Mary J. Blige Tried to WARN Us About AALIYAH

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In no way did I state the rumor that is circulating around the internet about Aaliyah's mother allegedly sleeping with her daughter and R.Kelly is fact. I wasn't there, and am confused as everyone else. .....EVERYTHING IS ALLEGED!!!!!!!!!!
All Rumors in this video are alleged, and public knowledge across the internet.

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Queen Shadey
Queen Shadey 2 महीने पहले
I think Aaliyah was Beyoncé’s sacrifice. Here’s my theory (hear me out:) Aaliyah was getting extremely big throughout the music and acting industries. Aaliyah was in Romeo must die and queen of the damned, which she made 12 million off of alone. She was also going to be in the matrix and the matrix remake, sparkle, and HONEY. In 2001, Aaliyah died. In 2003, crazy in love was released by beyonce. After Aaliyah died Beyoncé got even more famous, fast, and became a solo artist and eventually became the mega star we know today. Now, you guys could be skeptical, but here are some other points relating to my theory; I believe that the “higher powers” were going to pick someone that could easily influence people with their star power and music. Their first few picks to be the “leader” of the new generation of music was Brandi, Monica, Beyoncé, and Aaliyah. None of them made the cut EXCEPT Aaliyah. Aaliyah refused. But because her UNCLE had already offered up her soul, her blood price would have to be paid one way or another. Either she would kill and have her soul taken away from her, or she would die because she refused. Aaliyah Refused, and the blood price was left unpaid. Her uncle was in hot water, he had to replace the debt he owed the higher powers. He chose, to kill his niece to save himself. Remind you; he was a mason, and masons have close ties to the Illuminati. Once she was killed, the runner up was chosen to take over, and that was Beyoncé. Jay z was more of the guider, he is an important figure in the Illuminati and his task was to lead the new Illuminati “King or Queen” in the right direction. Aaliyah strayed too far from that path and was sacrificed, her star power given to Beyoncé. Jay Z also discovered RIHANNA, who started off as a sweet innocent girl and then “went bad.” He even said that in Beyoncé’s crazy in love. “Good girl gone bad.” But why? Because, they have to go through brain altering simulations so they can FULLY become Illuminati puppets, they use drugs, sex appeal, and violence to control the people in their music. But subconsciously, using the lyrics, call out for help and tell us to wake up if you play their songs backwards. Aaliyah always had a fear of Planes. Why? Because she was told how she was going to die. When asked WHY she had to get on that specific plane? She simply replied, “I just gotta do it.” Because she knew she would not be getting off. Aaliyah didn’t sell herself so she was killed. Even artists like drake, Mary j, and all other artists who got “inspiration” from her like Rihanna, kash doll and even Whitney Houston, knew what happened to her. They all felt bad but they couldn’t do anything. In conclusion,The “true queen” of the Illuminati is Aaliyah. Beyoncé was the runner up. Aaliyah didn’t fulfill her duties that were given to her before she could say no, and was killed. Beyoncé replaced her and Rihanna became Beyoncé’s runner up. Funny how jay z went to one of the poorest islands in the work looking for “talent.” No. He already knew who he was looking for. I know it’s a lot but that’s just my theory lol. Thanks guys
Lil LG
Lil LG 9 दिन पहले
+Queen Shadey so you a 15 yr old boy who with the title "Queen" that thinks he's a witch? Lmfao... I'm outta here..... Weirdo confirmed. No wonder this got 11k dislikes vs 16k likes.
Lil LG
Lil LG 9 दिन पहले
+Queen Shadey how the fuck are we supposed to know you a dude when your name "Queen Shadey"? Lmfao.... We don't know you famo.
Lil LG
Lil LG 9 दिन पहले
+Queen Shadey to be honest, your theory is nothing but theories from multiple other IN-vid conspiracy theorists crammed and rolled into 1.
Lil LG
Lil LG 9 दिन पहले
+Queen Shadey you 15? You sound like you 42 lmfao..... You a shorty thinking extremely too hard about a time and era you didn't come from.. I don't knock you though...
Bunny Girl 43
Bunny Girl 43 12 दिन पहले
You are right if you look at one video Beyounce was interview Aaliyah on the red carpet. Beyonce couldnt stand next to Aaliyah with a ten foot pole. God took her for a reason. So she wouldnt have to deal with these ppl Foolishness about her. Love you and miss. That's the reason Jazy and Beyonce wont speak on it. They have not said a word
Kara Di Guglielmo
Kara Di Guglielmo 2 दिन पहले
Wow. Shaming a victim of abuse for being brave enough to speak out about it and overcoming it all and finally being happy. You're an absolutely disgusting person. How dare you.
Angelena Givens
Angelena Givens 6 दिन पहले
I had a dream someone was going to die her name came up in my dreams, I should of prayed harder to GOD to save her. And for RKelly I believed he loved her termendously
platinumblondie 6 दिन पहले
That's so scary!
Dr kk
Dr kk 6 दिन पहले
Did they say her acting debut was Romeo must die, that was her acting debut? What about queen of the damned?
Latrina Hardy
Latrina Hardy 7 दिन पहले
She was the first singer deaf that i cry over. I actually looked up to her. I remember my boyfriend at the time called me and told me that she died of course i didn’t believe him. When i turned on MTV that’s when i seen it. 😔
Trina Thompson
Trina Thompson 12 दिन पहले
Same thang. His ex wife be twirling and dancing all nasty. And wanna act like she’s soooo sweet and innocent. Money was involved and she’s glad she married R. Kelly.
Chelsea Dorcélus
Chelsea Dorcélus 14 दिन पहले
In summary: Illuminati killed Babygirl
Queen Aoleon
Queen Aoleon 11 दिन पहले
jtika1978 14 दिन पहले
Mary knows what's up
Destiny Pinkins
Destiny Pinkins 14 दिन पहले
I just got a theory. What if Aaliyah isn’t really dead, she just wanted to get away from the abuse and RKelly and wanted to live a normal life because she was fed up🤷🏽‍♀️
Queen Aoleon
Queen Aoleon 11 दिन पहले
She is dead... Believe that
jennxed1974 15 दिन पहले
So you're saying an abused woman is never allowed to go on with her life, be herself and enjoy her life. Wow. Also, as the ex wife of an abuser who kept the name.... its all about the kids.
Cassius Outlaw
Cassius Outlaw 18 दिन पहले
Rest In Peace baby girl 💞Aaliyah💞 1979 - 2001 👼🏼
kiyah hudson
kiyah hudson 21 दिन पहले
mary ain’t never lie. y’all better stop sleeping on my good sis, and realize how wicked this industry is
SHOTGUN NEWS TV 24 दिन पहले
I need subscribers
Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie 25 दिन पहले
Victim blaming!!!
Bubble Boo
Bubble Boo 26 दिन पहले
Okay so let me ask you something about our Kelly's ex-wife do you think she should not have a life you think she shouldn't go out and have fun or she should say I whenever I go out I need to be sad I need to hold my head down why does she have to do that for you to believe her she can go out and have fun just because somebody is being themselves and twerking cuz that's the thing that people do that doesn't mean that she shouldn't be a credible witness I just disagree with that statement you made add a minute and 30 seconds in
jordan wright
jordan wright 28 दिन पहले
I like the music beats
The right to be righteous
The right to be righteous महीने पहले
Beyoncé killed her and it also came out that Beyoncé was a witch. Her ex drummer putted her and so did kanye
The right to be righteous
The right to be righteous महीने पहले
Jay and dame dash had a falling out because dame dash was going to get engaged to Aaliyah and jay z was rejected by her and he got with Beyoncé and occult stuff to show her what she was missing smh sacrificed so that they could have fame
#1 Negans Girl - the original
#1 Negans Girl - the original महीने पहले
You know females are always jealous of other females, especially our black sisters and it makes no sense. If R Kelly's first wife wants to keep R Kelly's last name, So what? She has small children by him, so why should she change her last name? She has to raise those kids and why shouldn't she raised them with her using her married name and the name of their daddy. Also, if she wants to dance the way she did, so what? She was having fun, look at all the fun that R Kelly has had and still having, while married to and away from his wife. She deserves every bit of fun that she can get. Hell, she didn't get it while being married to that uneducated bald headed stinky, Illuminati, pedophile, infected puppet R Kelly. I do believe EVERYTHING that his wife has stated about that infectious germ pedophile of a husband. EVERYTHING!! We black sisters need to stop hating on each other because we feel one has more or is better looking or whatever than we are. We need to stop this shit!!! R Kelly is A PEDOPHILE!! A PEDOPHILE! YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT HE IS!! A NO GOOD FOR NOTHING OLD MAN PEDOPHILE!!!!
She’s NaturallyDope
She’s NaturallyDope महीने पहले
I hate they killed her I’m still hurting and it’s 2019
Tre Williams
Tre Williams महीने पहले
As far as R.Kelly goes that's the ritual of the sex with the young those sex slaves were given to R.Kelly for his cooperation that's all that is now they either don't need him or he is not following orders so the sex slaves are paid to quote on quote testify against him, this has been going on before that case against him with the 14 year old he pissed on.
Tre Williams
Tre Williams महीने पहले
If Aaliyah was still alive there would be no Beyonce period.
Shandog southwest
Shandog southwest महीने पहले
Notice to make shit short an simple how is some singers rappers paid in such a huge difference sell your soul or die or someone you love must die or sale millions of records for us an don't even get half of what your really worth your still rich now Google Mary J net worth then Rihanna how in the hell does she have wayyyyyy more money than MJ the woman been out for a hundred years big sales touring everywhere I wait
Natasha Ricci
Natasha Ricci महीने पहले
So just because someone was abused they can't eventually live their best life after they've healed???!!! TF?! She deserves to be happy, free and having fun all she wants!!! Especially someone whose been through a hard life!
Clarity GivesYOUinsight
Clarity GivesYOUinsight महीने पहले
justice for will be served
Sha Leen
Sha Leen महीने पहले
So are you saying because she was abused by him she needs to stop living her life and stop having fun?
Nik Nik
Nik Nik महीने पहले
A lot of women keep their ex husband name because there children have the same last name....that women dont need r nasty last name she got it going on without him plus she gets paid no matter what her last name is
Pamela Keys
Pamela Keys महीने पहले
What people don’t know about Andrea Kelly is that she has her own dance studio and she choreographed all of R. Kelly’s music videos and other entertainers music videos. She was in and choreographed several of Micheal Jackson video and his award performances. She also created and design all of R Kelly’s clothes for his videos. If you noticed that R Kelly do not dress the same as he did while they were married. So, everyone Andrea Kelly do not need his money but instead she deserves what she is entitled to from him. Another note, why shouldn’t she get paid for all of the fucked up shit that he did to her?
Lakia Young
Lakia Young महीने पहले
Shawn Carter
Shawn Carter 20 दिन पहले
Yooo I didn’t even THINK about that, the plane having the same weight coming in as they were going back...
ChessNotCheckersTV महीने पहले
ogeshi महीने पहले
Unless u have been in an abusive relationship how can u speak on one woman's pain. Just be careful. I always said that I would never let a person control me let alone abuse me but it happened
Mickey Sola
Mickey Sola महीने पहले
She can finally be happy
Chris Asher
Chris Asher महीने पहले
Dang she can dance though
bluscorpion महीने पहले
You for real? Mary was on drugs and stuff back in the day. She was talking about herself. What I think is: you suck! Get a new hobby.
bluscorpion महीने पहले
The pilot was coked up?? And he was unauthorized? And the cargo thing- don't they way and limit that stuff before you get on? I don't know about y'all, but if a pilot says the plane is too heavy, I'm getting off. Her manager should have said take two trips. And how one man survive? That's the guy who did it. He loaded the plane up with rocks and shit. I bet you.
Mike Brook
Mike Brook महीने पहले
Girl shut the fuck up , you don’t know what your talking don’t talk about my nary
Rhona Love Philson
Rhona Love Philson महीने पहले
Thanks for some insight, my hardest Day. Tears flowing 😢HEART Breaking 💔ALWAYS TAKE CARE STAY BLESSED BYE.
23mzpiggy23 महीने पहले
I dont what she went through but andrea is ugly as hell
Dutch Holland
Dutch Holland महीने पहले
His ex wife should be able to keep her name especially since she has children by this man. Just because she was abused doesn't mean she has to stop living. Quit judging people.
Gregory Gofuckurself
Gregory Gofuckurself महीने पहले
Who give a fuck about any of this shit. Live your own life and stop worrying about what Hollywood or the music business is doing. None of this directly affects me so who cares.
Essence Black
Essence Black महीने पहले
Old ass video of Andrea. Ugh i swear whoever made this is bitter asf
Essence Black
Essence Black महीने पहले
You sound like a fatbittervictim who nobody ever showed sympathy to so now u side with a man who posses on little girls. Bitch eat a donut and choke
ultimatedesire90 महीने पहले
Go find a life.......😂 Discredited yourself less than 4 mins into the video...😂😂😂 Mofos always reaching
Zzzz Girl
Zzzz Girl महीने पहले
on the stage in the audience at the same time
Lili sing sing sing go to business school sing sing sing study law sing sing sing
on the stage in the audience at the same time
You can become wealthy very wealthy singing without being a superstar and do your family investors very well copy the their claim to fame in my eyes is that they were independent businessman rappers. They were independent not be holding to RCA Sony ABC or MTV or anyone else that's why you learn business so that you can be legally independent find a venue advertise sell the tickets pay the band pay the venue keep the balance the internet is here your new ways to make yourself known fear not young one you do not have to go to route of those murderous slime balls. .... don't forget to pray
Brandy Anderson
Brandy Anderson महीने पहले
Those people killed Aaliyah. Beyoncé is now all of a sudden this big icon🤔 🗣NO WAYYYY... after Aliyah got murdered, Beyoncé hall ass from that last lil bullshit girl group, which she was waiting to do! And all of a sudden blew up!!
Rafael Chacon
Rafael Chacon महीने पहले
Aaliyah was sacrificed by the illuminati. Do your own research.
Jealisa Sterrett
Jealisa Sterrett महीने पहले
Blood sweat n tears BITCH im keeping my name
jessica reed
jessica reed महीने पहले
If beyonce died it would never ever hit home like aaliyah's death
jessica reed
jessica reed महीने पहले
How old is r Kelly wife
Robert Stanley
Robert Stanley महीने पहले
Chiara and Dani Brown
Chiara and Dani Brown महीने पहले
I just know that when I got out of my toxic marriage, I definitely lived it up!
Melody Davidson
Melody Davidson महीने पहले
She was sacrificed, R Kelly was her handler. She sold her soul to the industry and she died at 27 an Illuminati number.
Alisha James
Alisha James महीने पहले
I wish Aaliyah could Rest In Peace fr 💯 but w R Kelly and the entire story of how she "died" I don't think she can. Maybe something needs to b solved then she might b able to 🙌✨💋✨rip babygirl 2019 still loves you
Lovey Jordan
Lovey Jordan महीने पहले
If you think it's odd that a black woman has outstanding resolve, then you haven't been paying attention. And, as far as Mary J, Aaliyahs death hit close to home , because they were in the same business. Mary, was leading a very destructive life at the time I.E Drugs , and booze , and seeing Aaliyah struck down so young was wake up call. Mary, was implying Aaliyah was murdered by her choices! So , Mary decided to take her life into her own hands. There's no hidden meanings here, if all you're implying was true, why wasn't Mary killed after revealing "This secret agenda"? My mother had a heart attack, which resulted in a quadruple bypass. The pain, I watched her endure, changed me for life. I started working out, quit smoking cigarettes, eating right, and being so thankful for every day above ground. My brothers, changed nothing. They watched our mother suffer as well! My point is, trauma effects everyone differently! Mary, saw herself in Aaliyah, as I saw myself in my mother. We both had terrible diets, smoked cigarettes, and never exercised. So. in my mind her fate was destined to be my own, and it changed me for life! That's all this is..... R.I.P Aaliyah
Yolanda Page
Yolanda Page महीने पहले
I can't stand some of these statements made on here about some of our favorite people it's like there a little tiny robot and always hanging out in they're pocket how does anyone know for real other than a song that was made and do you know how long aaliyah has been dead and this is now comming out.
Allen Gregg
Allen Gregg महीने पहले
I don't believe these women 😎😎😎
Shanetta Wells
Shanetta Wells महीने पहले
That's her children's last name..duh...
tamila Rankin
tamila Rankin महीने पहले
I didn't know that there was a survivor of that crash, I thought everyone died, hmm.
Solo B
Solo B महीने पहले
She was warned the plane was over packed but wanted to get back to damon dash after a argument .Carelessness brings hardship to all of us LOOKS!!!! and who you are does not matter. AALIYAH had darkness in her life .....married R Kelly at 15 and no one really ever spoke on that and what mom allows that. Her and her mother sexing together. Besides all the conspiracy theory and illuminati. She could have been rushing to get back to damn overloaded the plane said fu#k dat let's go ......and booom ...she is capable of accidental or careless death like all of use.....start putting theories on your friends and neighbors make the one close to you that overly important .Are celebrities the only worthy ones for theory. R I P BABY GIRL
D. महीने पहले
People are so annoying about the fact that she still has his last name. Obviously people don't know how big of a hassle it is to change your last name on every freaken document that exists for u. She has had that name for so long now. That name also helps identify her with her children she produced with him. She can keep his last name . It's so many women in the world period that has been abused and still carry their abusers last name. That's just stupid for people to keep insisting that she change the last name. It won't change the abuse so what is the point .
Daquiri Price
Daquiri Price महीने पहले
I believe it's Damon Dash fault they said Aaliyah agreed not to get on the plane after they told her it would be to much stuff but Dame Dash insisted after she told him what they said! That she still get on that particular flight and hurry up.!
Lulu's Chronicles
Lulu's Chronicles महीने पहले
Shes a professional dancer moron
Mia Martin
Mia Martin महीने पहले
She is the mother of his kids who share the same name. Who the hell are you to tell someone what name she should carry. Get a freaking life
Angelena Givens
Angelena Givens महीने पहले
I to had a Dream of Aaliyah, then it got on the news about her. I knew then it was true. She is very Beautiful I will miss her.
D Austell
D Austell महीने पहले
Keeping the last name is not important, she has children with that last name and that means something to mothers and children.
Lady777 महीने पहले
She killed that dance... ijs🤷‍♀️
blazejon महीने पहले
Michele Scott
Michele Scott महीने पहले
Adrea keeping the Kelly last name may not be her choice it depends on how her divorce was written. He has to say in the divorce that she is allowed to take her maiden back. I know I know It's so barbaric
nick lenard
nick lenard महीने पहले
Who was the person who survived the crash ?
Lesley Williamson
Lesley Williamson महीने पहले
Where's the proof on the mom and Aaliyah both sleeping with R. Kelly? I hear a theory but no details to endorse it.
Demetrius Ware
Demetrius Ware महीने पहले
How much is your kids worth
Nyesha Brooks
Nyesha Brooks महीने पहले
I believe her death had to do with illuminati involving beyonce. Right after my girl aaliyah diee beyonce blows up gtfoh aaliyah was murdered. But their is a hell for people
Nyesha Brooks
Nyesha Brooks महीने पहले
Chilling but sounds about right...do you ever think we would know the truth...
Nyesha Brooks
Nyesha Brooks महीने पहले
Aaliyah was too beautiful for this world...her death did something to me...
Nyesha Brooks
Nyesha Brooks महीने पहले
Drea.. r kelly was not checking for you with the moves he checking for them lil gals...lol..he is a sick individual
L. Black
L. Black महीने पहले
A. Kelly is a dancer. What do you expect from a person when they're in their element? 🙄
Stony Stone
Stony Stone महीने पहले
I'm not feeling her victim shaming Andrea Kelly. I do agree with the last name part though. Why in the hell would you want this abusers last name? Anyways the other thing that bothered me was when Mary mentioned the heroine OD. She was clearly refuring to herself and how they may paint her death. She had a history with drugs anyways so an OD isn't that hard to believe.
Gracie Greene
Gracie Greene महीने पहले
I still want to cry when I hear an Aaliyah song
Santi Harrell
Santi Harrell महीने पहले
RIP aaliyah.... she was a scrafice
Diontae Daughtry
Diontae Daughtry महीने पहले
Great commentary really something to think about 👍👍
matthew khanna
matthew khanna महीने पहले
What a dumbass video
Sandi fassbinder
Sandi fassbinder महीने पहले
Y'all rappers are dropping like flies swatted by fly swatters. They're being killed sacrificed . I'm an older white lady I see what's going on and I was just telling my husband about Aliyah today and all of a sudden I see this video about her. XXXTANATIOUS for one , I'm scared for these kids and celebrities that are trying to break the chains Pray for them all but the ones in to deep I don't know if there's a way out.
Twisted Logic
Twisted Logic महीने पहले
👏👏 good for you! You read comments b4 watching the video. Now let me stop you from wasting 11 minutes of your life, watching this boring, and biased video by an obvious R Kelly fan. (Your choice) Best part 1:30 (his ex Andrea got skillz) 7:22 (Mary J interview....FINALLY).
Sandi fassbinder
Sandi fassbinder महीने पहले
Sandi fassbinder
Sandi fassbinder महीने पहले
I'm a middle age white lady. I watched many Christmas parades in Richmond Va. White Shriners and White Feee Masons were in the parade first second was The Black Free Masons and Alk Black Shriners . They're not allowed to mix. If you have a loved one In the Free Masons or Shriners please please I beg of you , Pay for that spell to be broken off of them. It's evil not only evil but a power making Black men think they're special and holy in the segregation organizations. Under a spell. Laugh at me make fun of me but if you love them you'll pray for them. In Washington DC there's a sacrifice bed in a building I accidentally went in me and friends from high school in 1980 we saw it it's real the whole thing is marble and gold and scary as shit. It's protected big time we just were in the wrong place at the right time to see it. Jay Z is Black only Free Mason even he is not allowed to the level of the white Free Masons. But he's in so deep they could all be killed.
Sandi fassbinder
Sandi fassbinder महीने पहले
Oh yeah screw Beyoncé and Jay Z nasty ass witches
Sandi fassbinder
Sandi fassbinder महीने पहले
I hope R Kelly's ball are shoved down his throat
LovelyLady महीने पहले
I don't know why it's hard to accept that when a celebrity dies it means their time on earth is done just like everyone else has their time that will come. And just bcuz it's a sudden death doesn't make it a conspiracy theory, all deaths are unexpected to the person loved ones even when you've prepared yourself for the death of a loved one it still feels unexpected when it happens. Lastly Aaliyah death was tragic but the fact of the matter is that was the day Aaliyah was going to pass away No matter how it happened that was her day to leave the earth. No one can control the day they or their loved one dies, if we could we would but we can't and celebrities aren't above that so the conspiracy theory around celebrity death needs to stop bcuz it's ridiculous.
Destiny Brown
Destiny Brown महीने पहले
HOL UP! HOL UP! DREA KILLED THAT SHIT THOUGH !!! I forgot the purpose of the video lol.
Antonio Herbin
Antonio Herbin महीने पहले
All this should had been brought up while she was living R. Kelly should had been convicted when it happened had he been broke and poor he would had been it's now a bit to late for Alliyha to get justice hopefully all the girls who are now grown will come forward and tell what really went down if Alliyha was still here she would had seemed justice for all the help and all she insured she was happy with Missy and Timbaland they did some music that will live forever Missy with the flow Timbaland with the beats and flow Alliyha with the singing and vocals I think it was something more than to much luggage a story has two sides never one if any of us want to know what really occurred investigate hear and look at everything question wether than draw theories the truth will come out especially when it comes to someone who was as sweet and humble as she was no bad deed does not go unpunished for long what is done will de paid in full.
Kenya Richardson
Kenya Richardson महीने पहले
Where did you get your info from? You are a part of the reason why victims are afraid to come forward. You're just as sick as he is. You disgust us
Iesha Pearce
Iesha Pearce महीने पहले
can someone tell me is birdman still fucking guys in the arse for a record deal
Amillie On Nair Cash money
Amillie On Nair Cash money महीने पहले
Fuck, because his ex wife is twerking, doesn’t mean she lied. She might carry his name still because she loved that man. Come on bitch 🙄
Iesha Pearce
Iesha Pearce महीने पहले
he look like he has aids
Sabrina Adams
Sabrina Adams महीने पहले
Jay P
Jay P महीने पहले
Who ever talking on this video is fucking ignorant
Keda Wright
Keda Wright महीने पहले
This shit was a waste of time! I skipped through most of it! Ugh! Annoying! First of all, she long since divorced him, why in the heck would she still be walking around miserable? Second, Many, MANY women never change their last name back, even after being abused! How or why is that a concern is just asinine af! This was supposed to be about Mary`s take on Aaliyah, instead, you lead with the foolishness and fuckery about R. Kelly! Be better than that sis! Stick to the title! The entire beginning was wasteful at best!
celeste younger
celeste younger महीने पहले
This ghetto video is TERRIBLE!!!!!! Andrea KELLY should be living her best life. She earned that last name and has HIS children! What is so wrong with her twerking? I'm ashamed of you as a woman. You act as if she should remain locked up and abused. She was once a victim and she isn't anymore and that is something to celebrate! Do us all a favor.....Don't make anymore video's!!!!
Private Tails
Private Tails महीने पहले
This video of not believing women is appalling. I hope you find some peace. Because only miserable people would blame the victims.
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