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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018




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Danny Brady
Danny Brady 4 दिन पहले
What's with the golf ball?
dregapiro 11 दिन पहले
real men use kelvin
Nate Wynd
Nate Wynd 13 दिन पहले
Is any of the brass from previous castings still usable or recyclable?
Patrick Freeman
Patrick Freeman 13 दिन पहले
Freedomheit? Stubborn pigheadedheit you mean. Fahrenheit makes no sense, just like the "factors of 12"-system of measurements.
peter myrup
peter myrup 19 दिन पहले
What do i have to do around here to find name of the song at 8:00. I've signed up and tried to find it, no luck. Plz upvote so he can se it, what do i have to search on the site? @Alec Steele
Ian Cannon
Ian Cannon 20 दिन पहले
The music for this episode is AWESOME.
Hillel Horgen
Hillel Horgen 22 दिन पहले
subtitles 6:02
lunarscout 23 दिन पहले
How does pulling a vacuum from the sides work, wouldn't the investment just flow out? I have a feeling I'm being really thick here but I don't understand...
chris slack
chris slack 25 दिन पहले
Make the videos longer
Michael Meacham
Michael Meacham 26 दिन पहले
Use flexible abrasive discs with adhesive backing on rubber mandrels to clean up the inside.
lowkicker1971 27 दिन पहले
very 80ies music today...like it
Inge Bolme
Inge Bolme 27 दिन पहले
Freedomheight reeeeee :3
Eli Price
Eli Price 28 दिन पहले
Cut your hair you longed haired hippie !!!
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson 28 दिन पहले
Why don’t you put the crucible in the forge you can use your shaving and other small brass scrap why you still setting up your crucible while things are cold add crushed green bottle glass just break a bottle to get flat piece of glass than on top of your brass shaving and brass scrap on top of the crucible glass will melt and have a nice seal and you just do what you normally do You won’t get so much copper oxide when you pour brass Before you pour add some zinc to your brass just before you pour if you can restart your furnace but Do you this just before you pour your brass do you pre heat the ladle little in the furnace and remove the slag from the crucible before you pour your brass you have a cleaner casting
Bram's crighton
Bram's crighton 28 दिन पहले
“ Whats a Celsius ? -_-“ 😂
Daniel Nokes
Daniel Nokes 29 दिन पहले
Please use Celsius again, I'm Australian, I need it.
Skrapr 29 दिन पहले
Alec, what belt grinder do you use and why did you choose it? Love your videos and want to start making knives, starting to get some stuff together. Keep it up!!! Thank you
Colin Rogers
Colin Rogers महीने पहले
What kind of brass alloy did you use?
hugo walter her
hugo walter her महीने पहले
estos muchachos si no se la comen la miran con cariño ...
Brandon Laumer
Brandon Laumer महीने पहले
..... You gotta risk it, to get the biscuit
A Stang
A Stang महीने पहले
Well, great work, guys! Not to be a cynic, but... it seems to me you two could have just machined/engraved/filed/carved one (or two or three) of these out of solid brass in less than two months.... for less money. But, a new skill. Great value there too.
Doctor Yammy
Doctor Yammy महीने पहले
Can someone explain Pablo's advice? I thought Alec did it correctly based on how I've seen other people do it?
Greg Whitley
Greg Whitley महीने पहले
If you're lookin', you ain't cookin'!
Christopher Wrigley
Christopher Wrigley महीने पहले
Janczyk महीने पहले
Metric is better
steven williams
steven williams महीने पहले
Awesome video by the way! Always look forward to new ones! You have too much porosity in that casting. You need to make the button/sprue larger than the actual casting, that way the button stays molten longer. If your button is larger than the thing you are casting it will develop the porosity instead of the piece. Another thing you can do is only partially submerge the investment in the water so that the piece cools before the button cools. All ways of reducing porosity. Second, an aluminum oxide or glass bead sand blasting unit is the most effective way of removing investment from your casting. They are relatively inexpensive and have a lot of useful purposes. Hope this helps!
mort8652 Abeahamsen
mort8652 Abeahamsen महीने पहले
Alec arent you doing all the Fun parts?
Jesse Stephenson
Jesse Stephenson महीने पहले
love the new music
Merijn Vogel
Merijn Vogel महीने पहले
Make sure the air can escape when casting, make enough channels where the air can go while you pour in through the main channel. (A relavice is a profesional caster, I did work for him when I was a lot younger (15/16-ish) ;) ) During casting your brass seemed a bit hot, the zinc seemed to be escaping, but well, the only thing you can do is just doing it more often. Love to watch it :)
jeanne fanning
jeanne fanning महीने पहले
why didn't you get a stainless pot?
Turtle's Reef
Turtle's Reef महीने पहले
8:21 had me rolling
Joe Sharkazy
Joe Sharkazy महीने पहले
Oh my guard!!!!
Hoody K
Hoody K महीने पहले
Can someone get me the name of the song that plays at 7:56 it is just fantastic
Tim महीने पहले
"FLAHNGE" hahaha
Ricardo Malta
Ricardo Malta महीने पहले
8:21 lol!!
Nicholas Ellerbrook
Nicholas Ellerbrook महीने पहले
Polish that guard till you can use it as a mirror, shave test, comb test, etc...
LizzyMarieTina महीने पहले
You 2 seeing the guard come out was like watching a father seeing his child for the first time. Lol.
LimitedWard महीने पहले
Would it not have been easier to make a simpler design for the wax and then remove material from the casted piece?
Ghoul 11
Ghoul 11 महीने पहले
I’m find it funny Alec hasn’t adjusted to Fahrenheit yet
Robert Lozano
Robert Lozano महीने पहले
just like you never listen to will homieeeeeeee
Phil Richards
Phil Richards महीने पहले
You guys should collab with the That Works chaps, from Baltimore Knife and Sword. That would be one hell of a collab!
Claus Madsen
Claus Madsen महीने पहले
Nice eighties music
Open Eye
Open Eye महीने पहले
FYI there are sock filters you can pour liquid metal through as you pour the metal into the mold so it cleans it
George Clair
George Clair महीने पहले
A vacuum in a sealed chamber is a vacuum everywhere in that chamber no matter where you pulled the pressure from . Better to let it hold in a vacuum for some time to insure vacuum doesn't change
Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell महीने पहले
Vice handle vs groin? Vice wins every time. LOL (flashback to a much younger Alec swinging a sledge as a beater).
Jacob Mclemore
Jacob Mclemore महीने पहले
You're like me when I laugh and cry at the same time because I'm sad
Jacob Mclemore
Jacob Mclemore महीने पहले
What's funny is that America separate itself from the European countries but in America we still come from European descent
Crude Birth Rate
Crude Birth Rate महीने पहले
Your boyfriend is so awkward
Thomas Mellon
Thomas Mellon महीने पहले
Either way, really nice work. I Pablo MI poo
benlebeh महीने पहले
Really happy it worked!
Gabriel Viana
Gabriel Viana महीने पहले
Could you PLEASE say the temperature also in Celsius? You know, TEH WHOLE WORLD uses Celsius, those numbers in Fahrenheit doesn't mean anything to me, I don't know if it is too hot, too cold, medium... Nothing. The same to sizes and distance, you could say it also in metric. Would be good to show some respect for the international viewers...
قناةياسمين وحيد Yasmine WAheed
Like 😍
byrysh महीने पहले
Excalibur from Legend of the sword is a beautiful Damascus steel sword. And it's a British Legend. I thought you would really like to be able to do that. It's got all aspects that you enjoy doing. Damascus, Jewel setting, etching and brass and bronze casting
Daniel Atkins
Daniel Atkins महीने पहले
Whats a Celsius? i so stupid.
Josh Crum
Josh Crum महीने पहले
Damn fine job guys! It may not be perfect, but it IS beautiful. Most importantly you have learned so much and expanded your capabilities with the new vacuum chamber and kiln. So much progress! And props to trying it "the wrong way". Why the hell not? It was entertaining, and it almost worked perfectly. That molten brass did look awfully filthy. I wonder if that wasn't the only real problem with your casting.
chris sherman
chris sherman महीने पहले
Watching the sprues getting cut off is quite satisfying. Well done gents!!
Taryn Bunton
Taryn Bunton महीने पहले
Might I suggest something including a gold-silver damascus? The Japanese called the process mokune-gane.
Андрей Сорокин
Андрей Сорокин महीने पहले
I'd recommend using riffler files and rasps for such work, Corradi (Italian producer) might hook you up with some. Keep on!
micachu76 महीने पहले
Success! I've watched every video of the series hoping that you guys would experience this. Congratulations, keep working hard.
Frankie  Dangerous
Frankie Dangerous महीने पहले
Now hurry up and get her done lol , I been watching and waiting, how have you been enjoying your time in America Alec?
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath महीने पहले
The small bubbles/beads are easier taking off with a cold chisel. ;) Slainte!
demolishedman50 महीने पहले
Please, enough of the "Will is so funny and skilled" comments. They are the new Wham! and he does the dad-dancing and air-guitar. JFGI
Chimchim 1080
Chimchim 1080 महीने पहले
Are they even fluxing the brass cos it looks like they lost a lot of zinc
Jared Sanders
Jared Sanders महीने पहले
Omg what awesome 80’s movie did you find that music from??!! 😂😂
Adrian Ayala
Adrian Ayala महीने पहले
I see him with those air pods
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson महीने पहले
When you recast, just a rule of thumb you might be interested in and one more pointer on pouring: All castings have porosity but, you can place the porosity in the button (assuming you do everything else correctly) by using enough brass to ensure the button weighs the same as the rest of the casting (piece and sprues combined). When you pour, pour fast. As fast as the flask will accept the brass, which will be FAST.
joe manuel
joe manuel महीने पहले
wants to be as effective as possible with the time they're given...plays with icicles
Brad Ledo
Brad Ledo महीने पहले
Great music.
Serena Gibson
Serena Gibson महीने पहले
Lol me whays a Celsius😭😂😂
Jonathan Luhmann
Jonathan Luhmann महीने पहले
#43 on trending!!!! Good job!
Luke 03
Luke 03 महीने पहले
Man. I like your videos but you're teaching bad health and safety. The ginger chick never ties her hair back None of you wear gloves, proper goggles, aprons and probably not even protective boots. Are there no health and safty laws in the US? You are such a bad influence on your viewers and I'm so insanely surprised that you haven't been shut down yet... p.s. Still on videos from december/jan so if this has changed by this video then sure, what ever. But my point still stands, Be an actual man and wear proper PPE, don't be ignorant otherwise you're going to lose a digit/limb, your licence to hire, and possibly your entire workplace.
Bailey B
Bailey B महीने पहले
I'm just a simple single in the world of casting but isn't in dangerous to pour hot metal with metal gauntlets because the metal can stick to it and burn through the leather? I'm curious someone let me know x
firehydrant404 महीने पहले
Alec I love your videos been watching for a long time but I gotta say the whole video sponsors have gotten out of control. You spend way to much time talking about useless nonsense in my opinion we love the content of your videos not your sponsors. Please less sponsor more forging and building cool stuff.
Eric Côté
Eric Côté महीने पहले
Woohoo right on =) . Glad you guys got it =)
Diego de la Llata
Diego de la Llata महीने पहले
lmao 8:21 I had to rewind, sorry. Congrats by the way!!! Awesome job!
Morgan Wach
Morgan Wach महीने पहले
Beautiful job Alec
Robert Elmer
Robert Elmer महीने पहले
6:47 that "ow" cracked me up.
Bilbo_Swaggins420 महीने पहले
Like the other guy but liked Alec alone more
Russell Anderson
Russell Anderson महीने पहले
Now that you've done that one, Now you just have to make the next one even better Enjoyed and gave a Thumbs Up also
Ross Lee
Ross Lee महीने पहले
yay progress!
fidget Mc Fidgertson
fidget Mc Fidgertson महीने पहले
I think the small imperfections on the details make it look cooler, making it look like it was fought in battle, and stood the test of time. Kinda like my grandpa. Like o dang he's seen some shiiiii.
Tim Phillips
Tim Phillips महीने पहले
Way to go making it on IN-vid Trending! Congrats.
Brett Allen
Brett Allen महीने पहले
Less talkey more forgey
Miguel Vera Rebollar Huerta
Miguel Vera Rebollar Huerta महीने पहले
What's Rick Astley doing forging?
foofighterubu महीने पहले
it's way kewl, BUT... Alec said "This could have been much much better...". When he says stuff like that it means he will never be happy withing and knows already it doesn't measure up to his own standard and integrity. If this were something was working on, which would be foam, not steel...I would be doing the job over. there's been A LOT of effort and expense towards creating something beautiful. No reason to shot shift it now.
foofighterubu महीने पहले
no vid today. Could it be they following Palbo's advice regarding the stainless steel rim?
NarfiNaemsson महीने पहले
Alec and Will, one of your Canadian subscribers here, amazing progress so far!!!! In case no one has mentioned it before now, when casting brass I always used to throw in a handful or two of broken glass. The glass melts and floats on top of the brass acting as a separating layer between atmospheric gasses and the molten brass. When you pour the brass the glass tends to stay behind in the crucible while the brass slides out from underneath. Works really slick!! Hope that’s useful information for you on future pours.
Joseph Maceas
Joseph Maceas महीने पहले
Hello alec i have a suggestion havnt seen somewhat most of yr videos i suggest that u make canister damascus istead of plated. For a challenge
nicholassbrian महीने पहले
Did you get the sprew cutting music from Animusic? Lol
MyrSky Eleet
MyrSky Eleet महीने पहले
What's thé name of thé song at 8:05 ?
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright महीने पहले
Absolutely wonderful job. You should have used the down time to forge a new blade out of Damascus, though. Everything else you’re putting into this, I think, qualifies as a true masterpiece.
rotch s-garage
rotch s-garage महीने पहले
sounds like marble machine beats
Ted Dougherty
Ted Dougherty महीने पहले
Congrats you guys! Looks amazing!
Dillan Suon
Dillan Suon महीने पहले
yeh trending
Chester Billings
Chester Billings महीने पहले
Is there a way to forge a Bulletproof glass sword?
The Life and Times of a Dabbling Warlock
The Life and Times of a Dabbling Warlock महीने पहले
just save it for next time. I mean, this isn't going to be the only piece you cast some pieces of, right?
kennedy31 महीने पहले
6 months later Alec will be wishing he remade the guard the correct way.
Stuart Nicholson
Stuart Nicholson महीने पहले
That guard is a thing of beauty even in the raw cast. Lovely to see Will's fantastic wax carving come to life in brass.
General Forrest
General Forrest महीने पहले
Annoying bell end.
Nathan Bruce
Nathan Bruce महीने पहले
LMAO that 80's synth pop montage at 8ish minutes made me crack up!
peter myrup
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