Panipat | Official Trailer | Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon | Ashutosh Gowariker | Dec 6

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PANIPAT is set in 1761, when the Maratha Empire had reached its zenith and their grip on Hindostan reigned supreme with no-one to challenge them until an invader set his eyes on the throne of Hindostan. That’s when Sadashiv Rao Bhau (Arjun Kapoor), the Commander-in-Chief of the Maratha army led a northern expedition in order to repel the invading forces of Ahmad Shah Abdali (Sanjay Dutt), the King of Afghanistan. This War epic entails the events that led to the Third Battle of Panipat, watch it in cinemas on 6th December.
Produced by AGPPL and Vision World
A Reliance Entertainment Worldwide Release
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Starring Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Padmini Kolhapure, Mohnish Bahl, Kunal Kapoor, Suhasini Muley, Ravindra Mahajani, Sp. Appearance Zeenat Aman, Sahil Salathia, Gashmeer Mahajani, Mantra, Abhishek Nigam, Nawab Shah, Vinita Mahesh, Krutika Deo, Shyam Mashalkar.
Director: Ashutosh Gowariker
Producer: Sunita Gowariker, Rohit Shelatkar.
Story Screenplay: Chandrashekhar Dhavalikar, Ranjeet Bahadur, Aditya Rawal, Ashutosh Gowariker
Dialogues: Ashok Chakradhar
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Music and Background Score: Ajay Atul
Cinematographer: Muraleedharan C. K. (ISC)
Production Design: Nitin Chandrakant Desai
Costume Design: Neeta Lulla
Makeup and Hair Design: Vikram Gaikwad
Editor: Steven Bernard
Sound Design: Stephen Gomes
Sound Re- Recording: Sarath Mohan
Additonal Sound Design: Vijay Rathinam
Action: Abbas Ali Moghul
SFX: Vishal Tyagi
Choreographer Raju Khan
Executive Producer: Alok Sinha
First A.D: Vishal Raman
Chief D.A: Vishwang Gowariker
Law Firm: Ashlesha Gowariker (Desai & Diwanji)
Auditor: Bimal Parekh
Special Publicity Stills: Avinash Gowariker
Jewellery by: P. N. Gadgil & Sons
VFX Supervisor: Sandeep Kamal
VFX Producer: Rajeev N. Rastogi
Color by: RedChillies.Color
Colorist: Makarand Surte
Post Production Supervisor: Ketan Madiwale
Second Unit Directors: Glen Barretto, Ankush Mohla
Casting Director: Rohan Mapuskar
Consulting Historian: Pandurang Balkawade
Campaign Creatives: Epigram
Marketing Director: Varun Gupta (MAX)
Digital Marketing: IFI Techsolutions
Media Consultant: Sanchita Trivedi (IDHYAH)
Visual Promotions: Just Right Studioz NX
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ashish chanchlani vines
ashish chanchlani vines 13 दिन पहले
Outstanding! What a trailer, Was missing a grand scale film by ashutosh gowariker❤️
Visalakshi Mahadevan
Visalakshi Mahadevan 4 दिन पहले
Don't trust the Bollywood director. The same director had made Jodha Akbar. Bollywood directors who are Anti Hindu are getting funds to make movies on glorious Marathas to distort history and tell lies. Promote SECULARISM and LIBERALISM. Bollywood has a hidden agenda of distorting And falsifying Indian history to promote SECULARISM and LIBERALISM. They have hidden support of all top Politicians in India, who are sponsored by illuminati Jewish Bankers. Actually Raghunath Rao led Maratha army, and conquered Northern India and freed it Mughal rule. He then conquered Punjab and Sindh, drove away Afghans from Punjab and Arabs from Sindh. He wanted to fight Ahmed Shah Abdali, with 1 lakh Maratha army. But due to family Politics , he wasn't sent by Peshwa, but rather his cousin and Peshwa own son fought Ahmed Shah Abdali. Raghunath Rao was a military genius, like his father and Peshwa family was jealous of him . After Marathas lost third battle of Panipat, this led to disunity and final disintegration of Maratha Empire. All because of family Politics of Peshwa.Finally they were defeated by British colonial rulers. Don't trust Anti Hindu Bollywood making movies on Marathas. Bollywood always promotes SECULARISM and LIBERALISM , gets funding from Judeo-Christian organisations and foreign intelligence agencies. Google Kalergi Plan
Vikram Yt
Vikram Yt 7 दिन पहले
iski ankhe kharab h kya
gaming star
gaming star 9 दिन पहले
Abhishek Khilwani
Abhishek Khilwani 9 दिन पहले
Bhai... Arjun dekh toh sahi chutiya dikh rha...
project engineer
project engineer 9 दिन पहले
Super flop jaegi... Arjun Kapoor ki wajah se... Baaki script me dum jarur hoga par Arjun ki acting spoil kar degi sab..
Akash Dhange
Akash Dhange 13 सेकंड पहले
Who is here after ""Tanhaji"" trailer एक मराठा, लाख मराठा 🚩🚩
ritik kumar
ritik kumar मिनट पहले
Superrb movie
B Push
B Push 2 मिनट पहले
2021 Academy Award Nominations For Best International Feature Film = Panipat
Rahul Pal
Rahul Pal 3 मिनट पहले
2मी 25से. पर एकदम से लगा अरे सुनील सेट्टी कहा से आ गया 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅🙏👍
Hussnain Ahmed Cheema
Hussnain Ahmed Cheema 5 मिनट पहले
Jhoot jhoot🤣🤣😝 Sach to ya haii Ahmed shah abdali bohat naik tha or rehamdil b panipat main osna maratho ko shikast di thii Lakin film such ka bilkul opposite dikhaya gya haii wah bollywood wah bollywood🤣🤣🤣
Naveen kumar
Naveen kumar 7 मिनट पहले
Money kundra
Money kundra 11 मिनट पहले
Kaafi time ke baad arjun kapoor ki acting aachi lagg rahi hai kisi movie mei !!! Last time aurangzeb movie mei aachi acting ki thi arjun kapoor ne !!! But chalo atleast varun dhawan se aacha hai, expression kam deta hai but overacting bhi nhi krta
Pooja Rao
Pooja Rao 14 मिनट पहले
Why arjun Kapoor??? Worst choice
I Bwacky
I Bwacky 16 मिनट पहले
2:03 can be a meme .. wtf was he even thinking loll 😂😂
MaKu X
MaKu X 17 मिनट पहले
Lol Maratha lost the battle and now marathis are making movies glorifying themselves, what is the point? Oh u have to humiliate current Muslims of India... Got it...lol losers!
I Bwacky
I Bwacky 17 मिनट पहले
2:03 can be a meme .. wtf was he even thinking loll 😂😂
Naveen Tiwari
Naveen Tiwari 17 मिनट पहले
Arjun is not suited
I Bwacky
I Bwacky 17 मिनट पहले
2:03 can be a meme .. wtf was he even thinking lol😂😂
I Bwacky
I Bwacky 18 मिनट पहले
2:03 can be a meme .. wtf was he even thinking lol😂😂
I Bwacky
I Bwacky 18 मिनट पहले
2:03 can be a meme .. wtf was he even thinking lol😂😂
Shehzadi Pari muslimah
Shehzadi Pari muslimah 18 मिनट पहले
Har movie mai muslims rulers ko he villain dekhao, ager koye movie ek single dialogue bhi kise dusare community ke liye boldo toh log road pe ajate hai,like they did for padmavati and other historical movies cheap and double standard people
Ankur Kumar
Ankur Kumar 12 मिनट पहले
Muslim rulers the hi atanki too
Naseeb singh
Naseeb singh 20 मिनट पहले
Arjur kapoor is overacting
Cine Edixts
Cine Edixts 20 मिनट पहले
After Tanaji?
Natsu Fullbuster
Natsu Fullbuster 21 मिनट पहले
Delhi or dilli? 😂
The Rover
The Rover 24 मिनट पहले
Why arjun kapoor?
Touseef Mughal
Touseef Mughal 25 मिनट पहले
2:02, Is bar ABDAALI ko esa sabak sikhao wo dobra hindustan Ki trf daikhny ki himat na krin ABDAALI :: 🖕asy ksy😂😂
SSS SS 26 मिनट पहले
History Ko Baigan me mila dere fake directors.. But History Says AhmadShahAbdali Is the Greatest Hero Ever. Maratha's Are Not Freedom Fighter's They R Plunders
Nancy Bharucha
Nancy Bharucha 27 मिनट पहले
It is going to spoil all due to 🤣The Expressionless guy Comment if u know about who I m talking 👍😂
nimesh patel
nimesh patel 27 मिनट पहले
Arjun Kapoor doesn't seem to fit in his character
Google User
Google User 28 मिनट पहले
Poor CGI will ruin the dust of the film. If made on heavy budget then spend some more and exercise some action scenes with reality to it. It needs to look real as much as it can.
Arslan Kiani
Arslan Kiani 28 मिनट पहले
Bollywood saale kachra log bas muslims ke khilaaf propaganda movies banane lag pare hain aur koi kaam nahin inn ke paas
Vish Wish.
Vish Wish. 29 मिनट पहले
Very nice movie. I got goosebumps!
vlog channel Meerut boys
vlog channel Meerut boys 29 मिनट पहले
Nancy Bharucha
Nancy Bharucha 29 मिनट पहले
I can imagine who is going to watch the film after watching this trailer 🤔 U can understand my feelings😥😥 I imagine if there was Ranveer Singh in place of Arjun Kapoor(The Expressionless guy)
Buzzguru 31 मिनट पहले
I'm from bengal.... But proud of the MARATHAS.. If just only Jatt, Rajput haven't refused TO HELP!! If that unknown villagers haven't betrayed by showing the path!! Only If India 🇮🇳 at that time have a little concept of unity... Then history of India would be different🙏✊ ... And by the way not satisfied with the cast.....
Agnibesh Kayal Vlogs
Agnibesh Kayal Vlogs 31 मिनट पहले
2:52 the thing that should be followed by ever Indians
Rupesh B
Rupesh B 32 मिनट पहले
Proud to be मराठी...
Nancy Bharucha
Nancy Bharucha 32 मिनट पहले
Tanhaji - The Unusual Warrior Superhit film after release due to Ajay Devgn Panipat - Going to be surely Flop due to Arjun Kapoor .
Harish Garg
Harish Garg 34 मिनट पहले
Sanju baba
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma 36 मिनट पहले
ye to tatti hai
Dikshit Verma
Dikshit Verma 37 मिनट पहले
All behail, Arjun Kapoor, the prodigy example of nepotism.......
Girish Patil
Girish Patil 40 मिनट पहले
सदाशिव भाऊ के roll मे अर्जुन कपूर से अच्छे रणवीर सिंग दिखते🚩🚩🚩
nomi aseel 28 game farm
nomi aseel 28 game farm 40 मिनट पहले
Veer yodha khatam nai hoyen hain.. Fuckk that dialog . Chootye sy bola bhe nai gaya
Ayush C
Ayush C 41 मिनट पहले
Aao ArjuN Kapoor ki todi aur burai Karein 👺👻👿🦊
simon swamy
simon swamy 44 मिनट पहले
Main is dharti ke mitti ke ek kan ke liye marne ko taiyyar hoon epic
Anjali sharma
Anjali sharma 45 मिनट पहले
Maratha music is mesmariging
seek welth amjee
seek welth amjee 49 मिनट पहले
14 February 1761 ,,,,the day when Muslim hero #AHMED ABDALI attack on tiny maratha empire and from 10am to 6pm he destroyed very brutally Martha's ,,,,, just read out your history books and find out who's winning the battle ,,,,, ye movie history nai badal sakti tarik main jo likha hua hai Muslims ny woh sab janty hain
Our Chennal
Our Chennal 51 मिनट पहले
pehlay bhi tumari phat ti thi ab bhi phat ti hai or hamesha phat ti hi rahegay gi
HARSH MISHRA 53 मिनट पहले
arjun kapoor = flop movie
Rohit Yadav
Rohit Yadav 54 मिनट पहले
Who is here after watching trailer of tanhaji : the unsung warrior ?
Vijay Gehlod
Vijay Gehlod 56 मिनट पहले
Arjun Kapoor ek number ka chutiya lag RHA bc. Duniya ki sb see buri casting ki movie me baba ko chod k
seth qaizara
seth qaizara 58 मिनट पहले
I dont get the good movie vibes from arjun tho unlike how i can get good movie vibes from ranveer singh & shahid kapoor . Please tell me that im right .
Ishwrya Sim
Ishwrya Sim 59 मिनट पहले
Everybody should get a chance to act in this kinda movies.....it doesnt mean that only ranveer singh can do it.
sapkal store
sapkal store घंटे पहले
First bajirao second panipat third tanaji . Introducing #maratha power
himanshu lover
himanshu lover घंटे पहले
Who is here after tanhaji
Subscribe For No Reason
Subscribe For No Reason घंटे पहले
watch the history and the movie tralier just take it as a movie dont be racist about anyone
Yashwant Singh
Yashwant Singh घंटे पहले
Bhai 100 - 200 jyada lele pr arjun kapoor ko film se hatade 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
bhushan Biradar
bhushan Biradar घंटे पहले
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar घंटे पहले
2:38 best
Status Guru
Status Guru घंटे पहले
Sanjay Dutt's entry is osm in trailer
Sanjeev Chaudhary
Sanjeev Chaudhary घंटे पहले
Who is here after Taanaji trailer
Banglar Boys
Banglar Boys घंटे पहले
Accha hua arjun kapoor ko le liya comedy ki zaroorat thi is film mai😂😂😂 Iske mu se dialogue comedy lagta hai comedy😂😂😂😂
Diamond Electronics A2Z
Diamond Electronics A2Z घंटे पहले
احمد شاه بابا با هندوها و سیکها جنگ های زیاد نمود ، که طی آن به آنها شکست های فراوان داد. اما آخرین جنگ سرنوشت ساز ، آن بود که شصت هزار (60000) سرباز احمدشاه بابا در میدان پانی پت ، با لشکر سی صد هزار نفری (300000) مرهتی ها (مراتی) و هندو مقابل و به آنها شکست داد. جنگ بعدی و خلاصه سخن... بعدا ۴۸ ساعت به فاصله ۱۳۵ میل به طرف امرتسر پیشرفت نمود و در روهی با لشکر دو صد هزاری نفری سیکها (200000) روبرو شد در جنگی که به تاریخ ۱۱ ماه رجب سال ۱۱۵۷ ه ق به و قوع پیوست در حدود ۲۰۰۰۰ هزار (20000) سیکها به قتل رسيد كه باز هم شير أفغانستان أنها راشكست داد. زنده باد افغانستان
Browserbaba hello
Browserbaba hello घंटे पहले
FARHAN Holmes 2 मिनट पहले
Manisha Barsale
Manisha Barsale 42 मिनट पहले
Tanhaji trailer is far more good than panipat
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