North America's Wild Horses

Jan Delaporte
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I wrote, directed and produced this documentary film on wild horses/mustangs in the US Rocky Mountains area back in 2002. So my comprehensive CV/Resume also states filmmaker :) It was a coproduction with Swedish national broadcaster SVT, and the film was broadcast worldwide, including France, Italy, Spain and the US. My father and veterinarian Lennart Curt Østblom plays a major part in the film. Help save these magnificent animals under threat. Here you have the film in it its full-length English language version, 50 min. Enjoy and help to preserve!



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Jan Delaporte
Jan Delaporte 2 साल पहले
I see the documentary is creating a lot of comments and debate. That is good, debate always is. Within this debate there is some criticism of the BLM, even very severe criticism. It should be taken into account that this documentary was made in the early 2000's. It correctly depicts the work that was going on at and with the BLM at that time. I can vouch for that. The BLM may have changed as an organization and the way it operates since then. I hear talk/mention of a much less animal-friendly approach. I am not contesting that, as I have no knowledge of the BLM today (I live in Europe). There is every reason to be critical and skeptic, if that is the case. That being said, I ask (demand) that people keep the tone decent in this thread/forum. Insults, f...words etc. and undocumented wild accusations will be removed by me personally.
el costeño
el costeño महीने पहले
Thank you for sharing this wonderful documentary.👏👍
Priscilla Oneil
Priscilla Oneil 2 महीने पहले
How do you go about adopting a Mustang trained by the correctional facility?
Victoria Love
Victoria Love 3 महीने पहले
I Love U.tube!#!
Ive Chang
Ive Chang 3 महीने पहले
You seem to lack sincerity. Basic and responsible research would have exposed objections to the practices since the 1980's and 90's. No reference to native peoples' welcoming response to the horses adds insulting bias to the injury of bad science, imo. Natives, btw, whose MASTER level land & resource management was beyond the European's ability to *recognize* let alone compete with.
topazzsky 4 महीने पहले
You have to understand. There is severe cruelty and Americas rescue groups will know this better than anyone! This is a serious issue and horse people are not being heard! They drive these horses at a run for 2 hours! Race horses run their fastest for 2-3 minutes!!! This is extreme abuse already and there are babies, older and injured animals many times! Once they get to the facilities, the herds are separated in the chaos, including babies from mothers and stallions in the same pen! The babies starve, the stallions fight and many of them died or are critically injured. This practice is NEVER humane. Here they say the Stallions are MEAN! We are suppose to be smart! They are not mean! They are intelligent and have a living system with the mindset of a horse, not a human! They admit separating the babies, so they dont get their moms! There is no place for the word respect when they talk about acceptable loss! Loss is not acceptable! It's the supposedly intelligent humans job to do it right where there are no losses and no harm done. They need to not separate family groups!!! Ever!!! Determine the ages that can be adopted out safely and return the adults in the same day!!! Why are humans so dumb? Many people in America would take these animals in if the government would not make it so hard on us. There are rules on land and property that could be adjusted to help people have these animals! Greed rules all though. Everything in America is about money and control, not caring or respect. That is our main issue/problem. Gimme, gimme, gimmee!!! That attitude goes, everything rights itself... EVERYTHING! Love, caring, and fairness to all living things is the answer! People refuse to do that, so here we are. Problems everywhere.
James Wheeler
James Wheeler दिन पहले
They do this so pedigree can make dog food and you cant have a horse. They dont want people having anything that dont cost them money.
Vegan Mama
Vegan Mama 2 दिन पहले
The cattle industry has the BLM in their back pocket. It’s not a problem with wild horses. It’s a problem with the cattle industry wanting to steel the land that rightfully belongs to the mustang. Want to save the wild horse? Stop supporting the cattle industry. BEEF it’s what killing wild horses (and the rain forest and ground hog and.....). Beef. It’s NOT what’s for dinner!!!!
justine endicott
justine endicott 5 दिन पहले
"Many horse owners after years of riding, aren't allowed to touch their legs" Errrrr????? If you can't pick out their feet you're stuffed as far as riding goes, 900/0 require shoeing, bandages on the legs for protection or treatment so I feel that statement is not really a fair one as eventually with training and a sympathetic approach the horse will come round to accept that lifting a leg when asked does not make it vulnerable in the domestic setting.
Kellye Raiborn
Kellye Raiborn 5 दिन पहले
Never shoe your horses and never ever use a bit.
Wolfstar kmk 2013
Wolfstar kmk 2013 5 दिन पहले
And when they where captured they are separated into stallions mares and foals then transported to a holding places and can be pout down if not adopted they can be
Wolfstar kmk 2013
Wolfstar kmk 2013 5 दिन पहले
Leave them alone it’s the horses land not yours just leave them wild and free
Karen Piotte
Karen Piotte 6 दिन पहले
Feet do look super nice just beautiful! Sad that they didn't think the males were trainable.
Joseph Rodrigo
Joseph Rodrigo 7 दिन पहले
Wranglers not cowboys. Love that
Algerian immigrants in USA and Canada
Algerian immigrants in USA and Canada 9 दिन पहले
Way too evil BLM be honest and tell them how many horses get killed every year
Ste B
Ste B 16 दिन पहले
Mmmmm horse steaks......never had one but I wouldn't mind trying it.
Midnight Valley Studios
Midnight Valley Studios 19 दिन पहले
The BLM do not care about horses at all! They just want them extinct for money! I bet if you were a wild horse being chased for miles having your hooves fall off and not having to rest or drink for hours. Then you would be caged in, separated from your family, slamming into the gates to try and escape, then sold slaughter. You bet you would have revenge on the people that killed you! This is abuse and death sentence for horses!!!! This needs to stop now! www.thecloudfoundation.org
hop3777 19 दिन पहले
I hate t you
hop3777 19 दिन पहले
I hate you
jay dietrich
jay dietrich 21 दिन पहले
For all you naysayers and BLM haters, those horses have more feed and water in those pens than they've ever seen in their lives. There are several programs and organizations very dedicated to wild horses and burros and these horses are not mistreated or they would be on them like stink on a skunk. These people work hard to save the mustangs because they actually care, not just sitting on their asses talking crap about a situation they know nothing about like many of the commenters here. mustangheritagefoundation.org/ Edit: Some of these training programs are so gentle that they have been used to tame wild ZEBRAS! That's something unheard of thought impossible just a few years ago. So, if you're going to have an opinion, do yourself a favor and educate yourself so you don't look like a fool. This ain't back in the Billy Jack days.
SammyTV 22 दिन पहले
I thought horses came from the europeans
Woodland Hollow
Woodland Hollow 25 दिन पहले
Cowboys with helicopters lol
guy stlouis
guy stlouis 26 दिन पहले
thank you so much for the great documentary i have been around thoroughbred race horses my whole life 57 years groomed for 25 years at major ractracks canada usa your film was awesome keep up the phenominal work
bryanwhittle77 28 दिन पहले
Fuck the BLM, remember when the Bundy family punked them on national TV a few years ago, than won in court also.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 28 दिन पहले
the dislikes is 911
Beth Sugg
Beth Sugg महीने पहले
When i started looking into the BLM i was really upset with the mustang situation, that was 35 years ago, it seams to me they are trying to make big improvements. As far as adoption goes, its insuring the survival of the most natural horse.Sadly even pure bread horses end up in the slaughter houses. a place no horse should ever be.
Prepperjon महीने पहले
Most of this video was about BLM the whisperer joke prisoners working with horses and at the end was “Hey! We got $19,000 for one horse! Hope we get that again!” I was hoping to learn more about the actual horses. In that regard this video was a failure. I have to say I learned more from the comments than I did from the video. Lol
Prepperjon महीने पहले
Right in the middle of the video is the ridiculous horse whisperer lol. Bunch of nonsense lol he talks about the horse doing this and doing that as if he somehow “knows” what the horse is thinking lol yet if you watch and listen closely he says everything AFTER the horse does whatever it s doing lol. Anyone can do that lol. I’ve been around animals including lots of horses as well as dogs for a lot of years and I can tell you the only “special” things he’s doing is exhibiting patience and speaking in a low calm soothing voice. Other than that he’s doing all the same stuff we used to do when training dogs for heavens sake.
charles clark
charles clark महीने पहले
Hey Jim. What’s the point of a helmet when it’s not strapped to ya? Narrator said you’ve crashed a few times. Taking a risk aren’t you? Fly safe old man!
Chococacaooo महीने पहले
make me sick
Burnell Roques
Burnell Roques महीने पहले
Eric Fergeson
Eric Fergeson महीने पहले
The horses need to be in protected..not stressed to the point of death ...caged or restricted..........
Michael Dubrofsky
Michael Dubrofsky महीने पहले
Great documentry . I hope we can do better than We are doing and take it to another level with helping wild horses to survive . We owe it to horses to help them have the best life Possible . ❤✌🙏🖖😎
Jan Delaporte
Jan Delaporte महीने पहले
Thank you!
Irv Farmer
Irv Farmer महीने पहले
If the horse wasnt here before they should not be here now. They should be removed ! Do different then the farrow hogs !
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas महीने पहले
This kind. of program romanticized the mustang as a “wild” horses. As this documentary says they are escaped domestic horses, and as such they are vermin. They are not native to the Great Plains and if left to their own devices they would starve to death. Their grazing pattern is different from bison. Equines have upper incisors and crop much closer than than bovines such as bison. The BLM are caught between a rock and a hard place. The grasslands of the Great Plains are worth saving. They are part of the natural ecosystem of the Great Plains
Carlo Vilela
Carlo Vilela महीने पहले
Parabéns pelo seu canal e chou
Joe Ortiz
Joe Ortiz महीने पहले
Then put something out for them how ever you need to do it fuck
Believer Y’shua
Believer Y’shua महीने पहले
Wild horses have been apart of our country’s landscape before the colonies. When American Indians ran free across their lands, chasing buffalo running the prairies and trading with Vikings on the shores. We need to preserve the remaining iconic symbols of our country’s history, freedoms and heritage. When the buffalo become extinct and the mustangs no longer roam free, so too will our country be bounded by man’ destructions once again. Never more to capture the spirit of yesteryear. All will be lost .
Ride The Lightning
Ride The Lightning महीने पहले
Ford Mustangs, the original muscle horse, built tough complete with 4 leg drive
Laura Smith
Laura Smith महीने पहले
The US wants to get rid of wild horses and Mustangs. They gather them up by the hundreds and then put them in holding pens until they can be shipped off to slaughter. The Blm takes their land and rents it to cattle ranchers leaving nothing for the Mustangs, no watering holes, no food, nothing
blafiman महीने पहले
more than zebra's ?!?
二宮章子 महीने पहले
It is for horses that are running in a wide area It's wonderful.
Lauren Edmundson
Lauren Edmundson महीने पहले
It's so lovely to see horses helping these people and people helping the horses. Horses change lives.
eren mori
eren mori महीने पहले
Ewan Laing
Ewan Laing महीने पहले
Bullshit lo you people kill me .north American was the birthplace of horses ? Really ? So you brought all those animals to Africa on what a boat?
Sondra Leonard
Sondra Leonard महीने पहले
Very outdated documentary. American people need an updated documentary stating the truth of pervasive actions of clearing pubic lands of our living symbols of the West. There is a overpopulation of cows and sheep which destroy public lands and water holes so much more than wild horses. Ranchers pay a tiny sum to lease the land for their private cattle to eat and drink that wild horses are being zeroed out or taken completely off their legally designated land. Oil and gas and mining leases of our public lands are surging at the expense of our wild mustangs. “Pushing horses with helicopter skids” is physical abuse and legally cannot be done although helicopter owners so much want their $100 per horse captured fee that they do abusive actions. I liked the explanation of domestic vs wild horse pros and cons. Also, hurray to Steve Mantle for using gentling technics vs breaking a horse.
Jan Delaporte
Jan Delaporte महीने पहले
It seems your point on the outdated element is right. I did the best I could back then to depict the work going on, apparently things have changed quite a bit since then. Sadly.
Jackson Wallis
Jackson Wallis महीने पहले
This isn't honest! Mustangs are routinely rounded up by native Americans who sell them to kill lots where they make money off their meat using the excuse of habitat loss. They're not respected, they're butchered for $.
Jan Delaporte
Jan Delaporte महीने पहले
Jackson Wallis
Jackson Wallis महीने पहले
Finally located the documentary I originally saw a few days ago. It's called 'From the Kill Pen' its from 2017 and currently running on Amazon Prime. The major issue surrounding mass butchering of live stock comes from videos smuggled out that show unconscionable cruelty in the butchering process. There is no quick painless method used but rather several protracted modalities where animals are tortured. Related to slaughtering horses, they're using bovine stunners that do not work with horse anatomy. They end up firing stunners over 10 times because the bolt works on cattle, not horses whose classification as pets vs live stock is still a mess of confusion. They need to use guillotines that end life within micro seconds, instead of repeatedly firing bolts into the brains then hanging the animal by a hoof, fracturing pelvic bones, then using long hook blades to open up the arteries while the animal finally looses consciousness and dies.
Jackson Wallis
Jackson Wallis महीने पहले
The video we watched yesterday showed horses being crammed onto trucks for hours and hours where some horses died during the road trip to slaughter. Some horse cadavers had eyes hanging, some trampled to death; outrageously inhuman. Then they argued if the stunners they use on cattle were effective for horses. It's doubtful stunners actually lobotomize horses before they're slaughtered. blog.humanesociety.org/2018/10/u-s-forest-service-removing-1000-wild-horses-in-california-some-could-be-sold-for-slaughter.html
Jackson Wallis
Jackson Wallis महीने पहले
Here's a good source: wildhorseeducation.org/reality-of-wild-horse-slaughter/
Jackson Wallis
Jackson Wallis महीने पहले
Navajo tribes selling mustangs to kill buyers. But not all Navajo are on board with this. You never heard of this?? The woman who designed slaughter methods is Temple Grandin PhD. www.savingamericashorses.org/navajohorses.html
Dear, American people....do u guys get to see wild horses like while travelling on country side roads, ....cuz , that must be so cool
Frater Sol
Frater Sol महीने पहले
These poor horses are slaughtered and the meat is sold off too fast food corporations like wacArnolds(McDonald's)
Frater Sol
Frater Sol महीने पहले
BLM is another agency created by soros and other communist who want to steal soveriegn American land. They do this through protecting the land for turtles, lizards, horses, etc
Laura Reyes
Laura Reyes महीने पहले
There's a wild hores hordes by my house.
Joyce Loving
Joyce Loving महीने पहले
Laura Reyes In what general area are you located if you don’t mind me asking?
二宮章子 महीने पहले
Run, Run-Kotaro! Didn't it?昔こんな名前の競走馬が居たように思います。
Stephanie Shadow
Stephanie Shadow महीने पहले
I truly wish it was the way it is depicted in this well made documentary. Sadly, it is not. Between the BLM and the rulings of the House Appropriations Committee, this seamless system does just not exist. Horses wind up in the wrong hands, are mishandled and sold for slaughter. Currently, the government that is represented as compassionate in this documentary, is trying to reverse the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act. That would open the slaughter gates and allow these magnificent horses to wind up with a very grim fate. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and sadly, the ones that pay the harshest price are the wild horses. As for the vetting of people that adopt??? That is also a slippery slope. It is ridiculously easy to adopt and not substantiate what is put on the papers. They even offer $1000.00 incentive for people to take these horses!!!! It is criminal..... Lastly, we OWE the West to our horses. They have made it possible to move, build and do what we have done not only in the US, but globally. It is a tragedy that we are sterilizing them, robbing them of their family systems and their freedom. If the future looks bleak for humans, it is a far darker fate for these remarkable animals.
i am the legend
i am the legend महीने पहले
Reading the comments makes me not to watch this documentary 😁 just a passer by thanks comments...
Tom Tall
Tom Tall महीने पहले
Sad to think that you can't get past the Male is the leader bushwa. The lead mare is the leader, the stallion is the easily replaceable sperm donor.
Tom Tall
Tom Tall महीने पहले
Why does it open with horses being run to death by a low flying helicopter? What's wrong with you?
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