Scientists Use Speakers To Revive Dying Coral Reefs | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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Fuji Food sushi gets recalled over contamination fears and scientists use sound to revitalize dying coral reefs.
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Akin Khoo
Akin Khoo 27 दिन पहले
how to reduce cow farting? don't eat beef, less cow, less pollution.
moe 25 दिन पहले
I hate to say it but not eating beef will increase cow burps=methane(the.methane comes from burps not.farts) as they breed and multiply. best solution is to feed cattle naturally with native plants other then purely grass or oats/barley and eat more chicken
bluetooth speaker
bluetooth speaker महीने पहले
They are flexing with healthy coral reefs to make dying ones feel bad and get health insurance
ArinPat महीने पहले
Sound is a wave, and the wave is working here
parisa amiri
parisa amiri महीने पहले
Listeria is the most dangerous bacteria, can cause death. Extremely dangerous.
bluetooth speaker
bluetooth speaker महीने पहले
"And your point is? "
Vishruthaa महीने पहले
It's like placebo for corals.
MiniTrash Creations
MiniTrash Creations महीने पहले
If cows are going to start hooking up with other cows, how are we going to get more cows?
Cc Roberts
Cc Roberts महीने पहले
Wow the reviving of the coral reefs are epic! Great stuff!! Healthy sound waves and healthy word does wonders to many things including humans. "Kind words are like honey to the soul." Such a great idea to use it in the ocean! 🐠🐚🦀🦐🦑🐙🦈🐟🐬🐋🐳🐡
Mr Chrysler
Mr Chrysler महीने पहले
_Do you know what the difference between cow farts and fossil fuel CO² is_ ? *Cow farts don't contain heavy metals* .
James Gent
James Gent महीने पहले
It’s not just riding temperatures that are killing coral. It’s the increase in CO2 emissions, the increase in ocean salinity and the decrease in ocean temperatures
courtney solomon
courtney solomon महीने पहले
Trevor I want an interview on the daily show.... I am you biggest fan!!!
ka11am महीने पहले
That’s how Chinese will get us sushi luckily I don’t eat Chinese stuff
missmayflower महीने पहले
ka11am sushi is not Chinese.
Stanislaw Dunlap
Stanislaw Dunlap महीने पहले
in "sirens of titan" novel there were organism who lived on music called Harmoniums.
Andrew Anglin
Andrew Anglin महीने पहले
No joke on Trump?
Rachael Williams
Rachael Williams महीने पहले
Ah man... you mean Walgreens and Trader Joes get their sushi from the same place?
mel महीने पहले
Ummm... he does know cows are female, right.... LOL
Lauric Thiault
Lauric Thiault महीने पहले
Attracting fish to a dead reef won't bring it back to life automatically. Loudspeakers are no substitute for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.
Roman00 महीने पहले
In Japan packed sushi sold in convenience stores is only viable for 24 hours. It’s written on each package.
Obi Dark
Obi Dark महीने पहले
Scientists are experts at wasting ton of our money on projects that will never work.
N. D.B.
N. D.B. महीने पहले
Wow love it, save dying coral reefs with exposure to healthy reef sounds!! Makes perfect sense to me. ❤️
K Town
K Town महीने पहले
The coral reefs positively responding to music makes just as much sense as using music to help other animal species.
hagar2025 महीने पहले
Climate change in 2019: watching our planet die while eating bad sushi 🤔😢
Pat's Amazing Blends
Pat's Amazing Blends महीने पहले
Lord Joél M Mayele
Lord Joél M Mayele महीने पहले
I love this guy!!! Trevor please come to London!!!
Christopher Merlot
Christopher Merlot महीने पहले
The words 'sushi' and 'gas station' should never appear in the same sentence.
64standardtrickyness 28 दिन पहले
www.thetravelmentor.com/2019/03/what-you-should-eat-at-7-eleven-in-japan/ Americans have this weird concept that safe food has to be super expensive
JV महीने पहले
It appeared here
Star Man
Star Man महीने पहले
Wait.. petrol stations and pharmacies sell sushi in America.. *wow*
G C महीने पहले
One of the many wonders in America. Stay away from that crazy place.^^
Hazel Adelaide
Hazel Adelaide महीने पहले
He said exactly what I was thinking about sushi
Norman George
Norman George महीने पहले
Is it sushi or sushi
Narin महीने पहले
Mubashar Khan
Mubashar Khan महीने पहले
Is it me or is Trevor dying out slowly.
david eichorn
david eichorn महीने पहले
Mubashar Khan , it’s you
Hast Designs
Hast Designs महीने पहले
Drug stores sell food?
Karin Mazanek
Karin Mazanek महीने पहले
Free Juian Assange
0zer0 महीने पहले
nash sanadiki
nash sanadiki महीने पहले
Does this affect sushi at grocery stories like Lablows xD they do make them in front of people
Amber Ambwee
Amber Ambwee महीने पहले
The Mexican grocery store by me sells sushi. But my favorite part is that their egg rolls are burrito shaped. Lol
Shigemi Notoge
Shigemi Notoge महीने पहले
Are you sure those aren't spring rolls which are more typical in Japanese cuisine as opposed to traditionally Chinese eggrolls?
Change It
Change It महीने पहले
this is how a racial trade war might look like, some corrupted anti- Asians work in a factory and cause such a damage
Change It
Change It महीने पहले
@Oopss7 lol but u are getting that this happened in america right? And you are getting, that trade is just used to distract people, and in cold reality it is still about race?
Oopss7 महीने पहले
... yeah, because all of Asia, every country in the largest continent, has the same trade policy
P McFadden
P McFadden महीने पहले
youre killing me.
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis महीने पहले
So it's true that music heals heh.
Dr. Richard D. Stiff
Dr. Richard D. Stiff महीने पहले
Trevor's cow voice..."hey girl" lol
Drago7166 महीने पहले
Wording is abit off on the coral thing. Sea life could mean more fish showed up to the area thinking it is healthier. Though I haven’t read the study and am purely going off this video. 😂
Josh McManus
Josh McManus महीने पहले
@J Biafra the coral is still stressed and bleaching from high turbidity and water temps the vibrations just trick fish into thinking it's a healthy reef and attracts them back, the coral is unaffected
J Biafra
J Biafra महीने पहले
Could be the sight vibration stimulating growth. Its also thought cats purr when they are hurt to aid/stimulate the healing proces.
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez महीने पहले
Drug stores and gas stations sell sushi? 😳
Shigemi Notoge
Shigemi Notoge महीने पहले
Well, they sell "sushi"
abdul khan
abdul khan महीने पहले
Music saves life unless it's a break up song..
Reina महीने पहले
what... sushi has an expiry spanning weeks? in my country its only for that day
woollimy महीने पहले
Those are certainly cooked. No way they would sell fresh sushi in a drugstore.
Roman00 महीने पहले
Marvel. Thalia Exactly.
Adaora Elliott
Adaora Elliott महीने पहले
Marc Dhios the sushi I buy all has either cooked fish or just veggies and they last like 4 days max. I wouldn’t eat them after 2 thi
Victoria Shore
Victoria Shore महीने पहले
Haha I never seen sushi expire 2 weeks later. How about that is the production time frame that the sushi produced is contaminated.
Marc Dhios
Marc Dhios महीने पहले
theres a bunch of different sushis sold in the states, not all are actually sushi, they just call em sushi cuz it looks like sushi XD
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel महीने पहले
If you just bought a tray of sushi from a gas station.............. You dead
RayoomTa KWT
RayoomTa KWT महीने पहले
As a 25 years #PIANIST since I was just 6 .. and a qualified person who is capable to lead an entire ORCHESTRA .. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE SOUND. 🤓🎹🎼
RayoomTa KWT
RayoomTa KWT महीने पहले
ANony Mouse No I just "EDITED" the comment ;p much easier and faster . Thanks for your services 🙈💆🏼
Mitch महीने पहले
"50% increase in marine life" doesn't necessary mean the corals went back to life though. Could mean fish were coming to the party.
Obi Dark
Obi Dark महीने पहले
@berlin asdf When those coral reefs (ecosystems) aren't supported by the water conditions they die. Just like the human body ecosystem...they aren't meant to live forever. Any new settlers that feed on them will die as well. It's like sending people to settle in post nuclear blast area... The fish you saw on the video was quite big and doesn't need reefs at all because it feeds with bigger particles or smaller fish...they were actually looking for that smaller fish thinking the reefs are alive. The fish which are dependent on the reef are long dead and gone forever. They clearly stated the reefs are comming back to life because random fish is comming back. Its you who didn't listen properly. Sorry mate but the only thing scientists can stimulate are their anuses. Rest is just hoaxes so you can donate your hard earned money to someone who doesn't work that hard.
berlin asdf
berlin asdf महीने पहले
@Nick Lang I feel like possibly you're not quite understanding what coral is? Nobody is saying it can bring coral back from the dead like you are, they're saying it stimulates and encourages an environment in which the coral can thrive.
Justin Sylvester
Justin Sylvester महीने पहले
Yeah but having fish there re vitalizes the corals
Nick Lang
Nick Lang महीने पहले
I can say without much doubt that playing underwater sounds do not make corals come back to life. I heard once they are white (coral bleaching) they do not come back to life at all.
I महीने पहले
Yeah, it probably attrackted animals that wanted to join the party only to be disappointed. But even that could be beneficial because they could start their own party and settle down :P
Wis zak
Wis zak महीने पहले
لا حل سوى SULTAN-ORG
Som Thing
Som Thing महीने पहले
I always expect Trevor to make a jock about the Spirit Airlines.
New Message
New Message महीने पहले
That's why I buy all my sushi from an Armenian guy, out of the back of his van, behind the Walgreens.
Oopss7 महीने पहले
Still sounds more legit
Ananth Jones
Ananth Jones महीने पहले
Hey, at least you know who made it
TheKaiTetley महीने पहले
New Message. I like to buy my sushi in Japan.
Dipraj Tamang
Dipraj Tamang महीने पहले
Trevor is the only guys who can create comedy out any serious situation......... Love my man.....oooo.... forgot to say Grammy nominee Trevor Noah.... 😂😂😂😂😂
Shirsha Chakraborty
Shirsha Chakraborty महीने पहले
Feels like high school xD
catalinacurio महीने पहले
Reviving the reefs with vibrations, that’s beautiful!!! 👏👏👏💖💖💖
Josh McManus
Josh McManus महीने पहले
Sadly it doesn't revive the coral it just tricks the fish into coming back for a while because they think the coral is healthy
phosphorescent wave
phosphorescent wave महीने पहले
i wonder what would happen if they played zeppelin
Hussein Atrakji
Hussein Atrakji महीने पहले
Dorkenoo Elvis
Dorkenoo Elvis महीने पहले
first !!!
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis महीने पहले
Pffff attention seekers, bleh.
neil nelson
neil nelson महीने पहले
@Dorkenoo Elvis ....😂😂😂👏👍
Dorkenoo Elvis
Dorkenoo Elvis महीने पहले
@neil nelson lol chill out bro... you can be 4th if you want... hahaha
catalinacurio महीने पहले
Manny McStorm 🥉
catalinacurio महीने पहले
Joseph Hartman 🥈
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele
Key & Peele - Obama Meet & Greet