Mass shooting at Christchurch mosque

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There is a "serious and evolving" situation with an active shooter in Christchurch, New Zealand, police commissioner Mike Bush said. In a statement read on TV 3 New Zealand, police said one person was in custody. Police said there are a number of causalities but did not specify how many. CBS News partner Newshub affiliates Erin Speedy, Tova O'Brien, Thomas Mead report.
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Bardock yesitsmyrealnamestopasking
Bardock yesitsmyrealnamestopasking 2 दिन पहले
When you land mosque but your the only one with a weapon
AlexTremo DelNorte
AlexTremo DelNorte 5 दिन पहले
Mr Tarrant is a hero. He should have schools, streets, cities, buildings and army divisions named after him.
My Flapping Cape
My Flapping Cape 5 दिन पहले
Where are all the independent news reports on IN-vid? Hmmm, they got banned and removed by IN-vid? Only mainstream news are allowed on this subject? Like they only want to show you one side of the story. Doesn't sound suspicious to me.
Q-Betrex 7 दिन पहले
if you call him a gunman or a shooter, you're defending him. He is a terrorist. Remember this
Hamiora Walters
Hamiora Walters 8 दिन पहले
Remember international people around the world a WHITE MAN did this attack NOT a Māori so when yous come to new zealand dont give us ugly looks aye chur.....oh and not once did they mention that this was a act of racism hmmmmm???
DZ Malekvali
DZ Malekvali 9 दिन पहले
Why new Zealand????? I tell you why...new Zealanders are cool And kind poeple chilled back ,Australia in other hand is hot headed and bothered criminals of origins..ask the brits look up the history.. so yeah some one did not like the peace going in the new Zealand so free society ( free masonists, zionists,1satan worshipers ECT...the dark force at work) sent his minion from Australia to do sacrifice mission and spread choes and confussion amoungs the good poeple of new zealand,,shame on them politicians behind the act.
Mark Hana
Mark Hana 12 दिन पहले
ChaotiX SkuLLS
ChaotiX SkuLLS 10 दिन पहले
Mark Hana So? Who cares what they call him. Why does it matter to you what title they choose to give him? Psycho/terrorist/gunman are all words to describe evil. Doesn’t matter what word is used. Evil is evil.
Mark Hana
Mark Hana 10 दिन पहले
+ChaotiX SkuLLS because people tend to call him gunman or psycho and other misleading titles
ChaotiX SkuLLS
ChaotiX SkuLLS 10 दिन पहले
Mark Hana why do you care what he’s called lol
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 15 दिन पहले
ChristChuch mosque, doesn't anyone see the absurdity in the title alone
HNR_Leafer 10 दिन पहले
Its the name of a town, not some secret political message.
Leon Gartie
Leon Gartie 16 दिन पहले
Ave BRENTON! Heallow from Russia! Saint war against muslims! WHITE POWER
Pampam Lungleng
Pampam Lungleng 19 दिन पहले
Some Muslim leaders interpreted ideas wrongly to its followers, these followers did bad things and based it on the wrong ideology taught to them. Some Christian forgets what Jesus teaches us and falls in the pit filled with the likes of hatred, pride and revenge... they stray away from the path of righteousness. No God would want to spread "hate". Refrain from calling yourself "Muslim" or "Christian" if you are going to cuss each other.
Alex Denton117
Alex Denton117 19 दिन पहले
New Zealand is proud of Brandon Terrant! 🗽 🤡🤡 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 22 दिन पहले
You are not being told the whole truth. IN-vid won't allow videos of the attack as it shows something your governments don't want you to know about. Try searching for 'christchurch false flag' and see you'll find nothing. Those videos are now gone. R.I.P. to the innocent victims
Truffle-mushroom squad
Truffle-mushroom squad 22 दिन पहले
Isn't he a terrorist? That is what it is called right! But why did this happen anyway?
Michael Johansen
Michael Johansen 24 दिन पहले
I need to stop being curious!! Should not have seen the video 😩 but it made me realize how impossible it is to play dead or get away from a gunman! Its not like the movies where bullets never hits the hero..
TradeMark 22 दिन पहले
+Zandrie Elliott Fair enough, you don't got arguments to defend your position based on what's in the video that i pointed out. Shaming, insults doesn't work on me. 9/11 happened. No doub't about that. The staged Christchurch on the other hand is part of divide and conquer tactic. Lemme give you one recent example of this: Same day the Notre Dame was burning, there was fire in the famous mosque called Al-Aqsa located in Jerusalem. Coincidence? I don't think so. I want peace between religions, not a war. Compared to the elite. Unfortunately it does not help that Islam is not peaceful, by reading through the scriptures in the Holy Quran and watching what's going on in Islamic countries and host countries. (for example Brunei and introducing sharia very recently) It does not look bright. Expecting the racist card to be used. Here is my defence to it. Islam is not a race its a political, totalitaristic ideology, religion that is not compatible with western countries. Always happy to discuss subjects in a civil way :)
Zandrie Elliott
Zandrie Elliott 22 दिन पहले
+TradeMark Honestly can't be bothered to argue with you after my experiences with the 9/11 conspiracy theorists it's gonna be a game of tennis with no end in sight and no clear winner with both sides claiming that they have won. Good luck with your fantasies.
TradeMark 22 दिन पहले
+Zandrie Elliott 1: I don't use or watch 4chan, 2: You lying, the magazine was already there, 3:I haven't even mentioned the blood bag malfunctioning and exploding out on arm on the woman outside on the ground. 4:There is a picture of a black guy with 'blood' on him, and a Muslim behind him carrying something red in a bottle/small container for fluids. And the Muslim i am talking about has been on camera talking with journalists, also at the 'funeral' you can see the same guy just walking. I believed it was real for atleast 3-4 weeks after the alleged incident. Not anymore.
Zandrie Elliott
Zandrie Elliott 22 दिन पहले
+TradeMark Stop watching gifs of the video on 4chan, you can actually see in the full video the magazine getting ejected out of the gun and bouncing off the wall onto the floor. At 4:58 you can hear the Woman commenting "I saw some young guys running down the street" now I have a distant friend who claims to have been near that site on a class statistics assignment, he said he heard what to him sounded like loud popping sounds he didn't know it was gunfire then until he stepped closer to that mosque only to see the terrorist walking back to his car to retrieve another weapon he promptly yeeted out of there right back to his school. Also as Micheal says this is not a videogame or a movie this is real, things are all too often different in real life, and I'm sorry to say this but facts don't care about your feelings, just because you think this a is a hoax based on some sloppy anecdotal evidence doesn't mean it is a hoax.
TradeMark 23 दिन पहले
And a gun magazine placed on the left in the hallway that was already there when he walked in, (he looks down to the left on it in the video) wasn't thrown. 2mins later or so he picks it up and loads the gun.(airsoft)? Looks like a possible hoax.
Crippling Depression
Crippling Depression 24 दिन पहले
Hmmm... IN-vid seems to censoring Christchurch shooting memes.
Gary Ellson
Gary Ellson 24 दिन पहले
I feel horrific about the Christ church. Shooting. But why is no-one. Talking about the 11 Christians killed by Muslims every day in Uganda? ???
Manpersonguy33 26 दिन पहले
This man should have what he did to all those innocent people happen to him. So he should get shot to death, without warning, and given less than 5 seconds to run. People like this shouldn’t get to live their lives.
Denny Crane
Denny Crane 26 दिन पहले
Anyone have a link to the original video?
Day Toast Poop Clan
Day Toast Poop Clan 25 दिन पहले
I have No Subs
I have No Subs 26 दिन पहले
Bless the people that died no one should go thought this
PrimeA 26 दिन पहले
He said sub to pewdiepie
jeed Ar
jeed Ar 26 दिन पहले
he thought by killing the Muslims will shake our faith on god .. swear by the name of Allah the creator of this universe, we do not feel afraid even a bit .. it's just make us more faith on Allah .. and makes us united .. we are ready to dead, fight for defending our religion AllahuAkhbar!!!
Kumar田中加奈と 20 दिन पहले
jeed Ar since muslims came to Australia, crime rate and rape rate had gone up and life expectancy has gone down. Same goes to all European countries that you stupid idiots have flooded
Kumar田中加奈と 20 दिन पहले
jeed Ar he did it out of pure hatred because you dirty cowfuckers are flooding his country.
Brady Martin
Brady Martin 26 दिन पहले
Keep praying🙏
Vikram rajput
Vikram rajput 26 दिन पहले
Hahaha peaceful muslim suicide bombers killed 300+ Christians on easter day and global media is saying suicide bombings killed easter worshipers haahhahaha this is the height of hypocrisy......love from Indian hindu to christian brothers
Maurice Upton
Maurice Upton 27 दिन पहले
Semi automatic not automatic
Zen Coleman
Zen Coleman 28 दिन पहले
Long live Dylann roof, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, And the Christchurch shooter
dieter006us महीने पहले
some guy did something!
Tyson Cunningham
Tyson Cunningham महीने पहले
I live outside of Christchurch And I remember this
TiickT0ck 29 दिन पहले
You remember it? Im just outside too but it was only weeks ago
ARMAN TAP महीने पहले
Gunman gunman gunman gunman
Future Brown
Future Brown महीने पहले
John Comrade
John Comrade महीने पहले
Respected President and Prime minister of Newsland. Serial bomb blast in church and hotel in Sir Lanka. Would you people like to say bought this incendent.
Juubido 2 दिन पहले
+John Comrade I don't...think they are?
John Comrade
John Comrade 22 दिन पहले
+K.M. are you Prime minister or President.
K.M. 22 दिन पहले
Charlotte Katakuri
Charlotte Katakuri महीने पहले
Brenton Tarrent was a true patriot. Keep poking the bear and more will come.
mrbobbilly 25 दिन पहले
+Vikram rajput go back to nepal, your people are muslim too
Vikram rajput
Vikram rajput 26 दिन पहले
+ᏒᎾuxᏞs ᏦᎪᎪᏒᎠ peaceful muslims killed 300 christians on easter day in srilanka ....
Dilovan Şêr حرية
Dilovan Şêr حرية 29 दिन पहले
Kirk Johnson the fact you are saying to use google for information on such delicate issues Shows how much you know.
Kirk Johnson
Kirk Johnson महीने पहले
ᏒᎾuxᏞs ᏦᎪᎪᏒᎠ ohhh idk, maybe they’re causing rape rates to skyrocket bc their death cult places no value on infidels? Google it if you don’t believe me.
ᏒᎾuxᏞs ᏦᎪᎪᏒᎠ महीने पहले
I have question: What is the reason you're hating on muslim?
madsadist 1
madsadist 1 महीने पहले
what a lovely sight. hopefully there will be more of these "incidents" like ilhan omar says this is only someone doing something and that is all fine :)
Kirk Johnson
Kirk Johnson महीने पहले
Toast 9418 nothing wrong with wanting to preserve the west. Pisslam has no place in the west.
Toast 9418
Toast 9418 महीने पहले
Wtf is wrong with yoy
originelli69 महीने पहले
hahahah :DD THATS nice!
Lulu West
Lulu West महीने पहले
Great Dane
Great Dane महीने पहले
Brenton Tarrant is a hero
ARMAN TAP महीने पहले
ᏒᎾuxᏞs ᏦᎪᎪᏒᎠ महीने पहले
I'm an atheist tho and I still disagree
Ceribo महीने पहले
Hate’s only gonna bring more hate, i swear the world will end in a war
Battleneter महीने पहले
Correct, and Social media has become a platform for these fringe nut jobs.
Fr B
Fr B महीने पहले
Though this is off topic, Sunday will be the 20th anniversary of the Columbine Shooting😢I hope that all schools will remain safe next week.🤞🤞🇺🇸 - HS Senior
Cato Sicarius
Cato Sicarius महीने पहले
Tarrant is a hero.
Cato Sicarius
Cato Sicarius महीने पहले
+Toast 9418 yes
Toast 9418
Toast 9418 महीने पहले
Is he?
Caiden महीने पहले
My hero ❤❤❤
Jason Giese
Jason Giese 29 दिन पहले
Wtf is wrong with u two
lobo महीने पहले
Same, I hope this is just the start and more muslim killings follow
James Wetherington
James Wetherington महीने पहले
Harry Peterson
Harry Peterson महीने पहले
It's not hard to find, you just aren't going to find it on kid friendly sites.
The Gacha Girl
The Gacha Girl महीने पहले
according to how mad you are where it happened
Achteraan Mafri
Achteraan Mafri महीने पहले
Fake news.
Toast 9418
Toast 9418 महीने पहले
+Achteraan Mafri how ignorant
Battleneter महीने पहले
​+Achteraan Mafri Apart from the 50 dead missing people, the video evidence from multiple sources and hundreds of witnesses, sure ok.
Achteraan Mafri
Achteraan Mafri महीने पहले
+Battleneter There are no evidence that this event occurred. It was all planned my Mossad.
Scottie B
Scottie B महीने पहले
It’s no big deal it was someone that did something same as the Muslims say about the 9-11 attack
Skiez महीने पहले
Hes a terrorist but since hes white hes alright lol poor muslim families hope they find out who the real killers are? 😂
Carlos Pool
Carlos Pool महीने पहले
This Is a good new ... Brenton = hero
Toast 9418
Toast 9418 महीने पहले
+Burger Eater wtf
Burger Eater
Burger Eater महीने पहले
He is the ultimate hero!
N Geri
N Geri महीने पहले
Beatrice Peterman
Beatrice Peterman महीने पहले
Are you getting it yet?
Kemper Leonard
Kemper Leonard महीने पहले
False flag watch the video
Travis Bouck
Travis Bouck महीने पहले
False. Flag.
Steve Mccreight
Steve Mccreight महीने पहले
I think you mean semi auto
J. महीने पहले
Pampam Lungleng
Pampam Lungleng 19 दिन पहले
U r a very bad man. No different from the killer.
Toast 9418
Toast 9418 महीने पहले
Give this man a life sentence
Joseph Barclay Ross
Joseph Barclay Ross महीने पहले
Google: "Fetzer Dammegard Christchurch Shooting Hoax" for the truth. And hold on to your guns, New Zealand, you'll need them.
Nevermore Rax
Nevermore Rax महीने पहले
Not to sound bad but does anyone have a link to the full video? I want to see what really happened instead of the news twisted version
Sleeepyy Knight
Sleeepyy Knight 24 दिन पहले
mrbobbilly what makes you say that? Do you mean each of those dead people can chop my head off just because they’re muslims? if so, the same can be said to all of us.
mrbobbilly 25 दिन पहले
+Sleeepyy Knight Don't feel sad you sympathizer. They won't hesitate to chop your head off once they take over the world, that's why he was a hero.
Sleeepyy Knight
Sleeepyy Knight 25 दिन पहले
Hey i saw it on facebook and ‘twas horrible asf. Especially for the woman outside the mosque where he shot a few meters across, when he heard she was still crying for help he went outside and shot her for like three times. The same with the people inside the mosque who are crying and made sure to double shot them. Damn and some people here regards him as a hero disgusting!
Manuel S
Manuel S महीने पहले
Just search it on bestgore lol
Tadeo Gamez
Tadeo Gamez महीने पहले
Scooter brad lives like 5 blocks from this area
Kirk Johnson
Kirk Johnson महीने पहले
Shame he didn’t get fragged too then
Dustin Herrera
Dustin Herrera महीने पहले
It wasn't a automatic weapon lol
Dinesh महीने पहले
Thank you for world attention for this big crime punish the culprit! What about One millions Kashmiri Pandits, who are exile in their own country India / Pakistan, as they are non Muslim. Since 1989 no Justice for them!
niklas reuter
niklas reuter महीने पहले
Maybe in the Video he tells us the reason for this, i want to see the video
Kirk Johnson
Kirk Johnson महीने पहले
Google his manifesto then. He spelled it all out.
niklas reuter
niklas reuter महीने पहले
i want to see the video
Lauren Lauren
Lauren Lauren महीने पहले
for everyone saying that he isn’t a terrorist, HE IS. he went into a building and shot people out of hatred.
Kirk Johnson
Kirk Johnson महीने पहले
You forgot to say he’s a hero too. Show some respect, libtard.
Toast 9418
Toast 9418 महीने पहले
jubileemama2000 महीने पहले
This creep is disgusting, he is being praised on "Best Gore" website where the video is still available. The video is horrific and heartbreaking.
Ryan Senior
Ryan Senior महीने पहले
"Remember lads, subscribe to pewdiepie"
Anthonyplayz महीने पहले
I like how NZ banned guns but things like acts of terrisim still happen americans act like banning guns will solve the problem look what happened that day nothing will change people will get guns one way or the other
Ģøşpęļ Wøļf
Ģøşpęļ Wøļf महीने पहले
Rest in Peace who died... I hope you will be peaceful up there in Heaven...❤
Isaac Cohen
Isaac Cohen महीने पहले
If it was muslim it would not be this loud :P
Robert Francis
Robert Francis महीने पहले
Why is there a Mosque in a town called Christchurch?
Battleneter महीने पहले
+Catholic Racialist The "Current" NZ government is a Labour government which is the traditional right wing party, so um you are incorrect.
Catholic Racialist
Catholic Racialist महीने पहले
+Battleneter Especially in Protestant countries like the UK
Catholic Racialist
Catholic Racialist महीने पहले
+Battleneter That's because in the 21th century the vast majority of Europeans are non-religious.
Battleneter महीने पहले
The city of Christchurch is name after a university in the UK, the people in CHCH are on average less religious than the average American, NZ is not a overly religious country.
Catholic Racialist
Catholic Racialist महीने पहले
Because NZ is led by left wingers
The_Boot महीने पहले
remember Ben Zygier
TGDSHARK महीने पहले
So this is ethnic cleansing.
Catholic Racialist
Catholic Racialist महीने पहले
+TGDSHARK What about you?
Catholic Racialist
Catholic Racialist महीने पहले
+TGDSHARK In Europe. I want a racial clean Europe. Racial purity and preservation is needed in Europe
Catholic Racialist
Catholic Racialist महीने पहले
TGDSHARK महीने पहले
+Catholic Racialist would you like to see it?
Catholic Racialist
Catholic Racialist महीने पहले
Pam Pam
Pam Pam महीने पहले
He forgot to wear the burkha. in-vid.net/video/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-Ky4poop-coY.html
Johan sigurdson
Johan sigurdson महीने पहले
Where can I find the video? I am American so it is not illegal for me to watch it like it is for some of you Socialist slaves. Did he atleast start yelling Deus Vult and calling the heretics? Die infidels! Deus Vult!! lmao
Harry Peterson
Harry Peterson महीने पहले
The video is probably up on many "gore" type sites. "The YNC . Com" would probably have it.
When you listen to Pumped up Kicks.
scincy streams
scincy streams 2 महीने पहले
how do i watch it?
AcousticNRG 2 महीने पहले
faKE news , red flag attack
Joseph Barclay Ross
Joseph Barclay Ross महीने पहले
+Skyett Phony video, troll. Phony as a three dollar bill. And now it's illegal to even see it, that's how obviously fake it is.
Skyett महीने पहले
No. Just no. He ran in there and shot 49 people to death. He livestreamed the entire thing. How can that be faked more
Zombiefied 2 महीने पहले
Fake News...enough said
Skyett महीने पहले
Are you serious? He livestreamed the entire thing. Are you saying its fake too? Then be in that mosque and you'll look stupid.
A ASMR 2 महीने पहले
Tf he say in the beginning
Alexander Khatoev
Alexander Khatoev 18 दिन पहले
"Kia ora" Māori greeting
Junior Lewing Koo
Junior Lewing Koo 2 महीने पहले
Satan an his demons at work in our world. This is not just a shooting. It's both evil an madness.
Jean Ahrens
Jean Ahrens 2 महीने पहले
Prayers go out to everyone. So sad I don't care who you are what the color of skin you have, or what God you pray to. Nobody deserves this.
DJ Gandhi
DJ Gandhi 2 महीने पहले
If you invade in someone territory with cruel intention then this is the result. Before calling the gunmen terrorist try to know why ? he did this. Currently everyone is in a race to pacify this community better know they to are not innocent.Whole Europe content is frustrated by this migrants.
taga defa
taga defa 2 महीने पहले
islam is gradually banned worldwide. I can see islam will be gone and labelled as deadly cult religion in the future. I can predict islam cannot survive into 22nd century as many countries have started to draft all sort of law to restrict islam: 1. China's Xinjiang re-education camp for muslims (I can say it is an open prison camp), 2.Trump 's travel ban on muslim majority countries Libya, Iran, Somalia etc. 3. Persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar Bye -bye islam and it is good and peace for the future generation.
BlessMySkillッ 2 महीने पहले
1like= 1 Gunmen typo Corrections
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 2 महीने पहले
Jacswindler Adjourned in-vid.net/video/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-ORp3q1Oaezw.html
ItzYaBoiAlex 2 महीने पहले
Delete all the videos and they’ll just keep getting posted and posted on many accounts
Ratman Legend
Ratman Legend 2 महीने पहले
I hate arabs but i don't like killing.
Cindy Roll
Cindy Roll 2 महीने पहले
kick ass
kick ass 2 महीने पहले
dont sell gun idiot only teaser gun
Skyett महीने पहले
yeah exactly just completely stop firearms to exist. You sound really stupid.
Erős Pista
Erős Pista 2 महीने पहले
Ebba Akerlund thanks for your revenge!
William Fairs
William Fairs 2 महीने पहले
The most Incredibly Brave women, at 4 minutes and 30 seconds into this news clip, I wish that I could honestly say that I would have been as brave... a True Hero !
jonangus75 2 महीने पहले
The video (that will get you 10 years in a NZ jail!) PROVES this is another gun grab hoax. And you all fell for it,, well done NZ!
Joseph Barclay Ross
Joseph Barclay Ross महीने पहले
+Skyett I have seen it. It's as phony as a three dollar bill. No blood, not bullet holes, bodies lying on the floor before the "killer" even gets there. Only an idiot would believe it. That's why now all of a sudden it's banned with truly stiff penalties for viewing. Wake up, New Zealand, you are being had.
Skyett महीने पहले
Ain hat
Ain hat 2 महीने पहले
Do not believe the story! You and I are all decent people with great compassion and there is plenty of death in the world to moan about. Thousands of people die every day due to: -military action of one country against another for what each of those countries believe is right(not their people necessarily) (just the day before Palestine and Israel had a missile shoot out) -crime in ghettos -Drug cartels -Resource exploitation in 3rd world countries -Cheap production without health and safety in developing countries -Child/human trafficking The list goes on and is largely unreported. This is only to put a perspective on this. Do not believe this as it is told! The mainstream media has consistently shown to be biased, to lie, to withhold or misrepresent evidence. So why should this be any different? Yes I am one of those people who believe all those shootings are either hoaxes or false flag. I believe this one to be a hoax. The next bit might be distressing for some but it has to be done. "The smoking gun” for this one is the magazine. There are other good red flags and I will list a few but this one is by far the most damning. The Magazine in the Hallway When the shooter enters the mosque after he shoots the crawling man, there is a magazine on the floor, left in the hallway. We know for sure that it is a magazine because the shooter will go back later to that exact magazine and pick it up to reload his gun. How dd it get there? This indicates a hoax as hoaxes are always staged while a false flag is a crime blamed on some one else. There are lesser red flag and I will name a few but I urge anyone who hasn’t to watch the video as stomach churning as it might be the first time round but you will slowly realize something is not quite right. You can still watch it on Kiwi farm(just google it) ignore all the garbage on that site and find the video, it’s there. The 2 pedestrians. When the shooter walks up the mosque he comes across 2 pedestrians in front of the gate who look at him. They do not react…at all. A man in full swat gear with 2 guns with white writing all over(as in not looking like police) is coming towards you from a just parked car which is blaring out a British grenadier song(not sure if its that exactly) and walks towards the mosque and no reaction? And didn’t get shot either. Some are dead before shot. As the shooter walks into the main prayer room there is man coming into view left through the doorway he could not have been shot but lays there already. As he turns there is guy by the bench also no shot jet but dead. There are plenty more just watch it. The lack of blood and bullet holes. Yes it is true there is some pretty gory spots in the footage but then there is also the strange lack thereof. One man gets shot in the head on the carpet and its gory another gets shot in the head leaning against white wall and nothing. Again that’s just one of many. Lastly the 2 shoes Yes this sounds crazy to anyone to never have looked at all the shootings and other western “terror” attacks. Shoes where they should not be either 1 or 2. I will not get into any detail on past events but what normally happens is that 1 or 2 shoes stand next to the victim not as if thrown off due to explosion or fast displacement of the victim but rather just next to them. In this instance the shooter takes out a woman on the pavement, his last victim for this mosque. If you are in the mindset that this is real then this one is probably the most gruesome for you. She lays there pleading for help as he shoots her in the head twice(some people say what pops out by her arms is a blood pack used in movies, judge for yourself) next to her are her 2 shoes completely orderly. She lays the wrong way round to have fallen out of them so how did it happen? Please don’t think ill of me for questioning the narrative. I do not trust politicians, the mainstream media, big corporations and the military. I believe in the good of people over all. I believe in a better way of living without spending most of our life time working and paying taxes rather than enjoying our family and human nature. I believe there is a power structure in place which wants to keep us in this state of spending 80 percent of our time supporting this power structure. If you cannot remotely see agree with any of it just call me some names and be done with it but please do not question my humanity and compassion. Thanks for reading sorry for the distress this is causing.
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awesome mate .thanks for that.....i check all of this out.............
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+newday0 can't post a link because the rules are strict now. but if you google kiwifarm and klick through a bit of garbage on the site you will find it. However i just noticed that the Magazine has not been there to start with but actually appeared which i must assume is him dropping it and looks like it due to bad video quality.
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have you got a link there to some video where the blood pack pops out of her arms...i dont watch tv..is there a link here on you tube thanks
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A terrorist is somebody who uses violence to push their ideas
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they didnt know the definition of teroris
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I have read many replies here and embarrassed to be a human. So this is the stage where we came to...God bless to the world!!! The WW3 is very near. I hope that you will not be dead!!!
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If he was Muslim he would be a TERRORIST, Not Gunman!!! But noooo he's White so he's just a guy with a Gun huh? Smh you people are ridiculous.
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It's the media and politicians that spread islamaphobia.
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Correction it wasn’t a automatic I watched the video, it was single shot.
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Automatic weapons are illegal in New Zealand
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Ya allah ease the pain for all the dead peoples families. Ameen
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I am a Muslim myself
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Lmao build a wall
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ok that's some dark humor buddy
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Let me correct you : he's a terrorist not a gunman *** 👍
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It's both
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The shooter was engaged in " Light-Skin-Ramadan "...…...You Started it, ISLAM.
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Cost Segregation - Tax Deductions Up-Front
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This is not a matter of political preferences neither apocalyptic signals, it has more to do with the bad influence exerted by key and/or powerful characters, that by demonstrating the absence of good judgment and the flagrant manifestations of their racism and the lack of respect for human rights (people like Trump) become the idealized example for murderers like the recent lunatic gunman/terrorist, who feel identified and motivated to act, maximizing the same sick tendencies of not respecting to others that they consider different.
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