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Howdy! Enjoy these farm fails from America's Heartland! We've got more fails than you could shake a cow at!
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EyesOfByes महीने पहले
4:57 I was expecting to hear "kurva"
Michal lukas
Michal lukas महीने पहले
Michciu PL
Michciu PL महीने पहले
@Bartmix dokładnie
Bartmix महीने पहले
EyesOfByes महीने पहले
Or as my fellow Swede Pewdiepie would put it: *JÄVLA FITTHELVETES KUKRÖVSKIT*
Aaron Rice
Aaron Rice 8 घंटे पहले
"I didn't fit boys...." That's some good ol' boy shit right there! I used to live in Indiana & you get so goddam bored you pull shit like these dudes did. The inbreeding starts to get ahold of you, & before you know it you're out in the boonies jumping your beater car off the railroad tracks outside town with a few drunken hillbillies (that's hillWilliam to you goddammit) hootin & hollerin. The Chevette didn't make it. R.I.P. Chevette.... Good times.
Joe mc cheese
Joe mc cheese 3 दिन पहले
There farming the memes boys
NoviceMoon 8 दिन पहले
What a video
Ricardo vazquez
Ricardo vazquez 8 दिन पहले
3:53 hilarius nice video
Ed 9 दिन पहले
You shur got a perty mouth boy!.....
Butch Mims
Butch Mims 18 दिन पहले
Bro ANIMALS ARE NOT FUNNY!!! People are stupid. And laugh at dumb shit
Тетяна Гаврилюк
Тетяна Гаврилюк 20 दिन पहले
Hanako Fairhall
Hanako Fairhall 22 दिन पहले
0:16 - "Hey, I got a secret for you...come closer....I'M THE BOSS AROUND HERE!!"
Stefani Ruiz
Stefani Ruiz 25 दिन पहले
She deserved to lose her icecream!
Matyáš Malík
Matyáš Malík महीने पहले
kokot ta holka 1:55
Pass the BOOF
Pass the BOOF महीने पहले
2:52 Finally, a weapon to surpass Metal Gear
Amateur Workout
Amateur Workout महीने पहले
Doesn't anybody submit new video's to FailArmy anymore?
Ed महीने पहले
I didn't watch these videos all summer.. I'm glad to see people are still just as stupid as I left them in May....
Ashley Kiesling
Ashley Kiesling महीने पहले
Did anyone else notice the baby horse tied up in a mostly condemned building (last video)? Wtf?
Vollce महीने पहले
1:44 thats some nice body
bani Guitar
bani Guitar महीने पहले
ADjustinG2013 महीने पहले
i live next to the chicken / ice cream shop @1:35 i hear stories of that happening all the time but ive never seen it myself. thanks.
Omega fünf
Omega fünf महीने पहले
3:03 People today be like: oh help yourself someone needs to capture it
Eric Cardona
Eric Cardona महीने पहले
2:07 had me dead
Scrfaace महीने पहले
14 Million Subs and they cant keep their schedule. Yikes.
jacky leone
jacky leone महीने पहले
Beautifull vídeo very good hahahaha
Maxie Pattie
Maxie Pattie महीने पहले
I somehow saw "FAT FARM" anyone else? (subliminal thumbnail)
Lelldorin84 महीने पहले
Nothin says trailer park like a big ol thigh tattoo.
Million Lee
Million Lee महीने पहले
Does anyone remember when FailArmy was a good Channel? Pepperidge Farm Remembers
Cad Bury Clix
Cad Bury Clix महीने पहले
Is this video reused content?
Aza L
Aza L महीने पहले
2:23 some of the weirdest shit I seen this year I think..
Adam And paul
Adam And paul महीने पहले
Caleb Gaulin
Caleb Gaulin महीने पहले
Do triple fail fails
seojun8902 서준TV
seojun8902 서준TV महीने पहले
this is not fail scenes! are you sure?
Rob Funkhouser
Rob Funkhouser महीने पहले
Ok, how did that one dude get on the ladders and what would possess him to even try to walk with said ladders? Lol.
El Guapo
El Guapo महीने पहले
Not only us the bulldog riding the rocking horse not a fail, but it’s amazing
Evolution1101 महीने पहले
1:25 Gus?!
Gamer 2005
Gamer 2005 महीने पहले
Wer kommt von Crispyrob
Swedish Otaku
Swedish Otaku महीने पहले
2:50 Again, no fail here...
Swedish Otaku
Swedish Otaku महीने पहले
2:35 Where's the fail? Is it because it's cruel?
Swedish Otaku
Swedish Otaku महीने पहले
1:30 Not a fail.
Tejinder Singh
Tejinder Singh महीने पहले
Say with me.... Failarmy sucks these days
Tejas Mhatre
Tejas Mhatre महीने पहले
Nice 😂
Dale Tunstall
Dale Tunstall महीने पहले
whats taking so long with the eps? Fill me in!
Unique SP
Unique SP महीने पहले
do you not pay attention to any of their post? They gotten a couple strikes from youtube for stuff posted years ago and could not post...
Sarah Barton
Sarah Barton महीने पहले
5:36 and the tractor 🚜 is still standing
zach olson
zach olson महीने पहले
3:36 is 100% North Dakota.
Ghost Mw2
Ghost Mw2 महीने पहले
5:13 guy in blue was luck didn’t get up in time.
Iowa Fam
Iowa Fam महीने पहले
Bulldog on the rocking horse is the best thing ever! Dogs being cute is never a fail lol
goni whithewindy
goni whithewindy महीने पहले
2:35 "I see this as an absolute win"
Conchita Wors
Conchita Wors 19 दिन पहले
Win to wear animals like humans and train him to act like human? Circus stuff. Good win
Manihote Esculenta
Manihote Esculenta महीने पहले
1:37 reminds me of the woman who got her varicose vein opened up by a chicken. 1:57 hope she got a good selfie.
Pedro महीने पहले
Never trust a llama
Bionic Freak
Bionic Freak महीने पहले
Why you guys take so long?!?
Leo महीने पहले
Holy fuck the amount of hillbillies that already have internet
Shammy महीने पहले
Welp. My question was answered, there's been many of times I've had the urge to drive under a sprayer. Now I know, I probably won't fit.
Ben Mason
Ben Mason महीने पहले
I thought this channel died a long time ago
iskandar irfan
iskandar irfan महीने पहले
1:26...I'm Dead Men
Daniel Fořt
Daniel Fořt महीने पहले
1:25 xDDD
Pizza 2041
Pizza 2041 महीने पहले
Often, it was Karma
Evil Sausage
Evil Sausage महीने पहले
Evil Sausage
Evil Sausage महीने पहले
Haaa haaa haaaa they dun fell in the water!!!! HA
NuclearDuck237 महीने पहले
Lol ur vids always make me laugh
Голубь Голубок
Голубь Голубок महीने पहले
2:01 не ожидал увидеть русских! 😂
Pavan maya
Pavan maya महीने पहले
Make Indian Fail Funny Video
Outside Box
Outside Box महीने पहले
Fails of the week is still going for those looking go to their website to watch
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