Seth Explains Teen Slang: Markle-ing, Baby Yoda

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Seth decodes the hot new slang kids are using, like “reefcase.”
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Seth Explains Teen Slang: Markle-ing, Baby Yoda- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




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PEIRDO777 महीने पहले
Highly doubt the ET one... nobody who is a teen today has even heard of that movie.
dr. rae christopher
dr. rae christopher महीने पहले
Debra Boaze
Debra Boaze महीने पहले
Prince Harry marrying doing royal services with his wife make's me remember their service every time I look at a Banana. Maybe they should sail away on a Banana Boat to Africa. Trump 2020.
Stella H
Stella H महीने पहले
There seems to be an inverse relationship between one's literacy and bigotry levels.
ely महीने पहले
I’m 17 and I didn’t know any of the worlds I think I’m getting old
Siyabonga Maphanga
Siyabonga Maphanga महीने पहले
I've had dialrea
Rolmodel 12
Rolmodel 12 महीने पहले
Yo, wrap it up B
Maurice Powers
Maurice Powers महीने पहले
You mispronounced "primer".....look it up!! (Clue.....Its not about painting)
Sally Bowles
Sally Bowles महीने पहले
are these real?
Nesper महीने पहले
This guy is so unfunny
Michael Woelk
Michael Woelk महीने पहले
If you're trying to avoid racism going to a farm on the prairies probably isn't the best solution ;)
Janelle Godin
Janelle Godin महीने पहले
On the Canadian prairies? I agree you probably need to avoid a farm area though
Tempest Rogues
Tempest Rogues महीने पहले
Alexandra H
Alexandra H महीने पहले
Paper straw sentence was grossly heteronormative.
Alexandra H
Alexandra H महीने पहले
michał botor I appreciate that you took the time to revisit it 😊
michał botor
michał botor महीने पहले
at first i've been really tempted to reply to you with a mildy spiteful "ok", just to see your reaction, but before i did, i've rewatched this part again and, to my genuine surprise, i must say that i actually see your point. it's quite eye-opening to be reminded that what sounds witty and harmless to us can at the same time come across as blunt and hurtful to others. especially when one is a person who, because of firm commitment to some once made lifestyle and dietary choices, onself experiences being teased about and ridiculed for it on a regular basis.
Bethany Udonome
Bethany Udonome महीने पहले
How has dialrhea not already been a thing?
Iris महीने पहले
when you program your face recognition to recognize your ass so that butt dialing can still be a thing
cannibalbananas महीने पहले
My teen had a confused look on her face the whole time she watched this w/ me. 😂🤣😂 guess she's not down w/the new lingo. 🤔
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
This bit is so under rated.Thanks to Seth, my son and I still use "snake eyes" as an inside joke. You know, when like 2 "ones" get together.
IDDQD Sound महीने पहले
The example sentences are always written in a way no teenager ever talks
Jacolena Wolsey
Jacolena Wolsey महीने पहले
I'm 17 and I don't keep up with any of these
Damien Kennedy
Damien Kennedy महीने पहले
God he is in his forties. I am so old.
WonderFool महीने पहले
Ok, I feel my age now. LOL
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
@WonderFool Lol...I so get it. That is the genius of the bit. They do sound like real slang terms.
WonderFool महीने पहले
@A Nilz LOL, no. hahaha thanks. But that makes me feel more my age, bc we used to pull that crap on our parents. And now I can't tell the diff.
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
They are just jokes Seth's writers came up with. I thought everyone knew that.
superpal43 महीने पहले
Paper straw for the win
The AVB Podcast
The AVB Podcast महीने पहले
E. T. ...Because the kids just can't get enough of those 38 year old movie references! 🤣🤣🤣
llirik महीने पहले
Is it bad that I can’t tell if he’s joking or not?
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
He is joking.
azae00 Vids
azae00 Vids महीने पहले
Sad that Meghan Markle is taking the blame when she was the one treated poorly .. sorry but I wouldn't have anyone disrespect my wife .. Period.. family or otherwise. If you can't understand this .. well you are most likely single
azae00 Vids
azae00 Vids महीने पहले
Celisar1 what are you talking about
Celisar1 महीने पहले
azae00 Vids Thanks for the correction. I know the difference but mistakes happen to all of us- just like to you: it is “secondly” not “seconds”. She has been welcomed with open arms and the press gave her very positive feedbacks but then she showed herself to be egocentric and demanding. Racism has little to do with that but of course it is easier to blame racism than (see? ;) ) to take a good hard look at yourself to see what you did wrong.
azae00 Vids
azae00 Vids महीने पहले
Celisar1 first “then” not “than” .. seconds if she were to speak to me about mistreatment towards her I listen, third racism is something in will not tolerate, and finally Harry’s actions clearly show that he and I are on the same page
Celisar1 महीने पहले
azae00 Vids If your wife constantly misbehaved and whined about the consequences than you should rather try to make her understand where she went wrong.
Ts s
Ts s महीने पहले
True that!
utagame728 महीने पहले
My God, I need to learn all that?😓😱
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
Not real slang. Just jokes his writers came up with.
EloquentTroll महीने पहले
I would have gone with ATMO Apathetic Towards Missing Out.
Jeffrey Kiarie
Jeffrey Kiarie महीने पहले
Are these real?
Heba Madi
Heba Madi महीने पहले
Dail-reah that's what Ruddy Giuliani has 🤣
Jaron, Heir of Sunlight
Jaron, Heir of Sunlight महीने पहले
Dude we don't know them either
lacountess महीने पहले
My problem is I always take this segment seriously and try to educate myself before I get smart.
crustacean drool cube
crustacean drool cube महीने पहले
i'm just waiting for the day where this segment will accidentally invent a slang term that catches on in the real world. it's bound to happen
pretendperfection महीने पहले
Gonna be using vrinch this year for sure
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
I am surprised it hasn't already. Thanks to Seth, my son and I still use "snake eyes" as an inside joke. You know, when like 2 "ones" get together.
Kayla Aurora May
Kayla Aurora May महीने पहले
“is this whiskey or perfume?” apparently i grabbed it, drank all of it and said “it’s perfume!” and it was
a महीने पहले
Kids are dumb 🤦‍♂️
Naþan Ø
Naþan Ø महीने पहले
> Implying that Baby Yoda looks creepy
Zendra Gallhauser
Zendra Gallhauser महीने पहले
I like to „brexit“ as a slang word- it means that you say you go home, but then just keep on lingering around 🙆🏻‍♀️
borot man
borot man महीने पहले
Yo, fellow millenials (yes, no one actually talks like this. Just hear me out). FOMO is real. For some of you, it's the reason why you don't have spare cash. That doesn't mean you'll be millionaires overnight, let alone in this lifetime, if you manage to overcome it. However, it helps a little with managing time and money. Don't get the next shiniest thing as soon as it drops in the market. Wait, and live a little. And if whatever little cash you saved can be used for something better, do that.
Salma Y.
Salma Y. महीने पहले
Ok boomer
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis महीने पहले
Jeez I have met teens in life that aren't this stupid. To all you teens out there making up these stupid slang words, just stop it's so dumb and doesn't make you clever or cool. It does the opposite.
Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins महीने पहले
I’m so old that I can’t tell if some of these are real or not
Scott Whatever
Scott Whatever महीने पहले
Are teenagers getting DUMBER, or am I hallucinating?!
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
They are just jokes Seth's writers came up with. I thought everyone knew that.
Ruby LaBonty
Ruby LaBonty महीने पहले
3:27 *OWO*
Debbie L
Debbie L महीने पहले
Jake Jimenez
Jake Jimenez महीने पहले
I’m a teenager and I’ve never seen any of these😅
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
Seth writers made them up. It is a sketch...not real teen slang.
Dee Cohen
Dee Cohen महीने पहले
Gregory Pappas
Gregory Pappas महीने पहले
Side note: In this context, primer is pronounced primmer :)
Tommy महीने पहले
Ok boomer
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie महीने पहले
2:34 as a teen I've never heard of this ................BUT I AM NOW GOING TO USE IT.
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
All the slang is just what his writers made up.
otakuman706 महीने पहले
Was Seth at that party? And someone stole my lighter!
PC Henderson
PC Henderson महीने पहले
FYI: My teen confirms these are all jokes and not real slang or as my teen would really say "I smell cap!"
Andrew Berube
Andrew Berube महीने पहले
Two of them were used in a hashtag not a sentence
M. P.
M. P. महीने पहले
Puke Skywalker ftw!
Wolf Jumper
Wolf Jumper महीने पहले
Wolf Jumper
Wolf Jumper महीने पहले
Wolf Jumper
Wolf Jumper महीने पहले
IFStravinsky महीने पहले
James Barrowman
James Barrowman महीने पहले
Real Fast
Real Fast महीने पहले
Really markl ing and baby Yoda? 12-year-olds dont care. The only people thinks it's funny is whoever made it up? I mean that's what you got you don't show on this? Wow, you suck. I'm just saying.
Tyler Baraby
Tyler Baraby महीने पहले
The cool stoners use metal tins to stash their weed and pipes.
Justin de la Garza
Justin de la Garza महीने पहले
I’m 26 and I’v never heard of any of these😆 guess that makes me a normal adult? 😆 so funny 👍
Ashley महीने पहले
Hi grandpa
Fiction Addiction
Fiction Addiction महीने पहले
They're all joke slang terms
A Nilz
A Nilz महीने पहले
They aren't real. His writers made them up.
Jill Hurley
Jill Hurley महीने पहले
Phew. I’m 34. That you don’t know them either makes me feel better.
AUTONOMEN x महीने पहले
Nothing makes you feel older than being older. Scientists are looking into it.
Joy C
Joy C महीने पहले
Why are these teens drinking so much 🤨
Radagast Brown
Radagast Brown महीने पहले