deepak साल पहले
I don't know when this show will end 🤦🤦 🤦... This is a crap to all viewers with no logic ... I request Ekta Kapoor and the director of kkb show to end this show as soon as possible 🤷🤷🤷...
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar साल पहले
Your baby is so cute abhigya like you..😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar साल पहले
Let's hope ki hame abhigya ke love ka ek Naya roop dekhane Ko milega... Kyon ki milna to unhe hain hi.. Jitani Baar wo alag hue hain unka pyar aur badha hai. Love to see you abhigya. Pragya's new look is stunning..
sonam rane
sonam rane साल पहले
kumkum bhagya and kundli bhagya dono serial ek hi kahani se he to fir kumkum bhagya me leap dikhaya aur kundli bhagya me nhi
rahul singh
rahul singh साल पहले
ekta man i hate u for this concept....
rahul singh
rahul singh साल पहले
i love u abhigya dont do this to your fans..
rahul singh
rahul singh साल पहले
please don't separate to Abhi and Pragya I love both I see this so because I love them and to say them together if they cant be together i stop watching this show
Mounika E
Mounika E साल पहले
What the hell is this.😤 Can't serial run without separating them. Not even happiest episodes. Intrest through serial is going down 😞😞😞
Angel Love
Angel Love साल पहले
Omg Ekta Kapoor and her story ideas are all the same .. there is always a second marriage involved. Does she not have any other ideas ? Her serials are the worst !!!
rahul singh
rahul singh साल पहले
i love abhigya and want them together plz maan dont do this ...
vivek rock's
vivek rock's साल पहले
I am very excited to see this journey...
Mary Ijaja
Mary Ijaja साल पहले
What kind of series is this, evil keeps winning. the writer should think well, when will pragya and ahbi have happy ending . in reality couples can't be separated so easily. You viewers are not kids you know please end this program it have lost it's meaning
rahul khan
rahul khan साल पहले
Best abhigya
rahul khan
rahul khan साल पहले
Best serial always no.1
milana askar
milana askar साल पहले
ravi chandran
ravi chandran साल पहले
Best revenge dutta bhau..😍 i like mishel rahija..
HEER PATEL साल पहले
Love u abhi &pragya
John Kris
John Kris साल पहले
Poor Abi no Dadi and no family with him .😦 And also a UGLY BETI (sorry for the kid) but seriously. Makers r spoiling a super fun show to GHAM show!!!!
Abhi pragya is so amazing......... This couple is mindblowing...... Why you have separating.... New entry is so boring..... You are worst creating..... Why couldn't understanding.
Winner Choice
Winner Choice साल पहले
Bakwas show khali extension...
Prema M
Prema M साल पहले
H S साल पहले
H S साल पहले
I love abhi and pragya so much. but why you separate abhi and pragya .plz stop new part. and make a abhi and pragya for a happy life. plzz plzz plZ plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Siva Wahyuni
Siva Wahyuni साल पहले
prince umair
prince umair साल पहले
Abhi or pragya ki wje se ye show no.1 ja rha h or unko e ap alag krte ho bar bar plz inko alag na karo or phr itna bra leap drama khatm b krna h k nai ub simonica ko nai ta chutna chahye sb kuch thek ho jata or drama the end
Marlene Fredericks
Marlene Fredericks साल पहले
I think if abby blame Praya for somthing again then it is good that she is with sing that will teach him to trust her
princess ferry
princess ferry साल पहले
Lo again bakwas
anandaselvi Sollalagan
anandaselvi Sollalagan साल पहले
Prayaga why did you married king rockstar
anandaselvi Sollalagan
anandaselvi Sollalagan साल पहले
Prayaga why did you married king rockstar
yusuf Hussain
yusuf Hussain साल पहले
Kumkum Bhagya favourite episode
Laila Khan
Laila Khan साल पहले
Dekhny he nhi chyea asy daramy
Laila Khan
Laila Khan साल पहले
Darame ko or b bakwas bna dia
sandeep kumar
sandeep kumar साल पहले
Майя Джаббарова
Майя Джаббарова साल पहले
Asim Arqoub
Asim Arqoub साल पहले
شو اسم هاد المسلسل
FINDY EM साल पहले
Oops he looks angry with pragya. She is avoiding him wtf ??? I am really looking forward to see who gets shot in next episode P.s I have never watched kasam.
Maine Gogoi
Maine Gogoi साल पहले
I don't like this show
Abdul kadir
Abdul kadir साल पहले
I really like new twist👌👌👌....but what happen abhi aur Pragya ke beech mein aisa kya Hua Jo Juda Ho Gaye😢😢😢😢.... but I love this twist... 😘😘😘 ...... But I know once again abhi and Pragya together😚😚😚😚😍😍
Gül Fatma Can
Gül Fatma Can साल पहले
kısaca olayları nasıl boka sarıyoruz bakın da görün fragmanıydı bu 😒
Bulutlu Hanım
Bulutlu Hanım साल पहले
dizidekilerin kafası karışmış heyyy yavrum heyyy kimler kimlerle beraber😂
Priyanka Minj
Priyanka Minj साल पहले
Tik nh kr rhe
MOHONA ROY साल पहले
It looks like the track of kasam being separated & then return with a baby & father who isnt of course the real father....
Mohamed Sheik
Mohamed Sheik साल पहले
naina jaiswal
naina jaiswal साल पहले
Kundali Bhaiya me bhi aana chahiye leap
Sushma Sumah
Sushma Sumah साल पहले
Mishal raheja is my fvrt but agr prgya k sath karanveer bohra hote to boht accha hota 😊😊😊😊 Mishal we love u 😊😊😊😊
Shravni Kotwal
Shravni Kotwal साल पहले
Love you Abhi😘😘😘
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