Naomi Osaka vs Coco Gauff - Match Highlights (3R) | Australian Open 2020

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15-year-old Coco Gauff sensationally defeats reigning champion Naomi Osaka in the third round of Australian Open 2020!




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AnnFatima Zaidi
AnnFatima Zaidi 9 दिन पहले
Hey guys! You might not believe me but, Coco used to go to the same middle school I'm going now. The art teacher told that she went there and yea. NO HATE! IM NOT LIEING
Maureen Mwende
Maureen Mwende 15 दिन पहले
The next serena
CONBUS-コンバス 18 दिन पहले
大坂はGauffにUSオープンで勝って泣く彼女を慰めてたけど、 今回のAOでGauffにボコボコにされたのを見て、 相手に情けなんてかけるもんじゃないな・・・と笑ってしまった。
Staci Towery
Staci Towery 21 दिन पहले
Naomi should be fined for throwing this match.
Stratus 24 दिन पहले
Africa vs Africa.
KeezyWithABanger 25 दिन पहले
Why would you beat osaka and then play shit and lose to next round . Waste of time for osaka
guyrestivo 25 दिन पहले
osaka would have lost to a top college womens tennis player that day......she was horrible...great win Coco!!!....osaka better re-hire her old coach or she could end up being a flash-in-the-pan..... .
Wilma Malo
Wilma Malo 27 दिन पहले
What a twist in women's tennis. Good game & well done Coco...
Pedro Garcia Gutierrez
Pedro Garcia Gutierrez 28 दिन पहले
Coco is extremely irritating and annoying when she win
Falucho Silva
Falucho Silva 28 दिन पहले
Coco out jejeje kenin wins
Dudekula Shajahan
Dudekula Shajahan 29 दिन पहले
Coco guaff is a feature tennis star in world wide womens
Dixon Dixon
Dixon Dixon 29 दिन पहले
Next serena
JOEL DIZON 29 दिन पहले
Why doesn't a player of Naomi's caliber have a decent backhand slice??
writer684 29 दिन पहले
15 wow wonder how many slams at 37
reinterpret_cast 29 दिन पहले
This match was fixed
Akin Ola
Akin Ola 29 दिन पहले
this to show that no one is unbeatable, work harder and you will get there
V.S.O.P 1.0.0 Proof
V.S.O.P 1.0.0 Proof महीने पहले
Looking forward to more Gauf vs Osaka match ups in the future 💯💯💯
OompaLoompa211 महीने पहले
Has to feel a little better for Osaka considering Gauff just lost lmao...How does the world #3 lose to a 15yr old, then the world #14 beats the 15yr old....LOL.
Titan Wakefield
Titan Wakefield महीने पहले
I said 2 days ago that coco’s forehand needs a lot of improvement to win a slam. And ppl got on me. She just lost to Kenin and her forehand lost her the match. Improve the forehand then she’ll win slams.
Murali MS
Murali MS महीने पहले
Can't believe how she got power at 15 there's something ....
Truth Reigns Forever
Truth Reigns Forever महीने पहले
3. Tracy Austin - 16 years and 270 days American Austin became the first 16-year-old to win a Grand Slam when she upset four-time defending champion Chris Evert 6-4, 6-3 in the 1979 US Open final. 2. Monica Seles - 16 years and 189 days Playing under the Yugoslavia flag, Seles replaced Austin at the top of the list when she won the 1990 French Open courtesy a 7-6 (8-6), 6-4 win over defending champion Steffi Graf. 1. Martina Hingis - 16 years and 117 days The Swiss Miss wrote her name into the history books on January 25, 1997 when she beat Mary Pierce 6-2, 6-2 in the Australian Open final to beat Seles’ record. Will Cori Gauff become the first “under 16 year old” to win a grand slam?
vince lawrence
vince lawrence महीने पहले
Taking turns is not my cup of tea , when god give you a gift to be great , it's for that person , so some people heaven is right here on earth , try controlling the weather, and Osaka is the true ladies tennis best player, Kenin is better than gauff, it's on now , let's see, and check who make the most mistakes .
Everything Salty
Everything Salty महीने पहले
I blame ybn cordae for this lol
J Mc Kenna
J Mc Kenna महीने पहले
Who cares
PaulDA2000 महीने पहले
Let’s not fool ourselves, this was a combination of Coco playing exceptionally well and Naomi playing like crap. If Naomi was on top of her game there’s no way Coco would’ve beaten her. But tennis is a game of many variables. If you’re not playing well someone is probably going to beat you just like Wang beat Serena.
Rose Fendi
Rose Fendi महीने पहले
I wish Sloane Stephen can learn from Coco, she is playing her heart out, sometimes Sloane behaves like she is not interested to play but when she faces someone like Venus she brings her A game.
Vic Vic
Vic Vic महीने पहले
Looking what has happened, I hope Coco will win her 1st GS title ;-)
William Inbody
William Inbody महीने पहले
Why would any African American call themselves coco.
DAT NGUYEN महीने पहले
wait..15 years old??..!!!!
Jade Moreno
Jade Moreno महीने पहले
I'm gonna do that now, whenever my opponent hits it hard and fast af (which has happened with one sole opponent) imma back up and just throw out my racket to return the ball instead of hoping I have enough time to do the full forehand/backhand swing motion
Альба Петрович
Альба Петрович महीने पहले
How she is 15? She looks 25 at least
Luka Iashvili
Luka Iashvili महीने पहले
Gorilla. Pffff
My Stuff
My Stuff महीने पहले
Look at this little baby!👑💝
Fact Check
Fact Check महीने पहले
Black Girl Magic x3 Damn they all good Look what the Williams sisters done started. Seriously white girls bought to start doping Look for a WTA scandal soon!
Andres Jimenez
Andres Jimenez महीने पहले
Can we talk about how Osaka choked under pressure????
10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge
10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge महीने पहले
Serena and madison and Osaka and wozanike out omg didn't see that coming
Janew Wu
Janew Wu महीने पहले
CoCo Pops for CoCo Puffs knows she can't celebrate too much as they(the media) prefer the mixed race one! Her parents looked afraid/scared.
TheBic4 महीने पहले
Anyone thinks it’s odd how everyone decided tennis is the sport where people care more about the female players than the males? And before anyone says ballet or ice skating literally no one watches that except for the Olympics.
DOPE DidDat SuperProducer
DOPE DidDat SuperProducer महीने पहले
Human 101
Human 101 महीने पहले
Saw Serena playing on TV at a restaurant 2 nights ago, good god she looked absolutely horrible . It's like she's got a triple cheezeburger obsession, she looks depressed, immensely tired etc. I can tell Serena is drowning in her own negativity fueled by million$
B M महीने पहले
So nice to see women that look like women winning...
AM Tay
AM Tay महीने पहले
Notice how "they" are using this young black phenom to take out the black champions like Venus & Naomi in the early rounds? With the lack of minorities in tennis, there is no excuse for all of the black players to be competing against each other in the early rounds.
Dhabi Nuisance
Dhabi Nuisance महीने पहले
Does anyone want to be friends? I’m making pasta
djbasquiat महीने पहले
Coco Gauff.. You've gotta be kidding me.. OMG!..
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams महीने पहले
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Mr. Chandler
Mr. Chandler महीने पहले
192 people thumbs down that's because their tennis sucks
aloha-rosy महीने पहले
15 thoooo that’s crazy amazing
Emmanuel Amofa
Emmanuel Amofa महीने पहले
Greg Battles
Greg Battles महीने पहले
U go GIRL may god bless you and your journey.
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan महीने पहले
Coco will break all women records
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII महीने पहले
Utterly convinced those two have penises.
Suroto Suroto
Suroto Suroto महीने पहले
Naomi,...you have go home now. I am not your fans.
OUTTAIDEAS88 महीने पहले
Gotta hurt being the former champion and then losing to a 15 year old.
Suroto Suroto
Suroto Suroto महीने पहले
Gauff is better than osaka. Osaka is too arogan.
El Turner
El Turner महीने पहले
I hope this becomes the next great rivalry in tennis of this generation.
Елена Шрубченко
Елена Шрубченко महीने पहले
Предпочитаю видео на русском или украинском языке
jeremy x
jeremy x महीने पहले
Way2Go Coco 👍🙏🏿💞
drdlin महीने पहले
Generational Intricacies
Generational Intricacies महीने पहले
Great skills. Just phenomenal 😍
Pichen Yank
Pichen Yank महीने पहले
Osaka lost the FIRE she had when she won the Japan and China Open. Probably spending too much time with boyfriend