Mustangs VS Crowds!

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Well day 3 of Mustang week was absolutely wild, we thought Beaver Bar was crazy... Nope. Suck Bang Blow was none of what the name might suggest, it was insane! Although I saw a lot of stupidity, recklessness and embarrassing fails, everybody survived the evening. NO CROWDS WERE HARMED. No but really, I'm very thankful nobody was injured, nobody crashed, no physical altercations. Just a bunch of close calls. Overall an insane night!
Stay safe guys, do not attempt a burnout in front of a crowd unless you are 100% confident you can control it. Too many people get hyped up and either badly embarrass themselves or worse, cause an accident.
Intro Song: FWLR - How We Win




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Romeo W
Romeo W 10 महीने पहले
Crowd in sight, activate crowd management mode.
Dan Karman
Dan Karman 10 महीने पहले
You've got to be a complete moron to stand inches away from a rear tire/ wheel that could easily come apart and take off your head.
Tech sir
Tech sir 11 महीने पहले
Who else came here to see mustangs crash into people?
Ian Lerma
Ian Lerma 11 महीने पहले
My mustang can sense a crowd 5 miles away. Can yours? This is a joke I own a corvette
Michel B
Michel B साल पहले
Brasil!!! BOLSONARO 2018!!!
Harris Lue
Harris Lue साल पहले
BOIIIIIIII Thanks for filming all of this!! Epic Coverage of every part!
Adam Sammons
Adam Sammons साल पहले
I could see them building a case to get it pushed out, I don’t know why they would want to push it out due to it bring in heavy revenue for small and big businesses in the area. As long as nobody makes a scene outside a hotel or restaurant. Personally I think as long as they allow specific places that have a curfew for everyone to have their fun at , everyone would be happy and there would be fewer incidents and accidents. Although the police wouldn’t like it because they can’t issue out all the tickets to bring in revenue for the state/county or hit a ticket quota.
Nothing but Cars
Nothing but Cars साल पहले
One of the best videos yet !
Fitz Films Garage
Fitz Films Garage साल पहले
Crazy, scary and unbelievable that much happened.... What a time to live with Modern Muscle! Props to the Diesel Ram burnout during Mustang Week!
Joseph Cummings
Joseph Cummings साल पहले
Definitely the dumbest and most amazing at the same time #GHOSTBURNOUT Great moves BTW
Mike's Big Mouth
Mike's Big Mouth 11 महीने पहले
ALL 4 FUN i think that is the line lock feature new mustangs have to warmup the tires. Hammond demonstrated it on the grand tour
302Visuals Photo
302Visuals Photo साल पहले
Mustangs, burnouts, and crowds. What could go wrong?
Switchup साल पहले
I think they're trying to get Mustang Week out of Myrtle Beach, they're intentionally giving themselves a bad reputation so that people complain and ask for the event to move to a new location. The sheriff filming everything is probably to help them build a case against Mustang Week, but at this point they won't need it because most everyone is tired of the nonsense that's been going on with the cops this year.
Ming साल पहले
8:53 .... Thank me later
Sebastian Lazo
Sebastian Lazo साल पहले
Armixs साल पहले
Thank you now.
The Other Side of Burnout
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