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Zachary Lockler
Zachary Lockler 13 दिन पहले
Maclaren F1 # sexiest car ever 🤤
America is the best
America is the best 14 दिन पहले
Bro. These are the Area 51 raid vehicles
America is the best
America is the best 14 दिन पहले
That’s like the 5th ever ticket for the mclaren F1
Adolince 16 दिन पहले
I wish there was car meets in Florida like this :/
sote ful
sote ful 18 दिन पहले
He seems to have a very broad meaning to the word take over. I just took over a parking space. Want to see the video?
AMsavage645 BMX
AMsavage645 BMX 19 दिन पहले
Lykan hypersport?!?! There are 7 of those things in the world!?
Cullen Burnette
Cullen Burnette 19 दिन पहले
Is no one gonna point out she said 1000k for the f1 shirt then next thing you know she's in a fucking hoodie 😂😂😂 bruh I know my man's didnt for a fresh f1 t shirt
levimlgboi7 9118
levimlgboi7 9118 19 दिन पहले
Hey if you see this did you by chance see a 18 year old Asian driving a Audi R8? Bc I hope he say your Corvette it be awesome to see you , black widow and jackultramotive meeting together
Rakhay Pradana
Rakhay Pradana 21 दिन पहले
2:39 is that Emelia?
Nathaniel Pauly
Nathaniel Pauly 24 दिन पहले
Thats the most chill cop if I ever seen one
ashley booth
ashley booth 25 दिन पहले
i would kill to be there
Kyle Collier
Kyle Collier 27 दिन पहले
You know Damon turned in that Charger
DG Studios
DG Studios 27 दिन पहले
My dream is to own my own supercar and do lots of donuts and burnouts.
Clayton G
Clayton G 28 दिन पहले
all F1's are manual tho...
GoFastJames 28 दिन पहले
Its my thumbnail !!!!
MemeMachine. 28 दिन पहले
KCB kotastrophie
KCB kotastrophie 28 दिन पहले
F1 would’ve been littered with tickets if the owner didn’t show up lol
Anoop Bharat
Anoop Bharat 29 दिन पहले
5:25 should have been the thumbnail
Ghost Train 64-Bit
Ghost Train 64-Bit 29 दिन पहले
Luis Bonilla Rios
Luis Bonilla Rios 29 दिन पहले
whats the intro song name??? anyone ?
Ryan Africa
Ryan Africa 29 दिन पहले
What’s the songs name in the beginning?🎶
JM Vlogs
JM Vlogs महीने पहले
i feel like im in LA omygod chris HAHAHAHHAHA
Jesse Berardi
Jesse Berardi महीने पहले
Damon: "Can you do me a favor? Can you turn the blue lights on??" Classic
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez महीने पहले
That Camaro representing American muscle with the burnout 😂🔥
I K महीने पहले
Houston: I bought a Bugatti at 28 Supercar suspects: 🙄😂 Lol
1 like = how many cars there was!
Gustavo. महीने पहले
I saw you in carweek
Murcielago SV
Murcielago SV महीने पहले
When you're rich everywhere is a parking space. What's a few grand in parking tickets every year to someone who drops $25,000,000 on a car? He probably spends more in one night on some expensive bottle service.
john locket
john locket महीने पहले
This is a real channel from a real person that actually lives in California and knows the rules. I never seen him run to a cop that pulled up ratting out people and he has a lot of chances to do this...
Tarell thomas Tv
Tarell thomas Tv महीने पहले
You should’ve kept rolling at the end
lilpumpjetski 123
lilpumpjetski 123 महीने पहले
*loVe WHat YoU dID To YOuR CoRvETtE*
ary danish
ary danish महीने पहले
Please use evo for daily men.... I dont like the c7 its suck
XD_ Rocksteady
XD_ Rocksteady महीने पहले
Chris pls go back to take overs ik u have takeover central but it's just not the same
Sanjid Rahman
Sanjid Rahman महीने पहले
A reventon, a fenyr and an F1 LM in one video. What more could I ask for? ABSOLUTELY FREAKING BONKERS!!!
rms 5194
rms 5194 महीने पहले
The “lights” are called berries and cherries 😊 you’re welcome
Igshaan Brenner
Igshaan Brenner महीने पहले
You not going to say anything about Houston and Damon? You were standing next to them in the altercation
jumpy_alex_x_ महीने पहले
Yoo that mustang 8:16 omg
equinøx महीने पहले
Get a 4k camera already dude i need to see the flames in better quality
Easy Come Easy Go
Easy Come Easy Go महीने पहले
Looks like Mike over there with that F12. What did he get arrested for and why were they popping the hood?
TheBeechum831 महीने पहले
i was around the corner and missed all of this......
call me randumb
call me randumb महीने पहले
Still have 8 years left till I have to buy my first Bugatti
JudoJewelry महीने पहले
Dear Douchebags, many residents are not happy about your cavalier attitude for putting people in danger. A few of those cars got Squirrley during their burnouts and could easily hurt someone. We have talk to multiple residence and this is what has been said, “next year we will be waiting, for those who do burnouts and run stop signs your cars will immediately be vandalized. We do not care about any recourse. Your beautiful cars will be greatly damaged.” Disclaimer: these are not my words and I will not be involved personally however these are true comments by quite a few pissed off Monterey County and Carmel residence.
Bill Jones
Bill Jones 29 दिन पहले
JudoJewelry Seems that you would be the perfect person for authorities to speak with if anything like what you describe happens. Thank you for spelling it all out for the world. Evidence, you know.
JudoJewelry महीने पहले
Bill Jones As I mentioned Bill these are not my words, however for a lawyer to be involved in the perpetrators would need to be caught. Based on what a few of the individuals said I don’t think they will be, their plan is pretty airtight... however, if these individuals cannot afford these beautiful cars and expensive lawyers they can definitely afford bodywork, paint jobs and replacing windows. I for one am very excited for next year. Not for the cars but for what the angry residents are planning. If the car guys are going to act like children and put people in danger then they deserve everything they’re going to get. Besides, they have to park at their hotels or get gas somewhere. P.s. did you know you don’t have to be law-enforcement to buy spike strips? It’s the darndest thing 🤣
Bill Jones
Bill Jones महीने पहले
JudoJewelry that’s great news, I would love for a rich person to premeditate vandalism......lots of happy expensive lawyers would love it too
George George
George George महीने पहले
Dde some snitch ass pussy hypocrites
iRadric महीने पहले
“This is the fucboi shit I came here for” XD
Mutombo Says
Mutombo Says महीने पहले
*Tell us about the whole DDE and Houston beef, you were there like I'm chillin cus of the cops hahaahaa SaveTheHair*
MrSVT महीने पहले
So this is why the hotel rooms in Monterey where off the hook last weekend. Looks like a good time. Hopefully I can make it next time...
Independant Review
Independant Review महीने पहले
Where are all the women and children that were crying that Damon ran 3 blocks to save from the evil Edmond?
The SS Channel
The SS Channel महीने पहले
Dope ass cars❗️
Jap Joe m
Jap Joe m महीने पहले
McLaren F1, The Holly Grail,
CoyDog790 महीने पहले
real mclaren F1’s? HOW DOES SOMEONE OWN ONE? Is it true that they don’t make parts for it anymore?
Scatpack Josue
Scatpack Josue महीने पहले
Follow me @scatpackjosue
Jack Darling
Jack Darling महीने पहले
What was the intro song
joe taylor
joe taylor महीने पहले
These kids are such fucks, for egging the cars on, then laughing when they get pulled over.
Lynx 4LGang
Lynx 4LGang महीने पहले
8:39 Chris says: "Nobody is listening to this cop." Me" I wonder why Chris"
Lynx 4LGang
Lynx 4LGang महीने पहले
1:24 That's it Chris. 😂😑👌 "We got barney over here." Lmfao
Xxx Dodacion
Xxx Dodacion महीने पहले
Saw the white F1 in the thumbnail the other day
Duke K
Duke K महीने पहले
Boring. Anything new yet? Still just circles? What a waste of time. Inch Ara?
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee महीने पहले
Volkan Yavuz
Volkan Yavuz महीने पहले
MONTEREY new york or MONTEREY california?
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez महीने पहले
Volkan Yavuz California
Lil SkrrtSkrrt
Lil SkrrtSkrrt महीने पहले
LMAO 1:25
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