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PM Modi LIVE | BJP Public Meeting At Kurukshetra, Haryana | YOYO TV Channel
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Haryana's Kurukshetra today where he will launch several development projects ahead of the Lok Sabha general polls due in a few months. PM Modi will lay the foundation stones of five projects, including three of the health and Ayush ministries. PM Modi will also launch the country's largest cancer institute at Bhadsa in Haryana's Jhajjar district. He will also address a public rally in Kurukshetra on this occasion. Earlier today, BJP president Amit Shah started the party's ambitious 'Mera parivar, Bhajapa parivar' campaign by hoisting its flag at his home in Ahmedabad as it seeks to cover over five crore houses under the drive ahead of the announcement of the schedule of Lok Sabha polls. The exercise will last till March 2 and the BJP aims to plant its flag at five crore homes of its workers and sympathisers across the country. Meanwhile, Congress President Rahul Gandhi continues with his attack on the Modi government over the Rafale scam, alleging that the Centre finalised an overpriced deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets at an inflated price to benefit Anil Ambani, whose inexperienced defence firm was recommended as an offset partner for Dassault, the company manufacturing the aircraft.

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